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1 Make it real time. Have it during class time. Assignments outside of class on line are ok, but if you still have to come to class it defeats the purpose.
2 Have the bulletin board assessible from the side navigation menu.
3 I would like to see more courses 100% on-line.
4 Nothing
5 I would like access to all the courses that I have previously taken. After I complete a course I always enjoy reviewing the material after the semester. I would like to have the ability to go back to the course content and review all that (interactive modules and Internet links) I have learned during the semester.


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1 no suggestions
2 none
4 MORE online courses! Especially for grad students!
5 More classes
6 Allow students to take exams and post online without having to come to campus.
9 Teachers need to make sure students know the procedure involved with this type of instruction. Also, the teachers need to be sure that the student knows what his/her student number is.
10 I think more classes should be offered on-line for graduate students.


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1 Keep offering online courses.
2 There should be more of them.
3 None
4 Provide a better explanation of how to use the system for more begginer type users.
6 there aren't any suggestions i would make
7 none
8 The ability to skip a question on the exam and be able to move on to the next question if you do not know the steps to complete the current question.
9 The programs be checked regularly prior to each semster to ensure that everything offered through them is working and all links are valid.
10 MORE helpful instructors
11 Only a few minor things need to be changed such as the sending of grades and email.
13 continue to stay the same
14 only for the network to be very reliable
15 Nothing
16 The book should have a more reasonable price.
17 West Georgia should have more of them!! I would definetly take another online course. It is more convenient for some people.
18 i think everything is set up pretty well, maybe a lab assistant to help the two instructors. The lab assistant hsould be versed in everything the class is teaching, that way they can help and the instructors won't be spread so thin.
19 None
20 nothing
21 Drop it
22 Meet at least once a week
24 i suggest that the class meet sometime during the semester to see how things are going. if there were problems that people were not aware of that would be a good time to let the teacher know.
25 Don't make test and practice tests out to be so exact to the point thata mistake that's not a wrong answer is counted as a wrong answer.
26 Make the modules more clear to understand.
27 I really have no suggestions for meeting online
28 That they have more variety
29 I would prefer not to have any 100% online courses. Classes with an online portion are more preferable to me.
30 Make it easier to access the programs on our personal computers.
31 Make sure that the programs work and don't give me a hard time
32 I do not know what suggestions I would make because I did not design Webct, but those that did I think need to look at how they are running things. I have to admit that the teachers were great at responding if there was a problem.
33 I think everything is pretty much organized and there are no needed changes for the on-line courses.
34 nothing
35 none
36 meet more often
37 nothing
38 More of them!
39 I would suggest making them do what they are supposed to do instead of us having to worry whether or not the professors will get our grades.
40 none
41 More time to take the test.
42 Be able to return quizzes, etc. graded and know what did wrong or right.
43 nothing
44 No suggestions at this time.
45 I think more classes should be on-line.
46 make it in person
47 none
48 perhaps there should be at least some in class attendance.
49 Better on-line tool(software) availability.
50 More fun, more excercises
51 To have more problem on the test so that each question doesn't count so much.
52 Keep up the good work, but dont take it for granted cause time could run out.
53 I would say to post more notices when it's getting close to time for a test.
54 open labs longer durations
55 n/a
56 I think they are just fine the way they are. Maybe one thing is there could be more study material for the classes, but other than that it is fine.
57 more deadlines
58 More class assignments...perhaps a document handed in from each type of program that we utilized in the course.
59 Everything should be clear in the beginning of the semester, the professor should go through every last detail of how to locate the tests and quizzes, and any other problems that have occured not only with me but with other students who took this class.
60 Less complicated, easier to understand workbook questions
61 none
62 Maybe, have a checkup meeting in a classroom half-way through the semester to check your progress with others.
63 N/A
64 I have none
65 Make sure that the downloadable software will work for all computers.
66 n/a
67 i think everything was setup just right. the only problem i had this semester was i had some problems logining into the server after the UWG Servers crashed.
