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1 I still had to come to class so it was not really of great use this semester. We spent time doing threaded discussions as homework but we still had to be in class following the threaded discussion. So it was not real time or during class time.
2 I didn't dislike anything
3 I dislike the lack of face to face interaction in online courses. However, the trade off is definitely worth it.
4 Nothing
5 The text conversations that are on-line are not the the same as the interaction between the student and the professor. Many times what is written via a Web course is "rough" or rather dry. Body laugange, tone and the one on one interaction between the instructor and student helps the learning experience become more interesting.


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1 no dislikes
2 Kicked off
3 Getting assignments on Friday that were due on Monday.
4 Did not dislike ANYTHING about it!
5 NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 Nothing
8 Having to wait a few days for questions to be answered.
9 The typical problems associated with computers sometimes were a pain.
10 It was very frustrating when WebCT was down, and I couldn't get my messages from my professor.


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1 Nothing
2 Sometimes I had difficulty with the class or there werew problems with the software and I needed teacher assistance, but it took awhile to get back to me.
3 We seemed to have a lot of technical difficulties.
4 About the only thing I disliked was the fact that the quizes somtimes changed your answers and when the tests sometimes wouldnt go through after you took them.
6 there was nothing i disliked about the course
7 nothing.
8 The fact that I couldn't skip or move on to the next question on an exam. There was one incident when I was obviously confused and simply didn't know what to do next and was unable to move on to the next question. That was very frustrating. I would suggest a method to actually give up on a question and the ability to move on to the next one.
9 Once you pressed save answer on a quiz or exam, it would not allow you to change your answer prior to submitting it for grading. There were some instructions that where covered up by a window that opened while you were still using the instructions. Some of the links were obsolete and some of the excerises that accompanied material didn't function properly. When messages were posted online asking the teacher about this problem, she responded with messages that stated it wasn't necessary to do them.
10 not a lot of teacher involvemnt
11 The email and message boards were a little tricky sometimes.
13 i didn't dislike anything
14 computer or network problems are frustrating when attempting to get work in on time
15 I like everything.
16 N/A
17 Sometimes the test results did not make it to the professor and you had to go hand them in.
18 the bugs that are inevitable. the program freezing, random errors in the modules, little things like that.
19 Nothing.
20 nothing
21 Everything
22 Hard to communicate with teacher to find out deadlines of our workbook and
24 the only problem with having an online class is if the computer system goes down. it is really hard to get assignments turned in on time if you can't access something because the system is down.
25 Sometimes it was hard to get in touch with a teacher outside of class.
26 The modules were not clear and couldn't understand some of the questions. I would rather have the class and a professor go through the stuff with us rather than take it by ourselves. And I didn't like that the final was 600 points and I didn't know that we could print out the quizzes which probably will hurt me for the final.
27 We did not meet regurlarly so it was easy to fall behind in the course.
28 I disliked how sometimes I couldn't figure out how to do certain assignments.
29 Couldn't receive help qith a problem immediately.
30 Sometimes when I would try to access the program it would not work or I would finish a quiz and the results would never submit and I would have to re-do that part.
31 Sometime the lesson did not load
32 The part that I disliked the most was when there problems with Webct, I felt that there were many problems with it this semester. It also scared me that I worried if my test got throught to the teachers because of all the problems we had.
33 I did not have any dislikes of this course. I thourghly enjoyed this course because of it being on-line.
34 nothing
35 nothing
36 remeber doing it
37 nothing
38 No dislikes
39 I did not like the worry and hassle about having to make sure that the professors got my grades since the system did not send them like it was supposed to.
40 I have no complaints
41 No teacher to talk one on one to help me learn.
42 Unable to get work back...graded.
43 nothing
44 I disliked the time when banweb was down.
45 I did not dislike anything.
46 you can't learn anything, nobody to explain anything, and most importantly half the time the tests don't go through, you can't do the modules but on one of the computer labs
47 nothing
48 the fact that very few computer labs have the authorware installed. VERY frustrating. as well as the fact that the computer labs are not open on the weekends!@
