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Student Life

Students will stay in privately owned apartments in the historic center of Spoleto. Since these are not drab, cookie-cutter dorm rooms, each space varies. All apartments, however, offer similar amenities (fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms with showers, common areas, etc.). Students will have separate beds in double rooms, with no more than four people sharing a bathroom. Students will have a say regarding their roommates, and we will always try to meet student room requests.

Students may also opt for their own room or even their own apartment, subject to availability and a supplemental payment. Unless otherwise stated, however, baseline accommodation is a bed in a shared double room. For more information on different rooming options and their costs, contact the director.

While apartments do not have Wifi or washing machines, both are close by and easily accessible. (Remember: everything you need is no more than a ten minute walk from your apartment.)

Sunday through Wednesday, all students will enjoy dinner at Duelle, an independently owned and operated local restaurant. Dinners include a "primo" (or "first course," usually pasta, rice, or soup), and a "secondo" (or "second course," usually a protein--beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc.), often with a "contorno" (or "sidedish," usually a cooked vegetable or salad), plus water to drink. Vegetarian options are always available. The menu changes daily and sometimes even includes pizza (usually only served at pizzerias). The cost for these dinners--excluding alcohol and other beverages besides water--is included in the program. Duelle is also open for lunch and snacks, and sports outdoor seating with Wifi. (This was the single best part of our 2013 trip, since the owners, Emanuela and Luca, treated us to outrageously yummy food and all manner of extras.

Aside from participating in our course-based excursions on Tuesday and Thursday, students will also have weekends to travel on their own during the five-week stay. Students may thus visit nearby Italian cities and even travel to other countries. Trips to Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Athens--in short, anywhere in Europe--are easily within a few hours’ flight or an overnight train, which opens the entire European continent to the intrepid traveler.

Even without taking to the air, students may easily travel to cities such as Milan, Florence, Pisa, or Venice. Extra trips, however, will not be allowed to affect academic performance. In order to keep costs low and to encourage independence on the part of the students, professors will help students plan weekend trips but will not necessarily travel with them. One of the main goals of the program is to encourage cultural contact and independent travel, and to offer a wonderful opportunity to visit some of the world's most renowned destinations, all safely and easily within a few hours' train ride.