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A New Era Begins

Brand, visual identity, blogs and media guides are all communication tools that the staff of University Advancement and University Communications and Marketing are introducing to faculty and staff. From a new look for the home page to a new set of eyes for Wolfie, the University of West Georgia is experiencing change like it has never done before. The UCM office hopes to facilitate these changes and has created several services to help faculty and staff with their marketing and media needs.

Visual Identity

A new era beginsA unified, unique and strong visual identity is a critical element of any organization’s image. This set of coordinated branding elements, including logos and standard colors and typography, establishes a consistent, distinctive visual presence for an institution and helps its many constituencies recognize and remember it.

The office of University Communications and Marketing has developed a guide to licensing and merchandising that is now online to help faculty and staff decide on what logos and trademarks to use to promote their programs and events. Whether you favor paws, flames or eyes, there is a logo for you. For more information, call 678-839-6464 or visit

UWG Campus Media Guide and Media Training Sessions

UCM has also created a UWG Media Guide Kit for faculty and staff that will streamline all PR needs. The kit includes a detailed how-to guide on writing press releases, using the UCM photography services and a variety of templates that can be saved to the desktop. A new e-mail address,, will deliver all inquiries and completed templates to the UCM office.

UCM Media Training Sessions for faculty and staff have also been scheduled to help the campus community understand how to effectively talk with journalists. A more detailed account of the media guide and training sessions are included in this issue of the online Campus Chronicle.

Blogging Our Way into Social Media

Last but not least, take a look at the uwg blog at, the UWG Twitter site, and the Facebook page. It is one more way to communicate with the campus community and the community at large. Faculty and staff are welcome to add their two cents and photographs as are students and fans of UWG.

For more information, e-mail your questions to




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