Fall 2008 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 16: What suggestions would you make for future on-line courses?




         1) step by step directions
2) more assignments for each chapter

         A better educated and prepared instructor

         A better server.

         A calendar of assignments, to track what is due before it is due.

         A different teacher. Make sure that the teacher explains everything clearly and what he/she expects. And make sure that the teacher responds to e-mail and grades assignments before the day that grades are due. The way the teacher conducts her class is ve

         A few classes on-campus and a few online.

         A little more interaction with a teacher would be nice.

         A tutorial on webct would be helpful for students new to the program

         ability to have better audio for powerpoint slides

         Above regarding professor.

         Addition of a doctoral program

         All classes should be available as an online course.

         All courses should follow a template similiar to MEDT 6401 with specific directions for assessments, assignments, etc.

         All future online courses should be conducted as efficiently as this one.

         All modules listed weekly.

         All of them should have instructors available.

         Allow at least 2 attempt for tests. There should be a margin for error when taking them due to technical difficulties

         allow late grades for at least the same day.

         Allow students to work at least 3 weeks ahead.

         allow the quiz to be taken more than once just in case something goes wrong and the quiz isn't able to be finished

         Allow the test to be more from the book and not with realistic examples, because the book does not give realistic examples.

         allow them but include some face to face (about 30 percent)

         Allow things to be more accessible, like the videos and audio.

         Always have a book or resource guide.

         always make sure to stress that the online portion matters

         an actual instructor in class one night a week if you needed help you could come by. The students were alright but there were times that I still did not receive the help I needed I had to get someone at my job to try to help me.

         Another day to be able to take the quizzes.

         Application of the material is the best way to learn

         As Mr. **** has done, there should be a instant messaging center on WebCT.

         As much as can be done all on-line would be beneficial.

         Assignments with straightforward expectations from the beginning of the course.

         At least have some face to face meetings (like 10% in class) so students will know what will be going on.

         At this point I do not have any suggestions. I loved taking this course online!

         Attendance policy, and actually make the students go to class. The online assignments are excellent.

         Be a bit more specific with what is wanted for the assignments.

         Be clear, direct, and as simple as possible.

         Be more considerate with the students. If you have to assign a heavy work load, please be considerate and return the grades in a timely manner. Also, please be more patient with students. We are trying and when you get frustrated with us, it makes ever

         Be more polite to students as far as helping them instead or referring them to someone else.

         be more understanding about a bad internet connection

         be more understanding of computer problems and other things that could go wrong while trying to submit work.

         be more willng to listen to some studnts problems instead of brushing them off. Because their were times when coputers may mess up of emergencies may come up.

         Be organized. Know ahead of time what assignments you would like your students to complete and let them work ahead. Post assignemnts in the drop boxes and let students know what is expected so they can plan accordingly. It was hard to schedule these a

         Be specific...only have a couple of folders with all assignments located in those folders. Too many folders get too confusing.

         Better books. Better notes.

         Better communication

         Better communication.

         Better communication. Better instructions. A little more personal. More discussions.

         Better for Mac computers with firefox or safari

         Better instructions, make sure all students understand the programs beforehand.

         Better materials.

         better organization of content

         Better organization of website materials (i.e. it's hard to get used to how the class progresses.

         Better organized definitely!

         Better quality for videos.

         Better tutorials.

         Better videos

         books were not really needed since powerpoints were provided.

         BReak down the assignments into more reasonable timeframes

         cancel this class out of the curriculum

         Can't think of any

         Catagorizing posting boards by date or topic really helped in this course keeping up with when to post.

         Change the time from noon to midnight on Fridays

         Chat availability
Uploading of videos more convenient.
More compatability with Mac computers,

         check daily

         Clarify who to contact for various issues.

         Clear and easy to understand directions.

         Clearer way to find lessons and assignments.

         Come up with a new format for testing or maybe use a new book.Also, the workbook is overpriced most likely to benefit the author, my professor ****!!!!

         Complete syllabus at the first meeting, so that you could look ahead and ask questions pertaining to assignments before they are due.

         Consecutive Deadlines.

         Continue the ease of use and make sure students understand.

         Continue to expand on-line course offerings. This is an excellent means for attracting those who are currently working and could not attend classes during the day.

         Continue to expand the on-line course offerings at UWG. This is an excellent way for adults to continue their education. I have taken several on-line courses at UWG and the instructors have all done a great job of keeping the students involved through on

         Continue to make sure that assignments are not just busy work and have a real purpose that is related to the course content. Dr. **** has a solid understanding of this and she provided engaging tasks that were valuable to student understanding.

         continue to provide additional on line courses

         Continue to provide on-line course, and maybe considering adding more.

         Continued or increased web videos explaining material or used as an aid to the readings, etc.

         CORRECT 25

         correct items in 25

         Create an interactive Sears Headings and Dewey Decimal review using the discussion board or a wiki to generate more practice and more immediate feedback.

         Create more of them.

         Create other options for FTF sessions that would allow dialogue and interation between classmates. using a web interaction program.

         Cut back on the number of questions and please review/change the questions to reflect important things we should remember, not just some random sentence from 4-8 chapters (roughly 150-200 pages total). This class should teach us about computers and abou


         Decrease the amount of them.



         Distance department is great. They do a great job of making sure the the courses are accessible.

         Do all of my work prior the due date.

         Do make an assignment for every week we do not have class. It gets to be cumbersome.

         Do not assign busy work but things that are relavet to class and will not take all day to work on.

         Do not have online chats.

         Do not have so many questions in the test. They are rather hard.

         Do not have the instructor perform dual roles i.e., Interim Department Chair and Instructor; seems to be a difficult balancing act.

