25. What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?


      Having to go to campus and work on team project when this was an online class.

      There was too much random busy work that did not educate me in any way, shape, or form.

      Expectations were not clearly outlined which led to assignments having to be redone or done in a hurry due to last minute awareness of due dates.

      When the teacher was out of town and unable to respond at times

      Group projects

      The directions were sometimes hard to understand.

      Some directions were a little unclear.

      ENTIRELY too much busy work!!! This class made me feel like I was in high school. There was WAY too big of a workload.... This professor should seriously reconsider the amount of paper being wasted in this course that isn't honestly useful, and is more "

      The instructor did not know how to use CourseDen.  Please teach/require instructors to use CourseDen effectively.

      Sometimes not being in a physical classroom made some of the assignments confusing. There is only so much explanation a professor can give in an e-mail or discussion post.

      the online portion

      kinda boring, prefer in-class more

      there was too much busy work for this class but it was helpful

      Teacher wasn't good at explaining assignments

      Sometimes the webside had problem to log in.

      I didn't like not getting notifications about deadlines. I had to be sure to constantly check on my own to see if work was due, because I had missed an assignment due to not knowing that there was even an assignment to be done for the night.

      too much things we need to do, like assignment, and quizz

      The assignment is a little time-consuming.

      We can't control ourselves well to focus on studying online.

      Nothing I liked everything about it.

      partcipation part

      too tasks to do

      Sometimes I cannot find a computer to finish the on-line assignments.

      Because it is not very human-based.

      Some times my readings and thought process does not match the exam answers.

      It was hard to get an explanation if I didn't understand something.

      The material was difficult to the point where I probably would have understand half the stuff if it was taught to me through face-to-face interaction.

      Somewhat hazy material took a little longer to understand without the presence of a teacher.

      It was a lot easier than the inclass tests

      Receiving feedback was very slow.

      The teacher is not as helpful as he could be.

      This class should not be taught completely on-line. There should be some in class discussions about the material covered.


      It was harder to understand the content compared to other on-campus course.

      Since this is my first semester with on online class I found myself unsure of what was going on at the beginning. I felt like I was missing things, but towards the end I felt better.

      The material online is kind of obsolete. And the guidelines are not clear enough.

      I find out it is hard for me to concentrate online.

      It was vague at times.  Hearing someone smack while you look at their computer screen can be very distracting.

      The instructor had assignments due at noon on Saturdays. I hate how every Friday night CourseDen would be down. I see no changes week after week so is it really necessary EVERY week.

      I have taken online classes before -- and done well in them. This course I found difficult to stay motivated.

      Sometimes it is hard to get the point the professor is trying to make about a subject because you are not face-to-face and you are basically teaching yourself.

      Nothing, I liked it

      I just didnt like taking an online class for anthropology. There was a lot of neat information but I feel like I would have taken it in better in a classroom setting.

      I didn't dislike anything. :)

      my opinion was usually wrong. i learned that i do better when actually listening to the lecture.

      I had no issues with the online portion of this course.

      Not fast response to questions

      coursemate - it was too expensive and troublesome

      There was no homework or discussion, it was all test/quizzes.

      Not able to see your classmates face to face.

      I was very pleased with this class.

      There was a great amount of material and the quizzes covered many things that were tricky and difficult to remember.

      the complications with finding the information for the tests.


      The inexact grading for the first few exams. They were promptly fixed and revised.

      i like taking on campus classes, i feel like there is so much more time put into taking online classes

      Not getting to have a class and meet my teacher face to face

      Although I know there were several personal and technical issues, the feedback/ grading was slow. It is difficult to gauge how to do the next assignmetn if you are not sure if the last one was what the professor was looking for. That being said, grading

      With online courses it is a heavier course load than on campus classes.

      Only one thinh I do not like about the online classes that they are more expensive than in-class  classes. Moreover,we have to do as much work as in  in-class class, or even more. So I do not understad why we have to pay for them more.

      Each teacher organizes their material differently, it took a couple of weeks to figure out how the material was organized.

      Not getting automatic response to problems and only being able to submit my work once (not being able to resubmit work if I made an error ).

      I had trouble understanding what was being asked of me many times in homework assignments as well as trouble finding the related texts online in CourseDen.

      I felt as if is was confusing. I understood for a while, but the way the professor had things organized was horrible. Assignments where due one minute and changed the next.

      not easy to consult with other students

      Things having to be turned in during the weekend

      I never remembered to do the work. Between my other classes, work and just that fact that I do not use my computer that often, I would forget to check when assignments were due. Resulting in the majority of my assignments being late, which is totally and

      remembering due dates

      Courseden being slow

      The grading system is a little confusing.

      When I registered for a different section they both showed up and very confusing.

      Hated the weekly reading assignments .. because the answers are too confusing .. I would rather you select a few questions from there and then  make a weekly quiz in webct.

      That I really could go back and see if my answers were wrong. I think that once I up in the answers I should be able to find out if they are right or wrong immediately.

      Not having a regular class with the teacher notes.

      Having to go to different websites,

      It was relied too much on the textbook assignments instead of the instructor giving us more assignments that were relatable to the material we were going to be tested on.

      I disliked the homoework questions. They were very tricky.

      It is not an easy class, but I guess that's good.

      Harder to ask questions, easier to procrastinate.

      The confusing questions on the aplia assignments, which I know the professor has no control over.

      I loved everything bout it. I had no complaints.

      the days stuff are due.

      Not having the ability to ask questions during class.

      the book price

      I disliked the writing assignment. It was difficult to have such a big project, and not be able to meet with the instructer face-to-face to ask questions.

      Had to crunch too many assinments together at one time to try to make the deadline.

      Nothing, great course

      I did not receive feedback in a timely manner; courseden does not work well. It often quits in the middle of sending an email or discussion. I sometimes had to try for 3-4 days and from many different computers just to send my professor an e-mail!

      nothing it was great


      Missing assignment deadlines...

      I have no complaints with the online portion of this course.  The only complaint that I have with regards to this course are that may of the video links that were posted had expired or the links didn't open.  The videos were supplemental and not integral

      Have to keep up with it & check it periodically to not get behind.

      internet failures

      I like to be able to have face-to-face classes so that I can ask any questions that I need, whenever I need them. I also feel that it is more difficult for the professor to get to know me through the online setting, then in the classroom.

      Lack of communication.

      I love psychology and would have enjoyed taking this course face-to-face in a lecture and interactive setting to learn to my fullest potential.

      Nothing to dislike."

      hard to keep up with schedule

      There was some confusion between the way this particular class was run previously and how it would be run this semester. It caused us, students, to assume the course was handed over to the professor last minute.

      Use of a wiki as the syllabus created a fragmented and confusing framework. There were a lot of assisgnments that were overwhelming. Use of Wimba was time consuming and some assignments are impossible for students that aren't teachers. Feedback for assi

      The instructor had a bit of trouble aligning assignment dates a few times

      Late submissions are very unforgiving on CourseDen, and it is sometimes difficult for me to get everything done on time because of my heavy workload outside of school.

      That WebCT is not very compatible with my iPad and iOS "

      Complete lack of face-to-face instruction, even lacking Wimba.

      They were not on campus

      If the instructor requires group work, it is sometimes difficult to meet with the people in the group because of varying schedules.

      Not really easy to understand.

      I don't mean to be rude but this class was pretty much pointless.  I am not a teacher, never have been, never want to be and it was all related directly to teaching.  UWG needs to re-evaluate why they are making this course a core class for School Counse

      the web program i needed not being available on on-campus computers

      I learn well listening to lectures, so I missed that.

      Group work

      Lack of teaching

      Some assignments were confusing to understand what was expected and had to be explained several times. Also there were confusion on assignment deadlines because they were posted in too many different areas with different dates.

      I cannot think of anything that I disliked about the online portion of this course.

      lack of meeting times, lack of warmness

      I'd rather be involved in face-to-face discussions with my classmates and professor.

      I have no complaints

      This class wasn't offered online.

      Nothing to dislike other than the fee for TK20.

      Doing group work with others every week is challenging bc we are not meeting face to face and schedules don't match.  Also, having assignments due when we do not have class.

      Don't like discussion board posts every week and working with groups in online classes.

      We had alot of group work and not having to be in class every week made it difficult to get all the discussion in that we needed.  Also, I would have preferred the discussions be in person. For me it would have been more meaningful.  I just prefer face t

      some of the assignments seemed like busy work, and didn't really add to the understanding of the class material

      Having to work with the group for online discussions.

      The lack of clarity of where to locate items on CEPD 7130's page and the lack of clarity with deadlines and assignment requirements

      I don't like how Course Den goes down at 10 p.m. to midnight on Friday's. There are a lot of students who use that as prime working time still.

      An extremely large amount of work (reading, positing, discussions, papers, exams, etc) were required for this course. This work load is extremely larger then any other online or in person course I have ever taken.

      I didn't like having to learn most of the material on my own. I felt that I would have understood it better if it was presented in class.