49 Sometimes the Authorware Web Player did not work correctly on my computer at home and I did not feel safe taking the test at home. I had to take them on campus.
50 NOthing
51 The test were too complicated and difficult.
52 Nothing
53 I didn't like it that our tests were never transmitted and we had to take a hard copy to the teacher.
54 computer problems
55 There were quite a bit of technical difficulties during tests and registering for the final. It was also a disadvantage that you had to have windows98 or better to do this class from home and I live 50 minutes from campus and needed to do the class from home; but I only had a windows95 computer so I had to go buy a new one!
56 nothing
57 I'm not always responsible and failed to finish at a steady pace and became rushed.
58 I was not motivated and tended to wait till almost the last moment to do work. The manual seemed over-priced!!!
59 There seem to be a lot of trouble communicating between the professors and the students. I would havetrouble with somthing and the professors would not respond in a manner that would be the same as being in a classroom. I did not receive help with my problems because I could not go to the lab sessions.
60 If I had a question I had to wait for an answer for up to a day or two.
61 The computer exams cuts points even if you are pionting in the right area, it is extremly precise, and real computers don't work like this.
62 I wasnt used to not having a physical person to ask the questions that arose while i was working.
63 I liked everything.
64 nothing
65 I did not like that the software that i spent many hours downloading did not work, and I could only take the quizzes online, but, I had to go to the lab to do all other work, which I completely did not expect to do knowing the class was completely online. I also hated the fact that I had to buy a really expensive book, and I can't return it because we had to write in it, and turn it in for a grade. I am a college student, and I don't need to spend $65 on a book for 50 points and it was not even a good book. The book was paper back. It is also a State University of West Georgia book, so it could easily have gone for $10. The school should not make that much money off of a book. It is all a big scam to rob us of our money.
66 There are so many modules, I always got confused which ones I was using
67 this was my first online classes. i liked the whole idea of having a class that is online. in the future i think i will continue to take online courses.
68 some of the descriptions and illustrations are a little basic, more detailed information would be nice.
69 If systerm is down, we can't do anything.
70 Everytime webct had problems.
71 I like to get one on one help. I couldn't get it
72 Sometimes the deadlines would sneak up on me and i would have to cram and run through the lessons and exams and quizzes.
73 I dislike how the computers are always going through some type of complications. I also dislike the instructors office hours. She is hard to find sometimes.
74 The classroom interaction
75 Writing down things in the text book after taking the modules
76 N/A
77 I got confussed at times, and when that happened I coulnd not ask anyone right at that moment.
78 What I disliked about the online portion of this course was the fact that you really don't learn the material with a teacher present, meaning whenever I had a question about a specific portion of the modules or quizes I had to leave the computer to hunt a teacher down.
79 That the workbook costs to much to have to be turned in at the end of the semester.
80 The book cost to much
81 nothing, I loved it.
82 I didn't like the confusion that came with the course at the begining of the course.
83 I did not like anything about this course. I thought that it was ointless.
84 When the campus system was down, I was not able to complete my work in a timely manner.
85 No complaints.
86 Some of the web links used for the material in the study guide didn't work and it was frustrating considering we could be quizzed over that web link.
87 Hard to find other classmates for help.
88 I learn better in face-to-face settings.
91 problems with webct at beginning of semester and unavability to find out why
93 It is very difficult to learn computer skills in this format. I like class discussions and interaction also: see above
94 I prefer to have more face-to-face contact with my teachers and classmates.
95 I procrastinated quite a bit.
96 i have no complaints
97 The only problem I had with thise course is that for some reason when trying to do the exams, quizzes, or modules at home there were always some kind of problem.
98 As with any computer based program there were problems loading and running the modules. The only thing I personnaly had a problem with was signing up for the final, but by reading the bulletin board others seemed to be having lots of problems.
99 The bugs in the system that would periodically appear causing me to have to find the teacher and have something reset.
100 You were on your own as far as doing and understanding the work.
102 I enjoyed all of this course.
103 It was ahrd to ask questions.
104 It was a little difficult not having a teacher.
107 Nothing
