After reviewing student evaluation questions what do you think of the level of non-academic support provided for this course by student services the library the distance education center and the instructor?

1.       Thought services were great.

2.       Thought services were good.

3.       Thought services were adequate.

4.       Specifically loved Distance Education and the help they provided.

5.       Was uncertain if students even used available resources.

6.       Felt students relied more on the teacher than their non-academic support.

7.       Students never made mention of going to any of these resources.

8.       Students seem to think they were paying too much in fees for these services.

9.       Had issues with library’s help with Galileo password.

10.   Had problems with 24/7 support line for distance education.

11.   Did not take advantage of any of these resources.

12.   Had issues with connecting with student in the Dominican Republic.

13.    Will miss BBIM.

14.   Looking forward to D2L.

15.   Students mentioned no difficulties.



What do you plan to change next time you teach the course?

1.       Use more updated technology.

2.       Take advantage of online video resources.

3.       Set up more synchronized online meetings.

4.       I wouldn’t change a thing.

5.       Consider restructuring assignments.

6.       Consider restructuring time given for exams.

7.       Respond to students more efficiently.

8.       Reorganize syllabus.

9.       Use more presentation narration.

10.   Use learning module structures more effectively.

11.   Find a better text to work with.

12.   Reconsider the use of certain projects.

13.   Refer students to UWG resources earlier in the semester.

14.   Use more online exams.

15.   Construct more discussion boards.

What was the largest adjustment you made in teaching a distance course and how was this addressed?

1.       Amount of prep time necessary.

2.       Response time to student issues.

3.       Facilitate more student interactions.

4.       Emphasize use of e-mail.

5.       Provide more detailed feedback.

6.       Alter general course structure.

7.       Change how the modules were set up.

8.       I had to increase my personal involvement with the class.

9.       Nothing.

10.   Lessen the amount of material.

11.   Find alternatives to in-class lectures.

12.   Readjust my practice of communication.

13.   Become more accessible to the students.

14.   Encourage students to turn in their work early or get started earlier.

15.   Use more learning tools.

16.   Give students access to materials earlier than usual.