Fall 2013 Course Calendar

English 1101-LCJ

English Composition I



 Students are required to have all textbooks and materials before the second class session, and all readings must be completed prior to coming to class on the date they are noted on this calendar.  Books must be brought to class every day—no exceptions.


Although this calendar has been meticulously planned, I may deem it necessary to tweak or modify it sometime during the semester to accommodate the needs of our class. 

In short, check the calendar daily!


Techniques of College Writing:  TCW

A Writer’s Handbook:  AWH

Money:  $$


Grading Rubrics

Prof. McRae's Awesome Verb List




Chapters and/or Readings


Assignments and/or

In-class activities (ICA)

Due Date




Week One:  Introduction & Assessment


T 8/27


Introduction to course, syllabus, etc.




R 8/29




ICA:  Diagnostic essay


Drop add:  8/26 – 9/2




Part I:  Thinking Through the Thesis Statement


Week Two:  Defining the Thesis Statement and the Academic Essay



T 9/3



TCW:  Chapter 1



R 9/5










Week Three:  Understanding the Thesis Statement Through its Three Parts



T 9/10



TCW: Chapter 2



R 9/12









Week Four:  Using Critical Thinking to Develop a Thesis Statement


T 9/17



TCW:  Chapter 3

Essay I topic


R 9/19









Week Five:  Supporting the Thesis Statement:  The Burdens of Proof



T 9/24



TCW:  Chapter 4



R 9/26




In-class workshop




Week Six:  Drafting and Revising the Essay:  Supporting the Thesis Statement

T 10/1



TCW:  Chapter 5



R 10/3





 Essay I due




Part II:  Thinking Through Your Writing Assignment


Week Seven:  Developing a Thesis Statement from a Writing Assignment & Using the Seven Steps to Develop a Thesis Statement

T 10/8



TCW:  Chapter Six



R 10/10












Week Eight:  Money


T 10/15



$$: Introduction – p. 15



R 10/17


 $$:  pp. 17-29




F 10/18  Last day to withdraw & receive a grade of “W”




III.  Writing beyond the Composition Classroom


Week Nine:  Interdisciplinary & Literature



T 10/22



$$: pp. 31 – 44 & pp. 169 - 184

Essay II topics


R 10/24



$$:  pp. 45 - 51

"The Gospel of Bling"













Part IV:  The Literature of Business

Week Ten:  Money

T 10/29



$$:  pp. 109-117

"A Dollar of Her Own" & "Got"



R 10/31




 Essay II Workshop:  Thesis & Outline





Week Eleven:  Money

T 11/5



TCW:  Chapter Seven & TCW:  Chapter Eight (through page 186 only)

 Bring a hard copy of your selected WSJ article, completed handout, and short summary to class today

Essay II due

R 11/7



$$:  pp. 53 - 77


 Money and Personality Types




Week Twelve:  Money

T 11/12



$$:  pp. 79 - 94



R 11/14


$$:  pp. 118 - 137

Essay III topics

 Film Literacy




Week Thirteen:  Money

T 11/19



$$:  pp. 139 - 153



R 11/21







M 11/25 – F 11/29

Thanksgiving Break:  No classes




Week Fourteen:  Putting it All Together


T 12/3




Essay III Workshop


R 12/5




Final examination instruction

Essay III due




Final Examination Week







T 12/10

Pafford 208


Bring a large Blue Book with you to class today

Final Exam: 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.