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The Spoleto Program provides six hours of instruction in upper- and lower-division English courses, as well as language training taught by native speakers at our sister school ArteLingua in Spoleto.

Five weeks of exposure to another culture and another language often changes students' lives, promoting personal growth and maturity. Students who accompanied Dr. Davidson on the study abroad trip to Montepulciano in 2006, for example, went on to participate in a year-long ISEP program in the Czech Republic, receive a Fulbright scholarship to teach American literature in Slovakia, and complete a graduate program in social work at the University of Georgia. This program, then, could be merely the beginning of a long engagement with travel and cultural contact, which you will continue to nurture throughout your undergraduate career and beyond.


Detailed Description of the Academic Component

Students will generally take six hours of coursework. Each three-credit course will have 45 contact hours. Courses will vary depending on the level of students enrolled. Among the possible course offerings are the following:

XIDS 2100: Reading Italian Culture as Text
ENGL 2060: Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 2110: World Literature Survey
ENGL 4/5106: Studies in Genre (Fiction)

ENGL 4/5106: Studies in Genre (Poetry)
ENGL 4/5109: Italian Cinema
ENGL 4/5210 Travel Writing: American
     Experience in Italy
ENGL 4/5385: Representations of Italy in
     Literature and Film

ENGL 4/5385: Twentieth-Century Italian
     Poetry in Translation

Each class will be held twice weekly, on Mondays and Wednesdays, for 2.5 hours. Additionally, we will take two field trips each week—one on Tuesday, the other on Thursday—to destinations germane to the class and built into the overall cost of the program. Typically, Tuesday field trips will focus on sites in and around Spoleto itself, while Thursdays will take us to points somewhat farther afield (Rome, Assisi, Gubbio, etc.). All costs associated with class-based field trips are covered by the program (excluding food and beverages).

All books and materials for class must be purchased before our departure date, and each student is responsible for the completion of all coursework and field trips.