Spring 2003 Student Evaluation Comments


Question 15:What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?


  • The teacher is non attentive.Questions are not answered thoroughly or timely.web-site is not user

††††† friendly.

  • Not getting feedback on a webpage when I thought it was done correctly - which didn't happen

††††† very often though.

  • The time it took the professor to reply to e-mail of online discussion boards
  • Nothing
  • Being a student at ASU it was sometimes hard to get help from Dr. Miller although when he was

†††††††††††† available he was a tremendous help.

  • The lack of feedback from the instructor on the assignments
  • Final exam
  • That my teacher was not readily available and not responsive to our questions
  • The instructor was not always in the scheduled lab to assist students.

  • Nothing
  • It was a really hard class and the instructor didn't say anything about it. He wasn't very helpful
  • The due dates on everything and not being able to get the help I needed all the time.
  • There was nothing I really disliked.
  • This course did not offer enough instruction and problem resolution.
  • Some lesson/assignments could have been clearer on what was actually wanted. I had to re-read

†††††† requirements several times to be sure what was actually being requested.This was collaborated

†††††† course between UWG and ASU. At first separate syllabus listings were untitled.Syllabus problem

†††††† was corrected during semester; however Augusta Site navigation page link needs to be consistent.

†††††† ASU syllabus was previous semester fall 2002. I pulled one assignment down early with subsequent

†††††† (0 of 10) grade because due dates were off by one week. Recommend menu/page verification check

†††††† prior to next class. Note. My error was quickly resolved locally.

  • It was not very personal.People seemed sometimes rude.I don't think they would have been that

††††† way in person.

  • Lots of busy work.
  • Sometimes everyone talked at the same time.
  • N/a
  • Having to be on line at a specific time each week.
  • Nothing
  • Not as personal. I could not tell how some people meant things because there are no expressions

†††††† or tones of voices in chat.

  • Sometimes it took awhile to access WebCt
  • The SIMNET Software.
  • Date changes
  • You could miss a question on the tests because you clicked wrong or took too long answering it.
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • At first it was a little confusing. I guess I was just overwhelmed at the orientation to the class.

††††† The orientation session was a little disorganized and there were too many people there at on time.

  • Too complicated. We do not get a second chance on assignments at the beginning of the course.

A time in which I was completely lost. Now it is seriously affecting my grade.

  • Nothing
  • It took a while to get into the swing of things.
  • None
  • Not having a teacher
  • Hard to find help when needed
  • Sometimes the computer would freeze up while I would take my test and cause me to enter

††††† an answer in incorrectly.

  • The lessons were confusing.
  • There was no explanation on how to use the resources and how to access SimNet and

††††† students should be informed that the Simnet is available on campus so that they donít

††††† purchase the SimNet if they do not need it

  • SIMNET. That is the worst program that I have used so far. It marked answers wrong when

††††† you never got a chance to answer them wrong. The program overall was good for information

††††† but the tests in my opinion were not fair.

  • The exams were due on the days I didn't have class.
  • The SIMNET was worthless!! I felt like it was absolutely a waste of my time and I know less

†††††† now than I did when I entered class the first day. By taking a test with a computer doing the

†††††† grading there is no room for a single error.When I signed up for the class I did not expect

†††††† it to be a cake walk but I did not plan on it being my most stressful class either. I have a 3.5

†††††† gpa and have not made a C since enrolling but I guess there is a first time for everything!

  • Sometimes it could be confusing.
  • I felt like there wasn't real interest given to the class since I have never met my instructor(s).
  • Ease, convenience, not attending a class.
  • Notebook aspect; seemed like busy-work
  • Nothing
  • The workbook
  • Filling in all the blanks in the SIMNET workbook.
  • I didn't like the organization of this class.Very Disorganized.The SimNet Program was very

††††† sensitive when testing and did not always allow you to submit a correct answer because some

††††† answers are acceptable in regular operating system software.This did give students an unfair

††††† disadvantage.