109 The signing up for the final and the workbook
110 Being able to do it on my own time caused me to procrastinate more.
111 cheating quizzes
112 Deadlines for test
113 Sometime I slacked off and didn't work as much.
114 The Autorware Player sometimes didnt work properly.
115 There was nothing that I disliked about the online portion of this course.
116 nothing
117 When the computer were down.
118 The teachers seemed as if they did not have time to properly respond to the students concerns. They did not always answer all questions in on the bulletin board.
119 I sometimes had problems acessing things and had to wait on the professor to respond before I could do my work.
120 When there were the inevitable computer problems.
121 The only complaint I had was sometimes when I was taking the tests I would click on what I knew what was right, however it would take off points. Also some of the quiz questions were tricky, and sometimes confused me when I knew the information.
122 You can't get help right away.
123 ?
124 Well the teachers weren't hardly available, even at the time they said they would be, and sometimes i really didn't know what to do in certain situations.
125 I don't have any dislikes.
126 Nothing
127 The tests not saving very well.
129 When the stupid hacker interfered with banweb and webct and caused them to go off line.
130 the freedom
131 Lot's of questions, aside from that it was okay. Sometimes the istructor was difficult to find.
132 sometimes when you have a question it is alot easier when its answered face to face and quicker.
133 The lessons were too long and you had to memorize a lot.
134 the exams were unfair, because they deducted points when you clicked on the wrong part, the instructions were often vague, in the description of what and how they wanted you to do a task
135 not much...
136 Having to e mail my test scores.
137 For this class, I dont have any dislikes in general, because you learn about computers on the computer, so it works well. But for other classes, it can be inconvenient and inferior to face to face classes.
138 The webct crashing
139 The book did not follow along with the modules and exercises some of the time. Sometimes the computer would be confusing. And while taking a quiz or test if u misclicked it took points off
140 i took exam 3 from home and there was a problem with my grade which still has not been corrected.
141 The test screen was to sensitive. What I mean is that I caould be reading the question and I make a simple mistake hitting the keyboard or hitting the mouse. The computer will think that I was trying to answer question when actually I'm not. I also dislike how help is given without you asking for it.
142 I did not dislike anything about this course.
143 Hard to follow and understand
144 problems with the system.
145 not being able to interact with the teacher face to face
146 There was no instructor on hand to ask questions to.
147 hard to ask teachers questions
148 I felt like I was always going to miss something.
149 not as much one on one help.
150 Please look at Q17.
152 Basically answered above.
153 being timed on quizzes, not being able to take final at home
154 I didn't dislike anything.
155 I missed the final concepts exam due to it being offered only during one day between certain times. I had no previous notification of this exam and therefore I probably will not get the grade I was expecting. I think the final concepts exam should be offered during a longer period of time like the quizzes.
156 No help
157 I disliked the technical difficulties. I only experienced this once or twice, but it was frustrating when it did happen. I also disliked having to print out and physically turn in a copy of my work.
158 Not having face-to-face instruction.
159 I wish that there was an instructor that walked you through the material, because I am hesitant to e-mail for help, for fear of looking not up to par.
160 i don't think i have learned as much as i would have if i had been in a classroom setting, with an instructor
161 I really didn't dislike anything
162 Not being able to access the program at home or in places on campus other than this computer lab. I hated not being able to take the tests at a site other than this computer lab. It was rather inconvenient.
163 No particular complaints.
164 Some of my grades were wrong that were transmitted on-line.
165 us having to go in to take the final because we dont know what to study for and i feel that i am going to bomb the final and then resulting in my grade dropping
166 The test material was sometimes unrepresentative of the assigned material
167 no interaction with fellow students
168 It was hard to keep up because you acually didn't go to a clas to keep you in the rutine.
169 Reguardless of what the instructor said, I know for a fact that sometimes the answers on my quizes were changed. I didn't like the fact that when I went to review for the final, all the practice exams were gone. It made it very difficult to study.
170 I'm a procrascinator.
172 Some questions were left lingering. There was not much room for disagreement or correction on behalf of the students. Sometimes we felt as if the computer would grade certain things accidently wrong, but there was nothing ever done about it.


