Fall 2008 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 15: What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?



         a little more difficult to do group projects

         A little more difficult to get questions answered, but still able to get the help needed.

         Absolutely nothing

         absolutely nothing, everything was great. we had a great deal of work and projects due everyother day which was at times a little overwhelming, but that's expected with online classes.

         afraid I am not prepared for final

         All of it. The assignments were very tedious and time-consuming. The assignments for this class were worse than my 3 hour classes.

         All portions of this course were great. Only thing at times the training on SAM was time consuming but that should be expected. I just had to pace myself and stay on top of things!

         All was good.

         Almost every time i tried to submit an assignment, it would say there is any error and i'd have to try to submit it multiple times before it would go through

         Amount of required work

         Assignments were sometimes not clear.

         At first I wanted someone to hold my hand, but then as I worked within the system I gained more confidence. I guess you just have to jump in feet first and that is a little scary for old people like me.

         At the beginning of the semester, the amount of time that the quizzes were available, even an extra day made a tremendous difference.

         At times it seemed difficult to uderstand the online tutorials, and they took a long time to load.

         At times uploading assignments was complicated but overall it was good.

         At times, there was a lot of reading, and it was a little difficult prioritizing my time.

         At times, things were confusing. When equipment didn't work, MAC help was not available. At orientation, I was given PC based Office. When I asked if MAC Office was available, I was told I had to go get it during office hours. I am not on campus during o

         Bad Java compatibility with computers that are not on campus

         Banwebs time is not always up to speed when I need it. assignments submitted may not be retracted, Only a new revised submission is allowed.

         Basically nothing. Everything went fairly smooth.

         Because assignments equal class participation, the amount of work required was often overwhelming.

         Because assignments equal class participation, the amount of work required was often overwhelming.

         Because I didn't have to go in, I probably didn't learn as much about the course as I would have in a classroom setting.

         Because of the number of students assigned to one instructor, it caused many students to feel left out of the loop. I consider this not a fault of the instructor, but rather a problem of logistics (TOO MANY students in one class!) This does a dis-service

         Being committed to deadlines when other things come up. Hard to know what the instructor expects as far as grading assignments.

         Being on-line prevents you from having a better relationship with the professor to me. I had a hard semester with serious health problems but I felt completely afraid to really voice this with my professor because I did not know her and vice versa.

         Being that we did not go to class I felt as though I did not learn much from the course.

         book was difficult to get in bookstore

         can't think of anything

         changing of dates

         chat room did not work on my computer

         Clear instructions were not given, the professor was not responsive when questions were asked, WebCT Vista crashes or slows to a crawl far too often. The overall experience was extremely frustrating and overwhelmingly negative.

         Comments from the instructor and fellow students are both beneficial.

         Communication about course requirements weren't clear and the syllabus had some mistakes. Also, I would have liked to have received more instruction on subject content and not just learn from independent study and group sharing.

         Communication at times is difficult.

         computer down time

         Computer down-time.

         computers are not %100 reliable and they crash at bad times and asshole teachers are not understanding of the situation at hand. my norton for instance (of course i find out now) was partially blocking webct vista, not allowing for me to save it at time

         confused sometimes with assignments

         Confusing interface at first.

         Confusion about what days we'd meet, and not alot of interaction about when the project was due.

         Couldnt get help immediately on an assignment.

         deadlines at the middle of the day

         did not learn much, teacher relied more on online course than actually teaching the material in class

         Did not really dislike anything you just had to make sure to kept up with the calendar and when things were due.

         Difficult questions not easy to understand while taking test.

         difficult to carry on discussions with others in class in an online setting

         Difficult to open the narrated lectures.

         Difficult when doing group projects at times

         difficulty interpreting the instructor's directions and trying to figure out what the assignments were.



         Discussion board. It was required to participate which I don't have any problem doing it. The problem was that she requested all students to post four paragraph opinions on every subject every week, and respond to two other students postings. I may no

         discussion boards requirements

         Discussion Boards. The instructors need to turn them off after a couple weeks. I had to read over 3000 posts for my 2 night courses. Rediculous. 75% of it is just students shooting the bull.



         Dr. **** should either find a way to communicate certain sections better or he should hold face-to-face class sessions for those few days.

         Dr. **** was very organized and kept the content organized so that it was very easy to locate. This has not been the case for other online classes taken through UWG.

         Driving to FTF sessions.

         Due dates would occasionally catch me by suprise.

         Dues dates always noon of friday.

         endup not really learning anything

         Errors in the site cause some problems.

         Every thing else - this class should not be an online class. Reading 80-100 pages and then taking a test over all of it is very hard. I did not learn any thing from this class.

         everything the teacher as no help and neither was the grad assistant

         Everything was convenient and easy to understand.

         Everything was fine.

         everything was fine.

         Everything was reasonable

         Everything worked out perfectly for me online.

         Everything! It was a horrible class online!!


         everything, i would rather go to class.

         everything, if i had to do it over i would not take this class.


         Everything. The teacher never responded to e-mails and if you ever needed help on an assignment, you didn't get the total available points for that assignment because she didn't respond for you to do the assignment correctly.


         Face to face interaction and the fact that discussion takes the whole week not a class period

         face-to-face clarification on assignments

         Filters on my computer

         for some portions I had to wait for other students to complete their work

         Forgetting to do assignments.

         Forgetting to do it sometimes.

         Forgetting to do something and that I have another class.

         Getting cut off the internet

         Getting dumped out of WEBCT whenever I try to open a document.



         Good class, professionally ran.

         Great class

         Group project, only because of everyone meeting deadlines

         Group work can be difficult when participants live so far from each other.

         Group work was impacted by other group members inability to chat and utilize the browsers and programs on WebCT.

         Group work.

         had to come to campus for exams.

         hard grader

         Hard to do group projects. It's hard to get prompt responses from others.

         hard to remember to do it

         Harder to get help from teachers when I didn't understand assignments over programs I had never used before.

         Having do two of the same survey on distance learning.

         Having no open discussion board where I can post Q&A's so classmates can help.

         Having three quizzes due in one week. Two was fine but three was a little overwhelming.

         Having to come to West GA -- it is a nearly a 3 hour drive.

         Having to constantly remind myself to manage my time effectively.

         Having to do a project alone. I would have prefer it to be a team effort.

         Having to drive 3 hours to come to the campus.

         Having to drive to campus periodically

         Having to go to campus

         Having to go to campus for orientation

         having to go to the campus

         Having to have things do in the middle of the day rather than late at night

         Having to read all the lectures instead of listening.

         having to search a littl harder to find info for the class

         having to search in so many places to get the full assignments

while working on webct-losing input because of my laptop keyboard sensitivity

technology is unpredictable and can cause undue stress

         Having to take the final in an actual classroom- when this course is online.

         having to teach myself material

         having to use video

         Having to work in groups on googledocs and not being able to post our work correctly

         Having to write professor an e-mail if I do not understand something.

         he grades way to hard!!

         He would change the due dates on assignments after they had already been due and he did not grade the assignments in a reasonable amount of time.

         help via email from professor

         Help was not always readily available.

         His WebCT page has so much info that it can be difficult to navigate at times. The PPT's that he has for each section would be easier to print if they were only black/white and had no background. They use all of my ink at home due to the background fil

         Honestly, there was nothing I disliked. I had a very enjoyable experience.

         How assignments were not put up when we were told that they would be.

         How webct went down every friday.

         However, not having a time line for completing work makes it difficult to be done on time. I end up forgetting to do some work because it hasn't had a due date.

         i am a more face to face person to learn better and i feel the teacher can emphasize a lot more of what to be knowledgeable about then online powerpoints, etc.

         I can honestly say that my experience with online learning has been very good.

         I can't found anything to dislike.

         I can't really think of anything I disliked about it.

         i cant remember to turn in work if i dont actually attend a class.

         I could not ask questions like i wanted too.

