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Welcome New Hires

The following people have been hired at UWG recently. Welcome them when you see them.

Thomas J. Brommage, Philosophy

Kelley R. Christopher, Sociology/ Criminology

Debra Cobia, Counseling/Ed. Psychology

Melissa Ann Cavallin, Biology

Janie M. Cates, Curriculum and Instruction

Faith L. Garrett, Nursing

Keith Hebert, History

Lori A. Knox, Foreign Language

Mautusi Mitra, Biology

Phillip K. Mengel, Psychology

Craig A. Mertler, EDL

Michael Orsega, Computer Science

LaDonia D. Patterson, School of Nursing

Tiffany A. Parsons, Sociology/ Criminology

Paul E. Rutledge, Political Science and Planning

Fengrong Wei, Mathematics

S. Kathy Westbrook, Mathematics

Tanacha Brown, USG eCore

Elisabeth Jane Silhan, ITS

Joseph Abrokwa, Accounting and Finance

Lawton A. Brewer, English

Charles C. Bowie, English

Barbara Ballentine, Biology

Gary N. Chesnet, Physics

Devapriya Chattopadhyay, Geosciences

Bradley L. Deline, Geosciences

John Frederic, Mathematics

Matthew Hild, History

G. Scot Hamilton, Phychology

Brent House, English

Robert M. Kilpatrick, Foreign Language

Laurel L. Lyons, Accounting and Finance

John T. Littlejohn, Foreign Language

Jennifer K. Lawson, School of Nursing

Barry Leach, Art

Casey McGuire, Art

Peter Mueller, Music

Kevin Murphy, English

Carrie B. McWhorter, English

Mitchell L. Moody, Political Science and Planning

David Nickell, Marketing and Real Estate

John D. Van Doorn, Political Science and Planning

Adriene Welch, Mass Communications/ Theatre

Christen "April"Shooks, Speech Clinic

Tonya T. Jones, Antonio J. Waring

Shelley "Brooke" Keener, Pub and Print

William Douglas Jenkins, Bursar's

Nancy Watkins, Minority Affairs

Jason A. Lawler, Maintenance

Gary W. Evans, Custodial

Caitlan Matthewson, Police

Melissa R. Stubbs, Auxiliary

Christopher G. Moore, Athletics

David W. Haase, Athletics

Matthew W. Cooke, Athletics

Michael Ray Horn, Athletics

Emily K. Hall, Excel

Trent Andrew Ross, Campus Center

Crystal M. Brown, Student Involvement

Jeff L. Marlow, Digital Printing Supervisor

Justin Barlow, Admissions

Philip Purser, Anthony English

Adrian Foster, Registrar’s Office

Renee Pritchett, Development and Alumni Relations

Michelle Ertzberger, Campus Planning and Facilities

Lisa Jennings, Health Services

Jonathan Scull, Health Services

Seth Denney, University Police

Jillian Lovejoy, Registrar’s Office

Doris Kieh, Minority Affairs

Reynard Van Tonder, USG eCore

Dianne Hoff, Dean’s Office, College of Education

Dr. George Kieh, Jr., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Blake Presnal, ITS

Debra Jacob, Communications and Marketing

Lindsay Comer, Residence Life-Downs Hall

Adam Robertson, Residence Life- Strozier Hall

Joseph Blackwell, Residence Life-Bowdon Hall

Skip Fite, Athletics, Baseball Head Coach

Emily Teitelbaum, Center for Student Involvement

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