Summer 2013

Professional and Technical Writing

Mastering the Fundamentals



English 3405-01W          

M/T/W/R/F:   10:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

TLC 1109




Instructor:                       Crystal Shelnutt

Office:                          Pafford 315

Phone:                         (678) 839-4858




Office Hours:                 M/T/W/R/F:      9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. & by appointment.


Required Texts:  (You must have your text with you on the first day of classes.  For details on your assigned reading in preparation for that evening’s class, please see our Course Calendar.)




Course Description




Course Goals



Program Goals



DSC Goals  



General Topics and Assignments





Expect a reading quiz each day material from our texts is assigned on the course calendar—these grades will be folded into your daily percentage. 



Quizzes & ICAs



Oral Report


Bad News Letter


Letter and Resume








Short Report






»  While many of our documents will be composed apart from the standard essay model, your paper will nonetheless be graded according to the English Department’s grading criteria for 2000-level and above courses. 

Please visit the link on the Department’s website for details:  Along with form and content, I will consider overall aesthetics when assessing your projects.


Policies (In addition to UWG's "Common Language" Policies)







Disruptive Behavior

Although it may appear silly that discourtesy on the part of her students must be addressed by a university professor, I find conduct issues do arise and therefore must take precedence when outlining my expectations for your behavior during the course.  So, here is my policy:  Students will be dismissed from any class meeting at which they exhibit behavior that disrupts the learning environment of others.  Such behavior includes but is not restricted to:  arriving exceptionally late for class, allowing cell phones to ring, incessant chatter, speaking disrespectfully to the instructor and/or other students, sleeping during class, checking email or surfing the Web, texting, or using/viewing personal and/or video devices. 

Each dismissal will count as an absence and be applied toward the attendance-requirement policy as outlined above.  Additionally, no personal electronic device may be located in your hand, upon your person, or on your desktop at any time during the class—unless previously approved by me.  Stow your electronics in your bags under your seat for the duration. 

NB:  In order to discourage the disruptions that accompany late arrivals, I will deduct ½ an absence for each day that a student is 5 minutes tardy; after 10 minutes, a student will be counted as absent.





°  Each student is expected to participate actively and constructively in class discussions, as well as show up prepared for class by completing the assigned reading and writing assignments. 


°  Keep in mind that while this is a technology-enhanced course, and we will—by virtue of our work stations here in TLC 1109—compose many of our documents on the computer, the primary focus of the class is professional and technical composition, not necessarily web design or desk top publishing.