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Web Watch

Why be on the ‘net when you could be reading?

Goodreads, at least, let’s you build a community based on whatever topic or genre suits you.

There’s a creative writing section with tags from abuse to zombies.

As with other sites, the more books you rate, the better your recommendations get.

And if you get tired of actually reading and want to goof off, there are literary trivia and quiz games. Once you connect with other people, you’ll be able to explore their bookshelves.

But really….wouldn’t you rather be reading?

Web Bits

UWG flameA Store of Images, From a Time When ‘Cut and Paste’ Meant Just That, by Noam Cohen

The sign in blue lettering read “Copyright-Free Images,” which may not rank with “Zero Percent Financing” or “Everything Must Go” when it comes to sales pitches. But it does have “free” in it, and it was enough to catch my eye while visiting London. Read more ...

UWG flameTubas Become Horns of Plenty, by Sam Quinones

Before he came to Southern California in 2002, Fidel Bernabe played trumpet in a small town in Mexico and believed himself to be very talented. Los Angeles had many bandas — Mexican brass bands that play dance music at parties and nightclubs — that worked year-round. Surely there must be a band that could use his gifts, he thought. But once here, he found competition intense. Bernabe rarely found two nights of trumpeting work and had to take a day job in a sewing factory. Read more

UWG flameA Rash of Tuba Thefts at Southland High Schools, by Sam Quinones

As Southern California awoke to the wreckage from a recent massive windstorm, music teacher Ruben Gonzalez Jr. was assessing a different sort of devastation in his band room at South Gate High School. Thieves had pried open a door and torn the room apart while hunting for a specific instrument. "All they took were tubas," Gonzalez said. Losses included an upright concert tuba and a silver sousaphone — or marching-band tuba — worth a combined $13,000. Read more

UWG flameThe Fraud Who Fooled (Almost) Everyone, by Tom Bartlett

It’s now known that Diederik Stapel, the Dutch social psychologist who was suspended by Tilburg University in September, faked dozens of studies and managed not to get caught for years despite his outrageous fabrications. But how, exactly, did he do it? That question won’t be fully answered for a while—the investigation into the vast fraud is continuing. But a just-released English version of Tilburg’s interim report on Stapel’s deception begins to fill in some of the details of how he manipulated those who worked with him. Read more