26. What suggestions would you make for future online courses?


      make sure they work how prof XXXXXS class does, half in class and half online is the best method i believe for online courses

      I don't think this should be an online class if you have a team project.

      Take them all out and offer more classes that are needed on campus for upper major classes. Online you do not learn anything.

      Expectations being outlined more clearly

      To make sure teachers communicate affectively

      Just to have precise instructions for assignments."

      Cut work load for the course in half and given more "email-submission" assignments to save paper!

      Please teach/require instructors to use CourseDen effectively

      The ability for the professor to post webcam videos to CourseDen providing better explanations of the projects and how they'll be evaluated.

      THe class is great as is.

      i have no idea, it just contains so much  busy work.

      I hope more information for exams.

      Add notifications about deadlines. These notifications could possibly be available in the form of an email or a text message, because these are the two main sources that students use for communication.

      nothing, i enjoyed the way it was setup

      more effiicency, and less assignment. I don't believe more home means better.

      Future on-line courses can be more interesting.

      Establishing some rules to monitor students.

      the beautiful web pages

      Maybe some videos.

      Build more human-based management

      Web videos of lecture ..

      Great class, great professor!


      more practice problems online

      Do not take an online class if you struggle with understanding the information at a basic level

      Short quizzes to make sure of comprehension of material presented.

      this class needs to be in a computer class enviroment.

      Need check the website more often

      More communications sent out to the students.

      Give more materials to study.

      I don't have any suggestions

      I would suggest setting yourself reminders on your phone or in an agenda because it is so easy to forget about an online class.

      Continue to be great!

      overall it was a good experience

      use regular textbooks

      Purchase text book at the bookstore instead of e-book.

      I would suggest more study guides for the quizzes and tests.


      Continue the email communication from the instructor, it was very helpful to know he was available

      I thought this class was excellent.

      Nothing. It was a great course

      For this course, none. For on-line courses in general, please realize that students take online course because they feel that they have enough knowledge of the subject no to need face-to-face instruction. They are taking on-line courses so that the time

      I have no suggestions to make at this time.

      Being able to submit my work twice

      More efficient and user-friendly CourseDen.

      I feel as if the things on the website should have a lot more organization to them.

      professor to be more available

      less assignments possibly , it seemed like every time I turned around there was another one , also make things due on Friday or the next Monday so things are not going off during the weekend

      Better instructions for the assignments. Some were very straight forward when telling you what to do, but some were very vague and it was hard to decide what the professor was looking for.

      make them all completely online

      I like taking classes online, however with this particular course we were required to take 2 tests on campus. Typically this is fine because we have a week or so to take it, but for this course we had one day and one time to come to campus and take the t

      Complete assignments in advance. Although I've never missed an assignment in this course or any other online course that I have taken it is very easy to forget that there is work to be completed.

      To have a study guide for the midterm and final so we know what to study.

      All classes should show up together and be accessed the same way

      The professor to put in a little more effort to teach rather than rely on the textbook.

      Maybe more help with online practice questions and vocabulary flash cards.

      Require video lectures.


      lessen the material costs for the course

      Continue on as they are. They are well set up and very easy to use. I was nervous about taking an online class, but I enoyed it and it was a good experience overall.

      teachers should be required to post all due dates on online calendar and there should be a feature to send reminder to yourself

      highly reccommend

      Extending assignment deadlines

      Sometimes online professors take longer to return emails than do classroom professors and I find that concerning.  In an online setting I feel that online communication should be more efficient.  The wimba pronto tool I found useful in other online cours

      I think the instructor needs to have clear instructions on class assignments and also have clear instructions/information for assignments such as what tab they are under.  I have had an online class that had assignments listed everywhere on the home page

      I would allow classes to have the option of face-to-face, rather than only offered online. The online class is very flexible, especially juggling jobs and other classes on-campus, but I think that I would still offer a face-to-face class because some peo

      Better communication.

      Nothing to change. Everything is flexible and convenient."

      more meetings times

      Announce any purchases required for the course ASAP, such as TK20 or Inspiration.

Also, professors should be sure to update all the information in the syllabus, discussions, and the modules to reflect current dates. It is unhelpful to see last semester'

      Shorten and reduce the number of assignments. Don't bundle 3-5 assignments and discussions into 1. Don't make guidelines and instructions so strict. Allow students to think for themselves. Don't use leading questions when you assign reflection discussion

      Either 100 percent online, or 100 percent offline.... partially online courses are more  of a hassle than any other class style

      Tech support should make webct compatible with iOS

      Continue to make classes 100% online--no face-to-face.

      For this course, none!

      Probably less group work that requires face to face meeting time.

      The teacher make their own lessons not copy others without understanding it, understand their lessons, because when the students are confused and come to you with a question and you have no clue about it either that confuses the student even more.  I am

      Saving your lecture by speaking while showing a powerpoint presentation was very helpful for me in a different online course.

      Get rid of group work and focus on individual assignments

      The actual teaching of coursework

      Allow for easy communication of deadlines and make assignments easy to understand.

      I would suggest that they continue to add community building projects, and to also add or include projects (solo or group) that will give students practice for what they will be doing in their careers. The service project in this class is a great example

      give a face-to-face alternative for students willing to meet.

      I think this course was done well and only needs better clarification/synchronization in the syllabus and course content areas.

      I have no suggestions

      a little better direction on projects in the syllabus for this course

      Did I pay for an online class because this class wasn't offered online?

      Continue to offer more online classes such as electives in Ed.S. and Doctoral programs.

      Have another way to substitute discussion boards.

      Completely online - no more hybrid.

      Continue to offer more classes on line which will contribute to higher enrollment rates;especially for the non-traditional student.

      have more interactive activities and less discussion board assignments

      No more group discussions, just individual.

      More organization (see above)

      Deadlines be more flexible due to courseden experiencing problems or being down for maintance on a regular basis.

      Shorter assignments

      Have more technological support. I was completely lost 2 times during the semester and felt like I had little support.

      None. I just think that online classes should be an option that if I would rather have all my classes in the classroom I should br able to and vice versa fpr students who enjoy online learning."

      This class was great, and I hope I have the opportunity to take more online courses in the future.

      make research classes partially in the classroom

      Maybe having more meeting opportunities with the professor or webcam meetings online.

      To do the assignments by dates they are due instead of modules.

      Move to Canvas.

      More in-depth wiki-links for some of the modules. Some of them had ample information but others didn't disclose very much at all

      Please provide more CEPD courses online!!!