      The assignments were difficult and lengthy.

      I did not like not being able to have face to face interactions with classmates and my instructor. I was also not able to aske questions and network like in a class setting.

      The discussion board requirement was a bit confusing.

      i am just not a fan of online course work. I would rather be in a classroom because I am a visual learner."

      It takes a lot of self-discipline and attention to details to keep up with online work.

      Not being able to talk to my teacher when I wanted to.

      I like being in the classroom interacting with peers more than online.

      Lack of classroom interaction, structure, and discussion

      too new of information to be online, research needs to be explained and shown to students since it was a lot of new information

      You did not have lecture and immediately ask professor questions. Was not very confident about my work.

      Not having atleast 3 or 4 mandatory "class meetings" to discuss concerns

      That assignments were difficult to find/understand.

      Blackboard is a bit out of date.

      I did not enjoy not learning from instructors in a non face-to-face format

      Some of the material for the particular course I took may have been better to learn about in person.

      I have taken several fully online courses throughout my education, however, I did not feel like this particular course benefited being completely online. Being a introductory course there were a lot of new information presented throughout the course that

      I did not like being away from my professor when I had questions about assignments and her not being able to clarify instruction right away.

      I had a hard time staying  focused during Wimba.  I felt like the online class was more of an overview of the readings that we had read and there were always things I found that needed to be done or could be done during class time.  Although I was online

      I really wanted to be a part of the online Wimba. There were times I wished it was a face to face class so I could have spoke more on the topics.

      Never seeing the actually class participants.

      It was very difficult to navigate

      I did not like the organization of this format.

      Interaction was a little limited! The professopr was great but seems like a lot of students "Checked-out" because the course was online and not face to face.

      Discussions and midterm

      Had problems accessing podcast in the beginning of the semester

      Computer problems related to watching videos or podcasts.

      it really was a very effective online course. I do not have any complaints

      I thought the course was a little less rigorous then some classes I have taken.  I think that may be due to the fact that it is offered as a overview course for students in other departments.

      the interface needs improvement that favor the professor and he/she s teachings

      Incompatibility of UWG's older (REALLY OLD!) Java version!!!

      Lack of interaction between colleagues

      I would have liked to go to class every so often.

      Sometimes I felt like I was forgetting to submit my documents.

      The teacher was not sure of how to utilize the orline features.

      I felt overwhelmed in the beginning becuase it was my first online course.

      wimba is not as user friendly as I would like. It makes it difficult to have easy flow of discussion

      I didn't dislike any of it.

      you forget about assignments

      Book availability.

      Some of the directions of the course was not very clear.

      The times to meet offline changed and were difficult to find out.

      It was hard to remember upcoming deadlines without face-to-face reinforcement.

      Confusing assignments.

      it was hard to remember to sign on everyday


      Lack of classroom experiences throughout the course are not favorable to me.

      the computer software that I downloaded to my computer for this course did not work properly and ITS kept giving me the run around and I could not get a correct answer from anyone. It was really unacceptable. ITS need to go bact to disks not online downl

      It was a little confusing and not laid out as well as it could have been

      Should be able to submit homework through CourseDen. Possibly have homework assignments online to cover material more efficiently.

      That I had to pay extra to use the website for this class.

      I do not like how we had to wait for Monday to roll around before starting our next lesson. I like to do a lot of my work on the weekends.

      Work overload

      internet would mess up sometimes and I wouldn't be sure if my quizzes/tests had been saved or not

      It seemed that for this particular class one or two low grades would make it very hard to get an A in the class.

      a lot of discussions

      Keeping up with the work, dates, and assignments.

      I disliked when the internet ran slow.

      When I had questions or concerns regarding certain assignments, my only method of contacting the instructor was via e-mail, most of which the instructor did not get back to me in a timely fashion (which I am considering a period of roughly 24 hours). Som

      The teacher was no help on the material and never really answered our question dealing with the online portion.

      The organization of the assignments was confusing and not what I'm used to from courseden.

      I didn't like the lack of face-to-face interaction.

      that it was online

      Interaction with the professor can be difficult

      WebCT goes down

      It was hard to communicate with other students and the professor.

      Somtimes the assignments did not appear for students.

      Sometimes the assignments were difficult to understand and the explanations were also a bit confusing. There were many times where the material would have been better to learn face-to-face so that the teacher could answer questions as problems arose.

      Not completely organized

      I would have liked for all quizzes and assignments to be available in the beginning at one time.


      I miss being in the classroom to take part in discussions. Online classes really are convenient but they take away the human interaction that can make the course even more interesting. Discussions can become very animated and engaging when everyone is in

      I cannot think of anything in particular.

      The Criminology Department should set up a cohesive time for assignments to be due. I am taking four classes and each one wanted their assignment due by a different time on Course Den. The majority of people taking online courses also have jobs and famil

      I enjoyed everything about this course

      I disliked all the discussion posts times making sure they were completed by a certain time because sometimes I was a little bit forgetful...

      nothing that I can think of.

      not much teaching going on

      Not enough interaction

      I disliked no being able to have a better understanding of online coarse when i first received me schedule during orientation.

      Webct closes.

      No proplems with this course.

      The confusion with due dates or technical difficulties really bothered me.

      Sometimes I would forget all about the weekly discussions.

      I missed being in the traditional classroom and being able to get to know my classmates and instructor better.

      It is hard to get to know the teacher as well as I would like.  I emailed him a few times and never got a response, so that automatically turned off his friendliness and credibility in my mind.

      bad comnection

      no student teacher relationship. no interaction with other students.

      The two day window for exams were not always convenient. At times i had to rush them just to get a grade.

      It took a while before I saw my grades.

      That I was not in a classroom setting. People who were also taking the same class in a classroom setting also did less work than I did

      No real class discussions about topics and no personal interactions with my professor

      Webct closing and u can miss assignments.

      The only interaction the instructor had in this course was to make announcements advising students of due dates.  No information was added to the learning modules to make the information more understandable.

      The technical difficulties that come alone with the course being on the computer.


      I do not really feel like I understand the course work I am more of a face-to-face learner because then i can easily ask questions. Online classes I have to email then wait for a response which is not helping me at the moment i need it.

      Teacher was very unpofessional, unflexible, did not work with my military schedule. Gave official orders, she had a deadline of 10pm, many people who take online classes work during the day and some at night. this makes it nearly impossible, especially s


      The teacher assigned work over the weekend as opposed to during the "work week". This was new to me and I have taken LOTS of online classes. I have never had a teacher make the assignments to be done over the weekend. This actually caused me to be late o

      Not receiving grades in a timely manner. In addition to no feed-back from Instructor on your assignments or discussions.

      The class was to hard and needs to be only offered on campus.

      The professor was using the wrong edition of the book, so four of our exams were messed up. The class isn't easy, so by making the test wrong made it even harder. It messed up my grade so bad.

      The test for this class were highly difficult, and the majority of the time multiple students failed and very strong curves had to be added. The tests needs to be made simpler and the professor needs to lay out what is expected on the tests better.

      I disliked the fact that the tests did not match the book very well.

      does not really assist me in understanding the material


      I am strongly against online courses for upper level classes, even more so with courses that are on theory. I believe that theory is one of the core foundations for social science and needs to be taught exclusively in class for face to face interaction.

      There is nothing I can think of that was wrong with course."

      There are no face to face lectures.

      That the teacher never uses a face to face method while teaching. Some teachers make videos and stuff even if its just to introduce themselves. Makes the class fun to mix it up every now and then

      Inability to create bonds isn't really available for online students.
Inability to join the Honors Society for my school despite being on the Deans list numerous times and meeting other requirements.

      Not much.

      The dysfunction of course den

      The webiste would close down on Fridays when I had assignments due that night.

      I dont like that all classes are going online. I learn better face to face.

      My previous answer in no way overshadows the negative aspects. I did not meet a professor. I had to teach myself through reading a textbook. I did not meet any of my fellow students. I pay to go to this school for a reason and that reason is to be taught

      The extra cost, which is the reason I may not take them again."

      The fact that we had work over Thanksgiving break.

      The cost. For the school not to have to build a building for these classes nor pay an instructor to come to class everyday, the tuition for online should be cheaper not 1.5x the price!

      The instructor's way of teaching and lack of response

      Journal Reflections. I felt like they were a waste of time. Everything else was great though.

      That I have to check courseden constantly

      Nothing about this course did I dislike.

      Checking courseden constantly

      THe teacher was not involved in ANY of the discussions. 
The grading was not done in a timely manner at all.

      I lioked evry part of it

      Nothing really.

      I did not dislike anything about this course.

      not being face to face

      The calender did not show due dates.

      Not being able to cover things in class orally, but that is not too big of a deal for me.

      I had no dislikes.

      Never meeting the professor face to face.

      lack of lectures, not sure which part of the materials are more important than others.