  • N/a
  • Not meeting classmates
  • Sometimes I forgot I had an assignment due and would almost miss the deadline.
  • It was hard to figure out what material went with what.
  • Everything was not on WebCt
  • Easy to forget about.
  • Everything
  • Found myself hurrying through the material instead of really trying to learn how the programs work
  • That the software didn't always want to respond so I had to restart the program
  • Not being reminded about upcoming tests and quizzes
  • The tests did not act right sometimes.
  • Confusion
  • There was nothing I really dislike about the coarse
  • The stupid people in the class that can't read the syllabus
  • Reading all the posts
  • The fact that the instructors weren't always readily available and sometimes I get stuck and do not

†††††† know who to ask

  • How there would be more than one way to correctly complete a question and the computer would

†††††††††††† count a question wrong that I got right.

  • I didn't like that I had to check every single message on the message board and that the work book

†††† asks the same questions over and over and it didn't help with anything.

  • Hard to have questions answered and not really knowing what is going on.
  • Had to go somewhere else to take test
  • Not all my test went through when they should have
  • Harder to understand exactly what the teacher wanted you to do
  • The whole thing
  • SIMNET too many problems
  • I feel that I could have learned more through a classroom experience.
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Just the way the tests went.
  • A lot of work
  • Simnet was bad b/c it messed up on me more than once at home and I got a bad grade.

††††† Plus it would not let you answer questions sometimes. My instructors did not seem to care

††††† and they always said there is nothing I can do.They did not help me at all and I was not

††††† informed of anything when I started the course.I had to learn from my mistakes which cost

††††† me some of my grade.I also feel the instructors were not very knowledgeable in this area.

††††† I knew more about computers than they did.

  • Too impersonal
  • The on line portion was the easiest part
  • Not really anything that I could dislike.
  • Not being able to talk to teacher one on one when I needed them
  • Not coming to class
  • The confusion
  • Some of the comments from the students. That stopped me from asking any questions on line.
  • Hard to get help
  • That the Simnet was complicated at the beginning.
  • The structure of the classroom
  • The fact that some of the information I needed was not in the book. Also the fact that you have

†††††† to keep with the dates of tests and quizzes.

  • It was confusing to get things straight and having problems with the exams and the computers.
  • Not being able to have that one on one with my instructor
  • Easy to get behind
  • It took over a month to understand exactly what I needed to do.I had a problem using Simnet at

†††††† times.It also contains a number of programming errors concerning right/wrong answers.

  • The tests would count your response as an answer sometimes before you clicked on it SIMNET!
  • That the test counted some answers incorrect that were correct
  • Simple miss-clicks and typos count too much against the student everyone makes mistakes every

††††† now and then and it doesn't affect the 'program' they are working in that drastically.

  • It was confusing at times and there was no professor at a set time each day in a classroom to ask

††††† questions of.

  • Nothing
  • Technical problems with exams.
  • I could not get the help that I needed
  • The students in this course were so inexperienced with the course material from the very beginning.

†††††† It was very frustrating to have to sift through hundreds of emails where students whined and whined

†††††† about NOTHING.Then to have to read additional comments about being nice....it was really

†††††† disheartening.

  • Workbooks
  • It didn't work sometimes once all the bugs are worked out it won't be so bad
  • Nothing that I disliked
  • It was harder to learn on my own
  • Taking the exams as the testing software while easy to use is not very forgiving for innocent mistakes.
  • I didn't like the confusion that went on at the beginning of the course.I felt orientation should have

††††† been more comprehensive.I had not taken an on-line course before and I had a lot of questions in

††††† the beginning.From reading the e-mails I wasn't the only one with a lot of problems at first.

  • Not being able to go and ask a question right when I had it.
  • That I didn't get much face-to-face attention.
  • The grading on some SIMNET tests - very strict(i.e.-spelling)
  • The cost of the subject software problems the fact that SIMNET and WebCt do not coincide
  • I didn't get as much help as in a classroom.
  • Nothing I had no problems whatsoever.
  • There are some shortcomings with the on line testing.You are either 100% correct with your

††††† answers or 100% wrong.There were instances where there was more than one correct method

††††† to complete the task being tested your job was to identify the "one" correct answer.

  • Difficult to get questions answered
  • Having trouble taking the exams on SimNet
  • The possibility of losing the internet while working.
  • My questions were often not answered completely even when I emailed the professor.I must

†††† admit that this class was VERY unorganized in the beginning and was very difficult to understand

††††† what was expected of us.