         Do not make the only option for the course online please!

         do not use teachnology that is more advanced than most people have at home


         Don't charge campus fees to people taking online courses.

         don't give such time consuming test like the excel test

         Don't make all of the assignments viewable at the beginning of the semester. Make assignments available as they're due. If it's impossible to get too far ahead, you have to check webct more regularly and it makes it harder to forget assignments.

         dont make it online

         Don't make me take any more online courses. They are great for some students, but not for me.

         Don't make students pay all the normal fees for bus service, athletics, etc. when they are taking classes that meet on campus only 3 times per semester. That's not fair.

         Don't make students pay all those fees (transportation, athletic complex, etc.) when they are only on campus 3 times per semester.

         Don't make students taking classes with only 3 face to face meetings pay all those fees for things we will not be using!

         Don't use Dr. **** format. Advisors should return calls.

         Dr. **** is a great professor. She's well organized, helpful, and very knowledgeable in her field. It is, however, somewhat frustrating to complete many projects and not receive feedback or grades for them. I do not think this is completely Dr. ****

         Dr. **** needs to continue having conversations during class postings. His examples were helpful in forming my own later.

         Dr. **** should set them all up for the other teachers :~)

         Dr. **** format is terrific. Everything was posted day on and we could work ahead. My other classes online classes have been partially online and often I spend time checking for the current weeks module to be posted then scrambling to get through it

         Dr. **** was amazing, so I have none. She held additional optional face-to-face sessions that provided an opportunity for students to receive more guidance if and when they needed it. You can't ask for more than that in a class of this structure.

         Dr. **** was an essential component in the online class going so smoothly. She answered any and all questions promptly and corrected any quizzes or websites that didn't work correctly. There is really nothing that I could suggest expect having prepared

         drop the on-campus requirement

         Drop-box for everything to be turned in.

         Ease up on the assignments

         easier access to helpful information

         easier to get a hold of teachers

         Either the quizzes need to be longer than 5 true false questions, or the tests should be only a compilation of 10-15 true false questions. Though, if only true false were on the test, I would feel like I had gotten nothing out of the class. Basically, th

         Email notifications that assignment due dates are coming up would have been awesome.

         E-mail reminders about class updates.

         E-mail reminders through webct when face-to face meetings are coming up.

         Email updates to west ga email account.

         Enjoyed the class.

         Every class session should be online.

         Everything needed for the course needs to be stated in the syllabus.

         everything seemed to work just fine for me

         everything went well

         Everything went well for the most part.

         Examine how much reading is being assigned. This course was not overwhelming; however, other online courses have been overwhelming, regarding the amount of reading online & in the textbook.

         Examples of completed portfolios or a list of suggestions.

         Exams should be essay as to truly ensure the knowledge is gained.

         Extend the deadline


         Figure out a way to make deadlines easier to meet.

         Find a better way to upload files onto Web CT

         Find better servers or a certain place where students can work on online work without the fear of being knocked offline

         Find educator deals for software so that students won't have to, essentially, pay for an extra class to take this one.

         Fire anyone who says that computer problems are unacceptable when they are out of your reach, and says so in their syllabus
abunawASS is a terrible instructor

         fix glitches as with lesson video problems

         Fix the internet mess up with the quizzes.

         fix the knock out of webct problem

         FIX WEBCT. Its awful, it bounces you out constantly. Everyone is talking about how bad it is. I find it very disruptive to get my work done when WEBCT constantly bounces you out. FIX WEBCT!!!

         Focal assignments; not so much paper work

         Foliotek needs to be FULLY explained and accurate information pertaining to it must be given for students who have never submitted to Foliotek

         For future on-line courses I think each teacher should have plenty information and examples to help the student so they won't get confused and will know exactly what the teacher is asking from them.

         For online courses, i think it is important to meet the professor with the whole class in the beginning of the week so that the professor can guide us as to what is expected from us throughout the whole week and we can also get to know inputs by other st

         for the most part everything was in good standings with me.

         For the teacher to be more specific about assignments and where to post them.

         For the teacher to check in on us and respond to emails.

         For this class, I would suggest having the research questions posted online where everyone could see them and benefit from the shared experiences and thought processes. This class all seemed to happen in a vacuum.

         Force the teachers to answer and respond to email in an adequate amount of time


         get a new professor

         Get a qualified instructor who is interested in teaching

         Get grades back to the students earlier. Library is a 2 credit hour class and should not be as hard and as much work as a 3 hour class.

         Get rid of them.

         get rid of this course, its pointless to teach this class online if the focuse of the course content is online.

         Give a little more time for the quizzes.

         Give a make up time on a certain amount of assignments.

         Give more than 10,minutes for quizzes at least 15 minutes

         Give students reminder emails about deadlines for assignments.



         Grades for late assignments.

         great course

         great course-no changes

         great format. no suggestions.

         have a class meeting in the beginning of the semester and towards the end.

         Have a little more leniency on the amount of time a student is online throughout the week. Maybe have a time minimum throughout the work in which a student has to work a certain amount of hours but don't require them to spread it out over the week.

         have a live classroom once a week

         Have a reasonable number of assignments.

         Have a reminder pop-up that reminds you of the assignments due and be more clear in the explanations of instructions of assignments

         have all of the assignments avaliable from the start

         Have an online course chat room available for students and professors

         Have either more quizes that will make absorb the knowledge that we need to know.

         Have friendlier people working in the lab that are welcoming students that need help.

         Have friendly Grad students to assist if thats what their there to do!

         Have help more readily available.

         Have instructors turn off discussion boards after appropriate time (~2 weeks).

         have lectures with the powerpoints makes it so much easier to understand and you get all the information you need and you can pause it so that way if you need to get up you don't miss anything which is awesome because in class you can't pause the instruc

         Have less quizes

         have mid-term evaluations

         Have more classes that are completly on online.