      Discussion questions were quite lengthy

      the test were diffucult

      I like the atmosphere of the classroom environemtn especially in my Criminology major. It helps to be able to discuss with your professor and classmates face-to-face why you need to know certain information in order to apply to your career


      It see to be very fast paced. Not being able to have a test review, so I really did not have any idea as to what to expect on the exams (which was very hard and somewhat confusing)

      No complaints.

      I felt the quiz time was too short.

      I never really know who my instructor actually is. The layout of the site was a little strange and compact to me at times.

      This was a very easy course so I have no complaints.

      The difficulty in remembering deadlines.

      This class was good online

      I could just breeze through the assignments without actually learning and remembering how to do something. That, however, can happen in any class, online or not.

      "The online aspect in general

      I didn't like how we only got 10 mins for the quiz.

      There is nothing that i disliked

      It is hard for me to stay on top of things without seeing a professor face to face.


      The due dates were in the morning I think it would make more sense for them to be in the evening

      You don't get the face to face experience.

      Too picky grading.

      If you worked so far ahead of due dates and you forgot them when they came around, you couldnt go back and do them

      quiz times

      Some of the wording used for each assignment was difficult to understand

      Inconvenience of not being able to get immediate answers to questions"

      There was nothing i disliked about this assignment.

      At times when the class was stressful I couldnt get the attention I needed or  the help that needed at the time, I did recieve it but not as affectively as I would if I was face to face

      Some of the instructions for homework assignments were very unclear.

      I felt that this course was pretty complicated. I strongly disliked how there wasn't a tutorial for the assignments because I struggled completing these assignments by using the book and example give. Instructions were not very clear for me to understand

      Some things were confusing even with the book.

      I felt rushed during the quizzes. The chapters were so long, especially in the second book, and I felt like I didn't have adequate time to finish them.

      No teacher student interaction like other online classes I have took.

      I thought at first that having an online course would fit my lifestyle but I later learned that it was very difficult with my disability to keep track of the deadlines.

      Can't say

      It was hard to view sometimes.  Viewing pane for manual was small.

      Remembering my deadlines.

      That online classes cost more than on campus classes.

      I found that the smallest moment of "slack" caused a few assignments to be missed.

      Assignments were confusing

      The only thing I disliked (and highly, at that) about this class was Dr. XXXXX himself. He showed a complete lack of sympathy, care or concern towards my mental disability that directly interferes with my work and attention span at all times of every

      I disliked how somethings would overlap into other things, so I had to either refer to the questions by students or look elsewhere for how to complete a task. Furthermore, I appreciate the examples because those helped clear up some questions about the a

      Nothing, there were a good amount of assessments and assignments to cover the material in the book.

      The directions were not good for assignments. With an online course in using the Microsoft products even with the fact that I have used them all my life and having a computer science class (in high school) having the same type of course content. I found

      I had to wait for my grades even though I finished the 2nd week of classes.

      I was not fond of the deadline dates being at 11 AM instead of 12 PM.

      Problems with course den

      I had trouble with the last assignment and used the Blackboard IM but they were not able to help me.

      I don't like how it was set up. It was confusing at times because it was different compared to what I am used to.

      The fact that there were no modules to follow for the activities. Although it did help me learn.

      Once you missed a deadline by 1 second you automatically get a 0 for that assignment.

      I felt it would have been more benificial for us as students to have late exceptions were and points were reduce as a result for being late. I say this because most of my day is work and then when I came home it would be late in the evening and when I ne

      no extracredit and make ups !!! because  things happen

      The class home page is pitiful.  It is extremely awkward and uncalled for.  Why not set it up like all other course den material such as having folders with the assignments and other information inside.  The viewing area is visually small and I was in co

      Quizzes were a little difficult"

      I dislike the lack of face-to-face interaction with teachers and classmates, as I feel that enriches a class and helps enhance my learning. I generally prefer face-to-face classes more than distance learning; however, this class, like many others, was on

      It was much harder to meet with the profesor face to face.

      It was not compatible with Apple computers, which was a huge inconvenience for me and I'm sure other college students.

      Things due on Friday mornings.

      the inability to retake quizzes and assignments.

      I did not dislike anything.

      the quizzes should be longer

      Nothing really. It serves it's purpose.

      That you could not print out the assignments and had to switch screens back and forth while completing the assignments.

      Hard to locate for Dr. XXXXX because he uses something totally different from CourseDen......it took a while in the very beginning and I almost became frustrated with the whole thing!  Glad I hung in there and have this behind me!

      more expensive

      i didnt like the part where in the second book i had to use Access for an assignment. it doesnt come with the Microsoft Office software cd that i bought at the beggining of my college years. if it didnt come with what i normally need then why do i need t

      nothing I can think of.

      The professor did was nearly impossible to communicate directly with. Every component of this bourse was allocated to his GA's, even down to simple email communication. Saying professor to student communication in this class was unacceptable would be a

      The books.

      I wish there had been more material about the subjects.

      What I did not like is sometimes the quizzes did not match up with the readings.

      I didn't like the time amount for the quizzes.  Even though I read it still took me a little while to find the right answers and make sure they were right.

      Sometimes certain assignments werne't explained well enough & you only gave us 10 minutes for the quizzes

      The teacher was very distant and unavailable to students"

      I did not care much for this teacher or their attitude. They did not seem willing at all to help me with questions or problems I had. This was my first year here at UWG as a transfer student and my fourth in college.  I was hoping I would have had a litt

      There were no exceptions in this course. Sometimes being by a computer is harder than they think.

      Whoever was grading my homework assignments counted a lot of things that were right, wrong. Also they did  not count a quiz that I did and that I turned in. They were not very good at getting back to me about these complaints and the instructions for the

      Some of the assignments were very confusing.

      The fact that it was online and the lack of face time with my classmates

      I don't think I dislike any portion of it.

      Discussing problems with professors can be challenging via email or IM

      Nothing. The timelines and due dates made sense.

      i did not like the little resources available to better understand the subjects

      none I could think of.

      Discussing problems with professors via email or IM can be challenging.

      I disliked the due time of 9am. I wish it would have been later.

      Quiz grade method... it would be better, if you grade best score out of 3 attempt not the last attempt score

      That I cannot use my iPad to submit assignments or participate in chats online."

      The only problem with this course was the instructor's inability to communitcate or grade/give information in a decent time frame. After seven years and three degrees from the university this was by far the worst experience of a professor using WebCT

      The instructor did not post information in a timely manner.  Online classes were often not scheduled until the day before--which is unacceptable.  Also, no rubrics or tools for how we were evaluated were posted.  Feedback was not given in a timely manner

      I did not like the fact that I needed a lot of articles from the library and I was not able to access them on Galileo.  I live to far from campus to spend an extra day driving out there.  I feel that the library should have been able to scan documents in

      (extension of above comment) just google it. She did not give us any handouts or anything. We received our revisions for chapter 1 and 3 back ( it was later than the date that she said) and noticed that some people had feedback and grades for chapter 2 (

      There were no video lectures to help understand the material.


      lack of recorded lectures or sample problems.  Video of how the problems were solved.

      miss the face to face interaction with teacher and other students

      Nothing, was all good.

      Techical challenges that goes along with using computers and the internet.

      The technology lagged.

      The fact that I had to be online at a certain time.

      I did not like the fact that our professor required us to meet online at the designated class time when we weren't on campus.  In my opinion, online classes give you projects of self-paced instruction that you can do on your own time.  It was inconvenien

      Logging on sometimes can be difficult.

      WIMBA was a challenge for this class. It rarely worked for us when we were supposed to meet.

      Not receiving feedback from assignments in a timely manner.  Submitted several assignments before receiving a grade.

      Very difficult for a new student to access CourseDen. When I had difficulties, it took 4 different departments to route through to find out that I just needed to be reset.  This difficulty put me almost 4 weeks behind in class and was extremely frustrati

      email contact with professor; access to professor other than email.

      Grades were given very late that I didn't know how I was doing in class.

      group project

      no dislikes

-       I was satisfied with this course.

      I did not like doing class meetings on Skype.  It didn't seem as effective as other options that were used in another class.

      Sometimes the modules were too long for the purposes of determining mastery of the content.

      The WebCT site times out too quickly.

      I benefit from face to face correspondence with professors and colleagues

      The lack of timely upload of information and the general lack of updated content and grades.

      Lack of space and slight difficulty with uploading documents in TK20.

      There was nothing that I disliked.

      Interactions through the Wimba Classroom feel forced and unnatural.

      It is difficult at times to collaborate with classmates when the class is completely online. Dr. XXXXX worked very hard to make it less difficult through regular break out sessions where we worked with different classmates each class. It helped to build

      Wimba and it wouldnt work


      I just do not like on-line classes because they lack  personal feeling.  I would much rather go to class so I can interact with my peers.

      Nothing to dislike.

      Never having a face to face meeting"

      Discussions needed to be more effective. I wish more was expected of us and our contributions.

      There wasn't anything that I disliked about this course.

      Nothing yet.

