After reviewing your student evaluationswhat do you think went well in this class?


1.       Students continue to do well on the online quizzes.

2.       Students liked the convenience of the course and the thorough instructions for the assignments.

3.       Good communication with students.

4.       Respondents indicated high level of satisfaction with all elements of the course, thus I think that it was a generally positive experience.

5.       The course seems to be a hit with the great majority of students.The tutoring services we provide seem to be a positive for some students.Tele-tutoring seems to be helpful to students who reside off-campus. Overall, the entire course went well.

6.       I think the class was well organized and students understood what was expected of them.Students found the online material helpful to learning macroeconomics.

7.       The response rate was so low for online evaluations that the information is not useful.However, students also completed hard copy SEIs for hybrid courses which apply to this course, somewhat. Students valued the videos embedded in powerpoints, use of humor and graphics, taking tests online, and usefulness of information.

8.       The course was well received.

9.       Students like the flexibility of the open schedule during the week (no set class times).Another student liked being able to set her own pace and one more stated that they liked my comments on the assignments.

10.   Students liked the asynchronous nature of the course.I think the system of releasing a week's worth of activities with hard deadlines works well in the format.

11.   I am happy that my students found me to be easily accessible, fair, and encouraging. Since we did not meet face to face, I had to be extra careful to give students encouragement via email and Courseden. This was especially important when I asked for assignment revisions. I believe a student should understand why a grade is given and have the chance to correct certain assignments. Nearly every student to whom I offered revisions accepted the offer; most earned full credit on their revisions. I also posted practice quizzes throughout the semester so students could review course material in a low-pressure environment.

12.   Mostly everything though it was a big transition to completely online format and I had to re-work some of the content for the beginning of the class.

13.   This class needs computers to solve the problems the way today's business people do. Thus, using the online environment to communicate in classes which are classroom based is necessary and required.Think of what percentage of our HR services are conducted online rather than in person.Hybrid classes only make sense.

14.   Class provided substantial structure and clear expectations.

15.   Fairness was mentioned repeatedly.This is a personal goal.It was achieved, based on the data.

16.   I am accessible and provided clear instructions.

17.   Respondents indicated high level of satisfaction with all elements of the course, thus I think that it was a generally positive experience.

18.   Students enjoyed the discussions and felt they helped them while at their field placements.

19.   A small number of students completed this survey but the information provided indicates that the communication between instructor and students was a positive.

20.   I think students liked that materials were available and were useful for their professions. One student did comment that he or she appreciated that I went out of my way to make the class a positive experience and that I was always eager to communicate with my students.


What was problematic?What needs to be improved?

1.       Some students do not do well on the tests.

2.       The courseneeds more access to online resources outside of the class.

3.       Using a program like would enable the instructor to handle the volume of papers in an efficient manner and check for possible plagiarism.The similarity index would help instructors check this effectively. Using Wimba for counseling session simulations was less than ideal.This component of the course will improve as technology improves for audio/ video recording and synchronous broadcasts.

4.       Creating make-up events that do not show up in gradebook.

5.       Nothing was specifically problematic. The exams still need to be updated and I didn't get that done from the Summer to the Fall.

6.       Students had no complaints.

7.       Tests need to be set up so that students can go back to the questions.

8.       While I have gotten significantly better at getting feedback to the students quickly, this is still a process for me.

9.       None was mentioned over which I have control or would not compromised the integrity of the learning experience & the rigor needed for the course. Some students want to see the class more Mac friendly, but this is difficult since MS Office on the Mac does not have Access database.

10.   The only real problem was that it was slightly out-of-sync, content-wise, with a related undergraduate course taught at the same time, so managing the differences, especially for a single student, was difficult.

11.   Some students wanted a longer time frame for the online quizzes.I may need to open the quizzes for 24 hours next semester.

12.   Several students miss the face to face connection and not knowing their classmates.Another thought my grading was sometimes a little slow.

13.   The students didn't really identify any major problems.One wanted to see who else was in the class, and interactiveness between students is difficult when the whole class waits to post until the last minute.One said it was not very interesting.