      I suggest that the class should meet with the professor at least once or twice during the course of the study.

      Make them like this one was... where we didn't have to be online at any specific time and could work at our own pace.

      Partial online/partial in class

      I have never been a fan of doing counseling classes fully online because I learn best when face to face. This class was good but would have given me a richer education if in person.

      Meeting in person at least once would be beneficial.

      Completely online classes - no more hybrid.

      I think if it was organized by weeks it would be better. For example

Week 1

  Reading/ Learning Module due 

 Assignments due

   Quiz due

Week 2

      No suggestions. I think this class was put together nicely.

      Long exams are unnecessary

      Make sure that all online information does not have problems opening on certain browsers.

      dont change course den. like the way it is

      Making test assignments with no time limits.  If you are taking an on-line course you need to have the ability to take tests without a time limit constraint.  That way you can go in and out of the test at your convenience.

      improve the plattform

      Upgrade to the newest version of JAVA, please!

      I thought this was a great way to teach.  Some classes I've taken have relied on me to do all the learning.  Dr. XXXXX actually teaches.

      Social media integration and a chat (voice/video/text) feature

      This was great!

      A 24 hour reminder about assignment submission.  Overall a great experience.

      Excellent and action packed course!

      better microphone and visual, something more like google hangout

      None, it was great.

      Write down deadlines.

      Have more detailed instructions on the assignments.

      I liked it.

      I would suggest some sort of way to notify students of pending deadlines, events, or assignments via e-mail, text messaging, or any other mean outside of specifically having to login to the class for.

      Offer more classroom learning sessions for those that need help on a subject.

      use disks for software downloads

      Looks good to me.

      choose between all course den or all book website, working between both can be confusing at times unless clearly presented like prof pridmore has done it

      None at this time.

      better slides on slideshows in class.

      To not make students pay for the website. It serves no purpose.

      Keep on top of everything"

      may be a video tutorial to begin the course

      I would like if this class would somehow change its grading system. I forgot one assignment and know it seems I won't be able to make an A in the class because of it. It would be nice if there was somehow some extra grading cushion to fall back on.

      Make sure the internet has an auto-save button to save work as students respond to discussion boards.

      The calendar tool should be used by all online professors, providing a tool to constantly remind the students when certain due dates are approaching. Also, ensuring that all questions and concerns are answered in a timely fashion to ensure the student is

      no answer

      No more group work because as hard as it is to coordinate in a face-to-face class, it's even harder for an online class.

      An easier way to communicate

      Allow for more forms of communication.

      Have the teacher available to answer questions through chat for a certain period of time so that students can actively correct their issues rather than corresponding through email.

      Make sure to be organized

      To make assignments available all at once for those who want to complete it.

      Continue with the same outline. Perhaps organize the home page a bit more.

      Make more available. Offer more of the major courses online in every degree area

      see above

      Not in this course, but in some of my others response time was severely lacking

      I don't really have any except for stressing the deadlines for course work to be completed!

      Communication is  the life blood of on-line-courses, if instructors do not get back with students in a timely manner it presents a problem.

      courseden needs improved

      Require a few IM sessions with the whole class at specific times.

      Make sure you give students enough time to do their work since its more work online. Discussions questions are a lot sometimes.

      Just make sure everything is running efficiently.

      To be able to send some type of reminder to cellular devices of students when work is due.

      Just to keep Professor XXXXX on as part of the CRIM team.

      Have the teachers get a little more involved. More so than to just post a test and discussion question each week.

      better connection

      Nothing really. The online classes I have are amazing. I love the flexibility.

      web cam features!

      Offer more classroom classes than online classes. Currently I never want to take another one again

      Enven though this course is presented online, I believe there should be some interaction from the instructor.  (response to post, adding information in learning modules, ect.)  Other online classes I'm taking have this interaction but not this one for so

      Just make sure things are running efficiently as possible.

      Keep Professor XXXXX on board as an online instructor.

      get rid of this teacher

      No suggestions

      Feed-back from Instructions on your assignments. And some interaction from Instructor would be nice

      This class should not be one.
Instructors should be required to have personally reviewed the material and prepared the assignments for the on-line course to make sure they are consistent with the required textbooks.

      Try and match the book to the test content.

      The one suggestion I would make is to not have weekly maintance on course den every Friday. I have caught myself numerous times taking a quiz or writing a discussion post on fridays and getting kicked off of course den."

      For this course, nothing, very good teacher.

      to be as structured as this one.

      More accessibility.

      Do maintenance on a different day.

      More engaging with the students so that they can actually learn the material instead of it going in one ear and out the other.

      I personally do not like online courses and I would prefer if these classes were also offered face to face every semester. I realize that the Criminology department switches which classes are offered online every semester. This fact does not help me beca

      No extra charge."

      Maybe provide time off during a holiday.

      Cheaper prices or at least the same price as normal classes

      Make the instructors assign materials or projects that they can return back with a grade in a reasonable amount of time. By a reasonable amount of time, I mean less than a month. I got 1 out of 5 assignments graded in one month... there is only 2 or 3 we

      Have a method that allows financial aid to help pay for textbooks for online students.

      No Journal Reflections.

      Be more like XXXXXS classes

      Make more online classes just like this one.

      Have more instructors like XXXXX teaching


      Maybe do not use the point grading system or if you do then offer a few extra credit assignments.

      This course should stay the same exact way it is now.

      Better alert system for due dates.

      I think that everything was up to my standards. Not sure I would change anything.

      I have no suggestions.

      Possibly a webcam for lectures, if needed.

      maybe some lecture videos.

      Not to make assignments due the day after holidays or breaks

      not make them more expensive when they have a growing number of classes going online.

      Keep the same format, very easy to understand.  Class was very systematic.

      dont grade so hard, these are people own public opinion

      I would love to be financially able to attend all on-campus classes; however, at this time I am not, and distance learning through online courses is the only way I am able to continue my education.

      Professors need to give more notice about courseden being down. I had an assignment due every other Friday at midnight but it became irritating when I would log in and the website was down which means I turned in a late assignment

      After the reading assignments it would be helpful to me to have some type of review before the exam.

      Video lectures.

      Maybe change the layout of the site a little, and make it easier to read and navigate. Other than that everything was good.

      The operating systems that CourseDen requires are so out of date.  It would be best if it were more up to date.

      No suggestions can be thought of at this time.

