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Zachary, the student author of the digital story, Evil Needles, showed me a lot about learning and having fun at the same. He is one of the twenty first graders at Pinewoods Elementary that I worked with this past year for my graduate practicum. In our classroom experience, he learned how to create a slide show for his story and made us all laugh at the end. This is what I feel right now at the end of my graduate program -- I learned a lot and I had lots of fun along the way.


This academic journey opened new doors to explore. It rekindled my interest in children books and children's literature. It opened opportunities and collaboration with those engage in facilitating the development of multiple literacies -- reading, writing and media.

As I look back at my graduate experience, I can sum it up as increased appreciation for the limitless possibilities in education. I still consider myself a neophyte in this discipline and I know that I need to have more experiences working with elementary teachers and their students. Eventually, I believe I will become more adept at designing, developing and delivering instruction at this level as well as assisting, helping and consulting with teachers and principals on their needs.

A strength I bring to this discipline is my willingness to continually learn and to take risks in learning new concepts and processes. I also bring an understanding of instructional design, curriculum development, media literacy, technology integration applications, and technology planning. My experience in teaching English as second language in refugee camps and academic courses in university settings, implementing training and professional development programs, evaluating technology-based resources, and grant writing has given me invaluable experience in working with diverse groups of stakeholders in K-12 contexts.
I came to this graduate program with eyes wide open and unstructured, and ready to embrace new possibilities. I leave as an inspired teacher educator with buckets filled with ideas on how to teach and support teachers and their students to manage resources and learn new materials amidst a rapidly changing educational landscape.




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