68 the design is good, but keep the info updated
69 We shouldn't use the bulletin board for our personal things. It should be used for the instructor's notifying us about the class.
70 Just to make sure everything is working where it's suppose to be.
71 More teacher involvement in the beginning of the course, so students can understand how to use Webct
72 i think it is good all around
73 There should be face-to-face class meetings sometimes to make sure everyone is doing okay or at least to figure out problems that are going on with the system.
74 I think that it might be benificial to have one in class session per week
75 they are good for teaching responsibility, I think we need more of them in the college atmosphere.
76 N/A
77 I think that this course is great. I have no suggestions.
78 The suggestions that I would make would be to have a teacher on line at specific times of the day so that you can just click on the "teacher help" icon and the teacher respond to your question immediately.
79 That all the classes are like this
80 More like them in college.
81 it was a well program put together.
82 Give a little more advice or training before setting people free.
83 Not to have them. I do not think that they are good sources of learnign.
84 Give alternate solutions to completing assignments when the West GA system is down.
86 None.
87 To have one other meeting maybe the second week of school to make sure everyone is going OK
88 none
91 eaiser to find out info when system is down
93 Some classes are formatted to be on-line. Perhaps classes that dont' require much learning- only doing. You know- busy work.
94 That the lab actually be open the time and day it says it will be open.
95 If the final wasn't graded so harshly, I would thoroughly enjoy this course. Make the final worth less.
96 just make sure the teachers keep their students up to date on things that are due and happening
97 Have a least one day out of the week when the class has to meet for discussion or any problems
98 No suggestions
99 update the pages....Exam 1 is still posted for this class
100 Have a periodic optional class times to make share in person that student understand and are up to date with work and info.
102 None.
103 none
104 nothing
107 None
108 N/A
109 Teachers more acessible in person
110 Not sure
111 n/a
112 Finish all work by the end of the semester
113 none
114 The book costs WAY too much!
115 none
116 no suggestions
117 N/A
119 A 24 hour technical support person to keep up system.
120 Offer more of them
121 None that I can think of.
122 None
123 ?
124 The teachers to be more available, and for them to make sure they get the information and work they want us to do on the internet.
125 I don't have any.
126 Make sure the Internet is working at all times
127 Work on the tests saving.
129 No suggestion.
130 none
131 It was okay
132 none
133 None
134 do not use the online exams,because they do not evaluate whether or not you know how to do the program fairly
135 maybe a little more interaction between the students and the teachers like a chatroom at a certian time or something
136 not sure.
137 NOt sure.
138 Get a backup system
139 make the book follow more along with the computer exercises
140 don't have any
141 Don't make the test creen so sensitive. Design to help key to give help whenever it's asked for.
142 No suggestions.
143 Teach in class
144 more flexibility of problems
145 nothing to say about it
146 nothing
147 more information about the final
148 Better Lab hours. Workbook entirely too expensive. 60 dollars is outrageous for this book.
149 meet occasionally
152 Pay more attention to the accuracy of instructions, and make sure that the students have access to exercises, which I have not yet been able to get into my machine for the Excel part of the course.
153 stay on it, you can fall behind
154 Need more computer labs
155 I would want it to be more consistent during the time for finals. I got used to a certain method of doing my classwork and when finals cmae along, I wasn't able to check a campus computer when a portion of the final was offered only on one day.
156 NA
157 To be more accommodating with technical difficulties and not expect everyone to go into the class knowing how to do everything perfectly. The workbook was also WAY too expensive. Seventy dollars is absolutely ridiculous.
158 n/a
159 Have the classes taught on-line with an instuctor present and with predetermined times.
160 meeting at least once a week for an entire class hour
161 I cannot think of any suggestions
162 Have some software that can be accessable from anywhere... and NO we couldn't download it anywhere.
163 I have no suggestions.
164 I think that on the tests you should be able to click more than once without getting a point taken away because in actuality you can.
165 take the final from your computer at home too
166 Have specific meeting dates througout the semester
167 some class time
168 none
169 make the parctice exams accessable at the end of the semester. Tell the students what a time consuming class this really is. And make sure they know that you fill out the text while you are doing the modules.
170 You do a very good job!
172 I have no suggestions as of yet.


