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ITS Babies on Board

The ITS baby boom has been attributed to many things including a pact to replenish the ranks and a change in service of bottled water providers. Whatever the reasons, “maternity leave” and “lack of sleep” are phrases frequently mentioned in Cobb Hall.

ITS Baby Boom

(L-R) Joshua and JoAnna Browning are holding Juliet and Blythe; Bonnie and Blake Adams are holding Jonathan and Alexander; and (front) Janet Nichols is holding Jake.

Janet Nichols and the Adamses are first- time parents. The Brownings also have a two-year-old daughter. All said they averaged about about 20 diapers per child each day and about four to six to no hours of sleep the first few months.

Here are a few thoughts from the ITS parents:

Joshua: The biggest challenge this time around was the lack of sleep in the first three months. We didn't have that new parent anxiety about everything that could go wrong this time like we did with Audrey.

Blake: Newborns require constant care. With twins, that leaves little time for either parent to do anything else like cook, clean, sleep, eat, etc.

Janet: Well, since we were all due this fall…I’m thinking we all had too much time on our hands during the holiday break last year.

Blake: My first diaper change took about 15 minutes to complete, now I've got it down to about two!

Janet: Initially, we changed around 20 diapers a day. I think we are getting a little less paranoid and more efficient though, so we’re probably down to 10 or 12 a day now.

Joshua: My favorite moments have been when they started smiling and laughing. They've also started noticing their hands, so it's fun to watch them zone out on their hands as they hold them out in front of their faces.

Blake: I vividly remember when I held each of my boys for the very first time. The first night at home with the boys was another moment that Bonnie and I can look back on now as a favorite; nobody slept, but in the end it brought all of us closer together.

Janet: To really define a special moment, I guess since it wasn’t that long ago and still very vivid, it’d have to be the moment he was born and they slapped that warm, slimy thing up on my belly. I just always thought I would be grossed out by that, but my reaction was quite the opposite. It was the most wonderfully amazing thing ever! I grabbed him up and I think they had to pry him from my arms later.

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