Course Technology / Distance Form (Required by BOR)

1. Complete this form if you are teaching a course that meets ANY of the following criteria:
a. uses CourseDen,myUWG Course Tools , or Moodle for any portion of the course OR
b. uses a faculty web page for any course instruction OR
c. uses some other delivery technology (satellite, videoconferencing, pre-recorded lectures, etc) for any integral part of course instruction OR
d. meets face-to-face for all course meetings but is still technology enhanced (uses technology for course instruction)

2. Complete the form and hit SUBMIT. A copy will be automatically sent to the DDEC and your department chair

3. If your course is a distance course (meeting more than 50% online or through other distance technologies), your department chair will be asked to approve the course offering via email. (Why in the world do I HAVE to fill out this form?)

4. If you experience technical issues when submitting this form please email the information to Janet Gubbins at

How many courses will you be providing information on?:

Will any of these courses be distance learning/ online courses (taught more than 50% through online or other distance technology means)?

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