14.   I had trouble using CourseDen, but my skills have improved since then.

15.   It's easy for students to feel disconnected in an online course, and I tried to soften those feelings by reaching out. For example, if a student had not submitted two assignments in a row, or was doing great work but then suddenly disappeared, I emailed the student to ask how things were going and to reassure them that I was available to help. Many students have a lot going on in their lives, and they need to know that their professor cares and is willing to work with them.

16.   Working live with students online. It seems they prefer using emails to communicate with me.

17.   All went very well, though some students had difficulty getting their work done in a timely manner at the beginning of the course.

18.   Attendance was at times problematic.

19.   Student learning curve at beginning of semester related to technology and graduate education. Student writing skills were not at graduate level.

20.   Students do not see this course as challenging their intellect, yet they are shallow in their assignments, especially the discussions online.That can be improved, but I am not certain how.This is a skills-based course, primarily, where students are completing work about their field experience, i.e., internship.The work does not, by its nature, have the intellectual rigor as a course in an academic discipline, e.g., math.Perhaps the reflections and discussions can have more structure forcing students, in essence, to be tested over their text.Intellectually, I oppose that because I want them to reflect on their behavior and challenges in the field.Having more questions that are content-based would take away from that and force them to read more and work with their students less.As a program area, we need to discuss this.

21.   Nothing was identified as problematic but I continue to work to maintain student engagement.

22.   One student commented that changes were made to the Javascript but they were not notified. I was not aware of any changes. Obviously I need to make sure I am up to date on the technology changes to inform my students.


What do you plan to change next time you teach the course?


1.       Refine the Study Guide given to students.

2.       This may be a course that is best taught on campus.The authenticity of counseling sessions is compromised by the lack of technology to capture the nuances of an effective counseling sessions.Studying the various techniques and theories in counseling psychology may be accomplished better in a face to face course. I would like to see the University of West Georgia invest in NBC Learn or Tegrity in order to integrate video into the courses.This would increase the interest level of students and bring the distance learning courses of UWG up to the standards of other online programs.

3.       Using question pools rather than just question from the database.

4.       I increased the excel content and expanded the syllabus to cover all the exceptions that occur related to campus technology.

5.       I plan to offer more interactivity by utilizing

6.       I plan to add an optional Skype or alternative face-to-face meeting option to allow students who prefer it to discuss issues in a virtual face-to-face meeting.

7.       Making the workload more balanced with the face-to-face version of the course that I teach.

8.       Based on the majority of students input, try to keep doing what I am already doing.I anticipate natural progression and update of course material. I am planning on continuing to add to the Commentics knowledge based using students' contributions.

9.       Very little.The content is still current and relevant, so the materials I have developed are still useful and valuable.

10.   I am going to add more narrated PowerPoint presentations and online tutorials to help students master some of the more difficult concepts in the course.

11.   Iíll add enrichment activities that provide bonus points so that I don't have to reopen assignments and tests, will clarify and post due dates in multiple places, will provide models or examples of field assignments, and will provide a Help Button for students to ask questions to each other rather than directing all questions to me.

12.   I try to do grading within a few days of the due date.Because of other library obligations, there were a few assignments I did not finish grading until a week or so after their due date.I will make a stronger effort to get these back in a timely manner.

13.   I like to draw from current topics and events that are relevant to the students lives and practices.I will try to increase this in the future.

14.   I am planning to change the research journal posts to research assignments, which uses a different course module. This change will streamline the process for students, since they're already familiar with the Assignments tool. It will also make it easier for me to provide feedback on the assignments, which form the basis of the students' final project and annotated bibliography.

15.   Have more incentive for students to attend online lectures.

16.   We need to prepare some more detailed lecture and may be combined with face-to face sessions to improve the lectures

17.   Count attendance in the course grade.

18.   Consider changing percent of grade assigned for major paper - seemed too much for first semester graduate course from student perspective.††† Plan to incorporate writing tutor using Smarthinking in the future.

19.   More emphasis on the textbook.

20.   I would like to change the assignments a bit the next time I teach this course to encourage students not only to read and think about using different types of technology but to actually do it.


What was the largest adjustment you made in teaching a distance courseand how was this addressed?


1.       Multiple test dates were scheduled to accomodate conflicts with student work schedules.

2.       I will continue to use the technology available and integrate this technology into the design of each course, in order to maximize the learning potential of each of my students.Using WIMBA for simulated counseling sessions was less than ideal for many students and there was a steep learning curve for many of the students (and the instructor).

