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100 Great Things about UWG

Editor’s Note: A survey sent out last year to faculty, staff, alumni and students recorded their thoughts on the 100 Best Things about UWG. The list was previously published in a centennial issue of Perspective magazine, an alumni publication produced by University Communications and Marketing and University Advancement. I took the liberty of adding one more.

100 great things about UWG

Best Thing at UWG 101 is the very alive music program and the Jazz Percussion Group.

Here, in no particular order, are 101 great things about UWG:

1. The beautiful campus – rolling hills, lush foliage, the sounds of nature and well-manicured landscaping.  (Note: this was, by far, the most popular answer.

2. Plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

3. The campus is just the right size to walk everywhere (theoretically).

4. Most classes are still small enough that professors can get to know their students as people instead of numbers.

5. The variety of courses means there is something for almost everyone.

6. The new Campus Center, complete with gym, rock-climbing wall, game room, lounging areas and flat screen televisions galore.

7. Numerous on-campus places to get food, coffee, etc.

8. The majority of students and faculty are friendly and helpful.

9. Walking to The Border between classes for lunch (or after finals Margaritas).

10. UWG football, complete with a new mascot. Go Wolves!

11. Hills on campus are excellent for rollerblading.

12. On-campus walking trails are a good way to stay in shape and experience nature at the same time.

13. The administration makes sure the campus is constantly improving.

14. Students’ voices can be heard through The West Georgian, UWG’s school newspaper.

15. Empty fields around campus are perfect for practicing sports.

16. The Greek system allows students to make friends and find a home away from home.

17. Taking in a baseball game at Cole Field on a spring afternoon.

18. The UWG Theatre Company and its wonderful shows.

19. Playing intramural flag football with an autumn nip in the air.

20. Love Valley in the spring.

21. Graduation: the personal satisfaction of working hard to complete college and receive a diploma with friends and relatives in attendance.

22. Nontraditional students are treated the same as everyone else.

23. Buildings are nestled among the trees, making a nice contrast between nature and the contemporary.

24. The Student Activities Council makes sure there’s always something going on.

25. The groundskeepers who create and maintain the school’s attractive environment.

26. The two-mile sidewalk loop around campus is a good way to keep off the “Freshman 15.”

27. The Baptist Student Union.

28. The Wesley Foundation.

29. The friendly and supportive staff.

30. Plenty of opportunities for undergraduate research.

31. The local community supports the school.

32. Eclectic, UWG’s art and literary magazine.

33. The diversity of students – there are people at UWG from all over the world.

34. International students are embraced and treated as equals.

35. Inspired professors who help students achieve their potential.

36. Attending UWG is relatively inexpensive, compared to other universities.

37. Seeing individuals from all types of economic and ethnic backgrounds succeeding over great adversity with the education they receive at UWG.

38. Learning how to live with roommates is a true lesson in conflict resolution.

39. Scheduling classes through Banweb helps avoid registration headaches.

40. Many professors have helpful teaching assistants.

41. Numerous social organizations help students get plugged in.

42. A DAY, which provides funds for student scholarships and undergraduate research.

43. UWG often establishes long-lasting friendships.

44. The abundance of leadership opportunities for both students and faculty.

45. Memories of Rat Week and Rat Parade that used to be held the week of homecoming.

46. The Gill Fountain illuminated at night.

47. The opportunity to mentor freshmen.

48. The pizza at Z-6.

49. Many of the university’s high-level administrators still teach classes to remain grounded and in touch with the students.

50. Sitting outside and enjoying a leisurely lunch on a nice day.

51. The surrounding community was enthusiastically involved in UWG’s Centennial activities.

52. French Film night in the TLC.

53. Midnight Breakfast at Z-6.

54. The Career Services Department provides students with opportunities for local employment.

55. Great computer access all across campus.

56. Graduating seniors who can't wait to leave but still want a special photographic memory of their time here and take turns climbing to the top of the university's main sign to pose for pictures in their caps and gowns.

57. The contributions UWG alumni have made to the local community (including the revitalization of downtown and the initiation of recycling programs).