         Have more detailed directions, like telling the page numbers we need to read for every assignment.

         have more discussions, more activities than just notes

         Have more of them.

         Have more of these

         Have most assignments open for the majority of the semester so that you can go ahead and do the assignments when you get ready.

         Have reminders that pop up a week before each exam and that are shown everyday until the exam.

         have someone collaborate with professors teaching online courses to help them create course designs that are effective.

         Have the class being taught more clearly. The class should meet once every week to make sure everyone is on the same page.

         Have the interface of each class look the same- such as a folder for weekly instructions, a folder for project information, etc. With each class being different, it takes a n adjustment going from class to class.

         have the teacher actually respond back with anwsers to questions instead of ignoring them.

         Have the teacher answer emails

         Having the teacher move involved.

         Hmmm... Better chat room capabilities

         Honestly the downsides to online courses are expected and there really isn't a way to fix that. I think that overall everything went very smoothly for me. I don't really have any suggestions...

         I am not a huge fan of online class meetings by using headsets. I feel that the small group sessions that she did in 2401 were better.

         I am not sure at this time.

         I am not sure really.

         I am not sure where to begin. I personally am not a fan of online courses at all! I would suggest requiring the professors to grade assignments they assign so students can actually know how they are doing in the course. Also, the attrition rate of our c

         I can not really say anything could make it better. As a online class, it was good. I just hate online classes.

         I cannot see any needed improvements.

         I cannot think of anything I would suggest.

         I can't think of any right now.

         I can't think of anything that could improve the on-line courses at UWG. I have only had good experiences with these courses.

         I did not like the group project that was required in this class. I think it is ridiculous to have a group project in an online class. Also at the end of the project, Mrs. **** made the group members do an evaluation on each other. Then if they didn'

         I did not take this course. The business education students were withdrawn from this course and Dr. **** created a seminar for us alone.

         I didn't even know that this course was online when my adviser registered me for it at Freshman orientation. I was happy to hear that it was because of easiness to my schedule, but it would have been nice if my adviser told me about it.

         I disliked that the WEB-CT would time out on me so I couldn't easily navigate through the materials in my different courses. I disliked that many items were blocked from access so that I had to repeatedly log in before I could finally look at them.

         I do not have any suggestions at this point.

         I do not know. I guess I know now for me that I do not like them as much as a regular classroom.

         I do not see a need for one face to face meeting at the beginning of the semester.

         I don't have any suggestion since I work very well on my own.

         I don't have any suggestions for now.

         I don't have any suggestions for now.

         I don't have any suggestions to make.

         I don't have any suggestions.

         I don't have any suggestions.

         I don't have any suggestions.

         I don't have any suggestions. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Therefore, this old dog doesn't have a bone to pick.

         I don't have any.

         I don't have any.

         I don't know what would make it better.

         I don't know. I just won't be taking one again. I'm sure the program works great for some students but it's just not for me.

         I don't think i would change anything about it honestly.

         I don'tknow.

         I feel like the courses are adequate as they are already.

         I felt that for how in-depth the test were. There was not enough time to take them. Even if you knew the material, it was hard to finish in time.

         I felt that the orientation to the course should be optional especially if students have done on-line courses in the past. Taking a day off work to drive 45 min each way for a 15 min instruction on WEB CT was inconvienent.

         I had a class with Dr. **** where we were live on-line sometime though Vista. That would be nice on occasion for the interaction.
My personal preference is 1/2 and 1/2

         I had trouble seeing the website because of the background.

         I have doubts that CourseDen will be an improvement over WebCT and encourage the USG to choose another CMS.

         i have no suggestions

         I have no suggestions.

         I have no suggestions.

         I have no suggestions.

         I have no suggestions.

         I have no suggestions.

         I have no suggestions.

         I have no suggestions.

         I have none.

         I have none.

         I have too many suggestions for the character limit.

         I have trie one e-core class and it was horrible. I dropped it. Also the extra fee was ridiculous.

         I have tried to briefly explain that there is serious problems with
calling this an on-line course
saying it has tutorial service
saying SITS will take care of the computer needs for the class
I cannot say enough bad about this experience
As soon a

         I like for the instructors to be very attentive to on-line students' discussions.

         I like how the class is currently taught

         I like it just the way it is.

         i like the class, i think it is very well put together.

         I like the way Dr. **** has paced her assignments. Everything is always due on Wednesday, which is helpful for those of us who are so busy. I didn't have to wonder if something was due. It would be helpful, however, to put the due dates on assignment d

         I liked everything about it.

         I liked everything as it was.

         I liked that this course was only half online. I learn much more when I'm in the classroom, but it's sometimes nice to have a less demanding course.

         I liked the class how it is currently taught

         I personally liked the on-line courses. No suggestions.

         I realize that today discussion boards are hot. However, I had to read over 3000 posts for 2 classes. I work during the day. It absolutley is too much. Student use them to shoot the bull and I end up having to read them. The instructors can stop this by

         I really have none. I like the way this class was for the most part.

         I really like how the on-line courses works so I don't have any.

         I really like the fact that Dr. **** took the time in our first class to walk us through the process. She was very patient. She was direct and upfront about all that was expected of us. She was also knowledgeable about webct and how to problem solve.

         I simply prefer face to face meetings.

         I suggest that as a class we should meet on campus more.40

         I suggest that there be an option that gives information on contacting the instructor's superiors if there are complaints.

         I thankfully never needed to use it but possibly a few more hours for the teletutoring. It was open until 7 and I don't usually get home until 6:30 and then I have to make dinner and put my son to bed. It is very difficult to be available before 7. The o

         I think a tutorial for the library services would be good. (You might already have one and I have not found it).