      To have deadlines

      "They're dull

      Everything was fine

      I like on line courses just the way they are.


      I like how it was.

      Work at your own pace as along as you get everything done by the end of the semester

      more reasonable quizzes

      I have no suggestions.

      No suggestions.

      Read the assignments and watch for due dates

      Change up the instructions for homework assignments.

      I think that the online courses should give better explainations for assignments given besides using the Blackboard Chat.

      Longer times for quizzes

      None.  I think the online format for this class is a very good idea. There is nothing I would change.

      Less work maybe

      Make sure material is easy to see on the actual class window.

      Try to avoid taking online classes as much as possible.

      Explain HW assignments better

      Don't allow Dr. XXXXX to head any of them.

      I would add online videos to illustrate how to do things or tutorials.

      Have at least one in-class meeting with the instructor to go over what to do for the class.

      Perhaps make the learning more interactive. All we do now is read and take a quiz. Making the course more online instead of just using the computer to take quizzes would make the students more computer savy by making them use the computer more often.

      For a CS class more detailed instructions on assignments on how to do things the way the course requires

      Put an option to turn things in early so we can get grades earlier.

      To have assignments but not have deadlines at unreasonable times like 11 AM.

      get rid of course den


      The instructor for this course was totally invisible.  I did not see a convenient way to email or converse with him.  Some other classes that I have taken on line have more instructor input.

      None, the program is flawless.

      Let all classes work ahead.

      Better communications between professors and students.

      Reasonably accessible hours for tutors, better time frames with open and close dates NOT all begining at the start of the semester.

      More options for taking time on a quizzes and test .

      Have a standing procedure for all instructors to adhere to when setting up course den so structurally everything is uniform.  Its almost as if the instructors are trying to painfully create some gimpy art exhibit by putting crucial class information in b

      I think the setup for this online course was satisfactory.

      More professor to student interaction more so than TA to student or GA to student

      Use Microsoft office that is compatible with Macs and other computers.

      Not have things due during the morning hours.

      Significantly more fairness

      longer quizzes

      The class is fine the way it is.

      Make Dr. XXXXX do it through just CourseDen and not add in his "outside" looking stuff!

      make reminders when assignments are due

      lower the cost compared to an in person class

      possibly have one day out of the month where the teacher is on campus for help where you can go and see the professor about anything that we may have questions about

      Nothing I can think of.

      I don't know.

      Change the submission times to 11 PM instead of AM

      No improvement. I enjoyed the class.

      To manage your tim wisely try not to wait til the last minute when having an online course.

      I would just say to give atleast a few more minutes on the quizzes because there is a lot of information in one chapter.

      Nothing really"

      I think the teacher should have a selected time that they are logged in to courseden chat for us to asked them questions, and receive immediate responses.

      Be a little more understanding

      Have more than one person grade each assignment, if that is not already happening.

      Maybe offer more programs completely on-line?

      for students with prior experience it will be good to evaluate them and start from the point where instructor feels they should start. Current course assumes everyone on the same knowledge level. It will help students with prior experience to gain addi

      More resources for the students and better access to help

      Offer more programs

      For students with experience it will be good to get to advanced topic more quickly.

      I don't have...

      Make WebCT completely compatible with iOS."

      Nothing! The staff operating WebCT and the staff at the library do a fabulous job.

      This class is a great candidate for being online.  With the proper leadership and organization it should be very effective because it allows you to interact individually with the professor.  The best classes were the ones we had online with a phone confe

      To me that (from the above comment) was unfair. dr. XXXXX stated -That is the best that I can do. I feel that it is very unfair and unprofessional to skip around due dates and go back on what you say because it fits in to her schedule. She has stated to peop

      Have the professors make video lectures to supplement the class lecture. This makes things much easier to understand.

      recorded lectures or sample problems.  Video of how the problems were solved.

      Nothing, enjoyed the course.

      More online discussion.

      If you are having an on-line course try to make the on-line portion self-paced.

      assignments bi weekly instead of weekly

      More connections for support and informed professors about what needs to be done in these situations.  I shouldn't have to be routed through 4 different departments to get the help I need and my professor has no idea about what to do.

      Better access to professor

      Grades submitted within a weeks time.

      Please continue to make courses that are 100% online--no face-to-face.

      provide more online classes

-       In terms of this course, This particular course, I would maybe have fewer powerpoint presentations.

      None at this time.

      Use the online environment for something more than just assignment upload and grade reporting.  Create and upload interactive instructional components that support students in mastering the materials and completing the required assignments.

      None--I think this was the most successful online course experience I've had thus far.

      Develop an class directory of cell phone numbers of the classmates who choose to make their numbers available to each other, to be able to connect to each other in more authentic ways.

      Make sure instuctors are well versed in how to run the program.

      This was an excellent class and the students were excellent also.  I would like to have had the option to meet with the students and professor at least one time, face-to-face, during the course.  It's hard to build relationships with people sometimes onl

      Get ahead!

      None. XXXXX is a great instructor!

      I try to avoid taking on-line classes when I can

      Work ahead of time

      Dr. XXXXX was great! She doesn't need any suggestions. Overall, I've enjoyed most of my online experiences.

      For discussions, it needs to be a 200-250 word count due say, Monday.....then our responses need to be due on a Thursday and have to include 150-200 words. This would make them more heartier and meaningfull.

      I have no suggestions. The instructor did a great job promoting student to student and teacher to student interaction.

      Simplify Course Den, but I am told that it will be replaced for next semester.

      I have

      Offer more conference calls and video webinars in classroom with instructor and studetns

      Nothing at this time.

      I dont have any.

      This course had a variety of meaningful assignments. I would suggest keeping the course as is and adding or altering as needed.

      I only found out about the online library resources while navigating the UWG Web site. This should be promoted more for students like myself who live a long distance from campus.

      Have more classes available online.

      Less emphasis on on-line discussions unless there is some input from the professor.

      To allow students to have access to pull back a submitted assignment, if it is before the assignment is due.

      A little more specificity about the different modules would be nice.

      More participation helps keep student on track. Just don't weigh it too much as some people take online courses to avoid over discussing issuess

      Reduce the cost.

      For more to be offered.

