Technology Planning

A Faculty Senate Standing Committee
University of West Georgia

About TPC

The Technology Planning Committee (TPC) is a Faculty Senate Standing committee at the University of West Georgia.

The TPC has been given a charge to assess and recommend policy and procedures that contribute to the fulfillment of UWG's technology vision.

That vision is "... to integrate information technology into West Georgia's academic and administrative mission to ensure that students, faculty, staff, and the community are well prepared for life in a knowledge-based and technologically dynamic society."

The Technology Planning Committee produces an annual evaluation report of Campus IT as a summation of the state of information technology at UWG over the previous academic year. This report, to be completed by the end of the fall semester, will include:

  • An assessment of annual reports from IT units, evaluations from the Technology Coordination Council, user surveys, and other documents that provide evidence that the university is actively participating in the strategies articulated in the UWG IT Strategic Plan.
  • An evaluation of existing campus policies, procedures, standards, and processes related to the allocation and use of technology to ensure that academic and administrative needs are adequately addressed.
  • A summary of the committee's findings and any recommendations for increased activity to fulfill participation in the IT Strategic Plan and/or recommendations for changes, additions or other improvements to the UWG IT Strategic Plan and accompanying process.

Committee membership, to be specified in UWG’s Policies and Procedures: The committee members will be 2 Senators (1 Arts and Sciences, 1 Business or Education); 6 elected faculty members (2 Arts and Sciences, 1 Business, 1 Education, 1 Library, 1 Nursing); 4 senior-level administrators (1 each from the divisions of Academic Affairs, Business and Finance, Student Services, and University Advancement); the Chief Information Officer; and 3 students (appointed by the SGA). The total membership is 16, with members representing the Senate and faculty serving for staggered three-year terms.



2009-2010 Committee Membership

D. M. Baylen, Chair (Senate, 2011)  
  • T. Chowns, Assistant Chair (Senate, 2012)
  • M. Aldrich (Academic Affairs, 2010)
  • S. Broom (University Advancement, 2010)
  • K. Kral (Chief Information Office, 2010)
  • S. Lingrell (Student Affairs, 2010)
  • M. Renfrow (Business & Finance, 2010)
  • D. Fulkerson (Library, 2010)
  • S. Welch (Nursing, 2010)
  • S. Brickman (Arts & Sciences, 2010)
  • J. Blair (Arts & Sciences, 2011)
  • R. Xu (Arts & Sciences, 2010)
  • D. Nickell (Business, 2010)
  • J. Huett (Education, 2010)
  • S. D. Lindo (SGA, 2010)
  • A. Cooper (SGA, 2010)
  • A. Webster (SGA, 2010)
Meeting Schedule, Agenda and Minutes
2009-2010 Dates

August 21, Friday
1:30-3:30 pm
Ed Annex 113


September 28, Monday
10:00-12:00 noon
Ed Annex 120


October 23, Friday
1:30-3:30 pm
Ed Annex 120




January 11, Monday
10:00-12:00 noon
Ed Annex 120

February 5, Friday
1:30-3:30 pm
Ed Annex 120
April 9, Friday
1:30-3:30 pm
Ed Annex 113

2009-2010 Task Forces

TPC Annual Report
  • D. M. Baylen (Leader)
  • S. Brickman (Arts & Sciences)
  • R. Xu (Arts & Sciences)
  • S. Welch (Nursing)
Information Technology Strategic Plan
  • K. Kral (Leader)
  • S. Lingrell (Enrollment Management)
  • D. Fulkerson (Library)
  • J. Huett (Education)
  • Vicki Rogers (ITS)
  • Vedat Gunay (ITS)
  • Diane Homesley (University Advancement)
IT Policies & Procedures Review
  • D. M. Baylen (Leader)
  • J. Blair (Arts & Sciences)
  • J. Wei (Business) Replaced by D. Nickell as of 2/12/2010
  • J. Simpson (Ombudsman)
  • M. Shumake (ITS)
Quarterly Activities


  • Met with Kral (interim CIO) at the end of July to plan for strategic activities in the coming academic year
  • Met as a committee with new members from Arts & Sciences (Blair) Business (Wei), Library (Fulkerson), and Student Government (Cooper, Lindo, Webster) in August and September
  • Formed task forces (Annual Report, Strategic Plan, Policy and Procedures Review) included membership from outside of TPC
  • Discussed proposal for a faculty development initiative focused on teaching, learning and technology


  • Strategic Plan subcommittee met to discuss activities for the term.


  • Standing Committee met last January 11.
  • Standing Committee met last February 5.
  • Faculty Senate meeting held last January 26.
  • Faculty Senate meeting held last February 19. Final copy of the IT Strategic Plan presented as information to the Faculty Senate membership.
  • Faculty Senate meeting on March. Faculty senate voted and approved the IT Strategic Plan.


  • Standing Committee met last April 9. 2008-2009 draft of 2008-2009 Annual Report presented to the membership for comment and feedback.
  • Baylen (Media & Instructional Technology) stepped down as committee chair based on the approved committee leadership succession plan approved in 2009. Remained as committee member for another year until Faculty Senate appointment expires.
  • Chowns (Geosciences) assumed chair post for academic year 2010-2011.
  • Faculty Senate meeting held last April 23. Final copy of the 2008-2009 Annual Report presented as information to the Faculty Senate membership.

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