Question 24: What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?

         That there was too many things due at one time


         Professor does not provide immediate feedback on progress of tasks/assignments

         Being on the computer so much.

         I disliked that we had so many required class meetings and group activities.

         The fact that it must be online. I know that this is a computer class and so it must be online, but I still don't like it.

         I would have liked a little more explanation of instructions for assignments since I did not have the face-to-face luxury to ask questions.


         I procrastinated, which often meant doing a large portion of the work at once.



         Having to be self motivated.

         NO DISLIKES


         I didn't dislike anything about this course.

         It is so much less personal, especially since so much group work is expected.

         Some parts were not informative on how the format was supposed to be.

         There was nothing I disliked about the online portion of the course.

         Everything. I have aboslutely no way to contact my professor because he will not answer e-mails. The TAs do not always do the best job of grading your assignments, and then when you try to contact them about correcting mistakes, you may or may not have a good experience with Blackboard IM. You cannot always get in touch with the TA who graded your assignment. Online learning is a disaster.

         I disliked all of the course that was online. I do not feel like this course is applicable to my profession and it was a waste of my tuition money.

         I enjoy the face to face time. On line has no personal aspect to it.

         I did not dislike anything about this course.


         I had no complaints about this class

         nothing big just more days to complete the quiz it was great

         I disliked being confused about how to work pbworks at the beginning of this course. Thankfully all of my questions were soon answered.

         Our class discussions were wonderful, but I wished we could have met in person for at least some of them, especially toward the end of the course, when my confidence had increased and I felt like I could have contributed more to an in-person discussion.

         Response times too long for student waiting to complete assignments

         Not much online

         There was no help available - I had surgery and missed a homework assignment and there was no way for me to make it up - I never got a response from anyone about what to do


         The teacher was hard to get in touch with; communication needs to be improved.

         It can get a little confusing.

         Sometimes the online quizzes would repeat the same questions, and sometimes the answers were not exactly what was in the book.


         Not much contact with the actual teacher. When I emailed for help, I got someone other than my teacher in response.


         The material is more difficult to learn without the direct teaching of an instructor.

         I disliked the issues I had in trying to find out where things needed to be posted. There were too many places to post.

         I did not dislike anything about this course.

         The discussion posts- unable to monitor the ones that I had not responded to. In a large post, there are hundreds of comments to sort and the feature only shows you when you have accessed the batch once, not each individual discussion post. No way to keep track of what you have looked at.

         Loggin in for the first time.

         Book was very expensive, but was able to split the price with other classmates.

         I liked the notion of live chats. However, I was unsuccessful in trying to access the log when I could not attend a chat session.


         the investigation manual

         Blackboard is terrible.

         I did not like that there wasn't much written information about the slides, or points on the lecture. I didn't like sitting through lectures at home where there are far more distractions than in a classroom. I did not like learning about art this way, I was not aware this class was mostly online until I got to the first class. I would not have taken it had I known this. I also did not like the method we had to use to turn in assignments, just doing that was almost harder than the assignments which does not seem right. I will not be taking any more online classes.

         I couldn't get a response to my questions back the day I sent the message.

         Not having the face to face contact I guess.. but I am slowly getting use to this aspect of online education. This is just my 3rd class.

         Actually i found it all enjoyable except that the podcast's did not work with my computer at first.

         Too detached.

         I do not like that sometimes the on-line segments run 1 1/2 hours. I think an hour would be fine or perhaps earlier in the evening....say, 6-7pm?? Of course, being online is better than having to commute to campus weekly.


         Response time of Dr. ***** to email and posting of assignments lags. This is difficult when juggling full time job and course load.

         The only thing that I would have liked better would have been to have a calendar that placed everything on a specific date that I could see ahead of time.

         I didn't like that SOME of the work was too difficult but overall it's a good class to take

         honestly, nothing

         The course was not well laid out. Ut was very misleading. I thought I had all the information for an assignment and later found out there was more information somewhere else on the website.

         No dislikes about the course.

         I had not dislikes

         The singular java issue I had but the professor advised me how to correct the issue.

         Sometimes the video accessibility is frustrating.

         I didn't like that once a week we were supposed to listen to a class discussion. My adviser didn't tell me it would be anything like that. I work everyday all day so it made it difficult.

         I feel only minimal connection to the professor, and I feel I miss out on his passion for the topic.

         Everything starting with the professor.

         no dislikes.


         a lot of work! too many quizzes



         Difficult to keep a connection, server did not work well with internet explorer

         Nothing it was all great.

         I disliked feeling like students were likely able to make passing grades on discussion board assignments when they clearly did not meet all requirements. Students failed to answer all parts of the discussion questions. They failed to meet length requirements of individual and response posts. I think these things occurred because I noticed that there were a surplus of these mistakes throughout the course to the very end. I feel it is unfair for students to make grades they did not earn. From the writing style of many of my fellow students, a blatant disregard for the scholastic nature of the discussion boards was evident. They wrote in colloquial language and made infinite writing errors. In some posts, it was impossible to find their point or the meaning of what they wrote. Because we have ample time and the simple nature of the assignment, I feel they should be graded accordingly. If students made 1s, 2s, or 3s on these, they would improve and increase their contribution to the class

         I do not like the fact that my instructor can see how and when I do anything pertaining to the course.

         Dates of assignments changed around a lot. It was difficult to fully comprehend without meeting in person. I really did not like that it was online and will avoid online classes as much as possible in the future.

         The software used for the online demonstrations was not appropriate for course material being demonstrated.

         Assignments were submitted on time, but few were graded in a timely manner.

         I thought that everything was very helpful and I really did not dislike anything

         The course requires a lot of reading and sometimes it was difficult to have enough time in my day to get it done and stay on task with the schedule of due dates for the course. However, the due dates were lifted and this made things much easier for me.

         I didn't realize there were other pages, so I missed two quizzes by mistake. I wish i could have taken them once I realized I had missed them.

         I did not have a problem with the online portion of the course.

         No test preparation or study guides just chapters assigned to read and powerpoints. Test questions did not always reflect material assigned.

         nothing.... Dr. ***** did an amazing job supporting me throughout the course.

         no dislikes

         lack of lecture

         Nothing, it was great.


         Course Den sometimes kicks me offline.



         I just prefer being in a traditional class setting. However, I understand the need to provide convenience for students who live farther away than I do. Online learning is the new thing...I understand. However, I believe I learn better when I am able to interact with people in a classroom.