      Continue with the same curriculum

      I have no suggestions, the class was awesome

      Continued growth based on data from students and the growing research of the on-line learning experience.

      more regular "meetings"

      Determine the exact book needs before asking students to buy.  I purchased what was sent to us via email from a prior professor (Dr. XXXXX had sent to them). Then when we started the class, the needs were different.  It cost me approximately $100.00

      More asynchronous classes

      None--it was great!

      reconsider textbook requirements.  I've not found the "SPSS A User-Friendly Approach" textbook useful.  The textbook - "The Basic Practice of Statistics" is useful, but I can access the text online with the required subscription to Stats Portal, so not r

      Very clear directions from the EDSI director's office regarding what resources are needed for each course

      complete all modules before course begins.

      Easier technology.

      Consistent training for your instructors...I have taken several on-line courses at UWG, you should use Dr. XXXXS courses as models for online instructor trainings.

      None. Wait, more courses with Dr. XXXXX?

      I love the online program. I recommend it highly to other colleagues thinking about going for their doctoral degree. I would have a simple recommendations - allow for a specified number of parking passes for times when we do come on campus. This would he

      Find an easier platform

      Do not change a thing.

      Consistent training for professors.

      Stop requesting that students keep taking this survey for every class every semester.  You are wasting our valuable time at a point in the semester when we still have many assignments due.  Try extending the close date for surveys beyond the final due da

      Have follow up on all items and posts submitted. Even a one line comment acknowledging the assignment was submitted is better than no response.

      nothing at the moment

      A system of reminder.

      I would suggest all courses having the material presented the same in each course.

      equal amounts of interaction between student and professors.

      Making meeting once in person to get some understanding of the course before graded assignments start.

      Norhing, it's fine the way it is

      Make sure that the courses are audited closely and professor quality is consistently monitored.

      More organized

      Teachers to be more flexible with school and work schedules.

      Having a day assignment instructions are due.

      Keep information more updated on the helpline and etc.

      Make all instructors set up their CourseDen folders the same!!!!!!!!

      I don't really have any suggestions. Sorry.

      Add more! It seems like with the courses I have taken so far, most teachers are catching on to the idea and are teaching just as much or more material than a face to face session, but allowing more students to attend, and less material is missed (for me)

      To try to give more instructions on what to do.

      I don't know.

      Teacher continue to progress to be flexible with students taking an online course.

      Maybe go over how to do things online before the end of class

      I would suggest making all courses the same setup of material.

      The software needs to be compatible across different generations of computers, else the connivence is lost!

      The required face to face meeting should be posted when registering for the class.

      To have everything you are grading to be in the clear and if the professor gives options on which project you can do make it possible that we could clear the other ones out on the screen. It would make it easier to keep up with grades and not stress abou

      The discussion board layout is ineffective and unorganized.

      dont take them

      I would make no suggestions because this course was perfect.

      More assignments geared toward actual material instead of random assignments.

      not having to use HTML, but adding an attachment

      I got docked two points for not printing the correct field proposal form, but out of the three forms that were posted online at the beginning of the semester, there was nothing that indicated which one was the field proposal form. The words "field propos

      I would take a few classes to learn all about the system and all of the problems that could happen, and how to fix it in any scenario, because the instructor is not there. This needs to happen before they are on their own.

      Nothing, the online course demo was helpful.

      Continue observations as is/students not always required to travel to locations/convenient

      Remind the students about something being due.

      The help desk needs to have faster responses to problems.

      Change the professor and the class will improve.

      Ban XXXXX from any online teaching! If possible, ban her from teaching at UWG for the sake of the education program!

      Make sure that students know about Java update.  CourseDen should be more professional.

      I would suggest that they have a very distinct calender for every online class that is really in your face and does not let you forget when things are due.

      That this teacher needs to redo her whole class. the power-points were hard in the beginning but turned out to be a good thing, but everything else in here has been pretty horrible. She also needs to post dates on the Course Calender, not expect us to ha

      I have no suggestions due to the fact that I was very happy with the way the instructor laid out the materials on-line.

      Continue with video lectures.

      I would suggest that the final was like the midterm, how we could do it whenever we wanted to and did not have to wait for the assigned date.

      have a calender that adjusts as the professor(s) add or subtract assignments that show about two weeks in advance of events. not just whats coming up a few days

      Make more available for those of us older students with families that do not live close to campus and/or work

      Nothing.  It is agreat apportunity for students  who live vey far  from their University

      do not charge extra for online classes that are just on webct.

      For on-line courses in general, please realize that students take online course because they feel that they have enough knowledge of the subject no to need face-to-face instruction. They are taking on-line courses so that the time normally spend sitting

      That this class goes back to being in the classroom.

      The lab needs to line up with the on-line class to help students who have never taken this class before. I think they need to check the tests before they post them for any mistakes so the students are not stressing about taking two tests that are due on

      I have no suggestions to offer.

      Ensure that the web sites links given are good links before publishing.

      Its fine the way it is

      study guides.

      I thought the class was awesome, no suggestions

      Easier to find information on help for online courses.

      Not to have several Instructors overseeing one class.

      I would have much preferred having all the lessons and tests available at once.  Each lesson can have its own due date, that's fine, but I would prefer to see all the assignments available at the same time so I can complete as many as I can during my fre

      Just lay out what is due at the beginning of the semester so there isnt any confusion on what is due each week.

      I loved the extra activities. Would have liked more extra credit opportunities than a single one. Also would recommend someone double-checking assessments before they are made available to the students, as several times there were typos, duplicates and o

      I enjoyed this class.

      No changes come to mind. Great class.

      Be more mindful that every question needs to be looked over more than once.

      This online class was put together well. There is no improvements needed as far as I see.

      Perfect class

      Make sure all course material is available when it is supposed to be.

      For all of them to be as organized as this one.

      Possible make up dates

      make sure things are laid out to where students know exactly what they have to do and when they need to have it done by

      I suggest that the teacher be more persistent in reminding the students that stuff is due and time is running out.

      Let students know there is an extra online-fee before the fee is due!

      I have no opinion.

      I hope my experience with this professor's delivery wasn't typical of online courses at UWG. It would be great if there were better standards and accountability, as I've heard that other classes have more stringent requirements.

      Encourage more interaction between students and instructor. Don't craft this evaluation around the online system, make it more course specific. Your instructions try to make it analogus to face-to face paper evaluations, but it doesn't mirror them in any

      Once or twice in the course, everyone should log on at the same time and have instant messaging chat or use a webcam to "meet."  While I say this now, in reality, I would probably find it a hassle.  On-line courses serve a good purpose, but if I had the

      Absolutely, because I need to take the online course that they are related with my program.

