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UWG flame2013 Allergy Season Could Be The Worst Ever, Thanks To Climate Change, Some Experts Say, by Marlene Cimons

This spring could be the most miserable one ever for those of us with allergies, and we can blame it on climate change.

People in the Northeast, in particular, will be among the hardest hit in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and this winter's record-setting blizzard, both of which dumped massive amounts of precipitation over the region. Read more ...

UWG flameWorld Backup Day message no joke: Back Up Your Data, by Jefferson Graham

If you're like most computer owners, Ismail Jadun wants to make sure you're no April fool this weekend — back up your data!

Jadun, a 24-year-old college student from Youngstown, Ohio, created World Backup Day in 2011 when he and others started talking on the Reddit Web community about how insane it was that most folks rarely back up their precious stuff. Read more ...

UWG flameCan You Have Too Much Solar Energy? by Andrew Curry

With a long history of coal mining and heavy industry and winter gloom, Germany is not the country you’d naturally think of as a solar power. And yet a combination of canny regulation and widespread public support for renewables have made Germany an unlikely leader in the global green-power movement—and created a groundswell of small-scale power generation that could upend the dominance of traditional power companies. Read more ...

UWG flameIs Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead? by Susan Dominus

Just after noon on a Wednesday in November, Adam Grant wrapped up a lecture at the Wharton School and headed toward his office, a six-minute speed walk away. Several students trailed him, as often happens; at conferences, Grant attracts something more like a swarm. Grant chatted calmly with them but kept up the pace. He knew there would be more students waiting outside his office, and he said, more than once, “I really don’t like to keep students waiting.” Read more ...