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Kagoshima University Professors Visit

Drs. Yasuhiro Tae and Ikuo Sakamoto, professors of education at the Kagoshima University, are visiting the University of West Georgia and the Carrollton community this week.

(L-R) Drs.Ikuo Sakamoto and Yasuhiro Tae , professors of education at the Kagoshima University, met with President Beheruz N. Sethna. The visitors will attend the UWG Learning Festival, visit local schools and meet with UWG faculty and administrators with the goal of improving international exchange programs both universities offer to faculty and students.

(L-R) Drs.Ikuo Sakamoto and Yasuhiro Tae

The Kagoshima professors said they welcome the exchange of ideas and culture with West Georgia faculty and teachers from local school systems. Both professors will present at the ongoing Learning Festival and are guests of UWG faculty while in Georgia.

“We plan on bringing back information,” said Sakamoto. “We share a willingness to learn and to change. We also welcome the opportunity to speak English and make the presentation in English.”
In Japan, English is not taught as a second language and opportunities to improve in the English language are limited.

Kagoshima University is located in Kagoshima City on Kinko Bay and is called “the Naples of the East.” Last month a delegation of UWG faculty and staff visited Kagoshima to promote a foreign exchange program between the two universities that will include faculty and students.













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