         I think FEWER assignments would help the fulltime employed students who take these courses.

         i think it should be 50-50 class time and online

         I think it would be useful to have more help desk hours during the weekend, since that is when most of the online students are working on their class work.

         I think that Dr. **** made this an amazing experience for an on-line class. I felt very prepared for all the assignments, and very knowledgable about the subject after near completion of the course.

         I think that first if its going to be an online course they should have that listed on the class schedule instead of saying it is a lecture. Also I think that if the instructor isn't going to take he questions directly from the review test taken at the e

         I think that instructors should consider the workload and determine if the workload fits the time.

         I think that some requirements could be trimmed down or eliminated while still completing course requirements and gaining adequate knowledge and knowledge of the material.

         I think that this online course should give clearer directions as to what the students need to do to be able to get there work done.

         I think that you should at least meet once a week to go over anything that needs to be gone over.

         i think the exercises were good just that the tests had a long time to take

         I think the fee for Distance Learning Courses is extremely high and needs to be lowered so that any student can afford to take online classes.

         I think they are great and very convienent.

         I think this a great course and instructor.

         I thought this course was very good, even though it had minimal interaction - that is to be expected with an online course. The coursework was reasonable. I thought Dr. **** did a good job.

         I was really okay with this course.

         I wish more classes were distance learning classes!

         I withdrew from this course so I do not know

         I would add a few face-to-face meetings.

         I would avoid them if at all possible

         I would definately add the auditory lectures to the powerpoints.

         I would enjoy an online discussion.

         I would have each instructor upload all class materials and assignments at the beginning of the course so students can complete them at their own pace.

         I would just suggest that there are more chat opportunities and maybe even partner up with a classmate to study with, bounce ideas off one another, "compare notes," so to speak.

         I would like to have live discussion like chat room.

         I would like to receive feedback on assignments in a more timely manner.

         I would like to see a picture every time someone posts a response in a discussion - kind of like facebook.

         I would like to see a place where we can go to see when everything is due; this would make it easier to plan our schedules.

         I would like to see an online doctoral course.

         I would like to see the modules all posted up front, on the first day. This would make it easier for people to complete when they have time. For example, I remember a weekend that my daughter and husband were away and I thought, man, I wish that I coul

         I would love to see more on-line courses in the future in all departments.

         I would make all quizzes available for more time, it would not have to be a whole week, but three days would be better than just two.

         I would not change anything about this online course becuase I felt that Ms. **** did a great job.

         I would not change anything except get an updated version of SAM, except I do not think the company has produced a new version, which is why you did not use it obviously. Please continue to stay organized online and post all assignments online in the be

         I would not decrease the amount of discussions. The discussions is where most of the learning takes place in my opinion. You get to take into account everyones' opinions and perspectives, which in turn makes you rethink your critisim.

         I would not mind meeting face to face at least two or three times a semester.

         I would only assign one quiz per week. If you have other classes along with the online one it is overwhelming the amount of reading you have to do. other than that I really enjoyed this class.

         I would prefer that the discussion boards addressed general topics instead of specific questions that must be addressed by each member that leads to repetitive answers.

         I would suggest giving a quiz a week instead of three in one week then go two weeks without a quiz.

         I would suggest just make sure to stay on top of your work and do no procastinate. It is not in your favor.

         I would suggest making videos and powerpoints more applicable.

         I would suggest maybe one or two more in class meetings to make sure everything is on track.

         I would suggest sending out an email a couple of days before an assignment is due as a reminder.

         I would suggest that it be made known what exactly a distance learning course entails and to make sure that proffesors do not turn a distance learning course into a course that is entirely online.

         I would suggest that quizzes be at midnight on a certain day instead of noon on a certain day.

         I would suggest that we utilize some of the technology that we are actually learning about such as wikispaces, twitters and moodles for discussions and group work. I think we should not be tied to just Webct.

         I would suggest to have more helpful tutorials.

         I wouldn't make any suggestions for future on-line courses.

         I'd say to keep some face-to-face contact at least two or three times a semester would be good.

         If a class meets primarily online, students should not be billed school fees for services they will never use.

         If a course is offered online, webCt should offered all the tools needed to complete the course. The teacher e-mail should always work considering the is the only method of communicating due to distance learning.

         If a student is not familiar with a online course, I think the professor should be obligated to help the student if he or she is having problems.

         If software upgrades are available to UWG students who have difficulty using WebCT then that needs to be made known. If not, then upgrades need to be funded for educators in the Educational Leadership program.

         If the format did not work for the projects, u would be abel to resubmit them. Having more time on the quizzes.

         If there are going to be group projects for a class that is mostly online then there needs to be a way to make sure everyone does their part. Group members should be able to grade each other.

         If there is a problem, the professor should e-mail back. Taking the online quizes were useless and had a lot of mistakes that made you get the question wrong.

         If they could all be as clear and as organized as Dr. **** class...I would have no suggestions.

         If this class is to be online - give some type of study guide, which would help with the amount of reading that is needed. Again, this class should not be an online class.

         If WebCT messes up the students should get another chance to submit their assignments.

         If your good at your own time management then on-line classes are the best thing ever!

         I'm very pleased. I do not currently have any suggestions for improvement. I think it is very well administered.

         In a class such as the research one, I believe the online aspect is vital, but I do believe a little tutorial would have been helpful.

         In my opinion, there are no suggestions needed. UWG has done an excellent job with their online program.

         Include online tutorials, such as what Dr. **** does in MEDT 6467.

         Include other activities in place of the three modules

         Incorporate (optional, perhaps) some labs for those of us who desire direct interaction. Even the school where I am currently subbing does not have some of the most basic equipment, so I haven't gotten to experience some activities (like using a SmartBoa

         Increase the number of online offerings.

