Course Calendar:  English 1102-104 & 131

Spring 2014

Note Well, Students:  You are required to have all textbooks and materials before the second session, and you must complete all readings prior to coming to class on the date they are noted on this calendar.  Expect a reading quiz on the material listed each day. Books must be brought to class every day as well—no exceptions.

Although this calendar has been meticulously planned, I may deem it necessary to tweak or modify it sometime during the semester to accommodate the needs of our class.   In short, check the calendar daily!








M 1/6 – S 1/12

Drop/Add Period






Unit One:  Poetry as Reservoirs of Wisdom





T 1/7


  Introduction to class, texts, policies, etc.

R 1/9

  Introduction” by Robert Coles (pp. xv-xxiv)

  Discussion of poverty




T 1/14

Elements of Poetry by Bedford St. Martins

  “Jesus Wasn’t Listening”

(p. 103)

Print and bring the following handouts to class:

  Poetry Checklist

  How to Read a Poem


▪ Introduction to poetry 

▪ Quiz on all 14 elements of poetry

R 1/16

  Hughes:  “Mother to Son” (pp. 3-4) &

▪ Carver: “Photograph of My Father in His Twenty-Second Year” (pp. 175-76)





T 1/21

  Song:  “The Grammar of Silk” (pp. 159-162)

  Essay I Topics

R 1/23

  Cervantes:  “Cannery Town in August” (pp. 163-64) &

  Soto:  “Field Poem” (pp. 163-66)






T 1/28

  Rodriguez:  “Night Shift at St. Regis” (pp. 167-174)


R 1/30


Essay I Workshop




Unit Two:  Fiction Excerpts—Setting up Moral & Social Inquiry





T 2/4

  Williams: from White Mule

(pp. 5-14)

Print, complete, and bring to class:

  Active Reading Journal Questions


Essay I Due

Discussion:  Elements of fiction

R 2/6

  Smith: from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

(pp. 15-25)





T  2/11

  Taylor: from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (pp. 201-14)


R 2/13

  Hurston: from Their Eyes Were Watching God (pp. 179-92)





Unit Three:  The Short Story—The Inquiry Finds Expression


T 2/18

  Ford:  “Big Boy” (pp. 37-50)


R 2/20

  Alexie:  “Indian Education” (pp. 105-14)





T 2/25

  Soto:  “Mother & Daughter” (pp. 115-22)


W 2/26 

Withdrawal without academic penalty period ends:

Last day to withdraw and receive a grade of “W”

R 2/27

  Ford:  “Optimists”(pp. 137-58)

Essay II Topics








  Watanabe:  “The Ghost of Fred Astaire” (pp. 215-34)


R 3/6

  Lam:  “Show & Tell” (pp. 263-75)





T 3/11


Essay II Workshop

R 3/13

  In-class grammar review


Essay II Due







3/17 – 3/21

Spring Break:  No classes





Unit Four:  Research & The Personal—Connecting Private & Public Lives


T 3/25

  Moran (pp. 69-72) &

  Torres (193-200)

  Discussion of Research Topics

R 3/27

  Allison:  “A Question of Class” (p. 76)









T 4/1

  Coles:  from Children of Crisis:  A Study of Courage & Fear (pp. 123-36) &

  Coles:  from Children of Crisis:  Sharecroppers, Mountaineers (257-62)


R 4/3

  Joseph, Stern, et al:  (pp. 85-102)





T 4/8

  Alford:  “Full Circle” ( p. 236-56)


R 4/10


Research Essay Workshop:  Modeling the Process




T 4/15


Critical Research Presentations

R 4/17


Critical Research Presentations


Research Essay due




T 4/22

Final Exam:  Bring a Blue Book with you to class

Section 104: 

11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

R 4/24

Final Exam:  Bring a Blue Book with you to class

Section 131:

2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.