  • Having to sift through so many discussions to make sure I didn't miss any important information.

†††††† I almost missed something that would have made me fail the class.Scary!

  • I hated everything about this class. It is crazy how difficult the assignments are. After the first week

††††† I realized how much time you have to put into this class. I found this class to be completely

††††† unorganized the tests were outrageous.And we are expected to memorize all of it for the final.....

†††† get real.

  • We didn't have class
  • I did not receive credit for assignments I did because of technology not working. Computers

††††† in the business computer labs fried my disks making it unable to upload and link my

†††† assignments that were on the disk.

  • I think that things were not graded fairly and for myself who is very computer literate I found things

††††† that were hard and for a simple mistake had a lot of points taken off when you can see when things

†††† were completed and that they were there on time and I received no credit what so ever that was really

†††† unfair and I think that this class was horrible and I feel sorry for people in the future that have to deal

†††† with such a hard cold teacher.

  • The help when needed
  • I disliked the fact that we were not given much instruction to try and figure out what we had to

†††† accomplish.

  • Small mistakes carry heavy consequences.If you misplace your disk for the afternoon you

††††† will get a grade of zero even if the assignment is complete just for not being able to link it to

††††† your web page.

  • The teacher was VERY VERY Unhelpful
  • That sometimes it would have been easier to do the assignments is I had gotten instructions in

††††† class

  • The instructions were very brief and didn't help with the exercises.
  • There were a few things that did not work properly.
  • The amount of time I had to spend to complete assignments.
  • Directions not in sync w/ the red book.
  • Getting help from teacher
  • The face that it took so much time.I spent 4 times as much time with this course than I have for

†††††† any course before

  • The teachers were very unhelpful and had poor attitudes about students who came to them for help.

††††† This class is entirely too hard to be strictly online.Dr. Padgett when students e-mail you will you

†††††† please e-mail us back.You are a very unhelpful teacher and I would never take one of your classes

†††††† ever again.

  • Assignments are extremely time consuming some links work on one computer and not on another.

††††† At times when I posted an assignment I had no trouble opening the assignment from the computer

††††† I was using however I received a zero or two for assignments that were finished posted on time

††††† but didn't seem to open on the instructors computer no standardization on operating systems etc.

††††† course seemed to be too much of a hassle than it should have been.

  • I hated that the exams from the book had almost no relevance to any of the 'chapter exercises' that

††††† were required.†† If chapter exams were related to the chapter exercises I would have enjoyed this

††††† class a lot more.

  • I feel that the course was not very helpful unless you already had a very good understanding of the

††††† material.

  • Everything
  • There was not a lot of help. The stuff we had to turn in was more difficult than the things we did

In the practice modules.

  • Not getting appropriate help for the Modules in the computer labs.
  • Teacher was not very helpful when it came to problems with my pc
  • Way too much information covered I think. A whole book in a semester. Not able to take in all

Information in specified time frame.

  • Almost everything the teacher mostly.The teacher was not helpful at all nor was the student

††††† aids very much.The instructions for the course were not clear.I have a lot of complaints

††††† about this course and I plan on writing a letter to the school about it.

  • The amount of time it took and all the work.
  • The examples were not very representative of the modules
  • Mostly the crappy quality of the modules and quizzes.
  • If I had questions it was hard for me to make it to the designated hours for Computer Lab.
  • The modules were not all that helpful. Many times you are left to figure things out for your own

††††† which is sometimes quite difficult.

  • I believe the upload command in the file management section of this site could be more effective.

††††† It should allow you to upload folders instead of just individual files.

  • The Difficulty in the course that it sometimes brought and the "figure-it-out-by-yourself" that me

††††† and other students ran into quite often!

  • It was hard to find help
  • The instructions on assignments were too difficult to understand and couldn't follow them on

††††† your own so I ended up in the lab everyday Thursday or Tuesday just like I would if I was in a class.

  • Everything.The professor was unprofessional when I tried to relay a complaint to him the practice

††††† for the module tests are absolutely nothing like the actual quiz itself and over 90% of the module

††††† test was material never covered in this particular class.I am very unhappy with my experience

††††† with this online class.

