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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

The discipline of chemistry and the sphere of chemical research have grown at such a dynamic rate within the last twenty years.  No other field has produced such a proliferation of sub-disciplines in the vanguard of research which have directly created simultaneous profound influences on society. Innovations in drug design, medical imaging systems, biochemical models of living processes and diseases, as well as progress in biochemical genetics has advanced the field of medicine and the capacity to prolong and enhance the quality of life.  The ability to fine tune and methodically manipulate the behavior of matter at the atomic/molecular level has brought the advent of nanotechnology and revolutionized the world of electronics with the prospect of molecular sized machines and devices designed with specific functionality.  Interest in sustainable energy sources has produced a wave of attention in solar and fuel cells. Environmental strains have prompted the emergence of 'green' chemistry launching more creative methods in manufacturing of biodegradable, ecologically sound materials as well as converse investigations in reducing environmental contaminants. Recent threats of bio and chemical toxins have prompted a demand for novel systems designed to detect and deter the capacity of such hazards.  Chemical engineering in thin films, polymer, and material science is also likewise at the forefront of scientific inquiry.  The list just expands and grows.  It truly is an exciting time to be a chemist! 

Chemistry at the University of West Georgia is distinctive in that the size of our institution is large enough to offer a broad range of degree options and up to date laboratory and research instrumentation typical of larger university systems, but still small enough to maintain a highly student oriented program.   Ideally situated in the Technology Learning Center (TLC), all of our courses are taught by PhD. (over 95%) or Masters degree holding instructors.  Our faculty understands the academic strength of an individualized atmosphere and strives to maintain a solid student/mentor rapport to facilitate our majors in their academic pursuits.  One process by which that is accomplished is through our undergraduate research initiative where students are encouraged and provided the opportunity to  participate in faculty directed research projects in relevant and mainstream science.  At most universities, research is primarily centered on the graduate student.  However, at West Georgia we believe in immersing our undergraduate students into a practical 'hands on' learning environment which will not only enhance them academically, but professionally as well. 

In addition, the department boasts a number of student achievements.  Since the year 2000, three of our students have received the nationally competitive and widely esteemed Goldwater Scholarship which is presented annually to only 200 recipients.  Exceptionally, one of these students was likewise awarded the highly prestigious Marshall Scholarship which confers a mere 40 national awardees.  It is one of the highest awards of achievement for an undergraduate student.  A number of our students have gone on to succeed in recognized graduate programs in the nation, such as California Institute of Technology, Cornell, Stanford, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Texas A & M, UCLA, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Georgia, University of Colorado, and the like.  Similarly, our premedical students have achieved strong standing in such well known medical programs at Emory, Loma Linda, John Hopkins, Mercer, Medical Collage of Georgia and with full scholarships to Duke and Vanderbilt. 

The department makes every effort to assure the success of our students.  While the faculty boasts a broad array of backgrounds and expertise, we have one goal in mind;  a high quality, personal academic environment, underlined by an active undergraduate research experience, and measured by the value and success of our student graduates.   We invite you to explore our department and discover for yourself what Chemistry at the University of West Georgia can offer you.