      One small complaint I have is the Course Den interface. Assignments were posted in multiple placed which made it difficult to find them. Assignments could have posed under Discussion, Assignments, Course Content, or Learning Modules.It would be

      While I liked being able to to do my homework at my own pace  disliked the sense of detachment from my friends and activities on campus.

      I had a few tech issues that were resolved quickly

      Nothing major.

      The midnight deadline that tells on you when your late.

      I can't think of anything.

      There is not anything that I do not like about this course.

      When course den would go down and there is an error, you had to wait until Monday if it caused an error with an assignment or if you made a mistake submitting something, you had to wait until the instructor released it back to you to make the correction.

      I liked everything."

      It was tough to keep up with all the due dates, especially if I would forget to log on for a few days.

      I do not understand why on line classes are so much more expensive than their brick and mortar counterparts.  There is less overhead, and I think the cost is a little ridiculous.  Especially when there is no brick and mortar option.

      This professor taped lectures and posted them, so I felt like I wasn't missing anything.

      There was nothing that i disliked

      It is harder to get to know the teacher and other students.

      time available to dedicate to the work.  This is an issue with my own schedule, not the course.

      lack of face to face opportunities

      Harder to get to know the teacher and other students.

      I do miss some of the face to face interaction with the teacher and other students.

      The time it took for powerpoints to download.

      requirement to buy the text when the purchase of the website access offered an online version of the textbook.

      Not applicable

      the information regarding what texts and additional online portals/software were needed

      It was all good!

      The ebook subscription ran out before the course was done.

      Find the platform very difficult to manage and understand.

      Nothing. I hate getting feedback like this as a teacher, but I can't think of a single thing that relates to the online delivery that was an issue for me.

      no live discussions

      At times, technology became an issue. For example, I have to tape the UWG dissertation for my AR project. Part way through, my computer shut down and I lost the taped portion. I wish there were built in back ups for this type of issue. For the most part,


      Nothing I can think of.

      No one seemed to check our assignments. Sometimes it felt like we were submitting items without anyone looking at them. If this is the case, it wasn't worth turning them in this way.

      I disliked nothing.

      Sometimes I felt isolated from my peers.

      Hard to understand assignments

      some of the students being rude in their posts in the discussion board

      Everything was fine

      I think Dr. XXXXX would have given a whole lot of insightful advise, and have more fun with this class had it met in person

      That it is hard to keep up with in comparison with classes being taught face-to-face.

      I did not dislike any portion of this class.

      lacked interaction with the professor

      Almost everything. Most of it was just very confusing.

      Nothing, I liked the class

      The inefficiency and lack of knowledge of the professor.

      More organized for due dates and when courseden shut down

      Some deadlines are not convenient or not advertised very conveniently.

      Vague instructions, not having the instructions posted time sensitive at the same time every week

      I thought it was a little disorganized at times.

      The teacher had a baby during the course and I would have liked to know that prior to signing up for the class! It was very annoying trying to contact her

      How the instructor had her "folders" setup within CourseDen.  Very confusing!

      I think a lot of what I disliked about the online class wasn't so much the fact it was online, but the fact that a lot of others in my class wouldn't do their part and it in turn, messed up what my assignment was. I think that if it's online class, the a

      I didn't like the fact that the main website to access the class lectures (CourseDen) would go down every other Friday because I had to either do my assigned work a day ahead or the day of because most of my assignments would be due on Friday's at midnig

      not much. Wimba needed some work, but it seems the compatibility issues have been resolved.

      Sometimes it was harder to understand the assignments.

      The online portion was a lot harder than the in class portion. I would have rather gone to class.

      I didn't like the fact there was a lot of reading and busy work.

      I did not like that if another student had a question that I may not think of I would not be able to hear the question or answer like you would in a regular classroom.

      had to wait for email to get your question answered.

      Sometimes I would have difficulties understanding the materials and could not immediately ask the teacher. Also it took some practice getting used to the layout and how to do everything

      I did not like having to listen to a prerecorded lecture. I found it hard to pay attention to, especially since the recording was her reading the powerpoints.

      The sound component didn't work on my desk-top computer and so I had to use my smaller lap-top even when I was at home!

      I would have like all lessons to be posted at once, so I could have worked ahead.

      Just the random assignments my professor would just add. Some people have a life and can not open course den everyday.

      Field Assignment due during Thanksgiving break

      I did not like how there was no notice other than checking my emials of when a new assignment had been posted. I think mainly the instructor should have had a list of all our assignments in the syllabus since it is an online course.

      no personal, no direct help, and I like being face to face with the teachers and students, so my question are answered immidiately.

      I disliked nothing about the online course.

      Hard to rewind powerpoint naratives.

      Sometime the directions were not always clear, but the teacher did always help with any confusion.

      Personally, it was really hard for me to watch the power points. Even though they were extremely helpful me being the type of learner I am that was a struggle.

      I felt that I did not learn as much as I would have if I were in a traditional classroom. The teacher was less involved than a traditional classroom teacher would have been.

      the HTML creator

      Some instructions were hard to understand, and it is much easier to have questions answered in a face to face setting as opposed to an online setting.

      The teacher was rude. She always answered emails by saying "look in the syllabus." Would I have went  through the trouble to contact you if I hadn't already resorted to that? Just take two seconds and answer the question! Also, she has these huge, take-a

      The HUGE problem that I faced was that when I had turned in the work and it would say it went through, when I received the grade it did not go through. With computers there is also tons of room for problems to happen with technology that you can do nothi

      misinterpretation of emails/responses

      Too many assignments at one time.

      Very hard to keep up with everything, and remember the times of assignments.

      It is sometimes hard to use internet in some places around campus.

      I would forget that something was due and miss the deadline.

      I am a people person so online classes do not suit my needs.

      Everything. Didn't learn anything and it seemed like a waste of time.

      I disliked the fact that XXXXX was the professor! She tried taking advantage of it being online and piling on work without notice. We have class meetings but she fails to let us know about work online. So if we don't check it frequently enough,

      I did not like it because if there was a question I did not think to ask but another student did I may not be able to hear the question and get the answer.

      There were a lot of bugs that the teacher did not know how to fix and was not very sympathetic about.

      The thing I disliked was that it was sometimes hard to remember when things were due because you physically were not in class to hear that there is something due next class. Having to go on the internet and see was difficult. Sometimes it was really easy

      The information my instructor used wasn't clear all the time.

      The teacher had a really BAD habit about not posting dates on the course. This was really bad for me because I am used to asignments being due at the end of the week, not midweek. I think that should definitely be improved.

      face-to-face communication and lectures


      I have no complaints.

      I dislike how long it takes me to do a single module.

      If im not CONSTANTLY checking the site sometimes I may miss an assignment


      Not learning the material face to face

      I wish the course was formatted differently. Unlike my other courses, I could never view from the home page whether or not there was new announcements/discussion posts/etc.

      I dislike the communication of the online class. I think it is hard to ask for specifics on assignments when you cannot discuss face to face or receive instruction clearly. Directions needs to be very specific with very clear examples if you are not goin

      Nothing it was wonderful!

      The chapters were long and there were no study guide for the tests. The teacher, Dr. XXXXX made mistakes on the tests ( I believe there were three) and we had to retake them along with another test that was due on the same week. Plus, I had wrote an e-ma

      Sometimes face-to-face learning makes a student feel better about asking questions.

      An instance where the dead line for the assignment was not the deadline that was published however the instructor did correct once it was brought to his attention.

Another instance was on the activity for chapeter 17 had a web link that did not work the

      Its fine the way it is

      Could not relook at questions on the test to double check my work."

      I didn't like the slower response times by online professors.

      No communication from assigned Instructor of chapters.

      I didn't like only having one lesson available at a time.  I had to wait a week before I could continue work on the next online class assignment.

      I liked everything. If I had to chose something the powerpoints could of been a little more helpful.

      This feels like a weird criticism, but sometimes the tests seemed too simple. Rather than encouraging very much critical thinking, they often relied on recalling straightforward definitions. It made the tests easier to pass but less satisfying to pass.

      We were not able to revisit questions on the exam, so if you made a mistake or wanted to check over answers. IT wasn't possible.

      That you could not go back and answer a skipped question

      I did not like that while taking a test or quiz, I was not allowed to revisit a question after anwsering it.

      It is difficult to contact the professor/assistants.

      Nothing in particular.

      Nothing. I really enjoyed this class.

      I did not have an instructor readily available to help me.

      Nothing. I thought this class was instructed well.

      More responsility to keep up with the work.

      amount of revisions to tests

      I had no one there to remind me that I needed to stop being lazy and do my work.

      Some stuff was confusing and pictures on the some of the assignments would not show up.

      I disliked that each professor changed the way the power-points and tests were organized. This was confusing.

      The costs of supplies.

      Getting in contact with the professor was impossible.

      The professor, while seemingly knowledgeable, wasn't very effective at course delivery - we read material and watched a couple videos and that was pretty much it, without discussion or interaction.