         The Assignments and Discuss questions

         All the papers


         online portion.


         Trying to remember to take quizzes. Out of sight, out of mind.

         The analysis papers were very daunting and detailed orientated for what I thought was going to be a primarily math and research class, I was not expecting to have to do papers using the material that we have learned in class. The papers were hard and complicated, even with help from the teacher and classmates.


         I didn't like how long the lectures were.

         Everything was perfect.


         Nothing. Everything was great. I love taking Dr. *****'s classes.

         Not getting to see other people

         sometimes courseden would act up on everyones computer not just mine.

         Needs more explanation on assignments.


         I prefer face to face discussion. Especially with such a hands on subject.

         The fact that every thing were online.

         The fact that I am doing the same survey for my other class is indicative of how the university doesn't make strong decisions about these things.

         There was little clarity with certain aspects of assignments and I had to wait for a response from the professor rather than being able to ask him face to face. The professor was not as prompt with grading and responses and that was particularly frustrating when I had a deadline for an assignment to meet.

         The teacher never gives back assignments in a timely manner or emails students back.

         Too much assigned work.

         This course did not meet the needs of a graduate level student taking 100% online course. The demands and requirements were unrealistic for someone that works full time, has a family, and is taking online courses. There were required WIMBA sessions on Sunday evenings.

         can be confusing

         The face to face sessions

         It was a little difficult getting my online partner to cooperate.


         The lack of professor interaction and the lack of constructive feedback.

         The class wasnt challenging and there was a lot of time between assignments that could provide additional assignments. Fell like there should have been more to the class. The information that was provided was great but there just wasn't enough.


         Some of the online chapter quizzes had errors in their questions and answer choices, some questions were hard to discern.

         No complaints.


         Seemed like a lot of busy work that was unnecessary

         School Finance is a class that if taken on line should also meet face-to-face. Dr. ***** did a great job of teaching almost 40 students on line, btu the information is too valuable to do totally on-line.

         There is always more classwork for online classes.

         Sometimes things did not work well or we would have to wait till site were working properly so that we could summit things

         The tests were very hard and the book made it harder.

         I sometimes miss the face-to-face interaction.

         I don't dislike anything.

         Teacher took a long time to respond to questions and to grade assignments. Feedback was needed to go on to the next assignment and I found myself waiting to hear back before I could go on. Having to e-mail assignments to teacher and then submit feedback to dropbox. Extra step was confusing and inconvienent.

         the odd times for submitting the assignments



         instructor was unwilling to work with me regarding a missed assignment

         I disliked the papers that we were to write.

         I don't think Dr. ***** is an effective online instructor. Emails are not responded to in a prompt manner, and when a response finally comes it is confusing and never really answers the question. On average it takes about 3 days for him to respond to emails. He doesn't respond to any direct posts to him in Discussions. Assignments are not graded in a timely manner. As of 4/7/12, most assignments for this semester have not been graded. Directions to assignments are not provided in an easy to understand method and are usually not easy to locate. There was very little direction provided by the instructor for class assignments and especially graduation exit assessments. Most questions I had were answered by fellow classmates because it was too difficult to get an answer from the instructor. Overall very little direction is provided.

         Nothing in particular

         Discussion boards in CD were not the most user friendly

         There were no dislikes about this course.

         You have to make sure to keep up with the due dates.



         You basically teach yourself and that's what I disliked. I thought the course was going to be a little bit face-to-face and on-line.

         nothing comes to mind

         The professor did not always answer emails.


         nothing, class was great.


         Some assignments are too difficult to do on my own. Intructions in the assignments were too vauge. This is a class that should be taught in a classroom.

         Things would sometimes be due when I had prior engagements.

         no dislikes


         That it was unclear soemtimes and the projects that we were expected to complete were not explained well.

         instructor did not communicate efficiently


         Teacher's grading.

         Everything. The assignments and tests were far too hard to understand and once you do understand it, it takes hours to complete.

         there was no structure for the course and communication with the professor is limited.

         I would sometimes forget about assignments or not realize the due date and have to rush to finish it.

         If you don't constantly look at the announcements YOU WILL miss something very important, like a midterm. That sucked. An email should have been sent out to inform students of something like a miderm...every other teacher does it.



         I don't like that the assignments were only open for specific times two days a week.

         Online classes should not have group work!!!!! This is my 3rd online course which involved group work and it is impossible to do!!!!! I wish West GA would work on this and realize that in order to do group work effectively and in real life it is essential for group members to meet to work together. I felt like the professor was extremely unavaible and was not organized. Quite honestly I am not sure what professors are paid for when they do an online class.

         The class was mainly composed of discussions which are hampered by the process.



         I wish the professor would have just let us see our quiz grades immediately like other online tests and quizzes allow me to do.

         The teacher did not give tests and quizzes that went along with the problems that we discussed. The class average for midterms was less than 50 out of 100 and we kept the grades. The quizzes were real hard. I know that many students struggle in her class as school as well so I know it is just not due to it being an online class.

         It can not replace face-to-face instruction.

         browser problems. trouble getting email courseden not liking safari or chrome or firefox, and not opening windows when it should. We shouldn't have to be IT experts to use this, yet because it exists, were held accountable.Simplify

         I only want to see links that I need to actually us eon my page.

         nothing really.

         Not much I disliked.

         poor communication with teacher

         I was unsure what to do at first, it was unclear what was expected of me.

         When I couldn't access CourseDen, but was still able to access the UWG portion and couldn't get the assistance I needed to get to what I was trying to get to.

         Due dates were early on Friday mornings. I would have preferred to have more time on Friday to submit assignments.

         sometimes it was alot of work due at one time.

         Too much busy work.

         The professor did not communicate her expectations of assignments. The syllabus was very vague and did not include everything that she expected. Most of the time myself and my classmates did not know what she wanted, therefore received grades far below what is normal for us. The grading period also effected our future grades. Assignments were not graded for weeks and weeks at a time, so we did not know we had don't an assignment incorrectly and had already submitted several more just like it since they were due before we received any feedback.

         It would be nice if the instructor used the calendar component, but that is minor.


         Nothing, it was perfect

         The group work. It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to meet as a group with people who have never met each other before. All of the people in my group, other than myself, commute to campus. Some have jobs and families. The reason they took the class as a fully online class is because there is not time in their schedule to meet very often. The group work that was assigned would also have been much easier to complete individually.

         what i dislike about the online portion is the extra writing assignments required

         lacked the classroom interaction

         The fact that I procrastinate. Nothing with the actual online or class. Just me!