  • Same as number 14
  • The instructor wasn't helpful at all. He never could answer any of my questions and acted like

†††††† everything was new to him when I told him something and the chapter test where to picky.

†††††† This is by far the worst class that I have ever had to take at uwg not because it was on the

††††††† internet but because no one knew what was going on.

  • I wish the course were not so time consuming!!!I spent most of my time just doing this course

††††† and I don't feel that should be the case.

  • Having to come in for help.
  • Too much information that is not relevant to the final
  • There was little to no help.When I posted questions to instructors their feedback was

†††††† vague at the most.The class should not have been conducted without the aid of in-class instruction.

  • There was usually no one around to help me when major mistakes happened.
  • Hard to get responses from the instructor. Many assignments would be impossible to complete

††††† without going to the lab for help. Too may discrepancies between what the book instructed and

††††† what the instructor wanted you to do.

  • Grading was not clearly explained many confusions about what to do
  • It seemed like the instructors just gave us the red book for the course and said do the best you can
  • 1.typos†† 2.frustrating†† 3. glitches†† 4. unclear†† 5. lack of interaction†† 6. material is awkwardly presented

†††††† 7.testing methods were repetitive boring and in no way interesting. I am almost a Senior and I

†††††† disliked this class by far more than any other not because of the content but because of the way

†††††† it is presented graded and tested.

  • Professors lack of instructions
  • The workbook could be a little more detailed as far as instructions are concerned for an assignment.
  • There were no detailed explanations of how to actually get the work done.Its kind of like putting an 8

††††† month old baby behind the wheel of a car and they don't know where to begin.Some of the

††††† instructions were nice and helpful when answering your questions.However Dr. Padgett was not.

††††† He gave me and other students the impression that he did not want to be bothered with our questions

††††† and that he was "to uppy" to actually interact with the students.

  • Being able to work at my own pace.Most college students are lazy and with out structure we fall behind
  • Instructions are confusing on how to do the modules.
  • The teacher is not there and ready to talk when you have a problem and I learn better in a

††††† classroom session

  • Not enough personal interaction with the instructor.
  • The chapter exams were very difficult
  • The exercise and exams were not fair b/c they marked off for not putting dashes and "s" at

††††† end of the works that r not entirely important and it's a stupid thing to do that.

  • There is no real instruction.
  • That the material was meshed with stuff from a prior semester Dates did not line up correctly
  • Contradictions in assignments between the course book and WebCt as well as the instructor's

Lack of regard for these contradictions.

  • N/A
  • The instructors were not helpful at all.They also have a brutal grading scale.
  • The part that I most dislike about the course is the time given to comprehend and download the

††††† chapter exercises terms and modules.

  • To many assignments and the chapter exercises and exams were to long and hard to study for.

††††† The modules did not fit the module assignments. Too much material to be tested over Did not

††††† Learn anything from the chapters. Mostly I learned from the modules.

  • The tutorials were not exactly helpful.Very vague
  • The modules were not specific enough. Luckily we had the answer key to go by so we'd know

What the instructor was looking for.

  • There was way too much material to learn online. I spent way more time on this class than any

††††† of my other classes and still am going to make a C

  • That there was some expected knowledge of certain parts of access and excel.
  • Too much work due at one time
  • The vast amount of material and lack of help.
  • Changing of the requirements and homework to require 3 times more the time to complete.
  • I did not like the way this class was set up. The practice modules barely had anything to do

††††† with the workbook the instructor told us to use. Also the chapter quizzes and the exams had

††††† nothing in common. It has been impossible to study for the exams because even if you read

††††† the book you will not do well on the exams. Also the instructor taught this class poorly. The

††††† material isn't organized and they rarely ever post grades on time.

  • Course programs messed up frequently teachers didn't respond to problems class not smoothly

††††† put together 3 area that listed assignments and all carried different requirements and due dates

  • The fill in the blank questions. Spelling should not be so critical. Some of the words are hard to

Spell as well as remembering which ones have hyphens.