      I did not allow for any interaction between teacher and student. Instructions were vague at best. Grades were net returned in a timely manner. Course material was in a format that is undecipherable by most modern browsers, and content has not been update

      No student interaction and very little instructor interaction.  I miss being in a classroom and hearing other student's questions or being able to ask a question myself without email.  GIS is difficult enough, but without hands-on instruction, I feel I m

      It's really complicated, and sometimes it has a lot of problems about the system.

      When I did have a problem, it was hard to get in front of the teacher to actually show him where I was and what I needed help with

      I disliked how spotty courseDen is in the matter of its downtime.

      the super expensive textbooks

      The book was so expensive!

      Sometime when I had a question it would take the professor awhile to respond.

      Not sure what to expect for the test or if it was required that we take it. The class was easy and the test was extremely difficult and I'm not sure it was needed (the professor did not clearly communicate that with the class)

      I didn't really have anything that I disliked!

      You have to remind yourself to get on the computer and check your online class every day/week.

      All the information.

      The material was challenging and sometimes hard to understand

      It seemed that the professor didn't expect anyone to actually learn. The class was very easy, allowing two attempts and everything coming straight out of the book, but  because of that, I had a hard time staying motivated.

      It was sometimes difficult to understand concepts since there was no visual instructor.

      It was hard to understand where all the quizes were.

      i'd rather be in a classroom.

      There was some confusion at the start of class about grades and materials. but it all worked itself out throughout the first couple of weeks

      barely any contact from professor, no instructor led discussions.

      There weren't deadlines

      nothing i enjoyed the course

      There was nothing I absolutely disliked about this course.

      Needs deadlines and power points, more visual things. I felt as a visual and audible learner, I was not successful in this course.

      That I never had to check in for class. Therefore I didnt always do my work when I needed to.

      There were many quizzes which meant a lot of reading

      At first I was unsure on how to go about completing the assignments but I learned to schedule them according to my available time.

      not being able to navigate the course at my own pace, work was provided by a week to week scale that i did not like

      I did not like the fact that when you had questions for the teacher, and you emailed him he never once responded to any email. He had on the syllabus that he uses Skype but unfortunately everyone does not have the ability to use Skype. I hop

      When I am away for tournaments it's hard to do my work since I don't have a laptop.

      Everything was fine.

      I didnt like that it was completely on line class. I think I do better in face to face learning.


      Hard to comprehend some material.

      there was not anything specific i disliked about the class

      Not as much clear instruction as I get in face-to-face classes.

      Had no problems

      I had to constantly get online everyday to check up on this class.

      sometimes I would forget about homework due

      I had to come in on a Saturday to take my test.

      some times you are confused and have ti email you instructor and it might take a little time for them to get back

      It was hard to learn without a teacher

      Online math classes may be more difficult than classroom classes because they are self-taught.


      Whenever my internet went out while I was taking a test.

      No Comment

      The few videos he makes is all the teaching I received.

      The fact that if you missed a quiz or hw assignment, you could not retake it.

      At times was not clear what edition to use for the hw, needs to use only one edition of textbook.


      if i was stuck on something in the reading,i had to skip over it and ask on a later date to teacher or math center.

      really did not explain how to do certain problems in full details about the lessons being covered.

      i did not like that the Wimba lagged. The it would take Wimba a few seconds to catch up with what the teacher was writing.

      That there were only 2 grades.

      Certain math courses - especially those that are very abstract and conceptual such as Math analysis - need to be taught in person.  In my opinion, they require an instructor to be able to explain things verbally and allow a back and forth discussion not

      Nothing, this class is well-suited to online learning.

      It was sometimes a struggle because technology isn't always reliable.

      When I needed help connecting with the wimba, It was very hard for me to get assistance in doing that.

      I thought the majority of it was busy work or irrelant. The instructor was wonderful but MEDT as a class is useless and pointless. We already know how technology can improve education and how to implement it into our classroom. Therefore, I do not know w

      I much prefer to be in an actual classroom setting where i can interact with teachers and students. I like to be able to ask questions and receive answers immediately - and not have to wait for a return email.

      The assignments, that were a waste of time. The professor, that was rude and disrespectful.

      time management and computer glitches

      It was very time consuming because I am not an expert on the computer.

      I did not like the two boxes when submitting an assignment. I believe only one box is needed for comments on the submission.

      It was tedious.

      I can honestly say there was nothing that I can say I disliked.

      Missing assignment deadlines

      I did not dislike anything about this class.

      too much to do

      How much it costed.

      There was a lot of internet surfing with a lot of different internet sources that I wasn't used to, but I necessarily didn't dislike it.

      it was great

      The workload was sometimes heavy but I didn't really dislike anything.

      With this particular class, I have no complaints. The teacher was nearly always available for questions and was very kind when answering them.

      The assignments can be confusing on how to complete them and the expectations of how to complete them. The examples were very helpful.

      There is nothing that I can think of that I disliked about this class except for that I would have liked to meet my professor face-to-face. She was great!

      Delays in communication. Rare, but frustrating.

      The waiting period for getting questions answered is a little longer when you're dealing with online courses. It can be a little bit of a pain if you have an important question about an assignment.

      Not one thing!

      I would like to see a different program used besides Wimba for group meetings.

      I was very hesitant about the group projects for this course.  In particular, I thought that the debate project was difficult to manage as a group and would have been easier to do individually.

      It's a little harder to talk to the professor when you aren't in a physical class so if you have a question about an assignment you have to wait longer for an answer.

      Just be as specific as possible when giving assignments. There were lots of pages to navigate through sometimes I would forget where to find certain items.

      Extensive amount of work.

      Lack of contact hours equals more online assignments.

      I miss participating and interacting in a class setting.

      Waiting on partners to complete their portions of assignments.

      Learning  about Sears and Dewey was material I found difficult.

      Nothing.  You have to learn to wait for responses to emails and such.  Once you know that, it is easy.

      I felt lost when I didn't understand something.

      Evreything was fine.  Very strait forward.

      I dislike the idea of online courses involving team work and everyone's schedule is different.  This semester I have had a lot of team/partner work and our grades have reflected on this working together.  I understand the importance of collaborating and

      Partner work.

      sometimes I have had technology problems (frozen or slow connection, etc.)

      The discussion requirements don't show up as assignments so you really have to keep up with when discussion responses are due.

      Sometimes, the course content page does not contain everything I need.  I have to learn the organizational abilities of differing professors in order to navigate their course content page.  Some are like me-- straightforward.  Others are a little disorga

      I disliked having to schedule group meetings because it was too hard with varied work schedules.

      There is nothing I did not like .

      difficulty in working with groups

      This is my 5th online course taken at WGa.  It was the most challenging to navigate through assignments and deadlines.

-       The organization.

      I would like to use a different online chat system other than Wimba.

      There were A LOT of assignments but they were paced appropriately.

      At times, I had to submit google docs for assignments rather than attaching my doc  to the assignment.

      no face to face time

      I dislike that I have to verify that I have read information by writing responses each week.  I understand why it is required but it does not increase my overall knowledge or experience.

      occasional slow connection or other technology issues on my end

      Nothing, it was very interesting.

      I wish I had more opportunity for face-to-face time with classmates and professor.

      there was nothing that i disliked

      There are some sacrifices  - - In a virtual classroom setting, not all web browsers are compatible with UWG CourseDen and WIMBA. I had to find that out the hard way.

      The majority of the work required was more conducive to a face to face class setting

      I experienced a few problems with Wimba. I also wish we had only one email address, not a UWG email and a course email.

      The Wimba sessions were a challenge for me. This was the first time that I participated in these sessions.  It was sometimes difficult due to work commitments.  I had to juggle missing the work commitments and Wimba sessions.

      Had a few glitches with Wimba classroom entry.

      Unclear communication.

      It was hard to locate materials.

      The professor had many reasons for elements of the class not being ready in a timely fashion, for extremely slow grading/feedback, and for making large changes to the class as was described in prior syllabi/course catalogs. He attempted to make many chan

      heavy work load even for an online course

      All assignments were dur by Friday at 5:00 to allow for maintaince of Course Den.  I would have preferred the due date be at 11:59 PM like my other online courses.

      The professor did not organize the class well.

      Sometimes I would like to ask a question right then, but Dr. XXXXX always got back to me very quickly.

      no comment

      I felt like there were too many places to look for information.  The syllabus, the weekly assignment sheets, and the assignment instructions were all wordy and I had to check multiple places to see if I was doing the right thing with each assignment.  Fl

      The grading was sporadic, but I think it is a very big class, and that may have prevented more timely turn around of materials.

      Sometimes it is hard to know what someone means in a syllabus, or on an assignment.  It would be easier in a face to face classroom setting.

      I liked it

      This is the most disorganized and ineffective class I've ever taken from the University of West Georgia.

      The course was not ready at the beginning of the semester.  Having to wait several weeks for course materials to be posted was a waste of time.

      The professor was not as easy to get to know as I have been able to do in previous online courses.

      Slow feedback. Assignments had a lot of information and expectations were overwhelming and confusing.