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1 If there is something I don't understand, I do not have the option of speaking directly to a professor soon as I notice a problem.
2 Not being able to be online sometimes, rest was great.
3 there were no on-line practice exams
4 nothing
5 no complaints
6 I was happy with everything
7 there was nothing I disliked
8 didn't
10 so far, the only thing i have disliked about the online portion is this quiz because it is taking too long to save my answers
11 Needs to be utilized more
12 I liked everything
13 There is nothing I disliked!
14 the only thing i don't like about a totally online class is that it is hard to learn something totally online without a professor
15 N/A
16 -


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1 Nothing, it was very convienient.
2 It was hard to turn work in that was late.
3 There really isnt anything.
4 the possibility at times not being able to get to a computer
5 When the network crashed at the beginning of the semester
6 The instuctor's lack of guidance initially.
7 Nothing in particular
9 I disliked the fact that many of the articles we read for the class were biased and somewhat discriminatory.
10 What I dislike the most is that I missed out on some of the work due to lack of knowledge on how to pull it up.
11 nothing
12 The only thing I did not like was something that could not be helped and that was when the webct was down.
13 Sometimes the articles were hard to find.
14 I felt that I really did not know the classmates I was discussing these issues with. With an online course you do not get that immediate face-to-face discussion.


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1 There was nothing I can recall that made me dislike the online class.
2 I had some difficulty using the chat rooms; I was unable to find anyone at any point. I would have liked to use that feature a bit more.
3 I don't have any complaints.
4 When WEBCT or West GA had technical difficulties
5 having problems with equipment or programs
6 The normal server problems that occur was a problem at times.
7 We did not use it for every class meeting- we had to go to class some.
8 The worst part for me was taking the timed mid-term because my computer shut down twice and I lost time. That was very stressful because taking a test is stressful enough anyway. And I did not like having to print out all of the class notes myself although it was nice to have them. There was not a clear connection as to their use though.
9 I felt frustrated in the beginning but I feel this is normal when you learning something new. I really liked everything about the on-lineportion.
10 During the fall of 2001, hacker got into the computers so that put everyone on edge about items that were due
13 nothing!
15 There were instances when the chat applet was not available. It was an inconvenience, but I understood the importance of security when the web site was done due to the breach. The uncertainty was difficult.


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1 I'm not always able to get attachments read and or sent when I need to complete an assignment.


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1 my home connection is not great, so I had to be at work for most of my class time
2 Web CT was down for a week creating a lot of stress for me because I am someone who does not like to procrastinate, and I was unable to to work I needed to do.
3 I missed the good academic and intellectual debates and discussions that are often a part of face-to-face classes. We didn't have a lot of that this semester, and I think that is useful.
4 It is well organized and I am able to look up what I need whenever I need it.
5 I like more face-to-face interaction. I am a people person.


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1 I like face to face interaction wioth the professor.Also, I enjoy interacting with and getting to know classmates face to face.
2 sometimes face to face would have been good for guidance on final paper
3 Nothing
4 The non-user friendly e-mail system.
5 the server hack-in


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1 When my final wasn't activated the day I was to take it, but the problem was quickly corrected.
2 Easy to forget
3 No instant question answering as you would have in a regular class.
4 not knowing classmates
5 lack of contact with fellow students.
6 Nothing! Good course.
7 I did not like the fact that our grades were not returned to us in an appropriate amount of time. The worksheet grades were not posted until many weeks after they were due. This proved harmful to my grade because I could not see my mistakes before the next worksheet was due. On my final project, I think I made errors that could have been corrected if I would have been able to see my worksheets. Also, I e-mailed my instructor several times throughout the semester concerning one of my grades and she never replied except to say that she would "look it over." I never heard if she actually looked again at my work. I feel that I would not have been blown off if it were a face-to-face classroom setting.
8 Not being to ask teach a question at a specific time
9 nothing really off-hand
10 nothing in particular; i was just not completely literate
11 None
12 The teacher was readily available if I had a question to ask.
13 I don't know.
14 Not knowing if i had done something correctly or when it was down which was alot
15 When webct was down we were helpless.
16 Sometimes, some of the assignments were a little confusing, but then when I re-read them, they became clearer.


