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In Focus

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Rob Douthit, associate director of Media Relations, shot this photograph of the Mediterranean Sea while on a freelance assignment over the summer in the French Riviera. (In Focus features a photograph submitted by a UWG faculty or staff member. E-mail your photo and caption information to the Campus Chronicle photographer.)


This is the final week that faculty and staff can update dependent health care coverage information and participate in open enrollment.

more newsCollege students jaywalk, pound energy drinks, forgo sleep -- and sniff at the H1N1 virus.

The BOR will vote on budget cuts and possible student fee increases: a budget cut increase from 6 to 8 percent will likely result in eliminating many positions that are currently frozen.

more newsThe Center for African-American Male Research, Success and Leadership gets recognition with a mangled institution name in this article.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that GIs and veterans have a new website to get guidance on higher education and scholarship opportunities at

more newsAre professors really intimidated by tweeting students? Yes and no says the author.

Want to sound obnoxious? Tweed reports that the University of Chicago Writing Program's academic-sentence generator lets you sound “like the pompous ass you've always aspired to be.” Tweed: How to Talk Like an Intellectual.

more newsThe hardest hit public universities have eliminated staff and faculty slots but still have "strategic" thinking to do, a survey finds.


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