         I could not ever get the chat room to work on my computer.

         I could not see the people and read their body langage and feelings about the discussion and I could not tell their true opinions. It takes away and the personable effects of class.

         I couldn't get immediate answers to questions

         I couldn't participate so much, because it was on-line and I'm not used to it.

         I did not dislike anything about it.

         I did not dislike anything about the course.

         I did not dislike anything about the online portion.

         I did not dislike anything about this course.

         I did not dislike anything about this course.

         I did not dislike anything about this onlone course.

         I did not dislike anything at all.

         I did not dislike anything with this on-line course

         I did not enjoy the time WebCT randomly messed up and on of my assignments did not make it through the submission process when it said it had.

         I did not get started like I needed to.

         I did not have any difficulties this semester.

         I dId not have any dislikes.

         I did not like have an entirely online class. I prefer being able to speak with a teacher face-to-face regarding questions that I have. I don't think I will do another completely online course if I can help it.

         I did not like having a deadline on Friday @ 12:00 noon. I think this is too random of a time, and that it should be more like 12:00 midnight on Fridays.

         I did not like how webCT would act sometimes as far as logging off randomly or being like every other online course system. Not always reliable. But it was okay!

         I did not like that fact that I could not or did not know how to get feed back from questions I had about some assignments.

         I did not like that I could not talk to the professor in a class setting.

         I did not like that our Quizes were on Sunday and Monday. I go home on the weekends so sometimes I get home late on Sunday and do not feel like doing the quiz, but I have to because I have classes on Monday.

         I did not like that some of the pages would not open. I had to hold down the control button and a lot of times it would kick me all the way out. I did not like the library portion. I found it hard to use and even more difficult to find the entire article

         I did not like that somethings were confusing and it was hard to get an answer from the professor right away.

         I did not like that sometimes the directions were difficult to understand and that sometimes the teacher was hard to get ahold of.

         i did not like that the course was all online because in my opinion going to the class and listening to lecture is more efficient than looking at in on the computer.

         I did not like that the couse used a moodle site instead of WebCT. My tuition dollars pay for WebCT, so I would appreciate using it instead.

         I did not like that the online portion was limited and timed. Even if the professor tried to poen up the assignment again, it still would be locked.

         I did not like that the quizzes were only available for 48 hours. This was resolved toward the end of the semester, and it worked out much better.

         I did not like that there was no voice recordings on the powerpoints. I am an auditory learner as well as other ways, so I need to hear what I am learning.

         I did not like that there were so many assignments given and it took her over a month to begin grading some of the assignments. She seemed very cold and was unfair with her grading policies. I pray that I pass this course, because I do not believe that I

         I did not like the attitude of the teacher in some occasions. She became very frustrated many times when we had questions. Sometimes I felt very intimidated.

         I did not like the fact that I was not always face to face with my instructor and classmates when I was working on activities related to this class. I could not get an immediate answer to questions or concerns, I'd have to send and email or join a discu

         I did not like the tests.

         I did not like the way Dr **** set up the content of this course.

         i did not like the way saurino taught it. When we did have class she was not clear on things and made things VERY confusing for me. She was not very organized and made it hard to get things accomplished.

         I did not like the we only have 10 minutes to take our quizes.

         I did not really dislike anything. Some of the assignments were less than desireable but that is true with any class.

         I did not understand why Wright's Law was considered an effective teaching tool.

         I did really enjoy the class but did not enjoy all typing exercises.

         I didn't dislike anything about it.

         I didn't dislike anything about the online portion of the course.

         I didn't dislike anything about the online portion of this class.

         I didn't dislike anything about the online portion of this coarse.

         I didn't dislike anything about this course.

         i didnt have any major problems

         I didn't like how there were some errors in posting assignments and/or quizzes because it kinda threw off my way of doing things but I was given extra time to complete these assignments and quizzes which was good.

         I didn't like how WebCT wouldn't let me submit assignments all the time. I had to use another computer.

         I didn't like it that so many students do not have internet ediquite! People have no idea what it even means to be courtious. They forgot we would see each other on fridays and acted like we would never meet.

         I didn't like not being able to talk to my teacher face to face.

         I didnt like only having ten minutes for a ten question quiz because it made me feel rushed.

         I didn't like that fact that if I had a question about a quiz or an assignment I would have to send an email and then wait for a response as apposed to jsut asking my professor in person and getting the answer within minutes.

         I didn't like that I was under the impression that this was a lecture. I was displeased because I didn't feel I learned anything that would last. I don't feel like I was taught but that I just read a book and took a test on the book. I don't like that th

         I didn't like that it took so long to get grades back and that at times things were unclear.

         I didn't like that the quiz part had a 10 mintute time limit. I read and re-read each chapter but still had trouble answering and double checking questions within the 10 mintutes. I felt rushed!

         I didn't like the book that accompanied the class

         I didn't like the fact that it was a little harder to keep up with the work.

         I didn't like the fact that there wasn't a professor there to help you if you had a question.

         i didn't like the online quizzes and how the answers would come randomly because i had many problems on the true and false questions.

         I didnt like the teachers attitude. She seemed a bit unapproachable and got frusterated when we didnt understand something. I think the tech teacher should be patient because not everyone is an expert at the computer. I also think that she should improve

         I didn't realize or was informed that comments were made about the assignments that are submitted, so I didn't realize I was doing something wrong until points were taken off.

         I didn't really care for the live class chats. It never seemed to work the right way when we were in the classes.

         I didnt too much like the discussions...

         I did't dislike anything about the class.

         I dislike participating in Discussion Boards.

         I dislike that the test had nothing to do with the excersies that I had learned. The test also seem overly hard for the course.

         i dislike that there isn't enough instruction and that it isn't very organized.

         I dislike the fact that I have received little feedback from professor. Grading has been slow and comments are short.

         I dislike the online portion of this course when WebCT goes through UNSCHEDULED maintenance right when I'm working on either an assignment or assessment.

         I dislike the professor.

         I disliked coming to class because of the commute.

         I disliked everthing about the online portion of this class. Instructors fail to realize that class is only supposed to have a portion online. This class ended up being 100% online. I hate that i signed up for a distance learning class and my advisor did

         I disliked how little group work was utilized in the course.

         I disliked nothing about the online portion of the course.

         I disliked nothing about this online course.

         I disliked that i forgot a quiz that was due at 12 on friday but was unable to do it because i was in class.

         I disliked that the WEB-CT would time out on me making it difficult to navigate between the various courses. I disliked that some materials were difficult to access at first causing me to have to log-on multiple times before finally gaining access to th

         I disliked that there is NO room for mistakes. I had a problem this semester in which for some reason my powerpoint assigment did not get submitted correctly and I recieved a 0 for it even tho I completed the assignment correctly. I have emailed the te

         I disliked that WEB-CT would time out on me which made it difficult to navigate between my various courses. I also disliked that some of the material was blocked from observation at first causing me to have to log-in several times before finally acessin

         I disliked that you couldn't work ahead.

         I disliked the book used because it was similar to my sales management textbook. I felt I could have saved money by purchasing only one textbook.

         I disliked the disorganization of this course, and not ever knowing how I was doing in this course. Our professor was not on top of things at all, and was very bad about getting back to us on email. Also, he assigned so many assignments that he couldn'

         i disliked the lack of one on one learning with our teacher. HOwever, we were able to go to the library if we needed her.

         I disliked the midterm, due to the fact that the materials needed to complete the midterm were not stated in the syllabus. We had to check out or purchase materials in the same alotted time we had to complete the midterm. It was very difficult to find

         I disliked the online portion when my internet was down.

         I do better with an instructor. I forget the homework a lot

         I do not do well with on-line classes. At least I really don't like it that much.

         I do not have dislikes towards this course.

         I do not like online courses at all. Unfair to respond to this class individually.

         I do not like only seeing the instructer 4 times a semester. It does not give you that one on one time to get the needed help. The intructer herself was completely amazing but it would have been better if there was more face-to-face.