      When I missed the deadline for submitting work.  Friday, 5:00pm?  I have to work all week, so I at least need the week-end.

      The website is our lifeline, and it is not kept current or correct.

      technical problems with the browser and course den

      It was fine.

      The modules were not directly tied in to the syllabus, There was no listing of all the course assignments that correlated with my progress.  I had to review various folder and areas to make sure assignments where not missed.  I actually missed on in tbe

      Working with a group on a project was more difficult than it would have been to do it on my own.  I learned from it, and we were able to get a great project done, but it did take some getting used to.  Not really being able to meet with or talk to other

      Alot of the stuff that I don't need or use can get in the way.

      Nothing!  The course was easy to use and navigate around in.

      some parts of the courses were confusing and difficult to understand

      Group work. I have never been a fan and a major portion of this class was group work. I was in a group with two other members. One was a full and active participant and the other barely did anything.

      The directions for some modules were unclear.  Feedback was minimal.

      Some of the repetitiveness gets boring.

      always feel a little disconnected, but this is one of the better courses.

      The group project

      It was difficult to complete the group work.


      Technological dilemmas and lack of face to face interaction.

      Probably the only thing I disliked about this course was having to work in a group, but I realize that in the real world one must work with others whether F2F or not.

      There wasn't anything I disliked

      lack of grades as went through the course

      Not always knowing when discussions were going on - having to check often.

      Not being able to interact face to face with the teacher and my peers.

      Busy work

      Meeting in groups online.  I don't mind chat rooms or discussion boards, but online meetings with video doesn't always seem necessary

      I miss the interaction of face-to-face classes.

      Not understanding how to work this professor's technological ways of presenting information.

      This course was a little confusing. The blackboard had so much information on the main page with drop-down boxes that it was confusing to many in the class.

      The workload was overwhelming at times.

      The web meetings were great, but computer issues with others limited learning.

      I had to learn how to use the technology prior to submitting an assignment

      I enjoy face to face meetings and believe that those are the courses that I learn best in.  There has been a lot of partner/team work this semester in these online courses and it has been difficult for all of us to be on the same page about meeting to di

      I can't think of anything that I disliked about the online portion of this course.  If anything at all, I would just say the directives for some of the assignments were not clear. It caused me to have to reread the directions several times for clarity.

      Nothing -- this was a very good online course.

      The group projects

      I think it is more busy work on line

      I was never able to log onto the live part of the class (Wimba).  I tried 5 different computers and was not able to log in.  In the past I had no problem participating with Wimba.  But I am not aware of anyone to talk with to help me work through this pr

      Sometimes I failed to check the syllabus regularly, which sometimes left me in a scramble to complete assignments...i.e. the discussions since there were not posted in the assignments tab.

      No problems

      I do not like TK20.

      There was nothing to dislike.

      Not having the face-to-face interaction with the teacher and peers.

      I absolutely did not appreciate that we were required to meet at a specific time during the week for a period of 2.5 hours (often with NO break whatsoever for dinner or even the restroom). One of the appeals and purposes of online learning is to be able

      all of the coursework was not housed in the learning context folders.  the instructor had files stored on webct and the wikis and it was poorly organized and explained to the students.
course grades were not posted in a timely manner. at the time of d

      The amount of work the instructor required to be accomplished online. It was just too much.

      The discussion module of this program is rather clunky and not user friendly.
The course would have been even better with a better communication module.

      It was difficult to learn to work in a group to complete a project--especially since we had never met or even talked other than email or Wimba.  It all worked out in the end, so I didnt necessarily dislike it, it was just more difficult that being solely

      I miss face to face time with the professor, however email and class disscussion helped when I had a question and did was not in a classroom setting.

      I disliked that I was required to purchase a TK20 subscription that I never used.

      Nothing!  Loved it!

      There was not anything I disliked.

      I didn't dislike anything about this particular course.

      This online course worked perfectly for me.

      I can't think of anything.

      Computers have to meet certain requirements to access the classes for longer periods of time. My brand new HP all-in-one computers at work, would freeze often.

      Group work at a distance is difficult.  We all tried to make it work (and for the most part we did) but I hesitated at times to contact my group mates if I didn't know what there situation was at the time.

      There was confusion with the graduation portfolio but that was not the instructor's fault.

      Dealing with a disengaged professor.

      Some requirements not explained early enough

      As this is the last class for my Ed. S degree--my complaint is what I have said of all online classes--I dislike the impersonality of online classes.  As everything is virtual--by typing--discussions and collaborations are very forced.  I miss true intel

      The fact that Dr. XXXXX did not use WebCT as the primary way to submit assignments.  Having to email them to him at his gmail and westga email and then still submit on CourseDen was redundant.

      The fact that there was a portfolio due and that assignments from this class were a major part of it seemed to be a surprise to the professor and was a surprise to the students.

      Materials are haphazardly arranged.  Instructional materials are poorly designed.  Instructor responses are incredibly slow.

      This was the first course I have taken that I felt I needed more clarification for assignments and feedback on work.

      The professor did not communicate effectively.

      There were very few instructions or explainations.  It was very cryptic with very little teaching.

      For this particular course, instruction was unclear, and not delivered as indicated by the course syllabus. For example, folders established for online presentations were empty.

      I would have liked to have more audio/video instruction to supplement the PowerPoint lectures. Sometimes I felt like I was on my own to interpret the professor's expectations. I think this course would have been more effective if our class had been divid

      Unclear directions or lack of timely directions from the professor.  To much wait time between questions and answers from professor via email or course den.

      Lack of communication with instructor. Unclear assignments.

      no guidance from instructor, little to no communication with professor, students did not know what was expected of them on the assignments due for this class.

      Content was not loaded in a timely manner.  The first several weeks of this class was time wasted.  Professor had folders on the site that were never filled.  When content was placed in folders positioned after the blank folders, we were not notified.  T

      The presentations were very dry and often took a long time to download.  Some at the end did not include any sound.

      This course was just fine.

      Sometimes I forgot to post my discussions because they did not have reminders like in the assignment dropbox.

      I miss the face-to-face time with professors and the camaraderie gained with other members of the course.  I feel very isolated in the online setting - yet, it is what works for me right now.

      The professor was not always prompt in responses.  His responses were unclear and seemed vague at times.

      Couldn't figure out how to access information from the library at a distance.  Everything I looked for came up as not having an electronic copy, only hard copies.  The journals could be from 2007 or 2012 - age didn't seem to matter.  Where was I to go to

      Some distance, but the professor made this less of an issue by the way he responded to student concerns.

      Lack of interaction with the professor.

      liked it all

      Waiting for other students put their comments

      The ability to physically interact with a professor is invaluable. Sometimes it is simply better to have some one on one human interaction for technical question.

      Since quizzes weren't due until the day before the test, that did not help the procrastinator in me.

      More responsibility when planning due dates and organizing class material.

      This is hard material to learn on your own.

      I missed an online quiz. I wish there was a bright notification of some sort because I log onto CourseDen everyday.

      I seem to retain more of the information when I study what I learned IN-CLASS. Sometimes its easy to get complacent when it comes to self-instruction.

      Towards the end of the semester, the way the quizzes worked started changing.

      Increased responsibility of planning for due dates and organizing material.

      Nothing, really good class.

      The course project.  It required a lot of on campus activities that were difficult for a non traditional student like myself.

      Nothing; XXXXX really has the format of how to teach online class down. Very pleased.

      It is nothing I dislike.

      Group projects. I mean really, who assigns MULTIPLE group projects to an undergraduate online class. It was a disaster and the biggest hassle I have dealt with in regards to online learning. Not only was getting my group to collaborate an issue but just

      Working on group projects and coordinating the efforts of group members.

      I did not like that we were not given powerpoints outlining the chapters and only were expected to read the book to find answers.

      The fact that I could not ask question directly to the teacher

      The syllabus is not really clear

      I did not like it when I had a question late at night on an assignment and there was really no way for me to contact anyone. I would have liked to have at least one or two face to face class meetings to get a better feel of the teaching style.

      One small complaint I have is the Course Den interface. Assignments were posted in multiple placed which made it difficult to find them. Assignments could have posed under Discussion, Assignments, Course Content, or Learning Modules.It would be

      CourseDen down every other Friday.  I know it's necessary, but it stinks.

      I didn't like how the blackboard program didn't work consistently when we tried to have our synchronous classes.

      While the general idea for an online class is okay.  I felt like alot of the assignments were busy work.  If you wanted to have a writing assignment course, fine, have a half semester class that covers reading, writing research like law school has, but w

      the web goes down on fridays when i have time to do my work

      Docu care-part of our online use for class, was not user friendly and I had trouble with it each time we used it, even when I had to document for our final test.

      Docucare was difficult, because it was not user friendly. I lost one of my assessments while working in Docucare, it just vanished in the middle of the documentation.

      Prep-U was extremely time consuming and is built to help you pass the NCLEX-RN which we all had already passed(RN-BSN program)

      deadline for assignment on class d day

      I did not like all the stuff that we have to print.

