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How is our consciousness connected to the world? Mind Lab allows you to explore the unconscious functions of the brain with visual illusions and mysterious perceptual phenomena.

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UWG flameDid Richard III Really Have a Friendly Face?, by Stephanie Pappas

William Shakespeare immortalized King Richard III as a villainous, sneering hunchback. But a new facial reconstruction of the skull of the rediscovered monarch has some people viewing him in a kinder, gentler light. Read more ...

UWG flamePopping Water Balloons in Space, by Chris Higgins

Everybody likes popping water balloons on Earth. But what happens when you pop a water balloon on the International Space Station, without gravity? Watch the video ...

UWG flameParalyzed Man Uses Thoughts Alone to Control Robot Arm, Touch Friend's Hand, After Seven Years

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and UPMC describe in PLoS ONE how an electrode array sitting on top of the brain enabled a 30-year-old paralyzed man to control the movement of a character on a computer screen in three dimensions with just his thoughts. It also enabled him to move a robot arm to touch a friend's hand for the first time in the seven years since he was injured in a motorcycle accident. Read more ...

UWG flameThe Mayor of Crazytown, by Chris Smith

Egomania is a requirement in politics. Ed Koch turned the condition into an art form. He was far more interesting, and more complicated, than the common narcissist. His towering self­confidence was central to his triumphs and failures as mayor, because it enabled Koch to do what ever he thought necessary to save the city, whether that meant clowning for the cameras or betraying allies or berating political bullies. He was smart and funny and tough. But Koch’s real power was that he poured his selfishness into a wholly unselfish devotion to his city. Read more ...