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Mrs. Jill Stallings

Departmental Assistant- Senior Level

Office:  2135 TLC

Phone:  678-839-6550

Fax:  678-839-6551



It is not uncommon to find students hovering around the chemistry department office because that is where you'll find Mrs. Jill Stallings whose personable and helpful spirit is warm and delightful.  A native of Carrollton, she is a woman devoted to family and spends much of her free time with her grandchildren. She has been an employee of the University of Georgia system for twenty years in such settings as the department of Nursing, Campus Planning & Development, as well as the Board of Regents-OIIT before coming to Chemistry in 1999.   You can usually find her behind the scenes keeping the departmental gears moving without glitch.  If you have any questions, find Mrs. Stallings, because she's the one who has the SOLUTIONS...after all, this IS the Chemistry Department!