Spring 2003 Student Evaluation Comments


Question 16:What suggestions would you make for future online courses?


  • New professor new site
  • Test
  • Just more feedback from the professors
  • More of them
  • Especially for students at ASU it would be good to meet in a class room once

††††† a week to discuss the lesson and to have any questions one may have answered.

  • Mandatory instructor feedback to each student
  • Exam is not online
  • Make the teacher determine hours that they will be available online and make

††††† sure they are there.

  • None.
  • None
  • For there to be a lab specifically for people that need help with the class
  • Make it be optional on-line or in-class give some flexibility on the due dates and

††††† most of all have someone to help people.

  • More online instruction.
  • Feedback on lesson/assignment errors i.e. (something other than 6 out of 10 possible)

††††† etc. can't correct errors if don't know what's wrong with page.exercise/example disk

††††††††††† would be great training aid

  • I would have liked to get to know my class mates a little better at the beginning of class

††††† especially since we all had to work in groups.

  • More classes
  • They are perfect.
  • Have more classes online
  • Design them so the student can access the course content at his/her own time schedule.
  • Meet more at the beginning of the class.Meet the class along with the instructor.
  • It is good when the instructor prompts active discussion questions to get the class

††††† going in the right direction.

  • Test
  • Use different software.
  • None
  • The SimNet tests being a little more users friendly.
  • Have more of them
  • Have more
  • Limit the number of students allowed in each orientation session and spend more time

††††† explaining what is required.

  • Better explanations of the course and how it works at the beginning of the semester.
  • More orientation
  • Nothing
  • None
  • None
  • More instructor time made available
  • Make sure all areas work before assigning assignments.
  • At least a once a month mandatory class meeting to clear up any confusion
  • To have exams due on the days the class is scheduled
  • Get rid of SIMNET.
  • To make sure everything works correctly.
  • I would make sure that any sections which are added by the registrar towards the end of

††††† drop/add period are given the same attention during the required "introduction" class.

††††† My experience did not show me that.

  • None
  • Keep things the same
  • None
  • Post the due dates where they can be seen
  • None
  • ORGANIZE CLASSES....Better system tools (unlike SimNet).One area to do work instead

†††††† two or three such as WEBCT SIMNET and AUTHORWARE.It would make it easier for beginner

†††††† computer users.

  • N/a
  • Nothing
  • Organize the material better.
  • To difficult to use another disk and download it.Needs to all be on WebCt
  • Write it in your schedules so not to forget.
  • Easier lessons
  • Have the deadline at 12am (midnight)
  • Overall the course was great so I don't really have anything that needs to mentioned for

††††† making it better

  • Have some kind of email set up to be sent to remind students about quizzes and tests
  • More people in the computer labs that know what the course id about.
  • N/A
  • That people in the beginning read all the information and not post silly or uneducated messages.
  • For help to be always close to the students
  • A lengthier intro class. We ran through how to take the exams so quickly that not everyone

††††† got a chance to completely comprehend.

  • Nothing
  • Go to class once every two weeks to check up
  • None
  • None
  • Get their act together. go down on that stupid book price
  • No simnet
  • N/a
  • I have none
  • None
  • N/a
  • Get rid of simnet.Have knowledgeable instructors.Have workbook count more towards grade.

†††††† Have test count more than quizzes.

  • I think the private mail should be added to the WebCT.
  • Make some days in a classroom
  • Better computer connection
  • Little more clarity
  • Time to setup before the class work starts.
  • More organization better explanation
  • A better approach for the simnet.An easier way to use the program.
  • Have a better orientation
  • Do not procrastinate...It does not pay off.
  • Whole class should meet once a month with teacher.
  • If a person is self disciplined or a working parent the online class may work for them. But if you are

††††† a hands on person then an online class is not for you.

  • Explain what is required more clearly.I was very confused about what I was supposed to do to

††††† prepare for each test (for the first several weeks).Make all the tests in one program (it was confusing

††††††††††† having to switch back and forth between WebCT and Simnet.Find a way to weed out idiotic discussion

††††††††††† postings.

  • Make certain test work correctly
  • Explain the class and how to go about the class more thoroughly in the beginning.
  • Check and read messages everyday
  • Try to work out the tweaks before it's offered
  • Have more help available
  • Better instruction up front; consequences for students who post unrelated class email;

†††††† better way of adjusting grades when the software causes an error

  • No workbooks if someone is smart enough to do well without it then let that student go.
  • N/A
  • have deadlines on homework
  • Take more time on orientation night to really explain the course and its requirements.Explain how to

†††††††††††† get to WebCT and give detailed instructions on how to get in to WebCT and the simnet program.I didn't find

out about the custom lessons until after the first two tests.There should have been better communication in the beginning.