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1 Sometimes the webct would act up.
2 Am told one thing by Tech Support but another thing by instructor about difficulties pertaining to WEBCT
3 some of the citations were difficult to understand how to do.
4 i was real sure on what was going on in the course
5 i dont think that there was anything that i disliked
6 If I had a question, I had to wait for a response from email instead of getting an answer immediately.
7 I don't like being online because sometimes I forget to check the WebCT and miss the dead line for the class.
8 Nothing.
9 I did not know anyone in the class....and could not meet anyone for that matter without going through the "blind-date" sort of approach.
11 I kept forgetting when to do things.
12 Not having one on one help at times when I needed it.
13 none
16 material was not explained very well
17 nothing
18 I would like to actually meet as a class 2-3 times throught out to meet others in the class that way we might be able to get together to work and it would be a little more comfortable


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1 There was no direct interaction between the professor and student.
2 I am a much better auditory learner than a visual learner. I often have trouble reading lessons and remembering them. I do much better when I can hear the lesson from the instructor and read the material on my own, instead of just reading it off the Internet screen.
3 Problems are not as easily solved through emails as they are with a real teacher in person helping you.
4 Sometime the internet be down.
5 You always had to remember what was due and when you had to turn something in. You always had to be involved in in yourself.
6 Nothing
8 The professor wasnt there when I need him(unlike in a classroom). I would have to go to his office or e-mail him
9 Not remembering exactly when things are due
10 For this class we had to constantly cite sources. The problem is the instructor does not tell you exactly how to cite sources, he tells you to look up in style manual and the manuals sometimes arent easy to follow. One other thing i found is that the librarian help person (cant remember what they are called) tends to be the teacher instead the actual online instructor when trying to find sources. Another thing that I didnt like is getting points taken off for letting lines scroll doing bibliographies, I read instructions, but they were very brief on this point, and only later did I find out that scrolling prevents doublespacing which counts off.
11 How hard it was to use some of the sources and that I did not know what to do when webct was shut down.
12 Some of the information was hard to understand when communicating via the internet.
13 nothin
14 There was nothing I disliked that I can think of at the moment.
15 i could not ask the teacher questions right away
17 Not being able to hear what other people were thinking.


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1 There was not anything I disliked about the course.
2 No dislikes.
3 Everything was fine. I didn't dislike anything about the course.
4 I think webct has a problem loading when you try to use the back arrow.
5 I did not like when the server crashed we were not able to access the course, that was a problem, but it was fixed quickly.
6 Sometimes not having the instructor right their to answer questions, but this is rare.
7 Without going to a class everyday, you have to constantly remind yourself that you have a lesson to read, or homework to complete.
8 most of the time I could not get webct on my personal computer at home
9 Nothing
10 Lack of teacher-student and student-student interaction.
11 There was nothing that I did not like about the course
12 nothing
13 I have no dislikes.
14 you can not just ask the teacher if you do not understand something, you have to write him an e-mail, I don't like that.
15 The time it took to get a responses from the teachers.
16 No face-to-face contact
17 i didn't dislike anything
18 N/A
19 Sometimes you need the benefits of the teacher being face to face.
20 nothing
21 having to drive all the way to carrolton to the library to do assignments that lasted an hour


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1 That I was not face-to-face with the instructor. This is my first on-line class and I do miss the one-on-one interaction but I think it will be better in future if I do choose to take more on-line classes.
2 I didn't like the fact that if I had a question it seemed like to much trouble to get the answer that I wanted. Just for the simple fact if you don't know what the problem is it's hard to explain it to someone if they can't see it.
3 I didn't dislike anything.
4 I wasn't as comfortable with the material as I am in a regular classroom setting. Sometimes the WebCt messes up. I like to be able to talk to my teachers in class and ask questions, and get an answer immediately. It isn't what I expected. I guess I am just old fashioned.
5 I did not like the uncertainty of whether or not the teacher actually got my assignment. I did not like not being able to personally talk to the teacher as you could in a class room.
6 Not having the possibility of asking questions in a classroom setting.
7 I didnt like not having class meetings every now and then
8 I didn't like that I could not see the mistakes I made on my work in this class like I could in my on-line part of chemistry class.
9 I experience was that many of my assignments didn't transfer due to browser conflict.
10 I did not like the fact that the class did not meet in person.
11 The fact that there were difficulties accessing class work sometimes. Sometimes too, the computer froze when trying to finish a project or quiz on line.
12 I didn't like that I couldn't talk to the teacher (in class) face-to-face about any questions I had.