         I do not tend to study a whole lot.I just do limited work asked by my professor and complete my stuff before the deadline and not even look at it after that.

         I do not think I disliked about this course.

         I do not think there was anything that I disliked about this class.

         I don't always get the social aspect, although I did make two excellent friends from this. I don't think I get to know anyone too well, it's very much business as usual. Then again, I don't need to socialize to get through my program.

         I dont belive that this is the type of course that should be on-line. A course that requires activity should have to meet it motivates the students more.

         I don't have any complaints.

         I don't have any complaints.

         I don't like on-line courses. I perfer the interaction of a classroom and i find i understand concepts better when i'm in a class as opposed to over the internet.

         I don't like that when I have a question I want it answered right away. Some Profs are good about that and answer right away and some a not so good. Also, some profs have a Q&A discussion board which helps because classmates can answer Q's before the p

         I don't like the chat feature. It usually is not noticed when you send someone a message.

         I don't like the time that it takes for grades to get posted and feedback is limited.

         I don't mind on-line courses but prefer the human interaction. I like the blended model of this course.

         I don't think it was fair to require students to purchase software ($500) for this course. Something needs to be worked out -- at the VERY least we should be allowed to receive a refund for the technology fee we have to pay each semester.

That aside, I

         I enjoy being face to face with my teacher and classmates. I missed being able to have instant personal conversations and feedback. Also, it was sometimes difficult to understand the professor's meaning in her directions for assignments.

         I enjoy the face to face interaction with others, but the online forum discussions were also very useful.

         I enjoyed everything about the online portion of the course!

         I enjoyed it all.

         I enjoyed the course. I learned some great skills and have so much more basic computer knowledge. I never blogged prior to this class. I did not even know what a podcast was prior to class. The class and teacher were great. I prefer face-to-face cla

         i feel because the course is online that busy work assignments were given.

         I feel like purchasing the book was a waste of money since the majority of the test questions were based on the online content.

         I feel like the instructor does not provide adequate informantion regarding quizzes and assignments.

         I feel like the online course was adequate and I had no major problems with it.

         I feel that more steps and directions should be given in the assignments. I took a very similar class at my junior college(I believe it was IFS) and the book we used for the class was Microsoft Office. It explained the assigments step by step and made it

         I feel there were alot of gliches in the computer posting of grades and assignments. I am not saying they were the teachers fault. The set up on pearsoncustom.com was giving her a hard time and a couple points in the semester.

         I felt it could have more spontaneous information.

         I felt like a few face-to-face meetings for the entire class would have made the final project much easier. At times I felt overwhelmed because I wasn't exactly sure how to do some things.

         I felt like there wasnt enough guidence

         I felt the quizzes did not reflect the difficulty of the tests. Also I would prefer taking tests online if the class is on line

         I forgot about quizzes.

         I found it a little difficult to work as a group online but it is also hard to work as a group face-to-face so that was no different.

         i found it pointless because i new the stuff

         I found no dislikes.

         I found that time started to be an issue for me since my son made the school wrestling team & playing basketball at the same time. My daughter needs extra help in reading and that has been a challange for me to find time for me to walk on my own.

         I got a bum group that only one of the six original people did anything the whole semester.

         I got confused on one part of an assignment and sent my instructor. Mr ****., an email and got a extremely rude response back that was not helpful at all. If he doesnt want to help his students he shouldnt teach

         I had a hard time finding some of the information in the library without assistance.

         I had a very good experience.

         I had a very hard time contributing to EVERYONE's response like we were instructed. I felt that I was just writing comments to get the credit towards the end of a module. I would prefer to write 3 or 4 quality responses back to peers verses the alterna

         I had no complaints once I got it figured out. It was pretty straight forward.

         I had no dislikes

         I had some confusion about where to find information regarding the Behavior Contract. The page numbers listed did not reflect the information.

         I had to meet at the school

         i had to meet with a TA for a question

         I had to teach myself. i prefer a face to face meetings.

         I had trouble getting into the Chat Room, and that threw me. However, the problem (browser problem) was solved.

         I hate copmputers, but they MAKE you take this class.

         i hate the fact that I am not in face to face contact witht he teacher and peers

         I HATED this class! The materials were terrible!!

         I hated web vista. Also I did not understand when and where we were supposed to meet in vista for the online discussions outside of class.

         I have no complaints.

         I have to sit in front of the computer for a longer time every day which broke my health badly.

         I have to teach myself.

         i honestly had no complaints : ]

         I honestly liked everything about the course. The setup flowed really well but it was quite a bit of work.

         i kept forgetting the due dates.

         I learn better when I'm face to face with the instructor

         I like all aspect of the online portion of this course

         I like all aspects of the online courses

         I like all aspects of this course

         I like to be able to ask questions of my professor when I do not understand how to do something. It was frustrating trying to figure out how to do things at home on my own and took much longer than necessary. Being shown in a class setting would be muc

         I like to have an instructor in front of me. I think voice recordings on the powerpoints would have helped me more to. I am partially an auditory learner, so I need that.

         I like to put faces with names. It's a little hard to do if no one posts there picture or if class time isn't devoted to putting names with faces.

         I liked everything about it, so nothing.

         I liked everything about it. I have nothing bad to say about it.

         I liked everything about the online portion of this course.

         I liked everything on the online portion of this class.

         I liked everything.

         I liked everything.

         i liked it all.

         I liked the class, no dislikes!

         I liked the majority of the course, I do not have any complaints.

         I love this online program. I cannot think of anything negative or lacking

         I made a small, careless mistake and had wished to re-do it. It would have been a simple procedure, but was unable to.

         I may have learned less than I would have in an on-campus course.

         I miss face-to-face discussion. I enjoy actually being in the classroom with the instructor.

         I miss the dorect interaction with my peers and professor.

         I miss the social interaction that I get from classes not online.

         I missed having background info on subjects we were learning. I realized that all the info was my responsibility to get and wasn't always sure if that was the right direction.

         I missed having the opportunity to speak with my professor and fellow students.

         I missed the opportunity for open discussion with classmates. It is difficult to carry on class discussions online.

         i never got to see my teacher so ifi had a question it was all through email.

         I often forgot about my assignments.

         I only miss interacting with classmates from time to time. There's little opportunity for cooperative learning, but I do work better on my own. I don't feel like I got to know everyone, but taking classes isn't really suppose to be about socializing, so

         I personally feel I learn more when I meet with the professor face to face. When you have a class on campus, you can have questions answered right then in class, and you can have one on one meetings with the professor.

         I prefer classroom instruction to online instruction. I like the human interaction.

         I prefer face to face learning for the majority of the classes when possible. I retain information better and like to be able to have a human exchange of ideas when I can ask questions, etc. My computer skills are ok at best so I need to keep it old scho

         I rather work individually than in groups

         I rather work individually than to depend on other members of a group.

         I realize im not very fond of online classes and some of the written assignments were confusing to me. I didnt have time to go to my professor's office, so i asked many different librarians and took a lot of time out of my day to finish my work.

         I really didn't dislike any thing about the online portion. I only disliked the online portion when my internet was down.

         I really didn't dislike anything about this course

         I really didnt like the means of contact with the professor.

         I really don't have any complaints.

         I really enjoyed everything about this course.

         I really like Dr **** lectures. The interaction is missing with online classes.

         I really like human interaction. I missed being in a classroom and having discussions and learning from lecture.

         I really like this class, I wish that the class was a little longer.

         I really wish I could have gotten to know some of my classmates a little better. I find this to be the case in a live classroom as well in grad school.

I had no trouble understanding the online format.