3.       Ensuring that instructions were clear in written materials, since many casual instructions provided in a face-to-face class session must be explicitly spelled out.I used examples from syllabi for online courses from more experienced instructors to help me achieve this important goal.

4.       This isa course that has been taught using distance technology for a while so this has not been a big adjustment. I continue to try and engage students through email and discussions.

5.       The significantly increased workload, and thus far, I have adjusted by working more. This is not a viable long term strategy, and I believe STRONGLY that course sizes for fully online classes MUST BE SMALLER than comparable face-to-face sections.

6.       Adjusted to online lectures and good communication.

7.       Not having face-to-face instruction (i.e. traditional lecture).Addressed by using several standard online tools (online chat, email) as well as supplementing the reading with several demonstration-type videos.

8.       Teaching online is more work than face-to-face and I even cut back on what I would typically cover compared to a face-to-face section. It is very unfortunate we do not get credit for the extra work.

9.       Encouraging student interaction in the online environment.I have addressed that by having discussion assignments as part of the course content throughout the semester.

10.   Organizing information into smaller chunks.

11.   I try to maintain a greater avenue of communication with my students.I now collect both email and phone numbers at the beginning of the semester and identify struggling students early on.

12.   Add weekly discussion board activities to engage students more, and this decreased withdrawal rates from my class significantly.

13.   Trying to use CourseDen, which is very clunky and counter-intuitive.

14.   teaching math online is difficult. I am still trying to find out the best way to deliver material.

15.   I made myself available on line for mystudents.I also made attempts to make students familiarize classmates by completing a profile.

16.   Grading online submissions.

17.   Becoming more proficient withWIMBA classroom.

18.   I ask for and receive a lot of help from distance learning.

19.   I am in the process of taking a training focused on enhancing my use of technology in online classes.

20.   I have always taught this class online so I haven't really had to adjust to this format. Making sure I budget time, keep in touch, and work to engage students is the only thing that I continue to work on.

21.   Adding enough diversity of disciplines for online.


After reviewing student evaluation questionswhat do you think of the level of non-academic support provided for this course by student servicesthe librarythe distance education centerand the instructor?


1.       Level of support is adequate.

2.       The distance learning support personnel went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting us with our special technological needs in this course.It was the first time any instructor had taught this course as a 100% online course, and it was challenging (to say the least).I do believe the integrity of the course was not compromised and that students were able to learn and practice the focused theories with their classmates, thanks to the support of technology!

3.       Your organizations do a great job.

4.       The support is outstanding especially in light of how other universities provide a similar function.Very positive here.

5.       I think it was fine.

6.       I think it would be good to have a library tutorial attached to the course so students can learn how to use the library.

7.       They seem satisfied with available support options.

8.       Our local non-academic support is fantastic! I am glad to see that we are moving away from WebCT/Blackboard to Desire2Learn.However, I hope we will not lose the use of Blackboard IM as it is integral to students' interactions and to the use of tele-tutoring for this class.

9.       Some students seemed to feel that the advising process for distance education for students needs improvement.I find that some students do not really understand what online courses are really like before they take one.

10.   Support for distance learning on this campus is FABULOUS.

11.   The student evaluations recognize Distance Learning's support: the question `The Distance Learning helpline was helpful to me` earned a median response of 4/5 from the nine people who answered. I encouraged students to visit me during my Reference desk hours and communicating frequently through email and CourseDen mail. This course is a small step on the way to our students' final goal of graduation.

12.   There was sufficient non-acedemic support for students.

13.   Students felt very supported by the instructor.

14.   These organizations all do a great job at providing support.

15.   Excellent support from Distance Ed as students prepared presentations for synchronous online classes.††† Student found the library site cumbersome to use and found more user friendly services elsewhere. Students found instructor responsive and attentive to their needs.

16.   Students did not indicate any problems.

17.   The Library is not involved in this course, as this course is tied to internship and involves reflection and conversation and activities concerning internship and getting a job.Student services is very helpful with Interview Day, speaking on interviewing skills, resumes, etc.The instructor has to be available 24/7.

18.   It appears students need more information about the library supports that are available for distance learning.