         She kept losing my work!



         I really am a fan of online courses. I do not know of a negative issue other than Course Den sometimes kicking me off the internet.

         I do not like how much more work online courses are rather than face to face courses. This course was extremely time consuming and difficult.

         How confusing it was to find everything at first.

         I don't really have any complaints, because if I had an issue or something I was unsure about I could easily ask my teacher and she responded very promptly.

         There wasn't anything I disliked.

         Sometimes I didn't understand some of what I read. Having some kind of optional wimba session to discuss some of the material would have been helpful.

         Sometimes face-to-face interaction is a good thing. However, the pluses outweigh the negatives by a long shot.

         Sometimes the course material was a little unclear. A face-to-face meeting would have cleared up a lot of my confusion. Luckily my teacher was available for me to meet with him during his office hours.

         The alerts for assignment due dates was absolutely horrid. All of the quizzes where scheduled in the same time frame, but I only got an alert for the first quiz. As a result, I ended up missing most of the quizzes, even though I got perfect grades on the actual homework assignments.

         I disliked the amount of quizzes we had, and i felt like the quizzes we tough.

         not able to contact professor that easily

         That it was hard to remember deadlines.

         I do not care for online classes


         I disliked how unorganized this course's CourseDen layout was. Therefore, it was very difficult to know what the expectations of the assignments/professor were. Overall, I was very disappointed with this couse as an online couse, mostly due to the professor's lack of assistance and organization.

         At times due dates were hard to figure out on assignments. I also didn't like the fact that modules weren't posted ahead of time.

         The instructors aren't helpful when answering questions, they just refer you to the syllabus.

         disliked doing the discussions.

         not having a professor readily available to answer questions

         I prefer traditional, or in-class, courses.

         There were random due dates for the assignments and random times the assignments were due. The powerpoint videos did not correlate with the textbook that was required for the course. For the teacher to use the required book for the class. We purchased it and then she said that she did not like the book and none of the exams we took covered the book.

         CourseDen has hard to use due to computer/internet settings.

         No dislikes

         No complaints.

         due date for hw

         That if you miss or accidently forgret a quiz or an assignment on a specific day you automatically loose those points. There is no factoring in emergencies, computer situations, or work situations. I have a lot on my plate and since there is not teacher or fellow students to remind me I often forget to login everyday.


         Takes a loooong time to go through everyone's post and respond to many of them.

         loved it!

         I think a subject as complex as behavior management needs at least 1-2 class meetings in a workshop format. In other words, meet at a school and practice what we have learned. It is the practice part that is missing from online courses.

         I would have liked for my professor to have understood that things happen. Not everyone is trying to get over on anyone and get a get grade they didnt earn.

         I wish it would have been a little bit less of a seeming self-taught course, for instance maybe had power points, or lessons from the instructor in easy to comprehend forms. I don't DISLIKE classes that are heavily book based, but that is not the ideal way for me to learn, and I wish it would have utilized the book but not been dependent on just the textbook.

         I didn't like having to meet a few times.

         Wish that the online assignments for each class was through the same site though. In both of my classes this term, different website/different logins are used. I did have some trouble accessing the Wimba chat and from what I have heard from other students, this happens every term.

         Sometimes deadlines were missed because i did not have my syllabus. (my issue)

         I do not think a math class online is a good idea at all. The only notes that were posted did not really help and we were left to teach ourselves.

         I dislike that WebCT can be sluggish at times.

         At times videos and articles were not coming up. This was frustrating and caused a lot of time to be wasted on troubleshooting.

         Harder than I expected.

         Everything. The instructor was not helpful.


         I thought some of the discussion were repetitive or not needed because they were so similar.

         This course was poorly organized. It needs a serious overhaul. Content from the Dis Mentoring III should be in this course along with an improvement on the expectations and assignment alignment to the overall course objectives.

         Overall no dislikes with this online course.

         Not talking face-to-face with my classmates.

         Weekly chat sessions were during my working hours, but she did make the transcripts available for everyone.

         I would have like to have more face-to-face meetings with my teacher than speaking with them online.

         The professor was not current on the proper and current ways in which to program and design Web content. When it came to discussion boards, she was vague and somewhat unhelpful. Had to help other students work through issues caused by the professor providing incorrect or improperly configured material, myself while I was doing the assignments. The professor also took our first 3 assignments almost verbatim from Web Development & Design Foundations with XHTML by Terry Felke-Morris, yet I never did see anything saying that it came from there. It probably would have helped her students out tremendously if she would have told us to purchase this book and maybe even PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson. That way they would have something to reference besides just the material that she provided that was not always correct.

         It is difficult to check email and such constantly throughout the week for me.

         I wish we had more chances to complete the quizzes.

         I missed the give-and-take of face-to-face communication.


         It is hard to study online.

         I wish I could've viewed all student projects since they seemed so interesting.

         the short amount of time allowed for the quizzes

         That I was unable to access some of the material due to using different web browsers.

         that the chapter quizs were so hard

         Not being able to get my questions answered quickly

         it's impossible to get a response back from the professor in a quick manner

         Everything else. I really hated online class discussions and presentations. I was completely disengaged most of the time.

         the hard chapter tests



         Having to wait to finish the course--final exam was not available until the Friday of CRCT testing which is a terrible time for teachers. I am spent at that point. I wish it could have been open for a longer time or earlier so I could get it out of the way.

         Nothing really. Sometimes face to face classes are great for clarifying concerns or questions, but that can be done online via chat, email, or Wimba sessions.

         Not a thing.

         It was difficult to organize the discussion areas. The instructor had too many locations for assignments. Very confusing organization. New information was added to the course but we had no way to know it had been added.

         Not knowing when I could get an answer if I had a problem with something.

         I like face to face interaction.

         THe sort of disconnect that comes with not seeing people face to face

         No complaints

         Items were opened from 5pm-5pm over one day in the middle of the week. This is not conductive for the nontradional student

         Overall no dislikes.

         I do not like having to drive to face to face sessions.

         Often, I do realize that the classroom setting would be more time efficient for completing coursework; however, the online style is the only way that I can do this at this time.