         I received a 0 and partial credit on two assignments because WebCT was messed up on campus that day and through emailing, part of my assignment did not send.

         i said enough above

         I spent a large percentage of my time online responding to discussions. While I enjoyed the discussions, I felt it took up too much time, especially when other assignments needed to be completed. Too much at times. However, Dr. **** did a good job and h

         I strongly dislike WebCT's slowness. I strongly dislike being automatically logged out of my course work after a few minutes, and not being able to stay logged in while I read comments from others as a part of my assignments. I strongly dislike having

         I think an online course should be for your convenience and a student can work at their own pace even if they work many hours on one or two days as opposed to an hour each day. If you are required to get online everyday or almost everyday, then you are

         I think it would be very interesting to have a face to face class with Dr. ****.

         I think the profesor needs to tell the students when he posts something online because for one of the tests I was unprepared for one section because there was no notice that additional information had been posted online. He told me I should have checked

         I thoroughly enjoyed my class. Dr. **** always responded to my questions in a timely manner.

         I thought the filmclips I had to watch were blurry and did not run well using webct

         I thought this course would be more helpful in gaining research knowledge and strategies than it turned out to be. My instructor was fairly helpful, but I just didn't really understand what was going on much of the time. That is very much unlike me. The

         I took the class because I wanted to be better at using technology, but I felt like I had to teach myself most of the time. I would have enjoyed at least one or two lab times so that I could receive interaction and more direct instruction.

         I tried to submit an assignment 5 minutes before twelve and as I did so, it said that my time was up. I didn't get grade for that assingment

         I was a little frustrated at first when submitting assignments until I finally learned how to do it. I had to call WebCt helpline a couple of time until I became familiar with the process.

         i was confused because I am not good with computers

         I was happy with the course.

         i was hopeing for the entire corse to be on line on out side reading or have to come to a Class

         I was not able to use a Mac computer for most of the assignments except for the quizzes. Also Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac was never available to me.

         I was not dissatisfied with any portion of this course.

         I was not dissatisfied wtih any portion of this course.

         I was scared I would miss a due date.

         I was told that the book was optional so I did not buy it. When i took my exams I realized that I needed the book, but it was not available any more. There were also a couple of assignments that could only be done on Windows 07, which was not stated on t

         I was told to purchase a webcam and a microphone; we only used these twice and very briefly. I think the same information could have been shared through a chat room and I would not have had the extra expense.

         I was very frustrated when my computer did not work right or my internet connection did not work.

         I wish that assignments were due at midnight on friday instead of at noon.

         I wish we could have worked ahead. The quizzes were only available at a certain time and I would have like to work a few weeks ahead for time management purposes. Also the book is customized which makes it difficult to sell back.

         I withdrew from this course so I do not know

         I wondered if many of the students knew one another; sometimes I felt out-of-the loop during class discussions. Dr. **** was helpful in encouraging all conversations and dialogue.

         I work better in a more structured environment (i.e. class on campus) and I prefer face-to-face discussions with my classmates and professors on a more regular basis than just three times a semester. I wish that classes could be offered both ways and the

         I would get knocked off webCT frequently. I bothered me most when I was trying to take quizzes or tests.

         I would have liked more timely feedback on assignments so adjustments could be made for future assignments.

         I would have liked to have grades on assignments earlier so that I was not backed up to the very end of the semester in doing the online portfolio. I prefer to avoid the pressure that can result from doing things at the last minute.

         I would have rather taken notes in class to better understand the material.

         I would like notification sent to my personal email when assignment/info is posted

         I would rather meet in a classroom for my classes. I feel like I don't learn as much when I take courses online because when taking tests, we are able to have our notes/book in front of us. So I barely even learn the material. It makes for an easier clas

         I would say a majority of it.

         I would suggest a different course interfact for the home screen. The entire setup was confusing.

         I would tend to forget about the online assignments.

         If I didn't understand something about a particular thing, it was difficult to get help. I had to go through too many steps instead of just asking the professor.

         If I didn't understand something, I couldn't ask tha professor

         If I had a question it was a little more difficult to ask someone than in a classroom but overall it was still easy to find help if I needed it.

         If I had a question it was not easy to get a answer

         If I had questions, I had to figure them out myself. One of my assignments that I did didn't go through for some reason, and I recieved a 0. I was very upset about this.

         If my computer messed up or cut off, that was annoying.

         If the teacher does not respond to email adequately and a student has a question, there is no oportunity for the question to be answered.

         if there was a question sometimes you had to wait for an answer but i know that the teachers can not sit on the computer all the time

         If you are confused you cannot just go ask the teacher, your must send an email and that take a little longer.

         If you didn't understand something I like being able to discuss with professor in person vs email.

         if you have doctor's, you can not be excused from assignments

         If you lost internet connection you could not do your assignments and you would get behind. At one time I did not have internet for a week, because we moved and so some of my assignments were missing.

         If you miss a date you can not make it up and there is no extra credit for this course

         if you're internet connection messes up during a quiz or assignment there is nothing that can be done about it.

         Iloved everything about the course.

         I'm a face-to-face person. Need human interaction.

         In my opinion, the biggest limitations of this course would have to be the number of assignments that were due per week/bi-weekly.

         In the beginning it was kind of confusing on the class setup and how the discussions worked but it got better with time.

         in-class final exam

         Initially I was very unfamiliar with WebCT as I'd never used it before. That changed quickly though, as in our first class she showed us how to navigate it.

         Insructor was not helpful at all when asked a question and was rude sometimes.

         Instructions were sometimes unclear.

         Instructor hard to communicate with.

         It can be difficult to communicate effectively in group activities at times.

         it didnt have much instruction in the beggining but i figured alot out on my own

         It is easy to forget deadlines with online courses.

         It is easy to forget to do things if you don't stay on top of things.

         It is harder to do group work when you don't know the people in your class and aren't able to get to know them well before needing to work together.

         it is not completely compatible with Mac computers and Firefox or Safari

         It is online

         It is sometimes easier to understand a subject after being in the class rooming listen because the teacher is able to see if the class is not getting whay he/she is trying to explain, and they can then explain the subject further.

         It is sometimes hard to always check due dates, and easy to miss assignments.

         It is very time consuming. In a traditional class you meet once a week for a couple of hours. The work in this class averaged 5-10 hours a week.

         it makes me distance from my teacher, so it's hard to ask questions if any.

         It places a lot of the responsibility on the student as far as time management is concerned. Generally speaking, a question might arise that I needed the professor to answer, but waiting a couple of hours for a response was hindered my work process. So I

         It sometimes took a little while to get an answer to a question.

         It took forever to get back graded work. I had no idea if I was doing good or bad until the last week of school.

         it took longer to get a response than it would in class

         It was a bit toughther to stay motivated to work.

         It was a disorganized.

         It was a little confusing

         it was a little confusing juggling this class with another online class.

         It was a little difficult to keep up with and understand what was due and when it was due.

         It was a lot of e-mailing. It might have been easier to make a discussion board available on webct.

         It was a nice experience.

         It was challenging to have the "discussions" but at the same time, I suppose this is the wave of the future so I tried to make the best of it. I missed the face-to-face aspect of discussions but I also saw the benefit of forming your thoughts carefully

         It was difficult to converse with the teacher through e-mail. The responses were delayed.

         It was fine. I likes it for the most part.

         It was hard to do group work with people you didn't know and had only seen once.

         it was hard to get advise if need be

         It was hard to pick who you wanted in your group because it was all done online and you didn't meet face to face til later on.

         It was hard to understand how to do many of the problems because there was little explanation on how to do them.

         It was hard when I had questions.

         It was harder to get available help.

         It was more difficult to coordinate group work - especially because none of us know each other and we rarely see each other face to face.

         It was much more difficult to seek out help regarding assignments.

         It was my first time talking an online course at West Georgia . . . I had never used WebCT before; however, I love WebCT now.

         It was so hard to understand what was going on with the whole concept of the class. I was unaware of so many things. It is too much confusing.

         It was so impersonal.

         It was so much more work and slightly confusing to figure out where everything was.

         It was sometimes hard to get motivated, and if there was a problem it seemed like it would be harder to resolve as compared to a classroom setting.