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1 Give numbers such as office numbers or direct e-mail connections for the professors to the students in case there is a problem that he/she needs your assistance with.
2 Completely online courses, no face-to-face contact.
3 more on-line practice exams, with better interface
4 more hands on works
5 it's a good program
6 none
7 make use of he discussion and chat more
8 ?
10 n/a
11 References for test, extra credit projects
12 More tests online
13 i dont' have any suggestions at the present time!
14 i think that the BIS department has done a good job in implementing WEB CT
15 N/A
16 -


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1 None.
2 Teacher should be more accessible and more deadlines.
3 none
4 probably meet more than once at the beginning of the semster to make sure that everyone is up to speed
6 Better instruction from the teachers.
7 N/A
9 None...everything was handled well.
10 non
11 none
12 Nothing
13 I don't have any suggestions.
14 I feel that the online course was held in a very organized manner. The only thing I can think of to improve the course would maybe be a mid-semester meeting of the class to sort of touch base and talk about some of the content of the class.


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1 My suggestion would be is to continue the service.
2 I think the more you can do online, the better. Dr. Mims is a wonderfully talented teacher; I enthusiastically recommend her!
3 I don't have any suggestions for improvement. I loved it. I would take more courses if I could take them this way. Having 4 schoolage children and a fulltime job is prohibitive for me.
4 none
5 none
6 None to give at this time.
8 I never did grow to use or understand the chatroom because one group member I could talk to and another I could not so it was not helpful and just is not my thing anyway. I had never been in one before and do not care to go in one again.
9 I believe it should be apart of most courses. When you work full time jobs with other responsibilities it nice to know you have other options that can be used. It alleaviates a portion of the stress level and alot of the travel.
10 When everything was up and running it was great.
13 nothing
15 more variety in the courses which are offered.


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1 Make sure the person has a little computer savvy before taking this course. I had been exposed to Webct this summer. If I hadn't been given that exposure, I would have been quite frustrated. I thoroughly enjoy using the system n


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1 All should have access to on-line features. It is much more convenient to e-mail assignments than to turn them in in person
2 I think the system works well.
4 More training and class time at the beginning until the students are familar with it.
5 Need more face-to-face meetings


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1 None
2 none
3 Make sure Webct has a back-up!
4 Instructors that are as competent as Dr. Hendricks.
5 n/a


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1 none
2 I dunno
4 everthing was great
5 More meeting times.
6 One thing that I would like to see is an archive of courses. The instructors already have all their course content in WebCT, why not archive it and allow others to browse through it, as an anonymous user? Would be an excellent way for students to see the kinds of materials and such in a course before actually taking it.
7 The instructors should return graded work more quickly.
8 none
9 nothing
10 none
11 None
12 There are not too many changes that can be made.
15 Make at less two mandatory class visit to the campus to meet as a group for open discuss about any problems.
16 Be patient with technology, but stick to schedule.


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1 Nothing.
2 post an easy to find FAQ
3 have a more detailed description on how to do citations
4 more detail information on what needs to be done
5 n/a
6 Possibly have a section to chat.
7 There should be certain requirements for students to get an online course. I should not have been one of them. I do not do good in independent classes!
8 None.
9 I would suggest a mid-term class meeting, or even a monthly class meeting for catch-up and acquaintance purposes.
11 Having a certain day each week when things are due.
12 none
13 Offer more online courses.
16 this cousre sould not be online
17 that they be just like this one
18 see above