      Make sure every student has a computer and is able to obtain any software that will be used during the course

      The online courses through the campus (not ecore) should have books that are actually used for the course. These materials were very expensive and all that was needed was the workbook.

      use cheaper textbooks

      I don't really have any suggestions

      No suggestions.

      a cheaper book

      so far my experience as an on-line student has been positive, nothing comes to mind at this time.

      Video lectures would be helpful. It would seem like the professor actually earned the money I paid him.

      Make it more organized

      Make them more like XXXXXS online class work at your own rate and no pressure on due dates. if you don't do it then you can only blame yourself


      good so far

      More interaction with the professor.

      Have check ins with teachers.

      less quizzes

      Make a suggested schedule of when to complete the assignments so it's not all done at once.

      a more detailed summary of the final project so students will know what to expect. Allow students access to all materials at the beginning allowing them to choose the pace at which they would like to go in the online class

      Just for the teacher to be easier to get in touch with when you have questions.

      I would suggest better explanations of projects, because the project I have to do is still not completely clear to me.

      i would like to do more online classes

      i will defiantly be taking or online courses

      I thought this was a great class i would not change anything about it. i felt like it was very well tough.

      a little longer time limits for quizzes and tests

      make sure the student is responsible enough to keep up with on campus courses and online courses

      The class should meet occaisonally to help students understand things

      Maybe instructor explanations of math problems.

      Have future course work up so people may work ahead.

      Nothing, everything about this course was great!

      That test as well as quizzes be online

      No comment

      can all the test be online

      More teaching done by the professor instead of teaching ourselves using the book.

      Foreign Language should be ONLINE!

      Everything was fine.

      I am sure it is perfect for some people, but it was horrible for me. I have no suggestions on changes other than make sure everyone is aware of the distance learning center.

      To use the textbook more or at least state whether the textbook is needed or not.

      No suggestions.

      They should cost the same as in class classes."

      Make sure that all directions for the course are clear for the students, it makes a huge difference!

      The readings are stupid and no one takes them seriously. The movie is interesting but with youtube a teacher has a better soruce of pulling up more qualified movies, so why would I take time to make my own? Teachers are busy enough.

      I would suggest some class times be available for face-to-face meetings if students want more help.


      All instructions should have video instructions like this class.

      No suggestions

      Extending assignment deadlines

      I think the only suggestion I would make would be to have more face-to-face meetings.

      Have all assignments and course material available at the beginning of the year. I like to finish online work at the beginning of the semester and have one less thing to worry about during finals week.

      Be sure to keep up with all the work, because it can all sneak up on you if you forget to check courseden at least once a day. Also have a good internet connection at all times.

      Nothing for this particular class. If anything, the teachers should be more like Mrs. XXXXX.

      none if this is the professor facilitating it

      Everything has been wonderful! Keep up the great work!

      Make it more applicable to my master's program.

      I thought this a great course.  However for those students who are not going into the teacher profession should be allowed to complete some assignments that are geared towards their concentration.

      Provide more examples of the assignments to see what expectations are expected.

      This was an excellent course and I feel that no adjustments need to be made to it.

      I would suggest that they take the example from this teacher and include very precise and clear directions to make the assignments easy to understand and make the goals attainable. Also include clear grading rubrics so that students know the exact criter

      Instant Messaging?

      Maybe have instructors hold online office hours that students can ask questions at.

      All courses should be as well presented and organized as this one.  Instructions and assignments for every class should be presented in such a straightforward, clear and concise manner.  Finally, the work completed in this course is directly applicable a

      I think there are better programs for online chatting than Wimba.

      If group projects are going to be assigned, I would prefer to have a little more control over the content.  Also, small groups of no more than 3 are easier to deal with.

      Perhaps have professors set online office hours every week so they can answer questions.

      Be sure to have completed assignments by midnight.

      None :)

      None, it seems to work very well as is.

      It was harder without actually practicing with the instructor more. This class needs to be given in summer so teachers can have the option of doing a face to face class.

      The fewer on campus meetings, the better!

      More examples of Sears/Dewey

      My suggestions are for the professors in online learning to continue to be supportive and understanding about student's situations and schedules.  There are many things that can go wrong with online learning and using technology, especially when connecti

      I would say that 1-2 face-to-face class meetings isn't needed, and the course should be COMPLETELY online.

      I would suggest having a common interface for all WebCT courses.  If all files and folders have the same name, it is an easier task to locate materials, forms, and assignment directions.  One would not have to learn each professors' individual organizati

      Work  should have been available through the online portion, and not having to organize meetings with groups.  That was not helpful.

      less group work, more individual

      Professors need to be held to a higher standard of giving feedback and be more timely with grading.

-       With online courses it is crucial to make everything very self explanatory and very concise. With this course there was a bit of inconsistency, so I felt like I was looking in multiple places to find the same information for one assignment.

      This structure was very well put together and I learned a great deal. My only suggestion is to minimize the Thought Provokers.

      Not much, except group work is a pain for courses that are mainly on-line.  Also, sometimes the blackboard rooms seem a little dated, and the audio is not always up to par.

      Have more upper level classes online for your english department.

      No suggestions.

      None - it's all good.

      Instant Messaging?

      I have no suggestions, this course was very helpful

      None at this time

      Making assignments more reasonable for full-time professionals

      I do not have any suggestions.

      Streamline them all to be set up in similar ways so we always know what to expect.

      Allow students to work independently.

      Make sure the course is ready to go when the semester starts. Regardless as to the changes you may want to make. You must decide whether those changes will truly benefit current students.

      Less group work or work that is so intensive that group work is a must

      Professors need to be trained on how to effectively organize online classes.  I have taken excellent online classes from UWG and I have taken very poorly organized online classes from UWG.  It ALL depends on the professor and the way they organize the cl

      I think it is important that students feel like they build some sort of relationship with the professor during an online course. Occasional videos or audio podcasts help this to happen.  This class did not provide a chance to really get to know the profe

      I have

      More time on assignments

      Who is monitoring professors?  Anyone?  Course content should be posted during the first week of class, not the fourth week of class.  Grades should be given before the drop add period is closed.


      more organized structure/ less html coding since it is unrealistic for a teacher as they would probably be using a program that generates codes. I do think it's importnant, but shouldn't take half of the course.

      I would not be able to continue my education, thanks to on-line courses!

