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Steven Broome’s Photo Tips

Your UCM team doesn’t want to leave you feeling abandoned with your point-and-shoot cameras. After all, we are depending on you to send us your best pictures. Steven Broome, assistant director and photographer, shares a few photo tips as you venture out.

Steven Broome's Photo Tips1. Look before you shoot. Make sure that things are not sticking out of your subjects’ heads, their ears or other unfortunate areas.

2. Try to avoid white/bright backgrounds. Our eyes are usually drawn to the brightest area in a photo. And that should be the subject, not the background. A very light background can also fool the camera’s metering system, making the subject appear even darker.

3. Skip the flash if you can. The light from the flash units on
point-and-shoot cameras doesn’t travel a great distance, and the angle from which it leaves the camera is quite unflattering to your subject.

4. And speaking of unflattering light – avoid lighting your subject from directly overhead (as in mid-day). Light from this direction creates deep shadows in the eyes – hiding the most important part of a portrait.

5. Always try to fill the frame with your subject and/or elements that relate to your subject. Avoid having wasted space and try not to have your subject centered in the frame.

6. Get close. You can get a great picture with even a simple camera, if you get close enough to capture interesting features. The best tools a photographer can have is his/her own two feet.

7. Relax and have fun. If you are relaxed, your subjects will be too.