      I disliked nothing about the online portion.

      It seemed like the professor gave us a lot of work to make-up for the fact that we were not meeting face-to-face.

      I did not like that the instructor did not respond to emails quickly. I did not like that some directions were not clear online.

      Immediate feedback

      nothing in particular, but mostly having to wait on emails for responses to my questions

      lacks one on one interaction

      alot of information needed clarification

      Actually, it was more of a hybrid class because we could meet with our teachers from time to time.  I like the human component of learning.

      The  information is in too many locations which makes it difficult to make certain ALL of your assignments are completed.

      there were assignments posted in a few different sections which made it easy to miss some of them

      I think at times expectations for assignments were unclear due to lack of face to face class time.

      I dislike the automated quizzes that are pre-prepared from the textbook. These require little knowledge, only a little word searching capabilities

      Once submitting before the deadline, there was no way to retrieve the submission. Perhaps leaving the submission boxes open for one to retrieve their document submission should remain accessible until the last minute the assignment is due as most profess

      Professor was not proficient in CourseDen.

      I did not like that it was sometimes difficult to complete assignments when I had a question about something in the middle of it because the instructor was not always able to respond to emails right away.

      Instructor did not have clear instructions.

      the ability to resubmit assignments

      teacher was very disorganized and when we attended class she still didnt know what she was doing.

      the course presentation it self.

      I felt that  at times due to lack of face to face class time expectations were unclear for assignments

      AM deadline time

      The instructor posted grades and feedback in different areas than the other two classes.  I found out over a week later that an assignment had been returned without realizing it.

      Lack of communication during group projects

      everytime i had a question i would call the advisor and she would tell me just go online and do it, i mean then what is an advisor for? there's no point in having one if she's telling me to go online and answer my own questions

      The occassional glitches with Wimba were sometimes time consuming but overall worked out pretty well.

      The wimba room did not work as well as it should

      It was a little bit complicated initially especially trying to install other programs in order to access a work or complete assignments.

      there was nothing to dislike

      I wish the attendance to Wimba was more varied.

      Technical Problems

      Wimba classroom days had a lot of technical difficulties.

      The only thing I disliked about the online portion (which is a technical problem) when it came to the WIMBA classroom was that I was not able to see some of the class power points at times.

      Some technical problems every now and then.

      wimba always gave trouble

      technical issues

      There was nothing I disliked about the online portion of this course.

      The computer/technical issues every now and then.

      course den is confusing and I missed some assignments because of its idiosyncrasies

      Not getting to meet the instructors often


      holding a connection to the wimba classroom was a problem

      class is too long

      technical difficulties with wimba

      The only thing I disliked about the online porting of the course was the WIMBA class.  There were times when I could not get excess to various power points presentations.

      Too many synchronous  days.

      The computer technical issues.

      I did not feel like the teacher had very much interaction with us at all.  She gave us a little information on the first day and then we never really heard from her again ad the assignments were just briefly described and again we were left to figure out

      It is difficult getting the computer to act correctly sometimes, which is not your fault.

      Not having any face to face class time.

      There was nothing I disliked about the online portion of this course.

      Not being able to perform a hands on assessment in clinical lab.

      Lacks personal experience with class

      Courseden went down for maintenance every other Friday at 10 pm, but there would be assignment due at 12mn, so I had to make allowance for that.


      I did not get enough instruction on the data analysis portion

      Not seeing the profesor to talk to.  Face to face contact enables professors to understand their students better.

      I like the on line portion of this class.

      That there was not enought time aloted for assignment. The assignments for a 2 hour course were unrealistic as they were due in 7 days. The dissuccion question were given and the response time was expected within 7 days. In most of my online classess dis


      I really didn't have anything that I did not like the couse was interesting and XXXXX is a great teacher.

      Nothing really.


      The thing I disliked most was the assignment and the discussions being due at the same time.


      not as personal

      I had to go back into the assignments area to retrieve a sent back paper with comments.,  I thought it would have been in the email portion, but no worries.

      Nothing XXXXX was great and extremely helpful.

      not applicable

      Would have liked to visit campus sometime.

      Not anything.

      No issues.


      Never quite sure when things were supposed to be done.

      The system is dated.

      unsure when things were due in the beginning

      nothing; it was pretty simple

      The midterm and finals are really long.

      nothing it was an excelent class

      For such a large university I found the learning website extremely pathetic.

      Sometimes instructions and expectations are unclear. It is often more difficult to resolve problems.


      The lack of student-teacher interaction and the somewhat poor organization of the website.

      nothing I liked everything about the course.

      There was really nothing about this course that I disliked.

      That the deadlines weren't posted on each assignment.

      it was not updated frequently

      Would rather have had discussions in class. Once people post their part of the required discussions, they don't go back to look at it.

      A little disorganized

      Not enough interaction

      It was hard for me to see what I needed to do each week. I wish the assignments would have been lined up in order for when you needed to complete them.

      I did not like the fact that the system closes down on Friday nights.

      It needs to be better explained .

      I don't like doing the discussions.

      I have no dislikes, I liked absolutely everything

      Not all of the assignments were giving reminders, so some of the assignments were not known about.

      nothing my professor was great. she stayed on top of emails and questions we neede answered.

      Not much student techer interaction. Unless the teacher was asked a specific question you did not see any posts, comments or feedback.

      I dislike the fact the tuition is extra on top of the regular UWG course tuition.

      Course Den closes early in Fridays.

      I really didn't find anything that I disliked about the online portion of this course, everything was easy to use. Nothing I disliked.

      I wish it was either all online or all on campus, made it feel like actually going to class was a waste of time since all the actual classwork was done online.

      It was INCREDIBLY unorganized. I think that things should be in order for each week to make it easier for us to find assignments. Also, I do not agree that the syllabus and calendar were changed in the middle of the semester. Each week, I'd like to go in

      All of it

      have to wait for an email to get your questions answered.

      Did not actually know my professor.

      There was not a thing I disliked about this class.

      i prefer actually going to class, but this is the best option for my situation

      I had a hard time focusing on just the book. I woud have liked more pwerpoints to help me a little.

      The lack of organization.

      eveythign seemed just fine to me.

      Not being able to ask questions in face-to-face setting.

      The quizzes from the book were too difficult without any class discussion. Found myself frequently forgetting there was something due online.

      The test were incompatible with the text book.

      Lack of communication on the part of the professor and students via online venues made the overall course seem poorly organized.

      i cant think of any complaints for the course itself

      Lack of direction / discussion topics.

      General drawback of on line learning like not enough access to class mates and professor

      lack of face to face contact with professor and students

      I disliked the time it took for the teacher to respond to any questions.

      I hate online classes.  Some students perform better in a face-to-face setting.  At the graduate level many classes are only offered online.  It would nice if one traditional and one online class was offered to students.  Not everyone works during the da

      I liked pretty much everything. It all worked well for me and my life.

      I experienced a lot of technical difficulties with Course Den in that the Internet Explorer would continuously crash.  I was not aware that Internet Explorer should not be used this semester to access Course Den and experienced great difficulties doing m

      the gross images

      there was no dislike I like it.

      takes a lot of time out of your week

      So many discussions.

      I dislike the fact that the discussions lacked the real-time energy and emotion present in face-to-face classroom discussions.

      No face to face learning

      Not clear due dates

      When having to submit something, anything can go wrong.

      A few assignments were hard to find, but that didn't happen much.

      Assignments did not reflect discussions

      nothing I loved everything

      The amount of notifications and the way you are notified of an assignment or assessment.

      The textbook is hard to read being online.


      I like seeing my teacher in the classroom and learning through classroom interaction.

      this particular course relied on too many outside sources. I felt like I was attending a reader's digest course.

      I didn't like the fact that some assignments were not made clear as to when they were due.

      I felt like I didn't grasp as much as I do when face to face with a professor

      The quizzes only allowed a short amount of time to take.

      It was very easy to forget. Also I felt as though I couldn't really ask for clarifications if I had a question.

      It's easier to forget and there isn't a teacher talking to you. (We didn't cover material on the online day.)

      I like learning face to face and sometimes I have so much going on I forget about the online homework.

      Technological issues thwarted getting some assignments done.

      None, it was easy to use.

      Her point system is off and not right when it comes to grading

      The site would go down at very inconvenient times of the day during the semester

      i forgot about it sometimes

      Being a freshman i wasn't too sure because I know others who are jrs. and have hard times with an online class. My biggest issue was the assignments, you had to log onto McGraw- Hill and do it through them. Sometimes the assignments showed up that mornin

      the Behavior Project. Asked for WAY to much. I understand it is a regular course that requires work but I felt that some of the requirements for this assignment were too long.

      Some of the audio for lectures didn't work properly from my computer so it was difficult to hear sometimes.

      have to check online at any time to make sure you're not missing an assignment

      It's harder to appeal to your professor should you need extra time or extensions on assignments. Toward the beginning it was hard to remember to get stuff done by specific times.