  • Content was often inaccurate stifled creativity or unrelated to course.
  • I did not like the quiz portion of the course.I think that questions and answers should be viewed

†††† after the test not just the correct answer.†† There were several questions that I know I put the correct

†††† answer but somehow missed.

  • You could only do your work at the school lab. How is this online distance learning if I still have to

††††† go to class to do work.

  • Focus mostly based on modules and not enough attention was geared towards ensuring that the

††††† students understand the contents of the 15 chapters that had to be read. There was no area of focus

†††† within each of the 15 chapters. It would appear as if swatting was key because the instructor basically

†††† picked out sentences from the thousands in the book and you had to fill in the blank (like a dictionary

†††† exam). The online module and chapter exercises were also too sensitive. The program should not be

†††† as sensitive to immaterial mistakes. Online Instructions are not synchronized with the work book.

  • Tests accept only one spelling of answer.No "S" or pluralization sometimes causes wrong answer

††††† for some questions in chapter exercises

  • There was not always someone available when I needed a question answered
  • Everything
  • The teachers were non-existent and when you did go to ask help especially Dr. Padgett made

††††† you feel like you were stupid.

  • I didn't learn anything.Other online classes might be different but in this particular class I really

†††did not learn much

  • To find an answer to a question I had I searched thru the multitudes of others till I found something

††††† that halfway answered my question. the professors were not very lenient when it came to grading

†††††††††††† nor did they explain why points were taken off. etc.

  • The fact that it was nothing like the cism 2201 class that I took in the previous semester.

†††††† There was NO explanation for this class and that hindered my learning and my grade

  • Scarcity of the instructors
  • The grading system.
  • I did not dislike anything about this online course.
  • All the lessons were due on a Friday morning last semester they were due that Monday morning.

††††† I liked it better when the lessons were due on Monday instead of Friday.

  • Tutorials left gaps on how to start or even how to finish up assignments. Red book instructions

††††† vague module answer keys didn't coincide with the info. in the Red book and were often updated

††††††††††† by professor.The week it was due and chapter exams had errors in it which cost students points.

  • This class is the worst class that I have ever taken.If I have a choice about it I will never take

††††† another on-line class again.

  • Not knowing how to access the internet at the beginning. You cannot download authorware web

††††† player unless you have Netscape as you internet provider.If you use aol you have to minimize

††††† it and use the blue e.I t took me 2 weeks and thinking that I needed and buying a new computer

††††† to finally figure this out.I also think that for the first few modules the teacher should give people

††††† a break on the grades.This was my very first class to take on-line and I felt that everyone

††††† assumed that Everybody automatically knew everything.

  • My teacher did not know how to use and would never respond to private mail or bulletin board

††††† questions.

  • I wasn't always keeping up with my class
  • Lack of personal contact with the instructor.
  • N/A
  • I thought that the 10-15 page research paper was a little too much considering that this

††††† class is an elective

  • N/A
  • I disliked that we were not able to discuss the assignment topics in person which made it more

††††† difficult to complete the assignments as expected by the professor.

  • the syllabus was not placed online. the bulletin board should have been used more for student

††††† and professor interaction.

  • My instructor never replied to our emails nor updated us on the status of our grades. She did

††††† not give us any instruction on how to complete the assignments.

  • Nothing- I love it!
  • The chats on-line; I like to interact face to face.
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • I want to be able to delete messages on the bulletin board!!!
  • Nothing.It was good.
  • I have no dislikes.
  • Nothing.
  • I did not have many online assignments.
  • I dislike missing the personal ness of the face-to-face format.
  • Since all of the class was on my own I had a tough time comprehending all the questions that

††††† my teacher had prepared for me to answer.

  • the hard assignments that we had to do at the library
  • That there were never any class meetings.I think one or two a month to keep everyone

††††† focused and answer questions would have been helpful.

  • I don't understand why I had to spend almost seven hours on a worksheet when in the same

††††† course taught by a different teacher that student only spent 30 minutes on his/her worksheet.

††††† I don't think it's fair to have to spend that much time on one assignment. Many students including

††††† myself have other classes with other assignments due. It doesn't make sense to me to have to

††††† spend this much time on a worksheet worksheets that were tedious and nerve wrecking in most cases

  • I can't think of anything that I disliked about having an online class
  • I first enjoyed the online assignments but after a few weeks I decided I like having a professor in

††††† front of me teaching me instead of a computer. I learned better from the instructor than from a machine.