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1 The citing, it was kind of hard to really understand since there are so many different styles.
2 not really sure, it was not that bad
3 Nothing
4 I didn't like that everything could be done whenever with far off due dates; because of that, I tend to procrastinate. Aosl, I was very confused with Webct, since I've never used it before.
5 the difficulty of getting in touch with my teacher.
6 nothing really. except you can't underline or put itlics when you are trying to cite sources for your worksheets! =)
7 Nothing.
9 Although I liked it being on my own time, I am a procrastinator so I sorta need that push of face-to-face learning.
10 nothing
11 having to remember the due dates
12 No face to face contact with professor.


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1 I didn't like the lack of instruction and assistance.
2 when i needed to be in the library and at the time i couldn't get to a library
3 Some of the quizzes were computer graded and it was not fair, for example, if I put, "Journals" and not "journal", I would miss the question.
4 nothing
5 It was hard to find a time to talk to the teacher and sometimes when I needed to ask her a question it was too late and there was no time I could get to her before the worksheet was due.
6 I didnt like how I never knew what the instructor expected.
7 I couldn't understand everything because I didn't know exactly what the questions were asking
8 self motivation
9 things were messed up alot...sort of got confusing
10 Couldn't get graded work back
12 wow
13 not quite as motivated
15 I did not think the instructor was knowledgable about webct and should have had better training. I did not like receiving assignments to complete at the last minute.
16 Hard at times, but there was help.
17 I did not like the unorganization of my proffessor or her unavailability.


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1 Well,I think it would be good to have some face to face contact with the teacher and the rest of the class. I didn't really dislike any part of it. Actually I did not like having to deal with computer gliches.
2 no complaints
3 The one on one contact with other students and teacher.
4 The teacher did not grade as fairly as I figured she might
5 I disliked the fact that there were no reminders of when stuff was due and it was absolutely necessary to check the class everyday instead of the regular class schedule that is every other day or twice a week.
6 I did not realize at first that you could send private mail mails to your teacher, or use the class bulletin Board Mail. Probably because I could not attend any of the into. class that was offered. Also, one or two worksheets toward the end of the cousre are unclear.
7 I often had questions about some of the material in the lessons. However, I was unable to ask a person - I had to figure it out on my own.
8 I like talking to a professor one-on-one better than via e-mail or a discussion board, b/c sometimes there are still misunderstandings this way.
9 I didn't dislike anything, really.
10 I had trouble remembering when things were due because of the fact that there was no set class time
13 less interaction
14 n/a
15 I disliked the fact that I could never get the webct to work at my house. I could only do the work at the college.


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1 When my final wasn't activated the day I was to take it, but the problem was quickly corrected.
2 Easy to forget
3 No instant question answering as you would have in a regular class.
4 not knowing classmates
5 lack of contact with fellow students.
6 Nothing! Good course.
7 I did not like the fact that our grades were not returned to us in an appropriate amount of time. The worksheet grades were not posted until many weeks after they were due. This proved harmful to my grade because I could not see my mistakes before the next worksheet was due. On my final project, I think I made errors that could have been corrected if I would have been able to see my worksheets. Also, I e-mailed my instructor several times throughout the semester concerning one of my grades and she never replied except to say that she would "look it over." I never heard if she actually looked again at my work. I feel that I would not have been blown off if it were a face-to-face classroom setting.
8 Not being to ask teach a question at a specific time
9 nothing really off-hand
10 nothing in particular; i was just not completely literate
11 None
12 The teacher was readily available if I had a question to ask.
13 I don't know.
14 Not knowing if i had done something correctly or when it was down which was alot
15 When webct was down we were helpless.
16 Sometimes, some of the assignments were a little confusing, but then when I re-read them, they became clearer.


