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Web Watch

When retired Lt. General Russel Honoré, the former commander of Joint Task Force Katrina, was on campus recently he talked about being prepared for emergencies. Below are some websites that will help you stay informed and be prepared.

If you haven’t done this already, signup for Wolf Alert. In an emergency, the system will notify you via your cell phone, text message, landline or e-mail. It will only be used when there is imminent danger to the campus. Go to:

The American Red Cross Preparing and Getting Trained is a good resource for training and prep tips.

Also, consider training as part of Carroll County’s Community Emergency Response Team. For more information go to Carroll’s Emergency Management Agency page.

Web Bits

UWG flameCollaborative Learning for the Digital Age: Five or six years ago, I attended a lecture on the science of attention. A philosopher who conducts research over in the medical school was talking about attention blindness, the basic feature of the human brain that, when we concentrate intensely on one task, causes us to miss just about everything else. …Attention blindness is the fundamental structuring principle of the brain, and I believe that it presents us with a tremendous opportunity. Read more…

UWG flameWhere would Alfred Hitchcock be with today's technology? Sorry, Alfred Hitchcock, that script needs a tweak. Impressive structure, Frank Capra, but about the premise…. Crackling good dialogue, Billy Wilder, but there’s been a technical glitch. Actually, a technology glitch.

Some of the greatest films of all time probably wouldn’t be greenlighted today without some serious script doctoring because the advent of modern technology has removed the feasibility of the plot points that so many of them turn on. Read more…

UWG flameEl Paso Inmate Gets a Second Chance, and a Song: For 200 years, the corrido served as the soundtrack to Mexico's tempestuous history. Often written by the poor at the expense of the powerful, the folk ballads spoke of revolution and social justice, of heroism in battle and cowardice behind the palace walls, all set to a buoyant rhythm. In recent years, many prominent corridos have been exercises in vanity in three-quarter time — narco-corridos commissioned to celebrate the exploits not of Pancho Villa or Francisco Madero but of drug traffickers. It was left to a town on the north side of the border to offer a reminder of what the corrido has been, and can be. Read more…