         This professor does not care about the flexibility that online courses should provide. He prides himself and boasts that his classes are like 3 classes in one. He does not respond to emails in a timely manner - sometimes ignoring them altogether. He does not give clear instructions and when asked specific questions he dances around the answers, responding vaguely at best. He does not provide guidelines for assignments in a timely manner. Some assignments never had instructions. He loves to give excuses for why he hasn't responded or why he hasn't graded things. He loves to tell us about his busy traveling schedule, his hurt pinky (true story - we have email proof), his late nights staying up grading and sometimes not going to bed until 3 AM. He has no regard for our other classes or our personal life and daily careers that suffer due to his unreasonable assignment schedule and the sheer quantity of overbearing assignments. This man has no business teaching any online courses.

         that there were too many things due at one time


         I was satisfied with all aspects.

         The tests were hard and challenging

         absolutely nothing. By taking this course I have a new found prespective towards theatre and attended a few that I would not have in the past.

         communication between professor and class as a whole was poor


         I didn't have any complaints.




         Online classes tend to have more actual homework/projects.

         I was at the mercy of a computer if I could use wimba well- at my home computer I could not get a good connection and had to use the phone call in; at one office computer, the microphone wouldn't work (help desk couldn't help); and another computer worked well for both microphone and audio.

         Paying for internet access.

         I was at the mercy of a computer if I could use wimba well- at my home computer I could not get a good connection and had to use the phone call in; at one office computer, the microphone wouldn't work (help desk couldn't help); and another computer worked well for both microphone and audio.

         i liked everything



         the powerpoints were not good

         Group projects. Students take online classes for convenience

         How hard it is to remember assignments.

         It had due dates every week, stuff was not always posted on time.

         so much informations and many questions that needed to be answer fast..

         Directions on assignments weren't as simply explained as I needed.

         It was very difficult and hard to understand sometimes (tests).

         I disliked how long it took to hear back from my professor. And teaching myself accounting was not ideal.

         Not seeing the teacher regularly or my classmates


         Not enough time to complete assignments. Quizzes too hard

         the quizzes were difficult

         Hard to figure out at first


         The Friday updating! But I won't complain too much because it gave me a chance to take a break and interact with the family.

         Teacher was extremely rude and graded very harshly. She was not flexible with her students and not understanding at all. This class caused me to lose my 4.0 GPA, despite the fact that I have completed all pre-requisites for the nursing program with A's. The class itself would have been enjoyable had it not have been taught by this teacher. I was extremely disappointed by the lack of respect and lack of flexibility this teacher offered, especially when the main purpose of online courses is providing a flexible time schedule for those who are too busy to do so during class times offered. Again, I would not recommend this teacher to anyone, even if they are willing to devote a lot of time and hard work to this course.

         I liked all of it

         This course is not one that should be offered online. It is tough to understand and do well in over the internet.

         The tests and quizzes composition

         having an assignment every week

         Not having that hands on training

         The discussion boards are beneficial, but the way they are structured in this class makes them cumbersome. Some other instructors divide people into discussion groups. It makes it easier to have conversations and adds to a feeling of community.


         The instructor was terrible and unavailable and I would NOT recommend her to anyone ever!!! She took to long to answer our questions and grades were just done. We had assignments from back in Feb. not graded. Input was slow if at all any until this today 4/17/2012. A little too late when all you have left is your Final Project. Class did start until two weeks after the normal start date.

         There was not enough human interaction.



         I missed being able to ask the professor questions. This is not a comment on Dr. *****'s availability, which was sufficient, but the immediacy of response when a question popped into my head. I either had to post a question or wait until he was available, unlike face to face classes where I can just raise my hand.

         Group work with others that lived too far to meet face-to-face

         I was unaware that the class was online. There was not enough class meetings. lack of communication .

         The deadlines were spaced very closely to one another.

         I actually have no major complaints about this course. The only part that did aggravate me was the fact that we would have to wait a few days before seeing how we did on a quiz or test.

         sometimes confusing

         I find the group work frustrating. It is difficult to organize at such a distance. Most of us are working in an academic setting and are more mature. We have plenty of experience in working collaboratively. Just give us the work and let us do it.

         When course den is down for maintenance.

         I miss, just slightly, face-to-face discussions with other human beings.

         no teacher student interaction, even via email. Professor was unavailable for assistance

         Sometimes it could be difficult and I would have to wait and speak to my professor face-to-face if I have a question.

         Some of the assignments were incomplete in provided material or instructions.


         how the class manual is set up

         This course could use more of the basic best practices of online delivery.

         There wasn't anything that I disliked.

         have to use wiki in place of course den

         I enjoy face time with my professors and classmates. I wish the students used the course to communiacte more to each other about their internship sites.

         I'm not good at remembering when things on-line are due. So my dislike for on-line courses has nothing to do with this class, I just simply would rather meet face-to-face in any subject. I have found that when assignments are given to my in physical form, I am much better at getting them finished and remembering to do so. I also dislike on-line courses because no matter what, there is ALWAYS a technical issue that causes a grade discrepancy. For example, there were many instances where students would do their blogs, but somehow their submission would not show up on the submission page. Or they would do the blog, but forget to copy the URL into the submission page. Or more than one person would be working on the submission page at the same time, and it will only allow access to the person who was there first, and you have to wait on them to get finished.

         There was not a lot of flexibility as with other online courses that I have taken.

         I didn't likle the class requirements but that's what you get for the convenience of not having to go to class


         I disliked not seeing my professor on a regular basis and not getting to know my classmates.

         too many discussion post

         I like face to face courses but Dr. ***** makes the online course work really well.

         The materials were very expensive.

         Confusing at times

         We had too many `involved` group projects that we had to complete at a distance. It's tough to try and accommodate everyone's schedule when you are working at a distance.

         The video chatting was hard to follow and often filled with odd background noises. It is hard to carry out a discussion course in twenty separate locations with a computer and a microphone. This class just does not lend itself to online chatting.


         I was a bit unfamiliar with on-line class and although my instructor was great I still felt unsure of how to relate to everything

         less access to prof

         Was set up in the normal CourseDen way, which is barely usable. It's java, and does not allow most pages to be opened in a new tab or window. Finding anything in the courseden was a mess, but this was not necessarily the fault of the professor.

         the grading

         The class material was CRAMMED in and tests and quizzes were UNBELIEVABLY hard and confusing. Professor was not confident in Material and was NOT very helpful and EXTREMELY hard to Understand. I did not learn anything new in this course because I was so busy trying to get ALL the homework and quizzes done. I read every page of the book that we were quizzed on, and not once did I make a 100%. Was treated as if I were an idiot when dealing with the professor, and at times I truly felt I knew more about some of the material than she did. If this is how the rest of the MIS courses are, I may have to change Majors or something because this was awful!

