Distance Learning

1997- 1998 Annual Progress Report

Overview of Achievements

Distance Education on the UWG campus was significantly expanded to include on-line offerings in addition to GSAMS. Top priorities for the year were related to this expansion, and included development and implementation of a support system for distance students, training and course development assistance for faculty engaged in on-line teaching, and continual review and evaluation of the on-line courses, technologies and development process.

Highlights of the years work include the following achievements:

Goals for 1998-99

  1. Develop the infrastructure and support system necessary to move UWGs on-line program from the offering of a few courses to a number which would eventually enable significant portions of selected degree programs to be offered via distance media.
  2. Work collaboratively with Continuing Education to develop a framework for the development and offering of non-credit courses through distance media.
  3. Redesign faculty training programs for distance teaching to allow for greater efficiency as the number of faculty requesting training continues to increase. Develop programs for mentorship within colleges and department.
  4. Continue efforts to expand UWGs distance education into post-secondary market.