Conference 2002 Highlights

Best Paper Awards

 Andrea Beesley and Doyle Cavins (not pictured), Jared Bleak, and Wallace Pond were presented with Best Paper Awards.


Fun Stuff

Ooooooo, the sun is so bright down here in Georgia!
No, no, you can keep the yellow t-shirt. I'll just take all the drink tickets.
I never leave home without it.
Maybe if I act real serious, the folks back home won't think I had any fun.
Excuse me, but we were having an extremely serious conversation about distance learning  . . .
Should't we get an extra point because we always look so happy?
Hey, I'll trade you my two nines for your ace and a date with Christy.
Who wants to be golfing or fishing when you can be rocking on a front porch?
This is definetely the best conference I've ever been to.
Don't look now, but I think she's putting even more sugar in her iced tea . . .
Maybe if we ignore him he'll go away.


Of the 115 conference attendees, 37 completed and turned in evaluations. Overall, we are proud that attendees overwhelmingly found the conference to be a success. Here is a summary of the results, plus some ideas attendees gave us for how to make next year better.

Following are average scores from 1-5, with 5 being the highest.
 Jekyll Island location 4.97
 Jekyll Island Club Hotel 4.76
Process for submitting papers 4.72
 Pre-conference registration 4.80
 Registration desk 4.84
 Web site information 4.58
 Conference proceedings 4.64
 Conference program 4.71
 Keynote address 3.88
 Roundtables 4.13
Concurrent Sessions 4.45
Scavenger Hunt 4.38
Riverside Dinner 4.25
Dinner Entertainment 4.17
Tech Support 4.86
Other Conference Staff 4.88

Length of Session: 31 said the 45-minute sessions were just right. 2 said they were too short. 1 said they were too long.

Liklihood of Attending Next Year: 27 said very likely. 8 said somewhat likely. 2 said not likely.

Should conference remain at Jekyll or move around? 23 said stay at Jekyll. 2 said to move to Callaway some years. Four others had mixed feelings and suggested locations like Savannah, Orlando, Charleston, and St. Simons.

Some Things Participants Liked:

  1. specific focus of conference 
  2. small size of conference 
  3. technical support & nice staff :) 
  4. printed proceedings 
  5. lots of networking opportunities 
  6. Jekyll Island and the facility itself
  7. wireless internet access
Some Things We'll Change Next Year Per Attendee Suggestions:
  1. later starts in morning (sessions will run 9am-3pm) 
  2. bottled water 
  3. try to get a few more secondary school presenters 
  4. only three concurrent sessions at a time
  5. more information for spouses
  6. reminders for presenters to end sessions on time

Plans for next year's conference are already underway. Our tenative plans are to again hold the conference during the first week of June at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. We will send a "Save the Date" notice to all of this year's attendees some time in August. Please email us if you would like to be added to our mailing list.