         The instructor take the topics too seriously

         Cannot get immediate response from professor with questions about the chapter. She usually responded by the next day but it's not the same as learning in class and asking a question when it pops in your head.

         Just the fact that it was online.

         Some times the website was down.

         While working with a group is an important part of the learning process, it held me back in some instances when some group members are not as motivated or conscientious as other group members.

         I dislike that for this particular class there were some questions on the quiz that i could not find an answer to from the narrating lecture or from the assigned text.

         Responding to dsicussion questions.

         Instructor did not lay out the course for students to work at their own pace. Almost the entire class was group work which was extremely annoying and not related to the original purpose of the class.

         Some directions were unclear

         Material was hard to find at time. I missed a few because of this



         Needed more class time in preparation for Nclex


         I do not like that because it is online, she still gave us a normal weeks assignments for during finals week.

         The amount of reading

         too much to do in one week; assignments need to be broken down more

         I disliked not seeing my professor on a regular basis and not getting to know my classmates.

         Would have like 1 0r 2 WIMBA classes to check on progress and if I was going in the right direction, The class wouldn't even need to be an hour just to touch base. It helps to find out what other students are successful at and what doesn't work.

         Lack of understanding and the completely new website Wiki/PBWorks

         I didn't like the video slides I had to download. They took forever to download. They were old and slow, and trying to listen to what the teacher was saying on it.



         Very tough material

         the extra distance learning fee... really?!?!


         That the points that the teacher would like for us to understand were not clearly able to be related through the internet.


         Time constraints on some assignments.

         nothing it is good the way it is

         I really enjoy talking personally with the professor and students.

         The closed resources policy on this course. Only information by the instructor and the text book was allowed. The course did not allow any art critique writing assignments, only observational. I felt like I wasn't allowed to practice writing my own researched and knowledgeable paper. The papers were based on only herself as a source, which to me was disappointing. It felt like she had no interest in any other opinion than hers and left little faith in the student. I would not take any of her classes again.

         Nothing really.

         Due date for homework

         there really wasnt anything i disliked

         There seems to be a need to give a more significant about of assignments almost simultaneously. Some of this information, it seems, would be delivered in class lectures if the class were face-to-face.

         No actual proof that you did something... technology can really mess things up when it isn't working.

         nealy impossible to get a quick response bakc from the professor

         I disliked the amount of class discussion required.

         Honestly, I haven't disliked anything because if I ever had trouble or a question I could set up an appointment with the professor.

         I did not enjoy getting to see if I liked this subject of not.

         I didn't like that I had to go to many different areas to get my resources for my paper. Sometimes I felt I needed some direction and advice.

         Sometimes it just seemed like busy work but I did like that the load was not so heavy when I had another course.


         not enough time on quizzes


         That I was charged as both an online student and an on-campus student (we met twice on campus). This is completely ridiculous and unacceptable to pay all of the fees associated with both. My complaints/concerns about this were dismissed rather than listened to. This affected my attitude towards online learning in a very negative way.

         the discussions posts was out of order

         it is a dinosaur. people have different connection speeds and, as a result, they were constantly talking over one another. having to raise your virtual hand to speak is difficult, as well, because when you want to reply to a comment, you have to wait til it's your turn to speak, at which time, the conversation has already moved on.


         The Way the teacher graded the material, her attitude toward the work we turned in was poor and needs improvement. She gave large amounts of work at one time ALWAYS. She graded all my paper in a negative way as if I do not know anything about art.

         could not get in touch with teacher in a timely manner.


         I didnt like the guidlines on which the teacher used the online assignment post. UWG is doing a great job however with the online set up of the courses!

         nothing in particular

         Everything was fine.`

         No dislikes

         I got a little behind at the end of the semester but it was easy to catch up.

         No complaints.

         No face to face interactions

         It does not replace face-to-face instruction

         Courseden is slow every once in awhile, but overall I liked it.

         nothing, it is a great course

         im a visual learner, so i miss out on that sometimes.

         how much of a stickler the professor was about the online assignments

         nothing really

         There was nothing I disliked.

         Sometimes I tended to confuse the assignment directions.


         The professor was kind of...well seemed abrasive when reading the syllabus for the first time, could have gone through more explanation on the assignments we had, but I can teach myself, thank goodness.

         This course was actually pretty good everything was laid out from the beginning and well organized, no real dislikes. I did dislike the student instructors part and all.


         At first, I didn't like the way she was grading our work. She seemed as if she were more of an english teacher than a criminology professor. I felt her focus was more on the costruction of the paper than the content in the paper.

         I did not like the lack on internet connection or getting kicked off while doing a quiz.

         There were two instances where, while taking a quiz, one of the problems did not display the actual graph to which the question referred. The professor had to later provide credit or reset it.

         i am not well versed in computers and feel no more educated at the end of this course than i was at the beginning due to not being able to have hands on assistance. when i did have a problem accessing a site to complete a project it became very frustrating when i could not get the help i needed. i feel as though i have simply gone through the motions for each assignment . Should i be asked to complete any of this material without the step by step and sometimes confusing assistance from the book allotted for this course, i would be unable.

         I think some of the online assignments were redundant and busy work. Her class discussion were so concise I guess she tried to balance the work out.

         I did not really dislike anything about this course.

         The professor

         No complaints

         I dislike the disconnect and isolation that a total online class means as there is no face to face discussions. I have felt this way about all online classes. I also miss learning from the instructor's expertise. With online classes, the instructor assigns and `manages` our submissions, but the total content learned is totally from print or digital sources. I think teachers are important and would like to have some type of learning vehicle that includes personal sharing of expertise. Anyone can read a book--or a website. I do like the discovery portion done when completing the assignments--but I have not had a class yet (and I have had 7 online classes) where the instructor is an active leader / participant in discussions. This instructor did provide once a week Chat opportunities--but these were for questions only, there were no organized or purposeful interactions.

