Why is this form neccesary?

This data is also used for (1) reporting and accreditation purposes, (2) to certify the listed minimun technical competencies and reponsibilities (3) to notify the Distance Ed Department, the department chair, and the Registrar's office of the instructor's intent (3) and to record their agreement to attend at least a two-hour introductory training session on developing and teaching an online course. These base level requirements were proposed by the UWGOnline Steering Committee and approved by Faculty Senate in 1998. In addition, some colleges and departments have implemented their own additional training requirements.

After you complete and hit the SUBMIT button you will have the opportunity to preview and print a copy. A copy of your submission will be sent to the DDEC office, the Registrar's office, and your department chair if approval is needed (approval is only needed for courses using technology more than 50% of instruction).