         Instead of meeting face to face in the beginning, possibly adding an additional meeting somewhere in between.

         Interaction with students via email or response to assignments submitted would allow the student to be able to know how they are progressing in the class.

         It seems that each class makes some modifications to accommodate new trends in technology and to continue to operate when webct fails.

         it was good. straight forward.

         It was great

         It was great no suggestions for this particular course!

         It was really good. And a heads up when turn in dates are going to change for example it went from it was due on friday too the end of your class day.

         It would be nice if the quizes were opened for half of the week instead of just 24 hours. It would give studnets more time to read and finish the quiz.

         It would be nice to have our discussion questions graded in a more timely manner.

         Just have everything ready to go when the weekly folder is released or make a class annoucement if there are changes. Otherwise students don't know to go back and look at that folder if they already completed the assignments.

         Just make sure everything is really laid out to better instuction.

         Just make sure that it works when trying to do the live chat classes.

         Just please offer more. I would love to see some online math education classes for secondary education!!!

         Just that the professors who participate in online learning need to be easy to contact since you don't see them in person near as often.

         Just that the you would be able to finish the class as early as you would like to.

         Just to make the quiz time limit longer!

         Keep a structured format in which students are required to turn in assignments but allow, and encourage, them to turn in work early.

         keep it the same it was a good set up

         Keep it the same.

         Keep it the same.

         Keep it up, its working

         Keep offering them and more of them.

         Keep providing professors with technological and best practices training so they can make the most of the online forum.

         keep the F2F meetings

         Keep them coming.

         Keep up the good work

         keep up the good work and present your on-line videos more so the students can get the help.

         Keep using WebCT Vista...its a great tool.

         Less group work

         Less group work!

         Less group work.

         less online assignments.

         Less true or false questions.

         Let students with Apple computers know that they will not be able to have access to all of the programs. It have a mac and it would have been more convenient if I could have done my assignments on my computer. However, the office that I purchased for the

         Let students work on own time instead of trying to force them to the slow pace the instructor insisted upon.

         Let's have more of them.

         Like I stated above, make the in-class debates voluntary. I learned a lot from them, but was very uncomfortable with worrying about what I would say.

         Listen if your students have trouble with their internet and be understanding.

         Longer time limits on quizzes.

         Longer time to complete quizes

         look after the students difficulty and professors should be understandable

         Make a more detailed map of the library.

         Make all assignments available at the beginning of the course.

         Make all teachers view this class to see how it is supposed to be done.

         Make announcements for when there is a deadline.

         Make class sessions online.

         Make discussion board use optional

         Make Dr. **** do the job for which he is paid and teach his students.

         Make due dates and assigments due easy to understand.

         Make due dates midnight friday.

         make easier to understand

         make exams online

         Make it all on line

         Make it all on line.

         make it all online

         make it easier to navigate and can stay logged on longer, when i went to type a discussion response, and was viewing the mane page, i lost the post and had to rewrite it because of the time out.

         make it more creative and innovative

         Make it more user friendly and have a better layout.

         Make it more user friendly by showing us discussion board before we have to use it.

         make large notifications for assignments and quizzes due

         make more classes online. i do my best learning this way.

         Make more courses available online.

         Make more online coruses

         make more time for quizzes. People actually like to read the whole question and every answer and choose the right answers. This does not go for this course.

         make more user-friendly

         make more user-friendly

         Make quizes due at midnight.

         make reminders of your due dates.

         Make shore that people undestand that if they live real far that this class may not be for them.

         Make something where students could ask questions without worry of feeling silly or embarrashed.

         Make students more aware about projects

         make sure everyone understands that laptops are not th ebest for use.


         make sure if you have powerpoints that there is a lecture with them because if you didn't hear something you can always rewind and get the info you missed unlike in class.

         make sure it is a class that needs to be taught online

         Make sure teacher checks e-mail enough.

         Make sure that professors inform students exaclty what is required and expected of them in advance so that students can be prepared to meet those expectations. It is harder to communicate through online courses than meeting face to face.

         make sure that students file size limitations well in advance - I had an issue with a file being to large and could not send it in the assignment drop box to my prof-- uuuug what as hassle -

         Make sure that students understand where to go get help.

         Make sure that the course is running smoothly prior to classes.

         Make sure that the major assignments are very clear since there is less face to face time.

         Make sure that the requirements and instructions are clear.

         Make sure that the teacher is familiar with all aspects of WebCT so that all assignments, grades, can be posted and organized in a manner in which the students find a more organized class. This will enable the student to spend more time on studying the m

         Make sure the professors are educated and are comfortable running an online course.

         Make sure the professors are willing to spend the time interacting with the students online. It is quite boring and the course lacks depth without that factor.

         Make sure to know deadlinees and be able to set aside time to do your work.

         Make sure WebCT works on campus at all times. Because it messed up, it lowered my grade a whole letter.

         Make sure webct works properly for submitting assignments

         Make sure you are going to be able to keep and afford internet services.

         Make sure you can keep and afford internet services .

         Make sure you check it daily.

         make sure you have the self discipline as a student to get your work done.

         Make sure you know when your assignments are due.

         Make the assignments clearer.

         Make the assignments fair. Please do not over work the students just because the course is online. Make use of the discussion boards and chat rooms.

         Make the assignments readily availble for both Windows and Mac users.

         Make the class solely online, NO one likes to meet a couple of times.

         Make the course a little harder. I am not sure there are many people this computer dumb attending the university.

         Make the directions for assignments much clearer.

         Make the directions for each assignment easier to follow.

         make the directions more clear.

         make the directions more clearly on some of the activities

         Make the online tutorials more interesting. They got the point across, which was the goal but at times seemed a little awkward.

         make the quizes avaliable more than just once so in case something happens to the connention and the user is thrown off and cannot finsih the quiz

         Make the user interface easier to understand

         Make them 100% online or at least only 1 face to face

         Make them all like this one.