         It was strange discussing with people that I had never met.

         It was unclear who to talk to if there was a problem with the grading, but I was able to figure it out. The contact with the instructor is only for questions regarding "policy" and he does not respond to other inquiries. His TA was very helpful in answer

         It was unreliable.

         It was up to me to be reminded of my assignments due

         It would be glitchy at times and cofusing at first but overall a good way to learn.

         It would be slightly more difficult to ask a question although the teacher responded very quickly.

         It's a lot of extra work.

         It's easy to forget about.

         It's setup was fine.

         juggling this class with another online class.

         Just about everything, besides the professor. I will never take another on-line class again.

         Just being able to ask the professor questions face to face.

         just didnt like the online class thing because you cant meet with your professor one on one, it was hard for me to get ahold of him when i had a problem, i personally dont do well with online because i forget assignments

         just it being online

         Keeping up with all the deadlines but that is just teaching self discipline.

         Lack of clear communication from professor and multiple projects to complete in one week.

         Lack of direction for prepping for final exam

         Lack of face-to-face contact with the professor and other students.

         lack of human contact

         Less personable.

         Less time on test

         Live chat held in place of one class -- this format is not practical when there is a need to read, absorb and respond to information posted -- all occurs too quickly.

         lon loading times for tutorial videos

         long power points!!!

         long steps to get to certain assignments. Timing out

         Long time for responses

         Making time at home to get the work completed.

         Many days it was not up when I needed it to be. WEather was also a problem with getting service at my home.

         Microsoft Access

         mispelled words and some unclear directions

         Miss the face-to-face contact.

         Miss the interaction of class discussions as well as the instructor

         Missed face-to-face interaction

         Missed face-to-face interaction with professor and other students

         Missed the association with the other students.

         More time was spent on technical difficulties such as log-in problems, site-problems and being able to hear each other than was spent on instruction.

         My dislike of the course is due to laziness! There was a lot of course work in this particular class; however, I have used all the projects produced as assignments in my personal classroom at work. I did benefit from all the work load produced and acco

         My first online course, webct was a bit diffcult to learn. Had trouble finding assignments at first.

         My instructer was rude and I found him completely impersonal. Untill now Ihave enjoyed and gotten along with ALL my instructors. For this course that was not the case. I found his personal and instructional skill completely unacceptable and would NEVER t

         My only complaint is that you put a lot of people on the spot during in class debates. They were great when someone who was comfortable speaking, did. But as for me, I am shy and not very comfortable with debating. I was always scared you were going to c

         my schedule is not easy

         My teacher did not seem like she knew how to run the webct. So although webct is easy to work, it made it hard to find assignments because she did not know how to post them correctly.































































         navigation was somewhat complex

         navigation was somewhat complex


         no alerts to remind you about due dates

         No attendance policy. I did not learn anything in this class.

         No comments.

         No complaints

         No complaints

         No Complaints!

         no contact with the instructor, even when i contacted him with an emergency

         No Dislikes

         No dislikes.

         NO face to face

         No feedback or communication from the profelssor during discussion.

         No flexibility for this course.

         no personal dicussions except by mail. I like the face to face contact. This provides a better understanding of the course because the professor has to verbal explain instructions

         no way for late assignments to be turned in



















         not a lot of contact with instructor

         Not able to have a quick conversation with the professor and/or colleagues about the content if I had questions before I posted.

         Not any thing really

         Not being able to access quiz grades immediately upon completion (until #3).

         Not being able to ask the instructor questions.

         Not being able to contact the teacher with questions regarding my grade. Neither WebCT or his syllabus gave an email to contact him.

         Not being able to discuss topics with colleagues and the professor.

         Not being able to pace myself as well as other classes that I have taken online.

         Not being able to receive immediate feedback from my instructor.

         Not being able to see my teacher if I had a question.

         Not being able to view your incorrect questions after you've taken your test.

         Not being in the classroom.

         not being up to date with my work. Doing everything last minute.

         not enough face-to-face time

Hard material and needed more instruction

         Not enough interreaction with the instructor. Needs to be more communication.

         not enough time to complete quizes

         not enought time to for so much work

         not face to face learning.

         Not having a class in a classroom with a teacher.

         Not having examples of what is required of an assisngment.

         Not having face-to-face interaction at times.

         Not having immediate access to the instructor, or a set time that you know you will see the instructor. Although, instructors are really good with answering email and returning phone calls.

         Not having someone tell me each week to do the work.

         Not having the attention that I would like from the course instructors.

         not having the posting boards catagorized were at times confusing.

         Not hearing back from the professor quickly is scarey when you have a deadline approaching!!

         Not meeting face to face on a consistent basis only seemed annoying when I had any urgent sort of question. However, the professor was quick to respond through email.

         Not much.

         not seeing the results of quizzes

         Not seeing the teacher and forming a relationship face-to-face.

         Nothiing, i thought it was very reasonable.









































































































































         Nothing at all.

         Nothing at all. It was a fabulous online course. I very much enjoyed it.

         nothing i liked it.

         Nothing- I loved it!

         Nothing in particular I can think of......

         Nothing in particular.

         nothing much

         nothing really

         nothing really

         Nothing really

         nothing really

         nothing really

         nothing really

         nothing really

         nothing really bad about the course.

         Nothing really just sometimes i forgot about the quizzes

         nothing really to dislike, the instructor wasn't very positive and made it clear he was inaccessible for practically everything. not a big deal, i didn't need any help, but definately not the level of support we get from ecore classes, which is what i g

         Nothing really.

         Nothing really.

         Nothing really.

         Nothing really. I love this alternative.

         Nothing really. I enjoyed the class

         Nothing springs to mind.

         Nothing that the school should note.

         nothing to complain about at all. The library for research was easily obtainable and the assignments were in-depth and insightful

         nothing to note

         Nothing was really that bad about this course.





         Please remove my courses from 5 semesters ago on the opening page.


         Nothing, for this course

         nothing, it was a good class.

         Nothing, it was fine.

         Nothing, really.

         nothing, the class was great!





































         Nothing. This course was excellent and I really enjoyed Dr. ****. He is one of the best professors yet!

         Nothing. Everything was pretty reasonable.

         Nothing. I had a great class!

         Nothing. It was hard to manage my time and do the homework before the day it was due. Now I have better time management.

         Nothing. The course was at a good pace.


         Nothing....other than parking when we had face to face classes

         notin u know

         Occasional errors that come up when trying to attach a document.

         Occasionally, I had a question about some of the content that could not be answered immediately.

         Of course when the system is down or when having internet problems it can hurt accessing info, or downloading can sometimes be slow.

         Of this course, nothing at all.

         Once or twice I need an answer to something quickly and had to wait for an email.

         Online classes are difficult for me to be motivated by. I miss timelines much more easily.

         Online courses can be structured (and they were in this case) so that they offer no flexibility at all.

         Online discussion boards! When one "goes" to class, one can respond or participate in discussions if one wants to...online one has to.

         Online was great but face-to-face interaction is also helpful to me.

         Only having one full day and a partial day to complete quizzes

         Only one face to face meeting

         only ten minutes to do my assessments.

         Our teacher would not answer emails.

         Overall, I enjoyed it.

         Prioritizing time

         Professor **** doesn't really make the best use of the online environment - I felt really isolated trying to learn the material from the textbook.

         Professors who do not interact much with the students.

         Quizes every week due at noon.

         Quizzes are a little poorly written. Need tyo get those worded better as to create a better level of understanding of the subject. Also to deep of questions for online only class.

         Random class meetings

         remembering to watch the videos

         Remembering when the assignments were due.

         Response time to questions and problems

         same as above

         same as above



         see above

         Seemed like there were too many "busy work" assingments.

         self discipline


         Since the majority of the class was online, it was hard getting in touch with the professor when I had questions.

