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Media Day Turns 27

Media Day(L-R) Career Services staff members Marcia Smith and Vicki Hardin celebrate the completion of a successful Media Day and Internship Fair at the Campus Center. Local radio, newspapers and businesses set up information tables for students who were interested in careers in television, radio and newspapers, communications and marketing. The Department of Mass Communications and Theatre and Career Services coordinated and hosted the annual event, which is in its 27th year.

Science is Fun

richard kathHolly Springs Elementary School fourth grade students enjoyed a field day learning about geology in the laboratories in Callaway Building. Dr. Randy Kath, professor of geology, and Randa Harris, instructor, helped the young visitors understand the hydrologic cycle and how contaminants can seep into ground water. Using test tubes, sand and red and green dyes, the students conducted an experiment of porosity and permeability.


kudosFaculty from the Department of Mass Communications and Theatre Arts Dr. Wendell Stone, Donald Lanham, Chris McDowell and Gail Reed attended the Georgia Communication Association Conference held on the campus of Augusta State University. UWG will be the host of next year’s conference in February and will be co-chaired by Stone, Lanham and McDowell. More than 150 GCA members and faculty and administration from other campuses are expected to attend. The GCA has a membership of higher education faculty and administrators in the communications field. 
kudosDrs. Bruce M. Bird and Harrison McCraw, professors of business administration; and Dr. Christine Haynes, professor of accounting, co-authored and published "Professionals Win Out Over Recreational Gamblers For Tax Purposes" in the March edition of Practical Tax Strategies. Gwen Cook, a graduate student in UWG's MPA program, received an acknowledgement for her research assistance in the preparation of the article.    

kudosThe dean and staff members of the Columbus State Library spent a day at the Ingram Library for their annual Staff Development Day. Dr. Lorene Flanders, professor and director of University Libraries at West Georgia, hosted the visitors at a Best Practices workshop and presentation in the morning. After lunch, CSU and UWG library faculty and staff met in the afternoon for peer and departmental meetings. Flanders and her staff planned presentations that provided an overview of areas of best practice at West Georgia.

kudosDrs. Van Minh Nguyen and Amin Boumenirf co-authored and published “Perron Theorem in the Monotone Iteration Method for Traveling Waves in Delayed Reaction-Diffusion Equations.” in the Journal of Differential Equations, 2008, Vol 244. Nguyen and Boumenirf are professor of mathematics.

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