Online Student Complaint Form

This form provides a way in which UWG online students can lodge a complaint (whether academic or non-academic) and ensure assistance from the UWG Distance & Distributed Education Center staff.
Be advised, however, that the rights, procedures, and policies outlined in the UWG Student Handbook still apply: See the Index and the Student Handbook's Appendices for various applicable information. For example:

UWG Student Handbook, Appendix O: Complaints by Distance Learning Students

Students who are enrolled only in distance learning courses should follow the same general procedures for complaints and concerns as students who attend classes on campus. However, for any process that requires that a student appear in person, the university may make other arrangements. For processes that cannot be completed via telephone, e-mail, or written correspondence, the university may set up a two-way videoconference site in place of a meeting on the UWG campus.


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Please describe issue giving rise to your complaint in as much detail as possible.  Include any places, dates and/or times you can recall.

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