         Since we only met in person about once a month or so, my particular professor was extremely hard to get in touch with for questions I had about assignments.

         SITS was not equipped with sufficient staff and possibly knowledge of the computer course requirements. The prof. possibly planned for an on-line course that used certain computers at the Carrollton campus. The tutorial and help in this on-line course

         slow server at end of semester

         Slowness of connection at times, or webct going down, logging me out.

         Some assignments seemed redundant.

         Some assignments were not as clear and it took two weeks before we saw the professor again.

         SOme confusion on VIsta site as to where to submit assignments.

         Some directions could be a little more clearer and they weren't very understanding about things.

         Some discussion would have probably worked better if they happened in class.

         some mispelled words and unclear directions

         Some of my classmates had difficulty due to older computers/software. It's not always easy for teachers to buy the most up to date technology.

         Some of the assigments wer confusing, and hard to get in touch with professor

         Some of the assignments

         Some of the assignments are not designed well.

         Some of the assignments were hard and the directions were complicated to understand.

         Some of the assignments were not explained well enough.

         some of the assignments,like the web one was not explained well enough.

         Some of the communication between me and my professor was difficult.

         Some of the data was not compatible, or just didnt work for the program.

         some of the directions were complicated and there was no one to ask questions quickly to

         Some of the F2F sessions could have been done online.

         Some of the information was a little disorganized. Some of the assignments were given out of order and then taken off then reposted with different content. I figured it out, but it was just a little confusing.

         some of the instructions for the assignments were a little unclear.

         Some of the instructions were a little confusing.

         some of the instructor's videos experienced trouble in viewing mode.

         Some of the tutorials needed help.

         some of the tutorials were a bit confusing(Excel, powerpoint)

         some problems could not be easily resolved --sometimes it took several back and forth messages

         some subjects were harder to teach to myself

         Some things were a little hard to access.

         Some things were hard to find.

         Some work I had no idea what to do.

         Someone in the CS lab was a little rude to my friend and me. I thought it was out of order for that person to act like that.

         Somethings were tricky and hard to figure out. It would have been easier to have been in class and ask questions.

         sometimes content on the quizzes wouldn't show which caused me to get some of the questions wrong.

         Sometimes during especially busy weeks it may be hard to find time to do the work or set aside periods for the widows and sometimes the work may slip your mind completely.

         sometimes felt like I need a little more direction on assignments

         sometimes i couldnt get things to work at the exact time i wanted to complete the homework

         Sometimes I forgot about assignments.

         Sometimes I had technical difficulties with the computer because I use a mac.

         Sometimes I had trouble downloading some of the documents that were posted from the instructor. Also, I would be kicked off of webCT frequently when working online.

         Sometimes I had trouble finding where certain assignments were posted.

         Sometimes I miss not being able to meet all my classmates.

         Sometimes I miss the face to face interaction of real-time class discussions.

         Sometimes I was a little confused, but others in the class helped me through it.

         Sometimes it is easier to understand the course material when the teacher is there in person explaining it.

         Sometimes it was hard to get an answer about an assignment but that could be more about the professor than the class.

         Sometimes it was hard to keep up with and I would tend to forget things were due soon.

         Sometimes it was hard to understand what exactly to do.

         Sometimes it was harder to remember when things were due.

         Sometimes it's hard to know what's expected of you.

         Sometimes movies or a powerpoint would fail to work in some chapters of the course.

         Sometimes my session would time out while reading an assignment.

         Sometimes not being face-to-face you cant ask the questions as they come but at the end of the lecture and cannot learn from others questions.

         Sometimes replies take awhile to receive due to the varying times instructors check their emails, etc.

         Sometimes the assignments were hard to remember.

         Sometimes the directions were unclear.

         Sometimes the feedback was slow

         Sometimes the on-line discussions are a bit difficult.

         Sometimes the questions I had were not clearly answered, or there was confusion about the exact requirements for projects.

         Sometimes the structure of the course was boring, compared to the once a month meetings we had for this course. This instructor was a great teacher, and sometimes just watching the powerpoint with her voice narration just wasn't as good as seeing her tea

         Sometimes the tutorals would not work and would take a while to download.

         Sometimes there were hagn-ups with webCT Vista.

         Sometimes things were placed in folders that I did not realize so perhaps alerts of new folder/addition to folders would be helpful.

         Sometimes WebCT is not the most realible site to complete assignments.

         sometimes you forget about it

         sometimes you need to face to face in order to better understand the material taught

         Sometimes, it is difficult to remember to do the assignments because I am not traveling to class each day.

         submitting work on webct was a hassel at times and grades were never posted during the semester.

         Teamwork and collaborating is somewhat difficult in online course.

         technical difficulties. Unable to talk to professor in person unless appt. was made.

         test were extremely difficult online (time constraint)

         That each instructor uses webct completely differently, this does make it confusing at times

         That every file was in PDF format.

         that fact that everything has to be turneedd in online and not with hard copies

         That groups are involved, it becomes increasingly difficult to get a group of people you do not ever see to participate in a group project

         That hardly anyone could hear during the class meeting through the headsets. The sound was not very clear. I heard many complaints all semester about it and had some myself.

         That I couldn't get any help from the professor. He told me to go to the lab if I need help. Didn't really like that.

         That I was unable to hear lectures properly. I felt that I did not learn as much, considering that I mostly learned for the exams. This didn't encourage learning for me, just doing work for a grade.

         That if you had problems it wasnt like the teacher was righ there in front of you that you could ask for help.

         That is was timed I know you have to have deadlines but they where quick deadlines.

         That it is more difficult to rely on email and not having access to the professor is sometimes more confusing.

         That it was online. It made somethings difficult to understand.

         That it was sometimes lacking in explanations on assignments and the fact that the teacher was often difficult to reach and when you did reach her she gave vague answers/explanations.

         That it wasn't 100% online.

         That learning something that needed more instruction, the Dewey Decimal Classification system, was hard to do online.

         That quizzes are timed so if a computer malfunction happens and requires restarting, time is lost.

         that she spent the first 20mins of class trying to call roll.

         that some assignment came up a week before it was due

         That sometimes it took grades a while to get posted, and some assignments weren't posted on time (though I was glad that we received extensions for those).

         That the professor didn't seem to realize that most of us work full-time as well as go to school.

         That the quizzes were due by noon every friday. I think it would have been better to have them due every other friday instead.

         That there were no calander reminders set up for assignments, and that you couldn't talk to the professor when you needed to. Everything was done on line and I felt disconnected from class.


         That you do not get one-on-one interaction with the professor and that she only has one day for office hours

         The "down for maintenance" over weekends caught me a couple of times. I know it can't be avoided, but maybe an "alert" sign the day vista is going down would help.

         The 12 pm. deadline on Fridays

         The actual interaction that only a classroom can provide.

         The amount of time given to complete assignments. We would be given a long paper to write (5-15 pages) of research and typcially given only a few days to complete the assignment. The very reason I enjoy online courses is so I can work at my own pace.

         The amount of time it took the professor to respond. The fact that at our only face to face meeting the powerpoint presentation that contained important information for thie class was not available so we had to read the powerpoint ourselves and interpret

         The amount of work we had to submit for Foliotek.

         The assignment submission form could be improved.

         The assignments were not put up in time, nor were they graded in time.

         The biggest complaint I have is busy work that is required to ensure participation. The constant regurgitation of the same material on the discussion board is a waste of time.

         The book is an excellent source but has information for 2 or more semesters.

         The books were unhelpful and so were the notes. I am a HOPE scholarship recipient and I did horrible in this class due to horrible materials.

         The broad topic of knowledge is extremely to much for one to learn by themselves, it needs to be narrowed down so one knows where to focus his/her efforts. Tests are extremely hard even with the book because of the vast knowledge it covers.

         The chance that internet service could cut out and I could not submit assignments on time

         The class was wonderful and they were very helpful.

         The classwork page took quite some time to load sometime

         The communication between the instructor and the students.