58. Performances at the Townsend Center.

59. The Multicultural Achievement Program, which provides individualized academic coaching for all minority and multicultural students.

60. The Latino Cultural Society, a student organization bringing Latin American culture to all UWG students.

61. Sunbathing by the residence halls during warm weather.

62. The diverse and accredited programs in the arts: students obtain professional training while audience members obtain enriching and entertaining cultural experiences.

63. Standing on the roof terrace of the Martha Munro building and watching the bustle of campus life.

64. The renovation and preservation of the historic buildings located all over campus.

65. All classroom computers across campus are less than three years old.

66. Thanks to student technology fees, students have access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Norton Anti-Virus for home computer use.

67. Wireless Internet access in various places around campus.

68. Students are now able to take core classes online.

69. New University Television (UTV) equipment and studio upgrade means Mass Communications students have access to the latest technology available.

70. UTV’s Channel 13 allows the surrounding community to see what’s happening on campus.

71. UWG’s seven-time national champion co-ed Cheerleading Team and four-time national champion all-girl Cheerleading Squad.

72. There is a pleasant blend of old and new buildings.

73. The McIntosh Stone and all of its history.

74. Students can receive a great education while avoiding the hassles of a big city.

75. Although the campus’ parking situation is far from perfect, it’s better than the situations at larger colleges.

76. Lots of opportunities to hang out and have fun at faculty socials.

77. Summer camps held on campus offer wonderful experiences for young people.

78. The campus is pedestrian friendly, with plenty of sidewalks and crosswalks.

79. The university has a rich and extensive history, with connections to figures including Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Robert Kennedy.

80. The university has previously held national titles in both football and basketball.

81. Whether people have been here one day, one year or one decade, they feel like they belong.

82. The excitement as the school is gearing up to build its own football stadium.

83. The Tyus/UCC Express Bus System.

84. Student Health Services is perfectly located in the middle of campus for students suffering through flu season.

85. At night, you can actually see the stars while on campus.

86. An on-campus post office.

87. Video Night, in which the Greek community puts on dance productions to benefit the Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation.

88. Big Night, when undergraduate research is presented.

89. The GIL Library System.

90. The Advanced Academy, one of only a few such programs nationwide.

91. UWG has one of the best marching bands in the Southeast.

92. The interesting information found in the Ingram Library’s special collections.

93. A great place to work, thanks to competitive benefits and friendly employees.

94. Places like the Excel Center and the Writing Center are available to help students struggling with their classes.

95. Thanks to innovative new teaching methods, courses don’t necessarily have to be defined by a stuffy classroom or heavy textbooks.

96. Close proximity to Atlanta gives students big city life mixed with small town feel.

97. On-campus police force helps keep campus and students safe.

98. Small Business Development Center helps local area entrepreneurs succeed.

99. Many married couples became sweethearts at UWG.

100. Where else could you work where the electrician’s name is Ricky Watts?

101. The amazing music programs and marching band.

Dr. Christopher Aanstoos
Pratt Austin-Trucks ’92
Katherine Brantly ’04, ’06
Dr. Frank Butts
Christina Camp ’03
Paul D. Cartwright ’02
Matthew Clay ’92, ’94, ’96
Susan Colgate ’97
Dr. Leslie Cottrell
Dr. Benjamin DeMayo
Rochelle Elman
Jackie Gray ’93
Dotti Green ’75
Jennifer Griffin Sewell ’06
Ernie Henderson ’71
Carol E. Herman ’94
Tina Hudgins ’62
DeLandra Hunter
Joyce Kay Ingle ’87, ’99
Angela Jean-Louis ’92, ’96
Lee Jones
Moe Lamrani ’78
Lisa Ledbetter ’86
Julie Lineback
Karen Lingrell
Joyce Lorton ’70, ’74, ’89
Nick McRae
Ross Miller, ’48
David Parkman ’58, ’69
Sally Roberts ’74
Robby Schultz ’96, ’98
Cassandra Smith
Dr. William J. Smith, ’93
Amanda Stevens
Dr. Sandra Stone ’76, ’78
Francesca B. Taylor
Dr. James Yoder
Kathy Wagstaff









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