  • I do not like having an instructor in front of me telling me exactly what to expect.I do not feel like I

††††† fully knew what my instructor wanted out of me.

  • Spending so much in the library at school.
  • Nothing really.
  • Nothing.
  • Sometimes my server was down at home and thus if I was coming close to an assignment due date

†††††† I would have to go somewhere else to submit my assignment.

  • Sometimes my internet at home wouldn't work or would quit and Iíd have to drive to campus to finish

††††† my work.

  • You did not get an instance response from your instructor.
  • There was nothing that I did not like about the online portion of this course.
  • Hard to keep on top of assignments.
  • Nothing
  • Worksheets that had to mostly be completed at SUWG.The Midterm was too tricky instead of

†††††† testing our knowledge that we ascertained.

  • I nearly forgot to turn in assignments a few times mostly because I wasn't reminded of this course

††††† by actually going to class.

  • Having to remember to keep up
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • There was nothing that I disliked from this course.
  • Nothing.
  • There is nothing that I dislike about the course.
  • Not having one-on-one contact with professor having to wait 'til he sent me an email.In the

††††† Beginning also was worried about assignments not getting to professor on time.

  • Sometimes the server was down.
  • None
  • Never seeing the teacher he was available I just never went to see him.
  • I didn't like the amount of work needed to complete each assignment.
  • Nothing I can think of
  • Going to the library and finding that the employees are not very helpful.
  • There was nothing not to like about this course
  • Test
  • Not getting grades back until sometimes over a month later.
  • I did like not being able to face to face discuss questions that I may have.
  • I couldn't get assignments explained as clearly as face to face.
  • I signed up to take an online class because it fit into my busy schedule however the frequency

††††† of assignment due dates coupled with the fact that most assignments required use of the campus

††††††††††† library nearly ruined any chance of schedule flexibility I had. It would have been better to take the

††††††††††† class in person so that I could have worked my work schedule around it. I was very frustrated with this.

  • It was very time consuming. I spent more time on this class than other ones. When something was

††††† confusing it was frustrating not to be able to go up to the teacher and ask a question and get a

††††† immediate response.

  • There was no interfacing with the teacher
  • Nothing
  • Sometimes I would forget
  • I didn't like that I still had to be on campus to do a lot of the work but I guess in order to learn

††††† how to do research in a library I'm going to have to be in a library somewhere and the library on

††††††††††† campus is the closest academic library to me.

  • You had to be in the library 3 times a week and sometimes that was hard to do
  • I disliked GALILEO!!It was difficult to use and I hope I never have to use it again.
  • The deadlines of assignments
  • Some of the instructions were difficult to understand and it could have had some more explanation

††††† about things

  • I always forgot to hand in papers and to do my work
  • Nothing
  • Leaving the room to do stuff.
  • I liked the entire course.
  • Nothing
  • The repetitiveness of the course material.
  • Nothing
  • Having to remember to do your work on your own.
  • Nothing
  • Sometimes hard to remember without a classroom teacher when assignments quizzes and tests

††††† are due online.

  • Nothing
  • No one on one interactions w/ the teachers
  • I really didnít have any dislikes
  • If I had any questions I would have to send an email and wait to get the response however

††††† this was not that big of a deal

  • sometimes the directions were confusing I like having real conversations with teachers
  • n/a
  • No interactions with others
  • The only part I did not like was if I had a question I had to email my teacher and wait for the response.

†††††† I Donít live on campus so it was hard for me to ask questions that I needed right away. However my

†††††† teacher was very punctual with answering my questions.

  • I pretty much liked everything about it.
  • There is nothing that I donít dislike.
  • I didn't like having to check the computer everyday because it was a slight inconvenience

††††† sometimes due to me not having a computer at home.