         The content for this course was unorganized and hard to locate.

         The course was a bit disorganized (various assignments were not posted on the calendar nor an announcement made to call our attention to it when it was posted). There were many technological difficulties (e.g. grading, log posts). Expectations regarding

         The course was fine and I learned a lot.

         The course was very good. I do not have any complaints. I think the course was designed with much thought and consideration.

         The course wasn't as personal and my questions were not always addressed promptly.

         the deadlines for the quizes messes me up a little and that all of the assignments were not avaliable from the start i had to wait weeks to do more assignments

         the difficulty of communicating with the professor. He would often leave e-mails unanswered or say he would fix something (grades, quizzes, assignment instructions) but never do it.

         The difficulty of working in groups with people who live nowhere near each other.

         The discussion boards for this particular class were very confusing. Some of the assignments were also confusing because we were required to post in so many places.

         The discussion boards.

         The down time when it updates.

         The every other Friday site lockdown made it hard for me to turn in assignments sometimes.

         The F2F needs to be more structured so that we write down who is in what group and what we are responsible for... It was a little confusing since groups were different each time.

         The face-to-face contact

         the fact that I did not have some of the programs on my personal computer and was fearful of downloading them even when geven accsess

         The fact that the instructor was often hard to get in touch with about problems and questions, etc.


         the fear that that the internet would not work when i was taking a quiz

         The grading seemed arbitrary/unfair. Some of the test questions didn't assess knowledge of assigned material, but rather reading/comprehension skills. In other words, the questions were sometimes worded misleadingly or had nothing to do with the material

         The grading was questionable at times.

         The group work. We finished it up ok, but towards the end of the class, one group member went MIA and just got the grades.

         The having to respond to everyone

         The inconsistance of the class. There was always a change in the schedule and professor did not make information easy to access

         The incredible amount of work

         the infrequency of face to face meetings

         The instructions for many of the assignments were not clear, and the graduate students were not very willing to help when I ask them about the assignments.

         The instructor was a litlle disorganized and unclear on spme instructions.

         The instructor was not organized with the contents. It was very difficult to locate certain files or items because there was so much information provided.

         The instructor was slow at grading some things..

         The instructors directions were hard to understand. To many sites were named the same thing.

         The internet access was not great, after week 2 I started experiencing problems with the internet access, quizzes, and e-mails.

         The internet at my apartment complex is not reliable.

         The internet mess ups.

         The lack of interaction with the class by my professor, Dr. ****. She did not interact with the class after the first discussion posting.

         The lack of personal contact which leads to confusion of in depth concepts and the fact that the instructor refused to use the email function within Webct to communicate with students, and the instructor did not go into Webct to check postings on the bul

         The lag time waiting for grade, which is not related to this class being on-line.

         the library distance learning was not good. noone was available to help.

         The long 3 hr portion of the face to face meetings. I know it is necessary but it was a little rough sitting in class for that long after being at work all day. I would find myself getting home at 9:30 pm on those nights. I also did not like how we were

         The material had nothing to do with the tests.

         The material presented could not be clarified online. Face to face would be better for the content of the course.

         the material was a little much per test for being online

         The modules were incredibly long and time consuming.

         The notes online where hard to read and print .

         The online chats NEVER worked. This became a huge waste of my time. I would have rather had face to face meetings.

         The on-line classes did not work well. The discussion boards were a waste of time.

         the online exams were incredibly hard compared to the online exercises and it was hard to complete them in the time allotted.

         The online tests were too difficult and did not show a true representation of our aptitude

         The only disadvantage to an on-line course is the occasional difficulty in accessing the Internet.

         The only I didn't like was that there is a lack of instructions.

         The only issue was that the log in page of Vista was slow.

         The only thing i did not like about the class, was that that it was hard to keep up with dates sometimes. Because I was unaware, I missed two quizzes, and there were no makeups.

         The only thing I did not like was the project for McGraw-Hill.

         The only thing i didn't like was that WebCT was so slow and sometimes i'd fail a quiz just because webct froze up and i don't think that's fair.

         The only thing I don't like about online courses is the reliance on technology and I have bad luck with electronics ... I have no complaints about this particular course.

         The only thing I miss from being in the classroom was the reminder of when assigments and quizes were. I would sometimes forget about deadlines which affected my grade.

         The only thing that I didnt necessarily dislike but that was hard for me, was to remember all my due date without having someone to remind me.

         The only thing that I do not like about online class is that it seems very hard to know if you are doing the correct thing with assignments or not.

         The prof did not actively participate in discussions.

         the professor

         The professor and is lack of interest in the students and their difficulties with his controlled portion of the course

         the professor did not update the online calender therefore i recieved zeroes for assignments turned in late by his account.

         the professor didn't know me as a person- did not use my correct legal name for course assignments. Also, when I had a problem, there was a complete lack of sympathy or understanding in resolving it.

         The professor was the worst professor I have ever taken! He was unorganized, our grades took over a MONTH to get back, he didn't respond quickly to email, he was too specific on the assignments. He made the distance learning environment very unenjoyable

         the professor's videos are hard to understand due the videos screeching sounds from being recorded over another video. The professor is lazy.

         the project

         The projects time consumption an d sending in process was a huge hassle.

         The quizes were confusing and not worded very well.

         the quizes were only allowed to be taken once

         The quizs

         The quizzes were vastly different from the tests to the point where I did not understand why we took them. They did not prepare me for the tests. The quizzes were very oversimplified and made me expect simple tests, but the tests were very difficult in c

         The resopnsiblilty about keeping up with the course work compared to that of a regular class.

         The response time for classmates to respond.

         The schedule for classes was a little confusing

         The secret chamber.

         The standareds set by the professor were unclear at times

         The Stats tutor videos are long, tedious, and a little boring.

         The study materials sometimes worded things differently than the quizzes, causing me to be unsure at times of the correct answer. I often got a question wrong on the quizzes because of slight but significant differences in definitions.

         The submissions!

         The system seems to kick you out at random. It was very frustrating to have to log back on several times. Also I did not like the system going down every other Friday. It seems that the maintence on the system can be done at a more convenient time.

         The teacher did not respond to one of my emails!!!

         The teacher didnt grade lesson on a timely manner.

         The teacher didn't seem to be very computer literate which made for a slow start to the class. There were several aspects of the class that she never seemed to grasp. The class was told to not e-mail her through WebCT because she had problems opening the

         the teacher had absolutely no idea how to explain anything and the whole class was confused.

         The teacher student interaction is weaker.

         the teacher was extrmeley rude

         The teacher was so confusing about everything..

         The teacher was unprepared, unreliable, and offered to much work over the internet. So much so that our grades have not been updated sense the beginning of the semester.

         the teacher wasnt helpful at all. she wasnt clear on the assignments and usually left the students wondering what to do. and she didnt reply emails very well

         The technology was very difficult to learn to use efficiently. However, by the end of the course, I felt much more comfortable. The amount of time needed to complete classwork and reasearch paper was more than I had anticipated and I found it difficult

         The test were hard. There was alot of info to be tested on in a short time. 50 questions in that short of a time is almost impossible especially when you do not know a lot about computers. I could not remember alot of the info I also had trouble gettin

         The test were very difficult

         The test were very long. online courses seem harder cause i'm teaching myself. the teacher assistances weren't great helpers.

         The tests and quizzes often freeze up in the middle of the exam.

         The tests did not reflect the classwork, modules, that we had to do weekly.

         The tests for this class were too hard. Even though I read the book, I still didn't do too well on the tests. I think the tests need to be more inline--cover the same material--as with book.

         The tests had nothing to do with the assignments.