         I had trouble logging on when the course first started

         At first courseden was a nightmare. The very small time that was spent during the orientation was totally useless and probably confused me more than helped. The person that went over courseden either didn't know how to use the program correctly or did not care to pass on her knowledge. As she finished to short instruction class she said something along the lines of` you'll figure it out as you use it.`


         I had an issue with an asignment that I had to submit. I had went to ITS to get the program that I needed to complete the assignment. I tried to contact the instructor about the problem that I was having and he was not able to open the assignment. I was not given the opportunity to resubmit the assignment. It states that assignments can nly be opened once, and must be submitted in the proper format. There is no room for mistakes.

         Technical challenges- still can't get a file to attach properly in Course Den!

         The extra fee that comes with signing up for an online class.

         Still adjusting to the lack of face-to-face contact associated with online courses.



         There is nothing I particularly dislike about this course.

         I was able to express my ideas about the discussions it more of just state facts.

         face to face interaction is always best I believe, but for this course in particular, it really was not needed.

         Instructors not responding to emails in a timely manner

         There is nothing that comes to mind regarding dislikes with online portion of this course. I note, however, that there is a LOT of writing required. However, I understand this requirement since we do not actually attend a live classroom, and there is no other way to guage attendance and/or participation.

         Nothing really. The discussions were good and intresting and the test were not too hard.

         It took awhile for the Professor to respond to an email.

         Some assignments were repetitive and busy work.

         I liked every aspect of this class in particular and I am taking all online classes only next semester!

         i dislike that the there is a deadline for the assignments.

         Confusion about final project and little clarification

         Not much

         I was at the mercy if a computer if I could use wimba well- at my home computer I could not get a good connection and had to use the phone call in; at one office computer, the microphone wouldn't work (help desk couldn't help); and another computer worked well for both microphone and audio.

         The test seemed a bit far stretched from the topics we covered

         slow communication from instructor

         the quizzes were really short and they made me nervous with the time limit

         Nothing, except when course den is down on friday night. I understand maintence has to be done at some point.

         the professor is unclear in his wording of assignments

         Sometimes she was a little delayed opening assignments but she did allow more time due to the delay which was much appreciated.

         The materials for the class should have been released at the beginning of the semester so we could work on them at our own pace.

         It was sometimes hard to figure out exactly what was due each week.


         teaching yourself

         I did not feel like their was enough time given on the exams.

         I had to be consistent and always remind myself to check my CourseDen.


         There was no online assistance at all.


         I would constantly forget when things were due

         The articles to read for the discussion were interesting, also some were not very current. I did not like the wasted time in following an exact format to give comments on these articles. I lostmore points because I did not follow the format than points on the value of my comments. Very not motivating. The Learning Objectives did not mention this.

         It was hard to get in touch with the professor and receive feedback from him in a timely manner on most accounts. On a few accounts his e-mail replies were prompt. There was not much guidance for this course and I have had difficulty with some aspects; it would have been great to be able to communicate those face to face instead of through e-mails and discussion boards.

         There were a few times when course den malfunctioned.

         The required books came in a 'package' at the bookstore that was over $100.00. It did not list the books separately, but I found out through another source what books came in the package. I bought the books online and saved $70.00. One of the books was only four cents. I am disgusted at the campus bookstore and whoever allowed for that 'package' to be over half of it's worth.

         Sometimes the students' answers would be grammatically incorrect and had horrible spelling. This sometimes made it difficult to participate in class discussions.

         I would like every assignment to be visible on the calendar

         the assessments and assignments

         time lines were too constrictive -


         Essay Exams. 5 pm deadlines...odd time. Material covered not adequate for in depth essay professor wants.

         I did not like the organization of this online course. Another course that I was taking this semester designed the course in two week units. The two weeks units were so much more effective to me. This allowed for more thoughful discussions.


         The instructors lack of clarity. There is not a consistant use of the system. Additionally, submission for assignments were interupted due to system maintenance. Java system requirements were vague. HTML creator sometimes worked and sometimes did not work. I should not have to deal with technical issues to submit assignments. Instructors should NOT have assignments due on system maintenance days. I should not lose points on assignments due to technical problems that alters the format even though the quality of the work is consistent.

         i liked the course


         I was not informed there were a few different streams of the course so my first two test on the second section I failed because I had wrong book package.

         i struggle with teaaching myself the material

         Nothing, I felt we had enough WIMBA classes that allowed me to keep up with and to know my fellow students better than in a class without any WIMBA classes. We had 3 WIMBA classes and 3 in person for the whole semester and that is a good number.


         Lack of timely response from professor.

         Some of the due dates were hard for me to stick to because I work part time two days a week and had an internship that was three days a week, so the only time that I had to work on my classwork was late at night or on the weekends when I was not doing something with family or church related.


         I dislike group work! It is hard to get everyone to check their assignments every day and get in touch with them.

         I did not have any dislikes

         Courseden goes down every 2 weeks.

         Wimba sessions.

         The wimba sessions

         no dislikes. helpful course

         I just wish it would have had fewer written assignments, but I realize that you have to have this to help you understand what direction the course is going in.


         THat you really never make contact with your fellow students


         The only complaint I had about this course in particular were some housekeeping issues. Some discussions needed to be renamed and grouped to make it easier to keep track of what is due next. Other than this, I really think Dr. ***** did a great job with this course. It looks like a lot of time and effort was put into its creation.

         Seemed as if the Professor was just there to proctor the tests.




         Too many technical problems. Half of the class had problems signing on in one or more classes. There is not easy way to resolve conflict without missing out on class to do so, thus there were many people who just called in. Video quality is awful and too awkward to use. By the time your video comes up, you are done talking.

         I think having the looser format of online learning is a double-edge sword, because even though its convenient, I feel it also encourages me to procrastinate.

         The fact that the class HAS to be partially online.

         No dislikes



         This was my first online class that I have taken. I was not use to taking classes online.

         The timelines of the assignments.

         Having to go back constantly to make sure that I had the assignments and quizzes deadlines correct, but it wasn't that big of a problem.

         Our teacher and our library does not have good enough wifi service for all the students there to use at once and they do not have enough computers for all the students that need them.

         More motivated with face-to-face interaction. Directions are more clear.


         There was only one quiz where there was not enough of a notice (for my liking). The instructor resolved this for the remaining quizzes.

         This is the 8th course I have taken as I work toward completing the EdS. in Instructional Technology. Of all the classes I have taken, this was the most enjoyable and challenging. There were no downsides to the topics, assignments, or course design.