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2 None. There is nothing wrong with the course, my style of learning is just different.
3 make sure the teacher is VERY knowledgeable of the class in particular before they conduct the class online.
4 Nothing
5 None, it was very easy to understand and very self explanitory.
6 None
8 Make all the asignment clear, because the profeesor is not there to tell you what to do.
10 Courses differ, so not sure.
11 none
12 To meet once evry 2 weeks or so in person so you can get to know each other and ask questions.
13 nothing
14 More required discussion. Other online classes I have taken required regular postings to the discussion area. Caution should be exercised to not let that overwhelm the course, though.
15 none
17 N/A


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1 To stay in touch with professor even though its on-line.
3 No comment.
4 Offer more courses online.
5 Try to make it accessible everywhere without hassle-free.
6 Make it easier to get in touch with he instructor.
7 None, it goes rather smoothly
8 I'm not sure
9 None
10 N/a
11 I feel that this particular on-line course was handle in such a good way that there is not really any suggestions that I feel that i could make to improve upon it
12 nothing
13 We need to have more on-line courses.
14 there shouldbe scheduled meetings with the instructor maybe three times during the semester so that you can talk to him face to face.
15 To have easier ways of getting in touch with the teachers.
16 some class meetings, not just computer work
17 none
18 It is nice when the instructions are as clear as the one in the LIBR 1101 class that I just completed. I have taken on-line classes before and the instructions where often confusing.
19 I suggest that the course should be made more public.
20 none
21 have the course restricted to online use only, not to have to use any other sources


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1 Maybe make one mandatory meeting one-on-one with the instructor to find out exactly what he or she wants, to introduce yourselves, and to just get a feel for the teacher and the class in general.
2 None
3 Meet once a month, if only for 30 minutes and discuss what is going on in the assignments and what we can do to improve our scores on quizzes and worksheets.
4 There needs to be more detailed information available to students. We need to be able to e-mail our teachers, and they respond quickly. I think it is a good idea, and I will take another online class, but I didn't find this one to be all that great. The professors need to keep everything up to date!!!
5 Have a better lesson plan with every detail that could possibly be asked. Do not leave out any information simply because you do not want them to know how immediately.
6 I have no suggestions.
7 n/a
8 I don't really have any suggestions.
9 Stronger ISP connection.
10 More interaction...
12 Explain directions in detail.


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1 Better instruction on citing.
2 n/a
3 None
4 Meet one time in the beginning of the semester to talk about the icon and all and where to turn stuff in and all.
6 n/a
7 That there is always a teacher near by that you can meet with in person.
9 None
10 to make sure that even though students dont have direct contact with their professors they still need to keep in touch with them and make sure they know their office hours, just in case they need help.
11 work on the errors, i have a lot of errors when i try to use
12 dont have any suggestions


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1 Have more capable teachers
2 just that everything can be done from home for those who complete assignments at home
3 Have a required face-to-face meeting with the teacher at least twice a semester
4 none
5 Make the students meet with the teacher a few times throughout the semester to make sure that things are ok
6 A guideline for how worksheets will be graded
7 Directions that are easier to understand
8 email dead lines to students
9 make it less confusing
10 none
12 wow
13 longer time on getting assignments done
15 Make sure every teacher has had adequate training before teaching on- line courses.
16 do work as quickly as you can--dont get behind.
17 I would suggest that proffessors be better trained or the first time teachers of online courses should be worked with very closely by more knowledgable proffessors.


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1 The computer gliches, can be irritating, but other than that if you have access on campus and off then it should be fine.
2 it's fine as it is right now
3 none. I like webct.
4 To make them have a mandatory number of days to meet face to face
5 I believe that there should be some kind of e-mail reminder system so that deadlines are remembered amongst the other classes that are being taken. It is hard to get on the internet and check this class everyday, so some of the assignments are missed or late.
6 Make sure to advise the student to check in with the Webct cite two times a week; but at least once a week.
7 Make the lessons more exact on finding material.
8 none
9 Make sure you explain things in the fullest of detail.
10 no suggestions i just didn't like it
13 none
14 N/A


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1 none
2 I dunno
4 everthing was great
5 More meeting times.
6 One thing that I would like to see is an archive of courses. The instructors already have all their course content in WebCT, why not archive it and allow others to browse through it, as an anonymous user? Would be an excellent way for students to see the kinds of materials and such in a course before actually taking it.
7 The instructors should return graded work more quickly.
8 none
9 nothing
10 none
11 None
12 There are not too many changes that can be made.
15 Make at less two mandatory class visit to the campus to meet as a group for open discuss about any problems.
16 Be patient with technology, but stick to schedule.


