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Stay Informed: Register for Schoolcast

January’s snow and ice storm tested a lot: cars, patience, people, the ability to stay indoors for extended periods of time.

Stay Informed: Register for Schoolcast

UWG archive (2010)

It also tested the Schoolcast emergency alert system used by the University of West Georgia.

The system sent e-mails and texts and called registered users to tell them the university was closed and the hours that food services at Z-6 were open.

UWG Campus Police Chief Thomas J. Mackel said the system “was pretty seamless.”

The only downside: only a fraction – about 10 to 20 percent – of the UWG community has signed up to receive the alerts.

Mackel encouraged students, faculty and staff to sign-up at the Campus Police Web page, click on the UWG Emergency Alert System Sign-up icon and follow the instructions.

There were only about 1,500 students on campus during the storm week, and Mackel said most of the calls were routine.

Campus police maintained their 24/7 presence. As for the students, “a lot of them pretty much stayed inside,” he said.

The storm iced over roads and sidewalks, a daily challenge for workers who put up barricades on selected roads to keep people and cars from venturing onto them.

“We’ve never had anything like that, never had ice like that,” said Mackel who has been at UWG for 21 years.

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