  • Stay on task and don't get behind.
  • nothing really.
  • None
  • Set the rules in the beginning and stick to them.
  • The first day of class for an on line course such as this one is very important.There were not enough

†††††††††††† seats in the lab and I think most of the students left that first class not really knowing what the class

†††††††††††† expectations were.I would suggest scheduling that first night into manageable groups.So that all

†††††††††††† questions can be answered and students can get some upfront hands on instruction.

  • None
  • To require to meet more often.
  • Make sure the instructors take the course online first to see what problems the students may encounter.
  • Get the software kinks straightened out before class starts. We need someone full time answering emails

†††††††††††† and answering the entire email not just a portion of it.

  • Test
  • Potentially grade altering information (IMPORTANT info from instructors) needs to be somewhere that

†††††††††††† I won't miss it.Perhaps a notification (popup or alert on login screen) that tells you there is an important

††††††††††† message from the instructor.

  • I think you should conduct the class in a much more organized manor.The tests should be reconsidered.
  • have class..
  • The professor needs to be more flexible about assignments and when the computers fry your

†††††††††††† disks and you cannot load your assignments to your webpage. HE IS VERY UNFLEXIBLE! He needs to

†††††††††††† remember that technology does mess up once awhile and he needs to allow us still to turn our assignments

†††††††††††† in when technology does mess up!

  • I think that if a student emails a teacher for help they shouldn't pass it on to a teachers assistant that can't

††††††††††† do anything about it.

  • make the lab book more easy to read and what it expects on the module(more detail)
  • More guidance. Not necessary structure but more of an attitude conveying what is expected from certain

†††††††††††† assignments. Also the ability to take quizzes and tests without being counted off for spelling and things

†††††††††††† beyond our control.

  • Allow students credit for an assignment's completion rather than testing someone's ability to insert a

†††††††††††† hyperlink into an html document properly every week.If a disk is lost the student should not be punished

†††††††††††† until the end of the semester not on current assignments not directly related to the same lesson as

†††††††††††† creating hyperlinks.

  • that they have more in-depth tutorials
  • in the workbook give clearer step in the instructions.
  • Make the access to assignments easier to understand.Not so many assignments.
  • more user friendly for people who are not that computer savvy
  • This should be at least 4 credits and there should be better instructions as to what is expected and how

†††††††††††† to do things

  • Teachers need to be more understanding to the students needs and be more helpful
  • I would not like to see anymore online courses until standards are created and problems are corrected in an

†††††††††††† easier fashion.

  • Make the chapter exams relate more to actual work done prior in class. Don't throw completely 'new' material

†††††††††††† at the student on an exam. Also in response to question 26- the Ingram library doesn't allow me the student

†††††††††††† to access any of the chapter exercises or course modules for this class.. so the library was completely useless.

  • Better instruction and explanation of expectations.
  • they should provide more practice for the assignments that you have to turn instead of the modules on the

†††††††††††† computer.The chapter tests are entirely too long.They should have one more chapter test and decrease

†††††††††††† the material on the test so that you can actually have time to learn it.They should also give some sort of

†††††††††††† practice exam for the final so you will know what to focus more on instead of spending all your time on

†††††††††††† unnecessary things.

  • Don't change the way test are done in the middle of the course.
  • teacher should be more understanding of errors and problems that occur
  • Have periodical in-class exams like maybe 2 or 3.
  • For this class: another teacher and better instructions
  • Get rid of on-line courses.
  • Show how you get the information and how you put it into action
  • Cut out the comic relief in the modules!This is supposed to be a learning tool to be taken seriously!

†††††††††††† Using crappy humor is very tacky and makes the class less credible.Lastly... USE SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Better modules or a text that actually helps with the assignments we are doing
  • Continue posting information concerning assignments on the bulletin board. The answers on the bulletin

†††††††††††† boards were excellent guides.