  • I could not access all of the databases from my home computer.
  • WebCT kept closing down on me
  • Teacher interactions
  • Forget sometimes about work that had to be done
  • Easy to forget about and miss assignments.
  • Sometimes computers freeze or boot you off
  • This wasnít online...I had to go to the library to do most of it. If I would have known this was going to

†††††† require more of my time in the library I would not have signed up for it. It took a lot out of me because

†††††† I didnít have the time I would have liked to spend on this course...but I got it done thanks to my

†††††† understanding teacher.

  • Instructor was slow with grades and emails
  • Everything.
  • I dislike that our work was not returned in a reasonable period of time. I don't have access to

††††† two worksheets I need for my final project for my library research class. Assignments should

††††† not be given if the teacher does not plan to have them back on with enough time to do the

††††† following work.

  • n/a
  • The lack of understanding by the instructors towards the strict scheduling. And the forms in

††††† which they conduct the testing.

  • I was not aware that I could check my missed questions once an assignment was graded by the

††††† teacher.I believe that if I had known that I could have made a better grade in the class.

  • It was really easy to forget about checking assignments. The saying "out of sight out of mind"

Is so true.

  • I didn't like that the Instructor was behind 3 or more projects. I kept working on my projects and

††††† turning them in using the same format to only find out they was incorrect. If I had received them

††††† back before doing the next project I would of known they were incorrect and would have done my

††††† current project correctly.

  • Itís just different and takes time to get used to it.
  • If I was at home sometimes it was hard to access things I needed.
  • The grading comments were very general and getting feedback from the professor was untimely

†††††† and often complicated.

  • Sometimes confusing--I made grades on quizzes that I don't agree with and I could not see the test

††††† after the grade.

  • Not as much face to face learning
  • There is nothing that I disliked about the online course. I always wonder though how my instructor

†††††† looked.

  • My teacher did not keep up with the lessons that were completed to be graded.It is the last week of

†††††† school and everyone I talk to that is taking this class does not have grades back for the last four

†††††† assignments.Some of the assignments took a pretty long time to complete and I did work with a

†††††† friend on some of my work.We compared answers and also had the librarian help us with the work.

†††††† Some times we would have the same answers but when we got our grades back either my work was

†††††† right and my friend's work were wrong or my friends were right and my work was wrong.I just don't

†††††† understand that!

  • I couldn't understand what the teacher wanted of me.
  • I can't see what I got wrong after teacher graded it.
  • I'm not quite sure.
  • I disliked nothing.
  • Nothing.
  • System failure
  • Not having the professor in class for personal questions.
  • No streaming video
  • Nothing
  • My instructor's difficulties in working with the technology.
  • I really do not have a dislike.
  • The thread concept that is used in the Discussions is very cumbersome to use. It would be easier

†††††† if we didn't have to click on a posting to see other postings or who the postings are from.There

†††††† is an annoying delay when you click on these postings.It would also be nice to have text editing

†††††† features such as bold or italic when typing messages.

  • Sometimes there are so many emails it gets confusing- I would like to be able to delete those I have

††††† already read.We did not use chat room stuff

  • Professor still required paper also.
  • My instructor's inability to work with the technology.
  • Some students not knowing how to post correctly
  • There was nothing that I disliked.
  • Not having the lectures on line through real audio... a great capability that other universities

†††††† take advantage of to a large extent

  • Lack of automatic feedback on questions.
  • I have no dislikes
  • Nothing
  • Sometimes the assignments were pretty time-consuming but then we were not usually in class

†††††† that week. We had an online debate that I did not enjoy doing.

  • This class had too many bulletin boards for posting which was sometimes confusing.
  • Sometimes there were things I needed clarification on.It just took a little longer to get clarification

†††††† than if I had been face to face.It really wasn't a problem.

  • I have a dialup modem and getting online was a royal pain!
  • System failure
  • Nothing.
  • Not having a chat area for group project work.
  • Nothing
  • The necessity to be self-motivated.I caught myself "slacking" more than I would if I actually

††† †††had to go to campus each week.

