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In Focus

St. Augustine

Sandy Nix, the director of football operations, took this photo during a visit to St. Augustine this year.

“The day I visited the harbor the fog had rolled in, but the temperature was in the 60s. So I just parked my car and walked about old town to do some shopping for the grandkids,” Sandy writes.

“As I came across the bridge I saw this ship in the harbor with a huge US flag on it. One of my friends is a collector of patriotic items and I thought she might like to have a photo of it.”

Sandy parked her car walked toward the marina.

“I discovered the dock was gated, and I would have to pass through the visitors center to try and get a better shot from a distance. Coming through the breezeway, I looked up and the ship just seemed to be framed by the brick arch.”

(In Focus features a photograph submitted by a UWG faculty or staff member. E-mail your photo and caption information to the Campus Chronicle photographer.)