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Voices From the Front

This is the second in a series that features letters from soldiers with a UWG connection who are serving overseas. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bo Causey graduated from West Georgia College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice and is now serving in Iraq. This is his third deployment to Iraq since 2003. Here are his thoughts.

No Tougher Duty, No Greater Honor

The title of this article sums up the mission of the Personnel Retrieval and Processing (PRP) Unit assigned to the First Marine Logistics Group in Iraq. Formally known as Mortuary Affairs, these Marines have the honorable job of ensuring that all deceased military and civilian personnel who have died while supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom are returned back to their families as quickly as possible.

voices from the front

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bo Causey and Major Margaret Miller Weitzel in Anbar Province

It is their job; it is their life, during the seven month deployments to the Anbar Province of Iraq.

Luckily, during these last several months, the PRP Marines have been very bored, thanks to the outstanding job of the Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen of the United States Military. They constantly train everyday for any pending missions and let’s hope that training is all that they ever do!

I have the Honor to lead and serve with these men and women. They are Reserve Marines out of Smryna, GA, and Washington, DC, and have been volunteering to deploy again and again since Operation Iraqi Freedom began in 2003.

They represent the only unit within the entire Marine Corps capable of completing this arduous task. They also represent the only Marine Reserve unit to have sent detachments to Iraq every seven months for the past five years. They are highly motivated and truly dedicated Marines and have shown more examples of moral courage than I could have ever imagined.

I pray for the day when we will no longer need a unit like PRP, but until that day comes, be reassured that all of our fallen brothers and sisters will be treated with Dignity, Reverence, and Respect.

I am so thankful to have lived in Carrollton and to have attended West Georgia College. Without my experiences from West Georgia, I would not have had the opportunity to play college golf, become a brother in the Chi Phi Fraternity and meet my future wife, Rebecca.

I would like to thank the staff of the University of West Georgia and the citizens of Carrollton, GA for helping me become the person and Marine that I am today.

Semper Fidelis,
Bo Causey

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bo Causey is originally from Macon and began his studies at West Georgia College in 1989. After his second year, Bo enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, but continued his education upon completion of his basic training at Parris Island, SC. Bo graduated from West Georgia College in 1994 with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. He served as an Enlisted Marine until December 2003 when he was selected to become a Warrant Officer. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Causey is currently serving with the 1st Marine Logistics Group as the Mortuary Affairs Officer and Officer in Charge of the Personnel Retrieval and Processing Detachment. This is his third deployment to Iraq since 2003.

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