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The Campus Chronicle, an online newspaper
for University of West Georgia faculty and staff, is the official
source for UWG news and information for all members of the campus community.

More News Services at UCM

Media releases, essays, stories and announcements are used for local, regional and national media coverage that includes newspapers, online social media, magazines, radio and television.

More News Services at UCMIn addition, stories and photographs can be used on departmental websites, the UWG website,, the online Campus Chronicle, and the alumni magazine, “Perspective.”

About the Template

Thank you for using the template included in your Campus Media Guide Kit.  Please save it on your computer for use anytime you would like to forward a media release to the office of University Communications and Marketing at

Specs for the template are a Times font in size 12, double-spaced with side margins of 1.25 inches. For more on the templates, see “How to Use a Template” included in the UWG Campus Media Guide Kit.

About the Style

The official style followed by the UCM and the University of West Georgia is the Associated Press Style with a few adaptations particular to UWG. AP Style, which is the user-friendliest format for media outlets, differs only slightly from Chicago style and more so from MLA style.

An abbreviated AP/UWG Style Guide is included in your UWG Campus Media Guide Kit. For a list of frequently asked AP Style questions and their answers, please visit

For access to a subscription to the online AP Style Book or “The Journalist’s Bible,” and other helpful features for better writing, please visit

About the Photographs

Stories and articles are always better with a visual element. We can use graphics and photographs to enhance your written work. Please consult the departmental Visual Media Guide document included in your UWG Campus Media Kit for more information.

Digital photographs and graphics must be sent in a JPG format with a high resolution. For an explanation of what that means, go to Campus Photographer Steven Broome’s UCM Photo Services Page at

Do not pull a photo from the web site unless you have permission and it will be used online. We cannot use web photos for print, the quality is too poor.

Steven will be happy to answer your questions at  

About the Students in Photographs

UWG students are wonderful and we like to brag about them. In order to do that properly, identification from left to right with names and hometowns is essential. The UCM office will usually send the photograph with a brief description to their hometown newspapers.  

About the Faculty and Staff in Photographs

The left to right identifications should include name and title. For more on academic and administrative titles, please go to the AP/UWG Style Guide included in your kit.

Thank you for using the UWG Campus Media Guide. As always, please feel free to e-mail any concerns to


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