      Make sure the MEDT department collaborates so that they can accurately answer questions asked and understand what is expected of students.  I will NOT be recommending this program to anyone.  TK20 is not helpful to the students, only to UWG.  It is crypt

      make the online reregistration easier. It seems like you have to click all over the place. It's a little confusing

      Advise people -new people - to look for changes by clicking on the green stars

      I do not have any suggestions at this time.


      making sure the professors present content in an organized, easy to understand and follow manner

      An option to do the multimedia lesson individually and not as a part of a group.

      Clear and concise directions.

      It would be nice if there were Google Hangouts or Skype chats available for group work.

      require good contact between group members

      More academic advising

      More platforms for sharing of group projects.

      Don't change platforms too often. It is nice not to have continuous learning curves. : )

      Improve CourseDen

      I don't have any suggestions.

      Spread the MOOC assignment out over a longer period of time

      none at this time

      enjoyed class

      None at this time.

      I have taken several of these and Dr. XXXXX seems to have the ability to make things clear.  I have taken from others and I felt like I had multiple to do lists and had to search here and there.  Dr. XXXXX emphasized one document to check in.

      None :)

      Have UWG develop own web meeting program to eliminate those issues.

      During the face to face, cover the various technology componets that will be used and allow the students to set up those accounts.

      I enjoy partner/team work and understand that it is a valuable part of learning and growing as a professional, but I would have liked to see less of that due to the fact that we are online learners.  I also enjoy when professors post banners to the front

      Perhaps we can have groups that we are assigned, and we are always a part of the group for that semester.  The students within the group can discuss with other members of the group different things, questions, etc. before they go to the instructor.  This

      Be sure the dates in the syllabus are correct.  We are in fall semester, but some of the dates were for spring semester.

      My only suggestion would be to somehow alphabetize or organize assignments, on the main course page, in a more logical fashion. This is more a personal issue, not a course or instructional issue. I'm not sure there is a better way to design the course ma

      For use of wimba, we need some help from UWGA to assist us in gaining access.  There needs to be a way of checking in early to work through any issues that may occur.

      Reminders for discussions :)

      More web chats.

      Works good for me

      A trip to campus is unnecessary.  I like the way Dr. XXXXX does videos.

      More teachers like Dr. XXXXX

      None at this time.

      In the future, Dr. XXXXX should make discussions less involved and over-all, less work. I often spent more time developing a discussion answer than I did working on a particular assignment. Further, the assignments and discussions should not be compacte

      have course content stored in one central spot.  have assignments graded in a timely manner - preferably w/in two weeks of being submitted.

      This one flowed well and was extremely interesting.  It may have had better visibility to each others work and contributions.

      I cannot think of any at this time.

      I really don't have any suggestions.  Everything worked really well.

      more time

      None - this course worked well for me as is.

      I would suggest that future courses have more flexible due days and times.  Assignments that are due by 5 p.m. are a challenge for students that are working and that are not able to utilize the computer/Internet at work.  Additionally, I would like to se

      This course worked perfectly for me.

      I enjoyed this class and learned from the coursework as well as the discussions.  No suggestions for improving a great class.

      Keep them manageable.

      Clean up the menu page when selecting areas such as finical aid, housing, ban web, etc. The page is too mumbled.

      I really have no suggestion.  My only frustration was the group assingment, but I think the group or pair work is required, so I have no suggestions.

      Explain requirements sooner.

      Continue with design improvements.  Give more detailed and continual feedback to students.  As we are anonymous and faceless due to all online--design more of the class to be personal (besides the introduction activity)  Give examples of assignment expec

      I think expectations need to be provided at the very first orientation class that we attend.  We should have been given the guidelines for the portfolio at that time and it could have been something that we worked on throughout the program.  The fact tha

      Have Dr. XXXXX or Dr. XXXXX teach ALL of the rest of the staff how to organize an online course and respond to students in a timely fashion.

      Begin the graduation portfolio instructions in the program earlier.  Infuse requirements throughout each course, so that the work is done gradually.

      Future training for online professors.

      The material should be posted in a timely manner and have enough instructions so that it can be understood.

      Someone needs to monitor content to make sure what is stated in the syllabus is actually delivered.

      Have more audio/video presentations to introduce the concepts covered in the class. Including live-feed from classrooms would be helpful for some available courses.This would  keep the student from feeling so isolated and on their own.

      Make sure that the professor has been given ample time to prepare for the course.

      New professor

      Course content should be EXPECTED to be loaded at the beginning of the course so students can plan their own time for completing the assignments.  Waiting until it is convenient for the professor is unacceptable.

      No suggestions at this time.

      For the student to keep up with the required work load.

      I do not have any suggestions at this time.

      Adjust quizzes so that the due dates are spaced out evenly before the test.

      More announcements, possibly routed to a mobile device or linked to email for prompt notification.

      Offer more sections.

      Hard class but Dr. XXXXX is always there to answer questions and help.

      It may not be convenient but I liked taking my test in class. And I like that was able to attend an on campus test review for my online class.

      Video lectures.

      The one change I would suggest is that when students are taking an online class all exams should be online as well. or the students should have the option of going to a proctor sight close to home or work and not have to drive all the way to campus takin

      Implementation of verbal teaching on a semi-weekly basis would aid learning.

      Offer more of them.

      make more courses available online!

      Do as XXXXX does :-)

      I don't have any suggestions.

      DO NOT EVER assign online group projects unless absolutely necessary. I would have been much more successful if I was able to work alone.

      Possibly give teachers a means to make themselves available for at least 1 hour or so a week for "online office hours" where students can chat with the professor live and receive real time response to questions. If this were possibly implemented, I would

      That people who take them write down due dates on items and start projects early.

      More details about the syllabus

      I would suggest at least one face to face class.

      Simplify Course Den, but I am told that it will be replaced for next semester.

      Disclose the book lists for the various assignments at the beginnning of the semester as to give students, who may not have access to UWG, more time to purchase what is needed.

      Break up or have a separate research, writing class.  So, that the other classes can focus more on content.  If there needs to be a journal for the class, do that, but do away with the busy work.  We are grown folks with real lives.

      not a weekly down time

      none, it was great

      Cut down on orientation material not necessary for the actual classes i.e. wimba.

      I like the way the course was set up.

      I would keep it set up the same way for this course.

