Conference 2003 Highlights

Best Paper Awards

 Lynne Crosby, Maria Schnitzer, Russell K. Baker and Michael Beaudoin (not pictured) 
were presented with Best Paper Awards.


Fun Stuff & Conference Memories

When I heard you guys were having karaoke, I took the next plane out of Illinois!
We are the champions!
Should we really let the rest of the world know how easy it is to teach from the beach?
Yes, we're working late night on a plan to completely revolutionize the way the world thinks about distance learning.
I'm thinking she's gonna blow that whistle any second now. 
Aw, this is the first time I ever won anything in my whole life.
Welcome to the party, Pal!
Now honey, let's just look real natural in this picture and maybe it won't end up on the conference webpage.
Yeah, the a/c was on too high in the conference room so we had to come out here to warm up for a bit.

If I could just get this in, then maybe I could win that towel.
I'm sorry, I was thinking about tennis, and didn't hear a word you said.
See, this conference has been just great for my skin.
Did you all hear that the Distance Chicks were going to be singing at karaoke tommorow night?
Hey, I'll trade you some of my grapes for a bite of your chocolate decadence.
Is the best way over or under?
The thing I like most about the South are those cheese straws!
This is the funnest conference I've ever been to!
I gave him an offer he could not refuse.
Okay, at least I took my tie off.
When your smile shines, so do you.
But isn't a Joker higher than an 8?
Yes, we'll have what they're having.
See y'all next year!


Of the 120 conference attendees, 41 completed and turned in evaluations. Overall, we are proud that attendees overwhelmingly found the conference to be our best ever!. Here is a summary of the results, plus some ideas attendees gave us for how to make next year better.

46% reported they were "delighted" with the conference experience.
31% reported they were "pleased with just about everything."
18% reported they were "satisfied" with the overal conference experience.
5% said they "expected more somehow."
0 said that the conference was a waste of time and money.

Following are average scores from 1-5, with 5 being the highest.
 Jekyll Island location 4.51
 Jekyll Island Club Hotel 4.63
Process for submitting papers 4.61
 Pre-conference registration 4.76
 Registration desk 4.72
 Web site information 4.40
 Conference proceedings 4.74
 Conference program 4.65
 Keynote address 3.65
 Tech Showcase 4.00
 Cracker Barrel Sessions 4.53
Concurrent Sessions 4.13
Putt-Putt 4.25
Annual Dinner Party 4.57
Dinner Entertainment 4.10
Tech Support 4.67
Other Conference Staff 4.78

Liklihood of Attending Next Year: 57% said very likely. 38% said somewhat likely.

Should conference remain at Jekyll or move around? 75% said stay at Jekyll Island.

Some Things Participants Liked:

  1. specific focus of conference 
  2. small size of conference 
  3. technical support & nice staff :) 
  4. relaxed environment
  5. interaction with colleagues
  6. location
  7. wireless internet access
Some Things We'll Change Next Year Per Attendee Suggestions:
  1. longer email access
  2. bottled water 
  3. optional excursions
  4. encourage all presenters to focus on administration, not pedagogy or other areas

Plans for next year's conference are already underway. Our plans are to again hold the conference May 23-26, 2004 at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel.  Please email us if you would like to be added to our mailing list.