         I do not like online classes at all.

         nothing really

         At first I had a hard time but thanks to the tutoring on how to use the cite I learned very easily.

         everything great

         I had trouble with my computer quite often, especially in the beginning. But I utilized the Distance Learning Helpline with all of my problems. They responded to all of my issues. And they were able to help in all but one; but referred me to SIS for the help that I needed. I haven't done that yet.

         The teacher was unavailable and assignment were extremely unclear. Expectations were not set before completely assignments and assignments changed many times through the semester sometime even one day before the assignment was due.

         I took a few days to understand where everything was at on courseden.

         nothing to dislike

         chat sessions are difficult

         Some assignments would have been much easier if a teacher were to explain face-to-face where students could ask questions and get answers right then.

         I disliked nothing about this course.

         I felt like the deadlines placed by the professor were more rigid than ones I have had with previous online courses. We were not able to move at our own pace; rather, we had very strict due dates each and every week and we could not move ahead if we chose to. I personally prefer online classes that allow you to move as slowly or as quickly as you like. Because of this, I could not cover and learn the material like I wanted to; I was working to make a deadline, not to learn something new. In addition, we had no evaluations, such as quizzes or exams. I enjoy having these available to me, even if they are only self-tests, because they allow me to gage my own understanding of a given topic.

         It was dificult to clear up any questions or issues that popped up.

         Educational Psychology SHOULD NOT be taught online. AWFUL

         That I had to do more reading than normal, since there wasn't a lecture.

         No face to face interaction.

         I enjoyed Dr. *****'s class so much that it would have been nice to hear her teach more than once.

         No feedback or response from the teacher. Since it was completely online, it was at her discretion if and when she responded to any of our questions.

         There was that I disliked about this course.

         none, I liked it


         I like online classes, no complaints here


         In one of my classes I didnt like that the assignments were only posted the week they were due. I like to work ahead and get my work done ahead when I have free time and I wasnt able to do that with one of my classes.

         Too many announcements.

         I would have liked it more if all the assignments and information had been put online at the beginning of the course, so I could do as much work as I wanted to when I wanted to. I realize this is difficult to do for people who don't always turn assignments in on time, but I would have liked the opportunity to finish the work from the semester ahead of time.

         How the teacher was inconsistent with responding to e-mails, how I never really knew what the next assignment was until a few days before it was due



         workbook not avialable until a few weeks into the course

         the discussions

         I really enjoyed all aspects of the online course.


         Timed quizes could have a little more time added

         Group activities

         Lack of understanding about what would be the coursework for the semester. Lack of feedback on assignments.

         The system having certain difficulties when it came to maintainence and submitting assignments. When you make a mistake when submitting an assignment, you have to wait for the teacher to send it back to you to submit the correct one.

         Zero instruction form the professor. This is no way to teach a math class.

         Everything was fine.

         The directions and links were confusing and unclear 99% of the time.

         I didn't find anything to dislike.

         minimally personal

         At times it was difficult trying to evenly distribute group work responsibilities. Even so, being that I am a slow worker, I couldn't imagine trying to produce all the required components to each project in the amount of time that was without help. There was a lot of work that went into each project.

         I feel the online facet of the program can lead to miscommunications between staff and students or between students. It also prevents the potential bonding that often builds between peers and instructors due to our limited face to face contact, but over all this is a minor issue.

         I didn't dislike anything.

         It was a little harder for me to get immediate responses for my questions and feedback about submitted assignments.

         The group project


         I feel like the discussions become stilted and nobody gets as much out of them.

         I disliked having to drive to Carrollton twice on a weeknight! I also was extremely unhappy about having to pay several hundred dollars in on-campus fees for services that I will never use. I think that was an arbitrary money making decision, and It seems unethical to change in midstream. The students who started as distance learners should be grandfathered, and the new students should be told upfront that they will have to pay these fees.

         Nothing about this course


         I had issues with using the class Wiki. It would be helpful to have some sort of tech tip help with uploading and linking the uploaded files....:(

         The assignments and projects only showed up on my courseden page every once in a while. Can not get in touch with teacher.

         The schema project was a bit much.

         The fact that if we are going to become teachers we need more classroom instructional time than it just being online.

         I was very happy with this class. if I had any complaint it would have been that we did not share enough time with Proffesor Howard. The program is lucky to have such an experienced and good instructor. I absolutely have loved my experince with the West Georgia ASN to BSN Program.


         I do not feel as though our instructor was helpful or understanding and he did not respond to my emails.

         I often lost track of due dates and some notifications on course den would confuse me as they would remain present even after viewing the tab.

         There was minimal interaction with other students in the class.

         Dealing with the staff at UWG in accessing the chat tools



         I wish all of it was online. I still had to go to class. It was just off campus. I had to drive over two hours to get to class.

         some instructions were vague

         The communication about things became unclear and very confusing.

         Sometimes hard to keep up with assignment due dates.

         Nothing, this was a perfect online course that challenged me but was explained through the power points and websites very effectively.


         Delay in instructor feedback.

         On line sysytems was quirky and needs improvement - It should function with any browser. But this is not the fault of the instructor but the university IT department. Which is incapable of even screening spam emails but screen government emails and students have no access to correct this.

         I don't feel as encouraged to participate.

         I simply prefer lecture in a classroom.

         some weeks were loaded with work while others were light, needs to be evened out


         The professor's feedback was always timely.

         I did not like the way the timing of the due dates were scheduled (midday, during the week). Also, the fact that not all materials were available and content were available at all times was extremely frustrating. Having to wait for the professor to release materials significantly reduced the flexibility in which online courses are suppose to provide. Additionally, the fact that the professor was completely disconnected for all course content and students was disappointing and disheartening. Interaction and relationships built between professors and students are vitally important. They way this course is designed and implemented almost completely eliminates that interaction.

         Not able to get clear responses.

         nothing everything was perfect

         Everything. The assignments were long and graded too harshly. They were graded as if I were studying and writing a paper for an English Composition class.

         no dislikes

         Just about everything. It is artificial, contrived, superficial....

         I had technical problems with quizzes not loading, and I had a homework assignment not download.

         Nothing really.

         nothing it was good


         sometimes are to learn

         Sometimes I forgot about the assignments that were due because it was online and i'm used to face to face classes.


         I disliked the deadlines, more specifically their lack of flexibility.


         I was quite impressed with the online portion. NO COMPLAINTS!!!!

         If you were to miss a quiz, it would not be reopened at all.

         Wish the instructor didn't grade papers on grammar since this isn't a English Composition class. He should grade on content. If i wanted to be an English major I would have been one from the start.