      There should have to be a time limit that the instructor has to respond to emails .

      all classes have the same order and access to the things we need. every professor had a different means to access information

      more clarification and instructions on what is expected and needed from students

      I think assignments should be in one place consistently and you shouldn't have to check in multiple places for assignments.

      have one assignments tab and put all the assignments under that.

      grades submitted back ontime

      I would streamline the classes, in terms of the layout of the websites.

      see above

      Professors receive adequate training/assistance with CourseDen before class starts.

      I did not like that there was a group research paper. It is very hard for 3 people who work full time jobs to meet. It would have been easier if the group consisted of 2 people.

      Clear instuctions of course expectations.

      be more organized as a teacher and a better grader on our papers.

      Deadline should be later in the day and not AM

      Because this class is both online and in person, the instructor should explain on the first day of class where to look for grades and how to access submitted assignments.

      have individual end of semester projects instead of group work due to lack of face to face time together

      a confirmation of all assignments received by the instructor

      Detailed instructions or directions needed

      a 3 hour class is too long

      I would like classes to be completely online.

      If you have never taken an online course before be sure to practice before using the system to be able to navigate the course with ease.

      At this time I have no suggestions.

      No major changes needed

      keep up with your assignments

      not be too long

      I think a total of 3 synchronous classes per semester strikes a nice balance, keeping students and instructors connected in a dynamic way without interfering with flexibility of online learning.

      No suggestions at this time.

      Make it more user friendly and less complicated.

      make the site straightforward and not where you have to navigate through stuff.

      This class was great.

      Nothing at this time

      Change the time for Wimba meeting to either the morning or evening

      not to be too long

      I think a total of 3 synchronous classes per semester strikes a nice balance, keeping students and instructors connected in a dynamic way without interfering with flexibility of online learning.

      Make the WIMBA class transition more smoothly especially when transitioning between programs.

      Have other ways to assess and grade students. Grades should not be based solely on written papers.

      To have more graduate classess available on line.

      more face to face class time

      I have no suggestions at this time.

      Keep it the same.

      More exposure to clinical lab/assessment tools and usage.

      Nothing, this online course was very well organized and I learned the materials that was taught

      While the deadlines are necessary, it made feel pressured.  I liked the work but was overwhelmed because so much was due each week.  If I did not have four other classes, working full time, with work responsibilities, then having a family with full time

      Even balance between face to face and online classes.

      It would be helpful to have a excel course prior to this course because I had not used it before and I couldn't get some of the tricks to use excel quick enough to be proficient and it would have helped to know excel first.

      Dr. XXXXX is great.  The last couple of assignments got harder and I needed to replay the instructions a couple of times before i got it.

      If the professor is going to be assigned then the class material and objects need to corelate. It is not fair when one group of students get a by and one group is overloaded with assignments.


      That they are offered at different times including summer.

      Offer some of them in the summer as this is for adults that work 12 months a year and summer course would help them to complete  the program in 2 years but at a partime schedule.

      Dr. Yansen was very receptive to all of our concerns.


      at least 2-3 classes more face-to-face

      I think any suggestions that i would come up with has already been covered with the new D2L program that will be implemented in January.

      Summer courses


      D2L will be different. I would like to see alink to D2L from the campus email site.

      Continue the same level of support.

      More orientation

      this course was excellent. instrucotr did a great job

      Continue excellent support from technicians and Library support.


      Be able to access it more often. Sometime it was unavailable.

      Quiz's should be written by the professor. Not pulled from a text book.

      do more advertising

      Keep them organized.

      Have the right SBN Number for the book on the syllabus I bought the  wrong book becasue I purchase the book with the same number as syllabus and I bombed my first two test of this course. Wasted my money!

      to be more organized like mrs. XXXXX

      Make it easier to navigate..

      Make it slightly more user-friendly.

      I love the flexibility that the instructor allowed.

      I have take this class.

      This course was great, so future courses should be like this one.

      Deadlines either on calendar or on each assignment.

      do not be vague or ambiguous; the clearer the instructions the better

      Nothing really needs to be changed. It was fine.

      Add a few wibinars.

      Not sure.

      Maybe more pop up reminders. When a class does not meet in person often or even at all it is hard to remember the deadlines for all the various assignments and assessments.

      Make all online classes like this one.

      Fewer discussions.

      More online classes should be completely online; including not having to go to campus to take tests. Though I understand why mostly this is required, students should be given a range of dates to be able to go to campus to take the test.

      More reminders for students regarding upcoming assignments on the homepage.

      nothing if they are anything like this course.

      I loved the fact this course was completly on-line, but I would like more feedback from the teacher. Hearing his/her voice during the course would be helpful!

      Not applicable"

      I don't have any suggestions that would make for future on-line courses.

      More organized and easier to find assignments.

      Mak it clear during registration that it is a class that is both in class and online

      I do not have any suggestions.

      I didnt explore my options to much but i would have liked more resources t learn the material especially if the class was all online.

      I need all areas of online information for a class to be consistent with regard to dates due etc.

      No suggestions

      More availability for online chats with teachers.

      The course was fine.

      Students just need to do the work

      Make more available online. Offer more major courses in every degree area online. That way nontraditional students can work and continue their education. If not we are burdened with choosing between working full time and advancement. Working full time al

      Continued encouragement of communication between professor and student.

      More in-person meetings with class mates and professor

      I would suggest the instructors set aside time weekly to be online to chat with students about issues they are having in the class or questions they have with the work.

      I've taken 90% of my core classes online due to I am a non-traditional student who works full-time in Alpharetta and am a custodial grandparent to a 5-year old.  Because I could not get enrolled in the two online classes that I needed for the Spring 2013

      none except maybe lose a few gross images

      make more classes for education online

      Keep it online! no textbooks or class meetings needed.

      More hands on activity.

      I have no suggestions; the combination of online materials and classroom environment in this class worked very well for me as a student.

      Clear due dates

      None I liked the class.

      Make the textbooks easier to read.


      more structured material. downloadable. power-points are great.

      let student know what they need a head of time

      I would suggest that teachers make it clear to the students as to what needs to be submitted for a grade.

      Give extra time for the quizzes.

      Make sure to be very specific on what is required in the course.

      Be more clear on what's expected of this specific course.

      NO online classes unless someone is taking all online classes.

      Make them partially online, not completely on-line (hybrid classes).

      none, it was easy to use.

      Keep the site from crashing.

      keep up with your work

      Do not take them!

      Shorten Narrated notes.

      have a reminder for anything that is due

      Some kind of notification system outside of courseden

      More time for quizzes.