  • Maybe some better "how-to" instructions!
  • Make it easier to contact instructors
  • redo the instructions for assignments and make them more exact not so vague.
  • More information available to help with the modules and make the module tests actually relate to

†††††† the information gone over in the course

  • for the teachers to have a more structured class and to know what is going on
  • get a better instructor
  • Don't make it so difficult to understand and have the professor available.
  • Make the instructors be more attentive to the students.My grade has suffered because I could not

†††††††††††† receive sufficient help from the instructors.

  • Have more lab assistants.
  • not so much busy work that wastes hours of your time
  • I would suggest the instructors make the instructions easier and more understandable.I feel sorry for

†††††††††††† the students who have little or no experience with computers because I know they had a really hard time

†† ††††††††††understanding the material.

  • fix glitches present material in a more clear way.If something is missing a dash in the answer even

†††††††††††† though the dash appear above the question is marked wrong... same with plurals.Those particular

†††††††††††situations make the class unfair and makes people not even want to work on it.

  • That your actual grade is posted throughout the course.
  • Some weeks there are so many assignments to complete.I feel they need to redo their lesson plans.

††††† †††††††Because this is not students only class for the semester.

  • no good ideas
  • Make instructions more clearly on modules.
  • I have none
  • Change the exams and the exercise so if u put in the right word w/ or w/out the dashes and "s" in back of

†††††††††† ††the word it will still mark it right.on the chapter exams ask more questions that u asked on the chapter

†††††††††††† exerices instead of questions that no one has ever seen before and can't find anywhere.

  • Fewer links
  • Insure that the online course content is identical to hard copy content.
  • N/A
  • The instructors need to make directions clear and understandable for all assignments.
  • I suggest that with this course you'll make it part on-line and part lecturing.We can use the on-line

Instructional teachings as a supplement to the professor's lectures.

  • Be more focused on how to use the programs and not the critical paths and how the program is set up.
  • The assignments should be more specific.
  • Have a class
  • Have the head of the department be a little nicer when you go to him for help!
  • More lab times.
  • Be better organized and better communications between students and between student/teachers
  • More organization is a must. Make all material compatible with one another. Don't have a book

††††† workbook and WebCT that all give different directions. And make sure teachers are willing to answer

††††† questions and look over problems with the class if students have problems.

  • If they were like this one - no.``Previous classes I have taken on-line - Yes.
  • Have all multiple choice or have a way for the instructor to view your response to give credit for ones

†††††††††††† which were slightly misspelled.

  • Quality assurance of content
  • Be able to print screen of my answers for the test so I can prove that the answer I chose was the correct choice.
  • make the class a true online class. Make it possible to do your work in Japan if we want. Another thing is I

†††††††††††† have a Mac and I could not do any of the work on my computer if I wanted to. I am sick and tired of the

†††††††††††† discrimination of Macs vs. Pc. If I had some time I would file a law suite against the school because every

††††††††††††† thing is for PCs. The funny thing is that every school I have been to has made the computers compatible with

†††††††††††† both. I know it is not hard or even expensive. So that leads me to think that this school is not that smart.

  • Provide one point for clear instructions (currently students get confused between instructions in the work

†††††† book vs. online instructions).``2. Provide area of focus for each chapter``3. Exams should reflect the

†††††† concepts in each chapter``4. Do not reduce points for immaterial mistakes. (e.g. depressing backspace to

†††††† correct a letter case error)``5. Devise a plan to ensure that the student population is understanding the

†††††† material. (This may be done during one of the class sessions.)

  • make chapter exercises shorter and accept more variations of answer.Also allow for accidental clicks

††††† on exams.

  • Don't have them
  • Make the teachers approachable.The teachers need to not make the students feel like they are not smart.

†††††††††††† As well as the teachers don't need to make the students feel like they are bothering them.

  • There were many mistakes in the course especially on the web page about certain times and grades and

†††††††††††† other stuff.Plus a lot of things about how to do certain stuff and other things were not explained all that well.

†††††††††††† It almost always took someone else to show me because I simply did not understand what you wanted.

†††††††††††† More definition of the course and what you desire out of the modules

  • clarify all instructions.
  • more explanation at the first class and give us a computer walk through before dumping us into the work
  • more instructors available at the beginning of course
  • I believe if a student does well through out the semester in the online class then he or she should have the

††††††††††† option to be exempt from the final exam just as if the student was in the classroom setting and the professor

††††††††††† gave the student the option to not take the final in a classroom setting.

  • I would not make any suggestions for the future.
  • Don't try and get too far ahead because the answer key and/or instructions may be updated as the assignments

††††††††††† are due.

