Conference Highlights

Best Paper Awards


Peggy Roblyer, Peter Williams, James King, and Gwyn Nugent were awarded plaques for their Best Papers.


Fun Stuff


Hi Barbara, my name is Barbara!


Do you think the hula competition is rigged?


Nothing's gonna stop me now!


This is the funnest party I've EVER been to!


Do you think maybe they'd PAY us to entertain next year, Tom?


It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A
  You're not really gonna make us join the conga line in the middle of our intellectual discourse now are you?


Yeah, I know we're the kitchen staff, but we need to teach these people how to dance!


I never leave home without a can of Spam!


I can't believe we beat that Brazilian team in the Scavenger Hunt - if our friends could see us now!


Y'all come back now


Of the 79 persons who attended the conference, 36 completed and turned in evaluations. Overall, we are proud that attendees overwhelmingly found the conference to be a success. Here is a summary of the results, plus some ideas attendees gave us for how to make next year better.

Following are average scores from 1-5, with 5 being the highest.

 Callaway Gardens locations 4.76
 Callaway Gardens INN  4.53
Process for submitting papers 4.61
 Pre-conference registration 4.73
 Registration desk 4.84
 Web site information 4.66
 Conference proceedings 4.69
 Conference program 4.86
 Keynote address 4.51
 Roundtables 4.0
 Concurrent Sessions 4.33
 Scavenger Hunt 4.08
 Robin Beach Cookout 4.44
 Entertainment at Cookout 4.36

Length of Session: 25 said the 45-minute sessions were just right. 3 said they were too short. No one said they were too long.

Liklihood of Attending Next Year: 21 said very likely. 12 said somewhat likely. Zero said not likely (to our relief!)

Should conference remain at Callaway or move around? 23 said stay at Callaway. 3 said move. 5 had mixed feelings.

Some Things Participants Liked:

  1. specific focus of conference
  2. small size of conference
  3. technical support & nice staff :)
  4. printed proceedings
  5. location & setting
  6. keynote speaker

Some Things Participants Want Next Year (we'll work on this!)

  1. internet access
  2. better directions from airport
  3. more meals/snacks
  4. more publicity so you'll know about conference sooner
  5. more roundtable participation
  6. tables in all presentation rooms for note-taking


Soon we'll begin making plans for next year's conference. Our tenative plans are to again hold the conference during the first week of June at Callaway Gardens. We will send a "Save the Date" notice to all of this year's attendees some time in August. Please email us if you would like to be added to our mailing list.