         Make them completely online and allowing a proctor for exams so that they can be given off campus.

         Make them fully online rather than partially

         make them mandatory half on-line and half face-to-face

Only exceptions are MEDT classes

         make them more available

         make them only online no class room

         Make WEB-CT easier to use without the time-outs and blocks.

         making certain requirements for assignments easier to understand

         Mass emails alerting students to a due date the day before it is due.

         Maybe allow more space for attachments. Also be able to customize our presences online. Allow us to have a bit more character to who we are online maybe during discussion boards.

         Maybe have a set day/time of the week that you can meet face to face with my teacher.

         Maybe make a checklist of all the assignments that need to be done or that are already finished.

         Maybe only one group project, that way people only have to get together and work out their schedules and work together once, no time for people to slack at the end. All or nothing.

         Maybe partnering up with a person to bounce ideas off of, like an additional resource. Definitely someone of equal ability. A go-to person to touch base with. I like the format so don't have many suggestions.

         maybe post reminders and be more willing to help us

         maybe sending out emails to makes students aware of certain due dates for assignments

         Maybe smaller amounts of work at a time and shorter periods where the work is due. (I always seemed to forget about the class)

         maybe some kind of alert to let you know when there is an assignment due.

         Maybe you could show some videos or PowerPoints to get an "online lecture".

         Meet for the first class in person and then the rest online.

         More alerts on web ct about when assignments may be due

         More alerts to new postings by the instructors

         More attention to site problems.

         More class room time and the use of Microsoft word 2003 because 2007 caused too many problems

         more classes that are completly online

         More communication

         More communication

         More communication between teachers and students.

         More courses

         More coursework offered on-line.

         More detailed descriptions of assignments on the sylabus.

         More detailed lectures because you cant ask questions when they pop into your head at the time.

         More direct intructions.

         More face to face and more examples and formats of what instructors expect. I don't like being in the dark about what I need to turn in.

         more frequent input from instructor.

         More instructor feedback....DIFFERENT INSTUCTOR!

         More instructor interaction in discussions

         More instructor involvement.

         More leniency with technical problems.

         more notes and powerpoint instruction

         more of them

         more of them

         More of them.

         more online classes

         More online classes

         More online classes

         More quizzes and online tests.

         more quizzes or more chances to improve grade

         More sympathy with technical problems.

         more than ten minutes for tests

         More thorough explanation of available resources and assignments in face to face meetings.

         More thorough explanation of resources available and assignments due during face to face meetings.

         more time for assignments

         more time for tests and being able to take them more than one time

         More use of the live classroom function instead of requiring campus visits.



         My major suggestion would be to limit the number of students per teacher. This class had only 18 students and this was fine. But I've taken other classes with 80+ students per one teacher, and this does not serve the students nor the teacher well.

         My only suggestion is is that each professor be trained on WebCT because a couple of my professors did not know how to use it and therefore made postings of class notes, quizzes, and/or assignments confusing.

         My strong suggestion is to add more course to the online distance learning courses list.










































         n/a- It was great!







         need to email or contact new uses/new online students and provide orientation info related to the online aspect of the course.

         needs better directions for assignments

         no changes

         no comment

         No discussions...they are pointless to me unless your in like a english class where its really needed.

         No face-to-face meetings

         No group work!

         No improvements

         no inprovments

         No more online videos unless someone can improve the system.

         No new suggestions. I really liked the way the class was set up.

         no online courses unless you want them. i have taken three because they were mandatory and i hated all of them

         No suggestion.

         No suggestions

         No suggestions

         No Suggestions

         No suggestions

         No suggestions at this time.

         No suggestions at this time.

         No suggestions at this time.

         No suggestions at this time.

         No suggestions at this time.

         No suggestions, it couldn't run any smoother than it did this semester.

         No suggestions.

         No suggestions.

         No suggestions.

         no suggestions.... it is good how it is

         No suggestions..everything was great!


























































































































         None at this time

         none at this time

         none at this time

         none at this time

         None at this time

         None at this time.

         None at this time.

         None at this time.

         None at this time.

         none for this class

         none it was an overall good experience

         None that I can think of off hand.


         None, except for more in-class meeting days.

         None, i think everything is layed out in a manner which is easy and organized.

         None, I think it's fine the way it is.

         None, it was great!






















         None. Dr. **** is a true professional.

         None. Class was great.

         None. Dr. **** does an excellent job.

         None. The course was fine. I just prefer in-class courses.

         None. This was my first and it was a positive experience.

         None...this was an excellent experience.

         None; the courses are perfectly fine as of now.

         none; was great

         none; was great

         not as many discussions required each week

         Not so many projects because they were very overwhelming.

         Not so much busy work. I had more work in my 2 hour online classes than in my other on campus 3 hour classes.

         not sure

         Not sure. I liked everything about it.

         Not to do this class online because you don't learn anything!

         not to have any

         Not to take the professor that I had.


         nothin i like them alot

         nothin i liked everything






















         Nothing at the moment.

         Nothing because I have had a great experience throughout this whole program.

         Nothing everything was fine to me

         Nothing I think the course was close to perfection

         Nothing in particular.

         Nothing it was very good.

         Nothing really, I really enjoyed taking this course.

         Nothing really, the course is set up well, and I enjoyed using it a lot.

         Nothing really.

         Nothing really. It seems to being working out great for me.

         Nothing springs to mind.

         Nothing the course is close to perfect


         nothing, everything was great

         nothing, i enjoyed it

         Nothing, I think it was fine.





         Nothing. Everything was just fine!