  • The class assignments take entirely too long to complete.Then you have to take a test on things that you have

†††††††††††† already done.

  • I feel that the instructor should completely go over everything that will make life easier for the student the first

††††††††††† class if the students want to know.like the module answer key is provided for you to help you

  • Make sure every teacher knows how to work WebCT
  • n/a
  • The school making certain that the student is adequately skilled at on-line learning.
  • N/A
  • I would suggest that the course be taught only 50-60% on line.
  • In regards to this class important information such as syllabus and research documents should be placed

†††††††††††† online. I like when classes employ the bulletin board.

  • Use good teachers who are going to be involved in the course to teach it.
  • Less class time.The professor has the proportions right.
  • Have more of them
  • all online courses
  • Do as many as can!Very helpful!
  • N/A
  • Offer more of them.
  • have more of them!!!!
  • To keep up with the technology of the new computers. During the summer 2002 class I purchased a laptop

†††††††††††† computer with Windows XP. I feel the techs did a wonderful job of changing the parameters so I could get

†††††††††††† online. However had they known what was coming ahead of time I would not have missed two on-line classes.

  • Keep the links updated.
  • My only suggestion is that the classes are blended and not purely on-line.
  • No so long and drawn out.
  • manage my timebetter
  • Class meetings
  • Specifically for this course I would suggest making the worksheets shorter in the future.
  • online classes in general---nothing``this class--faster response to e-mails and grades
  • Please do not assign long material to research. Even with 10 questions on the assignment it took me
  • several hours to finish it and I had other classes to study for.
  • Have less research to do.
  • Test
  • Explain a few of the work assignments better.
  • I would not make any suggestions for the future.
  • None.
  • its kind of a pointless course...if you donít know how to use a library then you should not be in college period
  • A greater variety of assignments should be presented by the teachers
  • N/A
  • Nothing
  • I do not have any suggestions.
  • None
  • None
  • Make time for class discussions online to help with problems too make chatroom.
  • None
  • More check in with the instructor over the course of the semester.
  • Nothing I can think of
  • I have no complaints with the instructor or this course.
  • Get grades back faster have an in-person meeting half-way through.
  • Maybe they could have a meeting once a week for students that would like to meet with their teacher

†††††† face to face.

  • I don't know.
  • Donít have so many assignments due each week that take 2 hours n the library.
  • make sure all questions are clearly stated
  • we need more
  • I would have the assignments spread out more
  • Make more courses available online
  • Space between times when assignments are due.
  • Itís difficult when you first start searching for certain sites in Galileo. Iím not sure what you could do to make it easier
  • grade papers in a more timely manner
  • none
  • none
  • none
  • none
  • Have more of them
  • Remind students when something is due via WebCT e-mail or make it more noticeable on the home page

††††† of this class.

  • Check and read the bulletin board every day!!
  • MORE notice easier to access and figure out
  • None
  • make announcements more noticeable on the homepage.
  • make more courses (program/major courses) available
  • no comment yet
  • Just what I said about not having the teacher right there when you have a quick question.
  • None
  • Nothing. Just the students have to stay on top of the work and not slack behind.
  • I suggest that a lab is offered also.I only suggest that because an individual may thinkthat they are prepared

††††††††††† for online learning but they're not.A lab could balance out the possibility of individuals that don't understand

††††††††††† at all.

  • none at this time
  • I wouldn't make any suggestions because it is fine the way it is
  • more teacher meetings
  • Keep the same
  • email alerts of due dates to student's web mail.
  • None
  • make it more online
  • instructor that is available when help is needed
  • Make it easier and not so hard for new users.
  • Assignments should not be given if the teacher does not plan to have them back on with enough time to do

†††††††††††† the following work.

  • Donít take them if you donít have a computer in your home or if you donít have a way to get to the library.
  • None
  • None really. I just prefer a more personal class setting.
  • To keep up with the homework being turned in and too also let the students know if they do not attend the

†††††††††††† first class with her and attend with another instructor is she wants the students to do something different

†††††††††††† she needs to let them know.

  • A key to the grading comments more explanation of what is expected of students in assignments.

†††††††††††† More orientations at more times.

  • A meeting with the instructor after the first month.
  • I have no suggestions I would like to make for the future online courses. Everythingís great!
  • I don't know how other online classes were conducted but if Mrs. Pittman is going to continue to

†††††††††††† conduct his class she needs to stay on top of things and not get so far behind.