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1 I would like to do more online
2 I didn't like the fact that I couldn't meet face to face with the instructor at times, but she was very helpful.
3 I found it to be very "tedious" and timeconsuming. Lots of work done on-line could have been discussed in class. It would have saved me lots of time if the instructor had just gone over the information in class or given us handouts instead of spending time "looking" for and reading information on-line.
4 I believe the class was scheduled at 4:30 because of it being on GSAMS. However, I found that this time is very difficult and I only come from the neighboring county of Paulding! 5:00 would be much better.
5 There wasn't a thing I disliked about the on-line part of this class.
7 n/a
8 Nothing.
9 N/A
10 I didn't dislike anything.
11 Insecurity of my ability to operate the computer
12 Nothing-all portions of webct classes have been great.
13 None
14 The only thing that I somewhat dislike is not being able to talk to teacher face to face, however, I can live with it.
15 N/A
16 Not having access to the video when I was absent from class for reviewing and examination.
17 The loss of communication with other classmates.
18 nothing
19 Sometimes there would be gliches, but most of the time that was my computer or something I did incorrectly. I would like to be able to delete mail from my webct mail and the bulletin board. These get quite cluttered by the end of the coarse.


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1 You sometimes have to wait for answers to questions
2 Technology is not always dependable. Assignments could be late due to problems with technology causing a grade problem. Important communication could be overlooked, and found after a deadline has passed. Sometimes its difficult to articulate questions or responses in type. Typing speed is sometimes a barrier. Body language and connotations are not understood online.
3 nothing
4 N/A
5 nothing
6 Nothing.
7 Sometimes unable to get online. Not as much communication opportunit ies.
8 The response of the computer time.
9 Too much busy work involved. I don't like on-line assignments just for the sake of being on-line. Some assignments had no benefit.


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1 The instructor was unsure of some things it seemed
2 Nothing.
3 There were times of frustration when the online portion was not always responding the way it should or had been previously.


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1 Sometimes having face-to-face contact allowed me to understand assignments more easily.
2 Chatting on-line.
3 none
4 I had a problem accessing Webct from my home computer after having no problem for the first three weeks. The helpline was not able to help me.
6 There was nothing that I disliked.
7 Biggest beef: WebCT is picky about browsers. At the beginning of my TWO MEDT courses, that trait, coupled with my utter lack of experience in computer use, made a very rocky start for me. In the end, I went into debt like a good American and bought a new computer, ditched AOL, took a couple of days off from work to straighten out the chaos, and kept the DE helpline and poor Christy Talley tied up for hours. I feel it should be WebCT's responsibility to design the program so that it can talk to different browsers -- it is unfair to have students standing on their heads to make it work. There were also firewall problems to overcome at first, and this again added to my total disorienta- tion at the beginning of the course. Finally -- and I mentioned this to Dr. Wiencke -- the online / distance / GSAMS environment can often deaden the spontaneity of exchange between colleagues; there are times when it seems like an "arm's-length" education. But you can't have it all; it's hard to be spontaneous in any case when you've bucked an hour of traffic to get to class at the end of a long workday!
8 Nothing.


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1 Impersonal
2 Nothing
3 technical problems at the site at which I was participating
4 We had problems with Envision.
5 Nothing
6 Tech did not work at times
7 When the server crashed and we couldn't access it for a few days.
8 This course was taught partly through Envision which did not work well. I know this was not the instructor's fault. It did however, make the class difficult.
9 Evision was not effective
10 I enjoyed webct. The EnVision portion was terrible. The audio was not good and there were a lot of problems with firewalls at the site.
12 See question 17.
13 There were three teachers, and sending a private mail to the teacher was more difficult.
14 Equipment Failure


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1 Nothing. I have no complaints.
2 No real dislikes.
3 I had no dislikes.
4 None
5 Waiting on the chat line, also print would be interrupted on chat line
6 I would like to meet the instructor and classmates at least once during the course
7 Liked all
8 When answering the discussion questions there is no way to save your answer and if the computor malfunctions for some odd reason you lose your answer and have to rewrite.
9 Probably, not meeting face-to-face with the instructor and the other students.