         Offer more

         Offer more

         Offer more classes with at least some on-line component.

         offer more of them

         Offer more of them, they are great!

         Offer more of them.

         Offer more online classes

         offer more sections of some classes; when I tried to schedule Spr 2009, most of the classes I needed had closed by day 2

         Offer software options that are more economical

         On campus testing

         One of the things that I have found dificult with online courses is that every professor sets up the course differently and some are more organized than others. It would be helpful to have the first two class meeting face to face and expalin exactly how

         Online classroom instruction should not mean double the paperwork.

         Online courses shouldn't be easier than your regular class but some of the classes that are offer online I feel are too hard for an online class.

         Online office hours

         only to make some of the assignment instructions a little more clear. such as the word assignments.

         Open discussion board so Q&A's can get answered sooner. Classmates have much to offer in assistance.

         Organize all courses with the weekly modules.

         Organize them all upfront so that students can plan their projects/papers according to the end project. They can build on one another if this is accessible early in the class!

         Perhaps having the ability to use tchnologies such as Skype to facilitate lectures instead of the PowerPoint lectures that the professor used which often cut off before the end of the slide!

         Perhaps make one mandatory group project.

         Perhaps pushing the site lockdown to after 12am because some assignments aren't due until 11:59 pm.

         Personal preference...meeting F2F is good and an open discussion board for Q&A's.

         Please consolidate syllabus information into one document. This Business Research class had sooooo many areas of information we had to access to know what was expected of us and what to include in our paper. I just think we need to keep instructions si

         Please instruct the instructors to be prepared for the class in a timely manner expecially if they are expecting to have work submitted in a timely fashion.

         please offer more courses online!!! they are so convenient. I thought that I would not learn much because it is distance learning based, however, I found it very easy to follow and very well organized!

         Possible add optional live-classroom times in case of questions about assignments. Sometimes it is hard to clearly ask everything in an email or on a discussion board.

         Possibly have more reminders or have automative messages sent out in WebCT Vista saying a day before an assignment is due. Maybe have links to other websites that relate to the subject that would help us located on the WebCT Vista Home Page.

         Post grades in a timely manner. Students should not be penalized for computer or webct related problems that result in late assignment submissions.

         Prof needs to participate.

         Professor offers students to speak out about course syllabus. She needs to listen to her class and modify her instruction to fit the needs of her students.

         Professors could include more video delivery for students who are not comfortable with the online format.

         professors need to be available to the students a little more.

         Professors who teach online courses should be competent in using WebCT and should be willing to check email on WebCT, not just through myuwg email. It is frustrating as a student to have a professor who doesn't know how to use WebCT effectively.

         Provide more online classes

         Provide more!!!

         Put the whole program including content areas online and grab some business from the online universities.

         Quicker response times to problems

         Recognize the fact that sometimes web ct is not the best method and do something to improve the lack of "personal environment" that UWG claims.

         Reminders for assignments.

         Reminders for classes, I always forgot to login for the classes.

         reminders of quizzes

         return the work quicker


         see above

         See above. Have both PC and MAC information/help readily available.

         Shorter class period. Less projects, there was just too much stuff due.

         Slow down the speech just a little on the camtasia's. Give more real-world examples to make the concepts make sense.

         Some of my professors didn't know much about WebCT and so I think that it would be nice if they had some kind of training so that there is less confusion with postings of assignments and quizzes.

         Some of the links were slow to upload.

         some sort of alert like an email saying deadline is tomorrow for assignment 1

         Someone needs to assess the amount of required postings by professors

         Specific grading rubrics.

         spell check assignments

         spell check each assignment

         Students should be held accountable to how often they check in on WebCT, particularly when working with groups.

         study guides for the test

         Submitting assignments was a little confusing.

         suggest that they make more classes available online. It is beneficial to the institution and the students

         Suggestions...none really. I think that UWG has done an excellent job arranging online courses.

         take it twice

         Teach whats going to be on the test.

         teacher needs respond to emails

         teacher should learn how to handle online classes before they sign up for them

         Teachers posting Video teachings

         That information is very thorough,especially because we do not meet in a classroom (i.e, syllabus and emails).

         That instructions are clear and layed out in the syllabus.

         That PWLA courses should not be online.

         That teachers remain up to date with grading.

         That the instructor always include clear instructions for every assignment, especially large projects such as in-service modules.

         That the material be eaisly downloaded no matter what speed your pc may be.

         That the teacher be very specific in what they are asking for.

         That the teacher come to this class on-line better prepared and offer less busy work.

         That the teachers be very specific in what they want.

         that they be entirely online

         That webct would have a pop up when you logged in saying what was due for class that week.

         The addition of an online doctoral program for Media.

         The book was expensive but I plan on keeping it and using it in the future.

         the class could have discussions online with the teacher rather that having to contact them with any questions through just email.

         The class was good overall but the teacher having NO EXCEPTION is a little too extreme, they should realized that mistakes do happen and think that a unforseen mistake should not penalize the student as it has me. The teacher should look at the students

         The deadlines for the assessments seem arbitrary. Either remove them altogether or make the student more aware of them. Sending an e-mail 24 hours before would help.

         The grading scale is rediculous. This is a required course not a major course. The final is cumulative and weighted WAY TOO MUCH!!!

         The half online courses are pointless. There shouldn't be in class meetings when everything is online, including lectures. Class meetings are a waste of time, especially when the little information covered isn't even on the exams.

         The instructors should be well prepared to teach on-line courses.

         The module setup for this class worked very well.

         the need to be more personal

         The number of assignments due per week.

         The online classroom to function properly.

         The online tutorials be more understandable. Or this class be taught in a classroom setting.