      If the first class is canceled send out a email to the students UWG email.  Tell them the first day that all communication will be through courseden, especially if the course was not suppose to be online originally.

      Better powerpoints

      I have no idea because this was not an online class. It would have been nice if it was.

      I do not have any suggestions for future on-line course experiences. What I experienced is pretty much what I expected.

      Update the technology for CourseDen.  My laptop is new and I had problems with Wimba Chat.  Other students also reported difficulty logging in to the outdated Wimba Chat.

      Don't start until the acutal start date!!! Some classes have started early before.

      Update the technology for CourseDen.  My laptop is new and I had problems with Wimba Chat.  Other students also reported difficulty logging in to the outdated Wimba Chat.

      I would suggest to use wimba chats because they were very helpful and helped groups connect from a distance.

      My only suggestion is that more classes would be made available online.

      I think if you are going to have group chats through Wimba maybe have a sign up sheet of times and let people group themselves that way.

      Update the technology for CourseDen.  My laptop is new and I had problems with Wimba Chat.  Other students also reported difficulty logging in to the outdated Wimba Chat.

      To disband online education totally is as impractical and impossible as raising Socrates from the grave. Yet, responsible educators must grapple with the fact that online institutions are not of the quality as a traditional college course. To improve onl

      Everything has been wonderful! Keep up the great work!

      No suggestions other than to make online students more aware of the availability of the library resources upon enrolling into the school.

      I would like to see more science classes offered in the summer that are completely on-line.

      One suggestion I have is that Course Den allow for students to be able to make corrections to submitted assignments without having to wait for the instructor to release it back to you.

      No suggestions.

      Since the instructor/student interaction is more limited, exemplars are an important part of letting students know what is expected, and it is essential to make instructions clear and understandable.

      give a face-to-face alternative

      all good!

      We should know where our placements are in a timely manner.  Not finding out placements until half-way through the semester is unacceptable.  The students pay a lot of money for their education, and not getting placed until half-way through the semester

      Allow us to upload videos for discussions. There were moments I wanted to demonstrate what I had learned.

      The required face to face meeting should be posted when registering for the class.


      an app would be really great for this

      Don't base the class on discussions, I had difficulty learning from these.

      Make testing time longer, do not use the only one question at a time. People can and do remember things as they test and you can't go back and add to an answer or change it if necessary.

      Make the exam times longer.

      Have a better internet connection

      Don't have Ms XXXXX teaching any more classes.

      Maybe an alert system that sends a text message to your phone that you have assignments due. Sometimes I completely forget about the fact that I have an online course.

      The Course Den classes are fine.

      Being ablen to see your mistakes that you made on a quiz or exam.

      Put assignments up a few weeks ahead of time for people who want to get ahead and finish everything

      Be mindful of your students

      Have more online courses for Sociology Majors

      Everything goes well from what I've experienced.

      It would be convenient to have more online classes available through UWG. I was trying to find more sociology/psychology related courses for next semester, but was unable to find any new courses that I actually need.

      No Suggestons

      It is easy to keep up with what is due if you have everything for each week in separate folders. For example, if there is an article review due that week put the article and assignment link for the review in a folder with the date that it is due.

      I think this way this online course was set up would be a beneficial way to set up other online courses in the future for both students and faculty.


      A new WebCT design, that hopefully, will offer the flexibility for students to organize the information in a way that makes sense to them, or at least a format that is intuitive and consistent for each class.

      A new WebCT design, that hopefully, will offer the flexibility for students to organize the information in a way that makes sense for them, or at least a format that is intuitive and consistent for each class.  I don't like going to each class and seeing

      Professors should have an open forum to discuss questions or understanding of the material

      Keep an open line of communication between the teacher and students and among the students with their peers as well.

      Completely revamp the discussion post requirements!

      stay as it is

      More accessibility

      I would utilize more chapter assignments, rather than exam questions for six or seven chapters combined.

      No suggestion at present.

      Becaause this a practicum class with multiple supervising instructors, it would be nice to design self-contained modules within the platform.

      Make them all 100% online.

      post assignments in the assignment tab rather than only in the coursework section.

      Adding a more instructional component

      The UWG online library- the galileo password was VERY difficult to obtain!!!!! It was a long process. The password should be posted on the website and easy to access

      Not sure

      Either less discussion time or fewer assignments. The two together seemed like a lot of work.

      Provide a clear and easier tutorial for the courses, especially for those that are not typically technology savy.

      Major projects not due on same day before holiday week

      Easier access to Galileo password.

      Shedule at least one telephone Wimba session if necessary for students.

      Do not use the same instructor

      I have no recommendations at this time.

      Not sure at this time.

      more discussion and less assignments

      consistency with class expectations; assignments between classes in specialist program at times were difficult based on different expectations and time frames

      This class should be available face to face, especially for student whose been out of school for more than five years!

      Webinars may be a good way to go.

      It started off as an on campus class and should stay that way.

      They all should be partially online and in class.

      no youtube videos

      they are more expensive, if they weren't so expensive I would take classes more online classes.

      I would suggest that you actually have class and not just say "read the book" just reading is boring and not much os taken from it. At least not for me personally. I do not feel like I learned too much this semester.

      No suggestions.

      Not to assign, so many readings at one time.

      more description on the course

      Be able to open up individual assignments for single people, instead of the class as a whole. This would help people who have kids because they can do it all at once.

      more webinar lectures

      Make the assignment list in order acorrding to due date because if we see that we have done a n assignment and the next one is not due for two weeks then we belive that is out next due date and some assignments were missed.

      None come to mind.

      I have no suggestions I would make.

      No suggestions

      I would suggest more interactive tutorials.

      Teachers make a little bit more of an effort to make sure students know their assignments.

      Continue to add special features.  I was took a theatre class this semester and being able to see parts of a referenced performance online made the materials much clearer.
Whenever possible, have the instructor record his lectures online.  It helps le

      Professors that use it should be more available.

      No suggestions.

      I have Keep instructions simple and clear, and the students will be able to understand their assignments better

      Keep having the course switch from in-person to on-line.

      I can't really say considering that they are switching sites next semester.

      Allow more opportunities for make-up work.

      More assignments to make the class more beneficial.

      make sure that the online portion is clear and is understandable in all directions.

      No suggestions.

      Just know what your assignments are

      Keep the deadlines, but require less work due to school and jobs of students

      I can't really say I don't like them I can't learn easy at all.

      require less work, even though we do it at home, i do have other classes