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I Am West Georgia

Name: Joshua Stewart

Josh StewartJob title: Assistant Director of the Campus Center.

What I really do: Supervise numerous student employees in the Campus Center, handle daily facility operations, and coordinate with groups having events in the Campus Center ballroom.

Years at UWG: Three years as a professional staff member; three years as a student.

Before UWG, I: I played semi-pro football, worked in a carpet mill, sold books door to door in Texas and was a restaurant server while being a full-time college student at Dalton State College.

I came to UWG because: My sister, who was a member of the softball team here at the time, persuaded me to check out West Georgia. After a few visits, I decided that I loved it and determined that it was the place for me.

One thing I would change about UWG: Better inform the general public around the state of the progress and growth of our university over the past few years.

I was born in: Dalton, Ga.

Family members are: Father, Allen Stewart and sister, Jessica Stewart. Jessica played four years of softball here at UWG. She is now the softball and basketball coach at Union County High School.

People describe me as: Being laid back and always dependable.

Most colleagues don’t know that: I was a part of the state championship flag football team from UWG this past year. I am also a part of the two-years-running UWG softball champs. For the past three years, I have coached the women intramural team of the year in softball and flag football.

Favorite things to do: Staying in shape and being involved in sports, coaching, playing, and of course watching. Also, I love to be outdoors.

Favorite quote: “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Proudest accomplishment so far: My degree from UWG is what I am most proud.

Pet peeve: When people say “I don’t know” without at least trying to figure something out first.

Best advice ever received: Never let anyone else decide for you whether or not you’re happy.

Best advice for new faculty and staff: Get used to this place because there is no reason for you to ever leave UWG.

What I most want to contribute to students: The understanding that all things really are possible if you put your mind and effort into it.

The book everyone should read: That should be a no-brainer.

The movie everyone should watch: Crash.

The person dead or alive I’d most like to meet: The greatest athlete to ever live, Hall of Famer Michael Jordan.

The place I’d love to travel to: Australia.

Although you didn’t ask, I’d like to tell you anyway: I have a little league coaching record of 42-11 in football, basketball and softball volunteering for the Carroll County Recreation department. I completed the Carrollton Triathlon this year and had an amazing experience with it, so I highly recommend trying it.

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