         The only suggestion I can give is to make more courses available online. It would allow more students to take the courses they need and/or want without having to worry about fitting it into there campus schedule.

         the only thing i would change is the 10 minutes

         The professor could create a video to help students who aren't familiar with the online format.

         the professor should be a little more available, but thats all

         The professor should double-check the grammar of his test/quiz questions.

         The professor should have an email just for the student's questions and maybe post them online for everyone to see in case they have the same questions.The professor should also respond to each of the questions in a timely manner.

         The students are able to re-submit, submitted work if they accidentally press the wrong.

         The suggestion I would make is to limit number of students per instructor.

         The survey questions are very bias and could be reworded so that they do not lead individuals towards a positve answer.

         the teachers be more accessable

         The workbook contained several blank pages for "notes". In my opinion i think the workbook was a waste because the only useful information was a few instructions that could have very easily been given over webct. This should be changed and i would give $

         There are no real suggestions I can make because the overall use of Web-CT in this semester and others have been a positive experience.

         There aren't any major changes that I would suggest. I think that the structure of the on-line course is pretty easy to follow.

         There be at least 2 more requird face to face meetings.

         There is not much one can do about changing an on-line class. It is what it is. If you do not do well without a face to face encounter then on-line learning is not for you.

         There needs to be some assurance that group members participate in a timely manner. Without classes, if members do not check email or discussion board, you are left with nothing else to do.

         There should be a mandatory internet ediquite class! Especially for those who have never taken an online course.

         there should be an online remider to help you to rememeber to do the onlin course. Maybe an email would work.

         There should probably be an in-class tutorial and set-up to avoid potential problems.

         They are too expensive, reducing costs would be very helpful for students with families.

         They should have someone online...that you could chat with promptly incase there is a problem.

         They should make the test on what the excersies are about, to show that we have really graps the information we learned on the exercises and if there is going to be a test on what is not in the excersise they should put the chapter questions together. So

         this class in particular should be a mandatory first semester freshman class

         This class should be a mandatory first semester freshman class because the content is very helpful and will give them the information to do papers easier.

         This online class was great! I was able to work ahead and get help from my professors when needed. I think as long as we are all flexible, and the classes are incredibly structured, thorough and well-planned, then the future of online classes will be sec

         This school needs more online courses. It is hard especially when you are a parent to attend classes on campuas. MORE ONLINE CLASSES NEED TO BE OFFERED!!!!!!

         This was my first online class and Dr. **** was great for the distance learning and I don't have any suggestions.

         To allow at least two attempts for any online quizzes or tests. This allows the student to have a chance if there are technical/computer problems beyond their control.

         To be a little more flexible in the work load given because most of the students in these courses are already working full-time jobs with their own projects and deadlines due.

         To be very organized and good with time management!

         to have more completely online courses

         To have more of them online and make them completely online

         To have more on-line classes

         To have some personal interaction with your professor would be nice.

         To keep grading up to date.

         To let the students who are participating in the class know that it does have a lot of material, and you still have to work just as hard as an in-class class.

         To make quizzes and tests have at least two attempts to prevent students from receiving a lower grade due to technical/computer problems beyond their control.

         To make shorter videos so they would download faster. Also get newer videos so they are not hard to understand and watch.

         to make sure that all content on the online quizzes is made visible to students.

         To make them totally online.

         To offer more for working individuals!

         To provide a detailed, chart of when things are due and reminders/announcements if you have not completed an assignment before it is due.

         To read & do the assignments well in advance of the due dates.

         To remember that most people that are taking these classes are also working a full time job and are seeking this degree as a way to advance in their careers. Assignments need to be more in line to what we can use.

         To respond more to e-mails and the discusison boards so the students know they are on track.

         To set aside a certain day and certain time that you plan to do the course work, just like going to a class, and the course will be very easy.

         to try and attempt to make it more organized in a sense.

         To try your best in an emergency situation like a class cancelation to get in touch with your students.

         Try to be quicker with giving student feedback and use the model of tutorials in this class for other classes.

         Try to limit avenues for receiving assignments,grades,etc. so you are certain you have covered all you need to know. Looking in many places takes away precious time and worrying that if I don't look everywhere I might miss something important is not goo

         Update WebCT, PLEASE! it's archaic.

         Updates on when things are due.

         Upgrade the program to make it more user friendly and compatable with most students' software. Why must the server stop every week?

         Use anything but WebCT to get the materials and assignmets to the students.

         use powerpoints with sound

         Utilize WebCT instead of Moodle. While I like Moodle, being able to have all course work in one area would be nice. Using Moodle, several windows would have to be opened before coursework could be accessed.

         Utilize WebCT more fully

         Utilize WebCT more fully.

         video chat would be cool.

         Walk the students threw a few times maybe meet face to face a few times instead of just once

         Warnings sent out reminding you that something is about to be due.

         Web cams

         Web CT was very slow this semester

         Web CT was very slow this semester. I have taken courses online at UWG for 2 years and this was by far the slowest it has been.

         WebCT is not easy to navigate. It is extremely slow no matter where I access it. I was constantly being kicked off and having to log in all over again which was very time consuming and frustrating.

         WebCT should be avaiable at times

         WebCT Vista must be overhauled, it obviously cannot sustain the system traffic, and the faculty teaching such courses need to be better trained and more responsive to questions.

         Weekly reminders of assignments.

         When taking tests online, it would be extremely nice not being kicked off of webCT.

         While on-line classes are flexible, it's also a good idea to manage the work load, I probably had more papers and quizes weekly in this class as oppose to my other classes, and it had a faster pace than I would have expected.

         Who am I to make suggestions? I am a novice.

         Work more with people that are close to your location

         Work out all complications prior to the commencement of the course. Be sure to stick to the syllabus as much as possible. And be clear in student expectations.

         would like more optional live classroom times