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Sometimes it may be possible to minimize the chances of becoming a victim of sexual violence. Listed below are some safety measures that you can take.  

Dating Safety Tips

·     Find out about a new date. Double date with a friend the first few times to learn more about the individual in a safe way. Go to public places such as a theater or restaurant, and avoid secluded areas.
·     Know that you have the right to set sexual limits. It is very important to communicate your limits. Talking about limits can be uncomfortable, but it can help to avoid misunderstandings.
·     Trust your instincts. If you feel that you are being pressured into a sexual direction that you are unprepared for, communicate your feelings openly and honestly. Don't be afraid to walk away from a situation that is uncomfortable
Pay attention to behavior that doesn't seem right to you. For example:

*Someone sitting or standing too close who enjoys your discomfort. 
Someone who blocks your way.
* Someone who grabs or pushes you to get his or her way.
* Someone who disregards what you are saying (like "NO").

·     Watch your drink- not just alcohol, but any beverage. Each year, there are a number of sexual assaults in which drugs are slipped into people’s drinks before they are raped.  The two main drugs that are used as “date rape drugs” are Rohypnol and GHB (gamma hydroxyl buterate); however, there are several additional drugs that can leave you vulnerable to date rape.  If you think you have consumed a sedative-like substance, you should be taken to an emergency room immediately. Try to keep a sample of the drink so it can be analyzed. 
·     Be assertive. If someone is doing something to you that you don't want, stand up for yourself. Resist unwanted advances both physically and verbally.  It's okay to be rude to someone who is sexually pressuring you, even if it hurts their feelings. After all, they're not worried about your feelings.
·     Stay sober. Alcohol and drugs affect your ability to think clearly and make good decisions.  Alcohol is a factor in more than 75% of date rape situations. Rapists who are looking for targets will often pick out someone who has been drinking.

Deterring Stranger Rape

In The Home

·     Don't advertise living alone - Consider using only a first initial and your last name for identification on mailboxes and when your name is listed in the phone book. Remember to draw shades or drapes at night so that predators will not be able to spy through a "back-lit" window.
·     The house should always look and sound occupied- When you are away from home, consider leaving a radio, tv, or lamp on. Never leave notes on the door. 
·     Use home hardware properly - Keep your doors and windows locked at all times and always use a peephole.  Never open the door for a stranger.  If they claim to be from a service agency, ask for ID then call the organization to make sure the person is an employee.  For strangers who need assistance, offer to call 911 for them while they wait outside of the locked door.