         The tests were a little hard because I do not do well with true or false questions.

         the tests were difficult becuase they covered alot of material and you didn't have long to take them

         the tests were very difficult

         the time it took to return graded work

         The timed quizes

         The video quality

         The videos were hard to understand, I think that this course is better for a classroom setting.

         the voice over powerpoints

         The website went down a few times

         The weekend evening shutdown was very inconventient for me. With the incredible amount of work assigned I spent at least 6-7 times as much time working on assignments than I would have had to for a total face to face course. I felt as if I were being p

         Ther is nothing that I did not like about this class.

         There are no email reminders to my west ga account. Email updates about course happenings would be helpful.

         There is limited contact with the instructor if I have an immediate question I need to answer, but the email and phone contact allows me to get in contact with instructor in a decent amount of time.

         There is no face-to-face interaction.

         There is no help right when you need it, in person rather than just typing. I learn by watching someone.

         There is not enough time to complete 50 VERY HARD questions in 75 minutes. The 3 tests during the semester are all open book, and the questions come from some random sentence within 4-7 chapters per test. So you have to either memorize every single sen

         There is not that many reminders so if you forget to do something then that is your loss and you just have to learn from your misteaks.

         There is nothing i didn't like

         There is nothing i didn't like

         there is really nothing to complain about

         there isn't anything that i disliked about the course

         There really wasn't anything I just absolutely hated. I got confused with some of the information that was given but other than that I didn't really dislike anything.

         There was a lack of communication at times.

         there was a little confusion about certain deadlines

         There was a lot more reading to learn rather than being lectured to.

         There was a lot of miscommunication between professor and student over due dates and assignments due to the infrequent face-to-face visits.

         There was no help when trying to reach my professor or course coordinator about problems with the quizzes. It says to consult their help system first, but I seriously doubted that they could do anything about it. There were at least 3 questions that I

         There was no relationship with my teacher formed.

         There was not a lot of class visits. I feel that if we had more class room time, my overall grade would have been better in this course.

         There was not any credit or points given for late assignments.

         There was not anything I disliked.

         There was not anything that I disliked.

         there was not much interaction with the instructor

         There was not really anything that I disliked.

         There was nothing I disliked about it.

         There was nothing I disliked.

         There was nothing that I did not like about this class.

         There was nothing that I disliked

         There was nothing that I disliked about the course.

         There was nothing that I disliked about this course.

         There was nothing that I disliked.

         There was nothing that I particularly disliked.

         There was nothing to dislike. Once I became familiar how to operate it, it was very accessible.

         There was very little that I learned from the class because it was online. I believe that the class should be in a classroom.

         There were a few technical problems, but the professor was very understanding.

         There were a lot of dates to keep up with, but in the end it helped us.

         There were always issues with our online meetings. We couldn't hear our instructor at all or she was cutting in and out. I feel like I really didn't learn much from the meetings. There was one meeting that she did not even show up for at all.

         There were certain topics that I would want to hear face-to-face discussion in class.

         There were many challanges to this course. I was unsure how to get help.

         There were no dislikes.

         there were not clear notifications about quizzes due on the home page

         There were so many papers to write with only little instruction.

         There were so many projects due at so many different times I could not keep up with what was due and what wasn't. The in class meetings seemed like a waste of time since I didn't learn much I didn't already know, while the online things with little expla

         There were some glitches with getting kicked out of the program that I found very frustrating. During the last three weeks of the course the glitches were greatly reduced.

         There were times that I would forget to check the due-dates for assignments and missed them.

         There were times when I could have used a little more instruction on how to complete an assignment.

         There's no class discussion and rarely interaction with a professor.

         theres no leway its get your task done or get a zero.

         There's nothing negative about this experience for me.

         This class required to much time. Some of the assignments were not applicable for what I needed. The details of the instructions seemed to be more important that the learning. Very inflexible time restraints. No rhyme or reason to when things were due

         This course had practically no interaction with the rest of the class. I prefer to be able to have more online class participation.

         This course was great but some online courses give you a ridiculous amount of work because it is online. Some professors punish the students because the online course is convenient. I should not have to do more work than the on-campus students are expect

         This course was not well laid out.

         This was a challanging course, and at times I felt overwhelmed with work.

         this was a class that needs to be more face to face

         This was difficult material for me, and in many ways, you are on your own to figure things out when you take on-line courses. You don't have that constant face-to-face with one-on-one training. If my classmates had not been so responsive and helpful, I w

         Though I learned new things in the course, the course work and instruction made me want to leave the program.

         timed quizes when webct kickes you off and messes you up

         Timely responses from the professor if I had questions. It would be 4 or 5 days at times before my email was answered.


         To be honest, I did not like the online portion because it was a hassle to ask questions completely through e-mail instead of being able to meet at least once a week to discuss any problems.

         Tonight, Dr. **** server is down. I can't do my work. I had already made other plans for tomorrow. Things happen. Life goes on.

         too little interaction in discussions

         too many different assignments...i prefer less and larger assignments

         too many online assignments and weren't that helpful.

         Too much emphasis on doing math calculation and not enough on learning the concepts that are important in Finance. Working problems isn't hard, but what good does that do you if you don't really know what your answer truly means and how it is applicable

         too much on-line class work

         too much time on the computer

         Too much work

         Took a while to understand

         Tough to get questions answered.


         Unclear about due dates. There was actually an assignment on the outline in the syllabus that was not in the assignments section of WebCT. I disliked it mainly because it easy to forget due dates.

         Unfortunately my computer crashed one night and I was unable to meet a deadline until it was fixed the next day. The professor refused to give credit for the assignment. I think there should be some leeway for situations such as that as with all techno

         uploading process and organization of assignments is confusing

         Very confusing! The teacher was unfamiliar with the course on line.

         Wasn't used as much as it could have been used.

         We are all teachers that were taking this course, adding on to our certification. So, as a teacher I couldn't believe that the professor **** voiced her opinion about the election. It wasn't needed and was very biased. This was not neede

         We had a little trouble with the chat boards this semester.

         We have not received any grades for this course since early September.

         We only had two online meetings, and the instructor had no clue what she was doing. Most people could not hear her, and she was very unprepared. She did not even show up to one of the online classes. I found this to be very disrespectful. We only has

         Web CT is a bit messy.

         WEBCT has major functioning issues with logging in and staying online when trying to use it at 1st of the semester. It was prone to locking up.

         WebCT is slow on my home browser and gave me problems when i was trying to complete the tests

         WebCT is sometimes very slow and will kick you out.

         WebCT needs improvement.

         WebCT tends to have problems sometimes which interferes with work.

         WebCT took a long time for me to get use to.

         WebCT Vista is difficult to use and often has compatability problems.

         Webct Vista is terrible. It gets clogged up and the links are slow and you get kicked off too much. We really need a better server.

         webct was down sometimes when i needed to do work for my class

         webct would knock me out almost every 6 minutes sometimes and I would have to log back in over and over.

         WebCT. I have doubts that CourseDen will be an improvement over WebCT and encourage the USG to choose another CMS.

         What I didn't like is how when I had a question about an assignment or quiz I had to send an email and then wait for a response where as if it was a class on campus I could simply ask my professor personally and get the answer within a few minutes.

         When confused about an assignment - did not think the instructor explained in detail through email.

         When I couldn't access a drop box.

         When I have problems with the class, I have to wait for the answers by the professor.

         When I needed help, I could not email the teacher and felt helpless so I had to rely on outside sources to resolve my prolbems.

         When my computer started to mess up he gave me a zero instead of showing me how to send the file and it caused me to receive a B when I could have gotten an A.

         when there are technical difficulties and time restrictions for assignments

         When you keep getting bumped out of the web ct when you try to open a document.

         Would rather meet face to face

         Would rather meet face to face any day

         Would rather meet face to face to discuss issues

         Would rather meet face to face!



         You are easily knocked off-line

         you are on your own

         you couldn't make the exercise screen larger someimes hard to see what was being done, but with him explaining it at the same time helped

         you had to keep login back in because your session would expire

         You had to teach yourdelf the information instead of going o class learning the information.

         You were taken back to the main page every time you download material.