  • More evaluation.
  • Showing what the student missed.
  • None
  • More of them!
  • The online portion of the class was great.
  • Prepare other professors better Dr. C. was proficient.
  • None.
  • More on-line and less GSAMS
  • I think there needs to be more on-line.
  • Be very thoughtful in setting up different discussion boards or it can become very confusing.
  • More of them
  • Help professors utilize WebCT more effectively.
  • give more details so the process is easier for beginners
  • Try to have more complete on-line courses.Meet less frequently on campus.I have to drive a great

†††††††††††† distance and spend a tremendous amount of time on the road.

  • Review the cost of real audio "video streaming" to SMS
  • More time in chat room sharing ideas. Make sure that everyone knows how to send attachments which

††††††††††† format to save documents so that everyone can open them

  • more on-line activities
  • More WebCT courses or courses online
  • Offer more general education courses via WebCT! I am having to spend the summer in Carrollton because

†††††††††††† the curriculum and psyche courses I need are not offered up here.

  • Be sure everyone knows which bulletin board to post assignments and questions to and how to reply

†††††††††††† privately to messages.

  • help better prepare novice professors
  • Have a private chat area for group project work
  • Put more on line ... there's such a limited number now.
  • have a chat room open
  • I think you are doing it right.
  • Offer as many classes as possible online.
  • Chat rooms are not effective when classes have twelve or more students.
  • Keep adding more of them.
  • Be sure that the workload which I understand is greater since there is no in class time.Be balanced

†††††††††††† a little more

  • Do not include portions that have to be mailed.If the class is on-line use on-line delivery.
  • It is a very good idea to have at least one face to face meeting/class with the professor to a little human

†††††††††††† touch to each other....one meeting is sufficient in my opinion

  • DEFINITEY have at least one face-to-face meeting.I like chat rooms--have those.
  • None
  • to provide students with more basic information on how to use this class features of web classes ways to

††††††††††† post and mark as read and such.This was hard for me. Wish this class would have been an

††††††††††option for me because I really appreciate face to face classes

  • Have more online classes
  • Perhaps have more instructions prior to the class
  • None
  • I think the system needs a little more fine tuning
  • Continue to have the classmates chat and share information every week over the Bulletin Board.I learned

†††††††††††† a lot from my classmates.

  • Especially for first time students I would suggest allowing adequate time to access the student tutorial

††††† and become more familiar with WebCT.We were not able to access it until the day before class.

††††† We were supposed to be able to gain access a few days before but there was some confusion between the different

departments at UWG.

  • have a BSN program completely on line.I would take it
  • A grade of some kind or maybe even a progress report to each student half way through the course.
  • Be surer the facility one is working in has a good working computer team and system!
  • The course worked well for me. I don't have any suggestions at this time.
  • the combination is perfect
  • I like Dr. Caress's approach of 1/2 and 1/2. This maximizes the benefits of both.
  • More courses offered on-line.
  • Provide more on line classes
  • More discussion online.
  • Have a few classes on campus before going online and meet one more time for projects etc.
  • Have more of them.
  • More feedback/interaction between peers and instructor
  • Not to have so much to complete
  • Have the course requirements spelled put clearly.
  • Make sure all posting are posted in a timely manner.
  • I would suggest that all assignments are simple and used on Microsoft words.
  • streamline
  • I do not have any suggestions for future online courses.
  • Make the initial teacher certification available online for people with bachelor degrees.
  • Make entire classes on-line.
  • None
  • I don't have any suggestions at this time.
  • Clear and understandable syllabusÖClear directions from instructor on what he/she expects.
  • I have none at this time.
  • I would suggest that more courses be offered online.
  • To take only one course at a time.
  • The course was well designed.
  • Make sure students are expected to do that which is communicated in writing rather than word of mouth.
  • Simply the instructions.
  • Nothing. Everything was very self-explanatory.
  • Have some face-to-face meetings.
  • Align the in-class instruction with the online instruction.
  • N/A
  • Nothing
  • Be able to respond to email assignments and less chat work due to the access.
  • Teacher has clear and precise guidelines when not in class meetings
  • Class meet on campus at least half time
  • improve accessibility of technology
  • I wouldn't change a thing!
  • I think as more people take online classes we will become more familiar with the procedures of online classes

††††††††††† and acquire the skills necessary.

  • I'm not sure
  • At beginning, meet and review how the course works on line