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Undergraduate Research Experience

A faculty directed undergraduate research experience is the hallmark of our chemical program. Under the direction and guidance of a faculty member and alongside peers, students actively engage in competitive and publishable scientific research projects.  In this setting, students acquire hands on practical application and have an opportunity to stretch their coursework knowledge.  They become participants in discovering the governing principles behind the science as well as contribute scientific reasoning toward project goals.  Being immersed in relative research and obtaining practical laboratory skills and training are a highly desirable and sought out quality among our graduates.  Not only are our research students highly prepared for graduate school and real world scientific careers, but they leave with confidence knowing that the training they received at West Georgia will be able to carry them through their professional pursuits.


Students as early as their second university year are eligible to apply for a faculty directed research program.  The link to Research on our departmental home page lists general descriptions of each faculty members interests and area of study while individual faculty pages provide a more detailed description of the research science.