  • I use a dial-up connection so the process of signing on is sometimes long.
  • Nothing
  • I like getting to know names and faces.
  • Nothing I love online classes
  • Nothing.
  • Nothing.Everything was constructed perfectly for me!
  • The instructor did always respond in a timely manner
  • Nothing.
  • Nothing
  • Some of the activities could have been condensed and just as effective. Writing questions for

††††† search engines was not proportional in the amount of time it took to do the exercise and what was

††††† learned from doing the exercise. It was difficult to get the assignments ready that had to be mailed

††††† far enough ahead to have the product reach the teacher by the due date even though the professor

†††† was very understanding when students needed extra time. I just did not want to have to ask for

†††† additional time so I stressed a lot. The workload needs to be lessened. Our professor was very

†††† conscientious and just wanted to teach us everything!

  • I cannot come up with a realistic dislike other than I worked very hard this semester on this course
  • The workload seemed excessive when compared to other on-line courses.Whatever I time I saved

††††† not driving I feel I made up for in "extra" work.

  • During the chats the screen kept flashing and knocking people off Unable to post response due

†††††† to flashing screen.

  • Timed quizzes
  • I had to try and find time everyday to access this class because of new information or assignments

††††† were posted everyday.It took a lot more of my time than I thought it would

  • I disliked not having open discussions in a class setting and other class members.With this type of

††††† course It would have been really beneficial as well as having that immediate input and feedback

††† ††from the instructor.

  • Was very unsure in the beginning due to computer skill
  • Sometimes I felt that if I didn't get on-line every day then I would be behind.
  • Difficult to print materials online while working.
  • Sometimes time consuming and confusing. Chats were confusing - we were constantly

††††† knocked off etc.

  • Nothing.
  • N/A.I enjoyed the on-line course very much.Our facilitator Mrs. O'Neill was very helpful to

††††† everyone in the class & responded to our questions and assignments in a timely manner.

  • There wasn't anything I disliked
  • Can't think of anything with this course.
  • I can't think of anything that I disliked about this online portion of this course.
  • A little bit of uncertainty about whether I was doing everything I needed to do or not.
  • It seemed like every time I was at work and wanted to get on line the computers were

††††† down. It was difficult to get to a computer when I did get the time to be on-line.

  • Nothing really.Actual registration into the class via internet was the most confusing aspect

†††††† but only because concise "how to" instructions were not provided by DHR contact person.

  • I missed the face-to-face interaction with the professor and classmates.
  • The lack of human element
  • Lack of feedback
  • Nothing- I LOVED it!
  • Less teacher and classmate interaction.
  • Not good instruction that you sometimes need in person.
  • Nothing.
  • Lack of communication between peers
  • No complaints
  • I enjoyed the online course!!
  • Time lines
  • I do not have a personal computer at home and my only access was at work or at a

††††† friends house

  • Nothing.
  • The portion that I disliked about the online course was the cut and paste work that was

††††† required.

  • Too much info
  • My preference is to interact with my professors and fellow students in a classroom setting.

††††† Online learning does not allow for this.

  • Nothing
  • Our computers were not compatible with the chat lines.
  • My internet service and computer are very slow - that was the most frustrating part of

††††† having an on-line class.

  • I felt that our expectations were not made clear so I felt left-out and behind throughout

††††† the whole course.

  • Very unfriendly.
  • I didn't like the fact that we couldn't use the chat rooms because the computers at

††††† school was not compatible.

  • Sometimes the information we send to the professor is not received.
  • I don't like the fact that I can't interact in person.
  • Sometimes messages are not clearly communicated.
  • Not being able to submit information because of technical difficulties.
  • Nothing.
  • It's not personal enough for me.
  • Not being able to interact directly with people.
  • Not being able to get on at times. I am not sure if it was from my end or from the college end.
  • Accessibility. When the computer/server is down I have no access to the course information.
  • Having to decipher things on my on
  • Nothing
  • There were a few instances that the page was unavailable when I tried to log on. I missed

††††† a group chats due to this.

  • Unclear on teacher assignments
  • Lack of face-to-face instruction/discussion
  • Could not access Web CT from home
  • Nothing, it was great!
  • I am still learning how to use WebCt and had trouble posting items on my webpage.
  • Sometimes I really need more instruction on what was expected for the course.
  • I had trouble putting information on the web page.
  • Miscommunication and alienation
  • Not knowing always if the work went thru and having feedback
  • Waiting for responses to comment on from other students if they were tardy in submitting

†††††† their assignments.