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1 Include live chat for discussion if possible.
2 Some of the equiopment at my site would not work. Maybe this could be handled before class starts. We had to do some of our projects somewhere else.
3 More face - to - face instruction. Make work done on - line work that is driven by the NEED for technology (i.e. this work or information cannot be read, integrated, etc. in any other way other than by on-line activities), instead of the need for all of us to "be involved in technology" driving the work. I realize that this type of course is probably taught to save other students driving time, but I found this course to be more time-consuming than face to face instruction because of the constant need for most work to be done in a manner that all could access it--namely on-line work.
4 Start the class at 5:00 p.m.
5 ????
7 no suggestions at this time
8 More online and less meetings at school.
9 None
10 I have no suggestions
11 Some of the off-campus sites did not have all of their eauipment, Presentations from these sites by individual students were not effective.
12 Have more of them available in the courses I need.
13 Use of WebCT chat.
14 No, just continue to make them available. It is great!
15 Make certain materials are available when the class starts.
17 Make them either all or half and half on-line.
18 none
19 Like I stated in the previous question. Deleting emails and bulletin messages.


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1 None
2 My better experiences have been with the classes that do a mix of ol/f2f. This approach gives yo the best of both worlds. Still instructors should be aware of technical problems and give some slack for late assignments.
3 give all an aspect of on-line
4 Evaluation done sooner
5 More on line real time (chat) interaction of students
6 Dr. McKenzie's format was the easiest and most organized I have ever taken.
7 Have more chat room opportunities.
8 I liked the class sessions on Epic Learning. Those sessions were great and the ability to listen and correspond with the instructor wass great.
9 On line courses are a great way for many students to attend class who might not otherwise have the opportunity. These classes should not be overloaded with outside work in order to justify being on-line.


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1 None
2 I think the way Dr. McKenzie set up her classes was the best format. They should all follow her setup.
3 No Envision with a group of students. Envision should be one-on-one experience. Also, Epic Learning is a strong suggestion to work on with this class.


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1 I don't know
2 None at this time.
3 This is a software issue, but have a standard format which we could upload documents, etc from Office, and have it be able to be viewed by all.
4 I'm not sure.
6 I would suggest that professors are as thorough as they can possibly be when giving their assignments via the internet.
7 Technical? Content? Access? What kind of suggestions? Maybe I can give the DE office some meaningful suggestions about a year from now, once I get myself up-to-speed in technology. Until then, just keep that Helpline open.
8 Be sure the professor gives specific assignments and keeps the students accountable for completing them.


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1 None
2 Instructors like Dr. Bennett are great for on-line classes. Keep up the good work.
3 none
5 Have more WebCt classes
6 None
8 I'm not sure what the problem was with Envision. It may have been a problem in the school system that we were in. It may have just been the newness of this particular technology, so I don't know what to suggest to make using this technology better.
9 Use G-Sams
10 EnVision Coordination is a must.
12 The webct and GSAMS are great on-line options. The Envision software I would not take a class using this software again.
13 Have more online courses available.
14 Gets the bugs out of Envision


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1 Have more available not just through work but I would like to be notified privately.
2 Some type of reminder about having books and etc. ready a week before class even if this reminder is only in the form of a letter mailed at home. Thanks. P.S. And yes I know we are responsible adults but we are also fulltime employed working adults. Thanks
3 don't change a thing
4 Everything worked out well!
5 Chat line to be more efficient if used.
6 none, it was very user friendly
7 don't have any
8 Maybe more time than 8 weeks.
9 Not any at this time.