I keep receiving a message that I have a firewall when using certain programs.
      Why can’t I use certain programs with my ALLTEL DSL?


If you are an ALLTEL DSL customer that has began service after May 17th 2004, then you have received one of our new SpeedStream 5200 DSL Routers. Some previous customers may have also performed an upgrade to their older DSL Modem to convert it to a router.

The SpeedStream 5200 DSL Router has a built in firewall for your protection. In some cases, the firewall came pre-configured with a Medium Firewall protection level that will keep certain programs or services from running such as.

1. Alltel’s News Services
2. ICQ
3. MSN Messenger
4. Yahoo Messenger
5. AOL Instant Messenger
6. Kazaa or other P2P programs
7. VPN access
8. Online website Games such as Pogo or Yahoo Games
9. XBOX Live and Playstation Online
10. AOL
11. Webcams

The instructions for changing your Firewall Protection level is outlined below for your convenience. Changing your firewall setting will improve the performance and functionality of the programs listed above.

1. Open Internet Explorer or your preferred browser.

2. Point your browser to or you can click on this link here.

3. Login with “admin” for the username and “admin” for the password without parentheses on the pop up login screen.

4. Once in the Speedstream 5200 web interface, select the "Login" option on the left hand side of the screen..

5. Type admin for the password again on right side of screen.

6. Select the "Setup" option on the left side

7. Select the "Firewall" option below.

8. Select the "Level" option below

9. Current Firewall Level should say Medium and Select Firewall Level should say Off.

10. Press Apply and you may now close your browser window.

11. You should be able to test the program again to verify that it is working properly.

This will correct your firewall settings on the DSL router. If you need any assistance or cannot get past step 2, then please feel free to contact our DSL Internet Helpdesk at 1-888-292-3827 and a Technician will be happy to assist you further.