      Not having enough time to complete each quiz.

      Not all of the slides worked properly and at the beginning of the semester I was not alerted that we did not have a class meeting in Newnan the first week because i registered for the class during drop add and was not a part of the courseden group which

      I didn't like the voice narrated ppts.

      This was not an online class.

      There aren't any suggestions that I have for this particular course.

      I'm old fashioned and like face-to-face interaction.

      No complaints

      There wasn't anything about the online class.  I hate online classes.  I hate that the school doesn't give you a choice between traditional or online classes.  Not every student works during the day.

      The assignment, Special Event Two Groups Chat Together, was not easy to coordinate online.  Both groups had different days and times for their group, so finding a common time was very difficult.  This is a graduate school course and the students had full

      There is nothing that I disliked about the online portion of this class. I think that the professor did a great job using the online resources to make me feel more comfortable.

      There is no place for grades to see progress.

      There was nothing I disliked about the online portion of this course. Like before, I enjoyed the online portion of this course.

      Group chats were difficult to plan around everyone's schedules.

      Risk of computer bugs or internet connection for website maintenance,

      Online discussions are meaningless wastes of time. They typically devolve into people simply agreeing with one-another and then re-stating each other's points. Furthermore, because the discussions do not occur in real time it is hard to follow them in se

      Nothing.  Online courses are preferred by me.

      Nothing, I liked everything

      I like to know where I stand in the class on a regular basis, and I found that project grades took a long time to post.

      There wasn't anything that I did not like about this course. I do wish that the field experiences could have been closer to my home, however. UWG should consider partnering with school systems in the metro Atlanta area for field experiences. The drive to

      I believe that the TK20 needs to be set up better. It is very confusing not only for me, but my mentor teacher as well.

      When I would submit an assignment with an error and not be able to correct the error once submitted before the deadline ended.

      I did not like how this professor expressed her expectations or provided instructions for assignments.  She was ineffective and arbitrary.

      I liked everything.

      lack of warmth.

      Impersonal. I prefer the face-to-face interactions and discussions. They do not seems as forced.

      All good.

      I would have enjoyed a round table in-person discussion more

      It was all reading and writing, I would have liked a little more variation in how material was presented.


      I didn't like how it wouldn't always tell me when new grades are in.

      i understand more when its face-to-face and you dont have lectures its all on you

      The concept of how to learn.

      Sometimes the clarity of what needed to be done was not there.

      Most the timing of the exams. All the reading material on line.

      I could not directly talk to my professor when I wanted to, I was used to a in class room setting so it was different to me.

      It was stressful trying to keep up with new assignments.

      nothing in particular

      The teacher would not reply to emails, and still has yet to grade assignments even from the 3rd week of class.  This is ridiculous.

      not a lot of communication with the instructor

      Sometimes I would forget about assignments until the last minute.

      Nothing in particular is coming to mind.

      I believe that teachers should give a student at least a full 12 hours to complete assignments on due dates. I had a teacher post an online quiz that was only available from 8:00am to 3:00pm. I was unable to access the quiz until about 2:30pm because of

      I disliked not being able to see what answers I would get wrong on my quizzes.

      The obvious negative part of online learning is that you are basically teaching yourself the material by reading and researching.  Without the professor right there to immediately answer question, you can get behind, then it's all over with.

      grades were not up at a reasonable time and still not where w able to decide if we needed to drop the class or not

      I disliked the minimal face-to-face discussion that is afforded in the classroom.

      Too hard. Way too much work and I didn't learn anything

      Not really anything.

      The supplemental reading articles

      There was nothing I disliked about the on-line portion of the course

      The web videos I did not like.

      nothing, Mrs. Rhodes was very professional and answered questions in a timely matter.

      I think that we had to type more discussions that we would have if we were in class more often.

      I did not dislike any part of this course.

      Professor's instructions were unclear

      WebCT to me is a nightmare. I believe WebCT tops my list as the most confusing academic system I've used.  I had some assignments on the course "windows" layout, and some stashed away in the menus.  I was looking at a clustered mess of documents that I g

      WebCT to me is a nightmare. I believe WebCT tops my list as the most confusing academic system I've used.  I had some assignments on the course "windows" layout, and some stashed away in the menus.  I was looking at a clustered mess of documents that I g

      Understanding the material was a bit more difficult without the face to face component

      There is nothing that I disliked about the online portion of this class.

      I did not like the requirements of the instructor on posting discussions.  To be truly flexible in today's pace, having to have them spread out over 4 days for an "A" is unrealistic and then requiring 90% of them to have been read by a certain time on Sa

      Where I liked the discussion board, it was difficult to participate more than four days. It was difficult to read the chapter information and contribute to the discussion board over the time period suggested for full credit.

      grades posted in two areas

      The cost. Sometimes the technical difficulty.

      All good.

      I disliked the online exams for this course.

      Not having assignments returned in a timely manner.

      I have no dislikes with the online portion of the course.


      I do miss the face-to-face portion.

      The instructions weren't well defined.

      emailing questions and waiting for response (though it did not take long to get a response).

      I felt the information was all self-taught with very little guidance or input

      The UWG online library- the galileo password was VERY difficult to obtain!!!!! It was a long process. The password should be posted on the website and easy to access

      All aspects of the class are positive.

      Not sure at this point.

      I seemed like the course took more of my time online than if I had attended a face-to-face class.

      The frequency of WebCT's down time on Friday nights, as this is usually the best night for most of us to complete assignments.

      Nothing because the professors were very prompt with their replies to my emails.

      Not getting to know my professors in person.

      Sometimes due dates seemed to come upon rather quickly with readings on MOnday and summaries due on Thursday, although 24 hr late window helpful . I was able to use once when very needed.

      UWG online library- it was very difficult to obtain the Galileo password.  Everytime I needed it I had to go through an elaborate process. It would have been nice if the password could have been e-mailed to online students instead of us having to hunt th

      Many, many changes that took place after the semester began, and some form of face to face or telephone Wimba session should have been scheduled to address the major concerns and discourse amongst the class.

      The instructor

      A major portion of a students time must be dedicated to getting oriented to where things are in the modules.

      Not sure at this time.

      The annotated reference list--I think 10 would have been sufficient.

      The anononymity of the "Water Cooler" discussion board.  I believe my classmates, who appear to be extremely lazy, took advantage of the water cooler to berate the professor.  The posts were uncalled for and over the top.

      Not getting to know my professors in person.

      there was confusion with the syllabus at first

      This course contains a lot of information that isnt available through this class. This course should be half online and half face to face or all face to face. Its a lot of information that has to be complete in a semester.

      No face-to-face time with the professor. I need face-to-face.

      I really did not like any of it. This class is too hard and has too much involved to be online.

      the lectures we have to listen to. Sometimes the communication, it was confusing sometimes but mostly ok if you attend every online lecture then you should know whats going on.

      having to make youtube videos.

      I do not like that the class was always canceled and we were told to just read and do whatever was online/

      how people don't communicate for class projects then i have no way in getting in touch with them.

      It is easier to communicate with the professor in person than through email in my opinion.

      i missed some deadlines,  some of the deadlines are not clearly marked

      No dislikes.

      Text book readings.

      If i have a question  it cant be answered on the spot

      The videos were not detailed and specific enough. I did not like the play reviews.


      Interuption of internet service at critical times

      I was unaware that we had more assesments the just the 1 thru 10. also i did not like that their due dates were out of order

      Reading extremely long plays on a computer screen.

      I didn't dislike anything!

      Nothing I disliked about it.

      Strict deadlines, lots of things due all at the same time.

      Online discussions were difficult because many students have a hard time explaining themselves through writing. It was a little difficult to argue with them when they were just used to summarizing our plays.

      I did not like the extra tuition for the classes; I feel as if it is too expensive.

      There were times when I would not receive the announcements

      Really my only issue is a lack of immediate response to my questions.  I tend to ask questions in face-to-face classes and follow-up with additional questions for clarification.  That isn't as effective with the time-shifting nature of email.

      Its a bit confusing and it freezes up alot.

      The fact that if you do check the daily board daily, you may miss something important and have to catch up while doing the work for the current week.

      I did not know it was online until I got to class.

      I would sometimes forget them cause they were online

      don't like using the internet for school

      It was not updated frequently

      The professor was there to answer "in the moment" questions.

      Our audio lecutres took forever to load.

      Sometimes hard to get in touch with professors.

      The site used is a little out dated and doesn't always work properly. Also, the maintenance schedule was a tad irritating, not just because it got in the way of my work sometimes but also that even after the maintenance was through it had done nothing to

      If Courseden was down, I could not do my online portion.

      I am not self-disciplined enough, therefore online classes are not for me.

      I constantly had to check to see if there was a new online portion that was due.

      I prefer face to face.

      Sometimes it was hard to understand

      Lots of work

      The whole thing.

      I didn't really like this class.

      Sometimes it was hard to get to a computer and finish work on time.

      Teacher doesn't always put up deadlines

      a lot of work