         I prefer face to face meetings so I can ask spontaneous questions.

         I did not dislike anything because the teacher was very helpful.

         The online textbook, I have a hard copy as well and I tend to use the hard copy because the ebook seems a lot more confusing.

         Website maintenance sometimes interfered with due dates. This stressed me out even more.

         However, I feel that much is lost without the lecture in person. The art of note taking, listening, and enjoyment of learning is lost when I'm sitting at home by myself. I have gained much more from the onsite evaluations by the instructor, and so I was glad to have human input rather than total online. Teaching is still an art that has to be experienced in person, not just reading about it.

         the uninformative assistance

         Not being able to help from the professor. I also felt like we had a whole lot more work because it was online.


         I feel like I don't get as motivated when there are no face to face mettings.

         Blackboard/WebCT Vista.

         not having someone to really teach me, the hands on portion


         Everything. This topic is completely inappropriate for an online environment.

         All the work required plus having to read some chapters twice for understanding. Quiz times need to be at 20 minutes instead f 15.

         The organization of the instructor.

         Nothing, maybe only that the questions in the quizzes were to specific.


         lectures were too long

         There is not much contact with the teacher.


         Me being forgetful at times.

         Less personal



         The discussion postings were not available prior to the weekend which would better accomodate the schedule of a student who works full time and works feverishly on the weekend to complete assignments

         It seems like the lesson are not organized. It seems like the same directions are written everywhere and I get confused.

         UWG makes it almost impossible to utilize the library resources from an off campus computer. You have to know so many codes and PINs just to look up an article. It's ridiculous.

         I disliked that there were no tutorials available for me being a MAC user over PC.

         hard to get help on assignments

         There were some confusing assignments and it was difficult to reach the instructor at times. Also, are assignments were not always graded in a timely manner.

         Not enough feedback from the professor; hard to get a response.

         The prof did not use a video connection



         Like everything

         I didn't very much enjoy taking the book quizzes, those were tough.

         I liked the fact that there wasn't a lot of classes on line, but was able to submit assignments on line.

         Some assignment had a very reasonable due date while I feel some did not. Also I wish some things were spelled out easier.

         People tend to be more abrupt with their comments on the discussion board because they are not speaking to the other in person.

         Never meeting those I chatted with--but that is a small price to pay for getting to do the class online.

         having to teach myself everything



         Nothing, it was great!


         Wimba on Sunday

         Sometimes the network will be wrong.

         Unable to get feedback due to instructor's equipment failure.

         It was very overwhelming at first. Discussion posts were difficult for me and remembering when items were due on my own was difficult. Once I was used to it, and got into a routine, it was manageable.

         The test were hard.

         This course was well designed for online learning.

         The inability to reach the professor when I needed a question answered.

         I do not dislike anything in this class other then it went by to fast.



         I did not dislike anything!

         that the numbers on the quizzes were different from the chapter number

         My preference is learning in a traditional classroom setting. I learn more in a regular classroom than online. However, I understand the need to provide convenience to students living farther away than I do from campus.

         no comment

         Sometimes it was difficult to figure out in this particular course where the items for this week were. `It didn't seem very organized visually to me.

         unknowns of working with partners, but I believe partner work enhances the class experience

         There was nothing that I disliked.

         Honestly, nothing

         Not really knowing the teacher or classmates. I like asking the teacher if I need help instead of a computer if I need help.

         that i could face to face time with my teacher to explain thing to me

         It was very difficult to get feedback from instructor. It appeared that she was rarely online and did not check website regularly enough. Also, tasks took an extremely long time to get graded (mostly after people started to complain).



         I disliked that I was forced to `discuss` with classmates and that I was required to purchase 3 textbooks.

         I did not really learn.

         The textbook didn't illustrate how to do problems required in the course. Lack of additional learning resources (ie videos)

         I didn't like having to come in for the tests. It's very inconvenient to drive an hour to take a test when I could easily do it online

         everything about this class was lousy. Web links were not working. It was difficult to find the material needed

         One aspect I strongly dislike is not being able to see the professor face-to-face in order to hold him accountable for grading and feedback. I had numerous assignments from as far back as January 14 that at this point (2nd week of April) I have yet to have graded or given feedback on. I feel like if all the students were face-to-face with him every week, we would be asking him about that, but for some reason online no one seems to want to put the question in print.

         course load

         It required too much writing and not enough interaction with your peers.

         EVERYTHING! Course Den stinks!!!!!!!!! Unreliable! Professor was not accessable at all! This class online was not user friendly one bit!!!! Nothing was ever available on time for use to view, from quizzes to grades to assignments.

         No timely feedback and may assignments directions were unclear.


         I dislike that the distance learning has to go down for maintenance on Fridays when everything seems to be due.

         The professor was not a very strong one in my personal opinion. Her grading a lot tougher than she explains it is. She also makes the class a lot harder online with the amount of work needing to be done all at once. This made it harder for me to get my work done without sacrificing my grades in my other classes.

         The instructor was unorganized and had no bases for the class. There were no discussions and no interaction with the other students. Very hard to follow class with little instructions or help.

         I did not like that I could not talk to my professor or my classmates face-to-face and it was impossible to have a conversation with this professor anytime there was a problem. She was very closed minded.

         Very unclear expectations


         I liked everything.

         the test

         no complaints

         It can be hard to stay on top of class assignments.


         Due date policy.

         For the heavy assignments, such as the term project, its a bit much for an online course. An assignment like that would work better for a class that meets more often.

         This course could use some class time at least once or twice during the semester.

         time management

         It is very hard to remember to do the weekly assignments.

         the book didn't help much.

         Too much work. I did a lot of reading than regular classroom.

         I liked it all.

         My internet was going out a lot throughout this semester so it made it difficult to complete tasks.

         The instructor had no instruction

         working with group member that are not as organized as others.

         last couple of weeks instructor seemed to drop off radar

         There were few or no dislikes about this course.

         Arrangement of Marimba classroom presentations....multiple same videos and time wasted looking for exactly what I needed to view.

         Nothing I loved it all.

         everything was great

         It's difficult to work in groups with it being on-line.

         TOUGH class to take online.

         I am not a very self motivated person and that hurt me toward the end of the class.

         The fact that sometimes you want to talk face to face with a teacher and you can't

         Some of the learning activities were difficult to access.

         It's hard for me to remember when things are due...but I suppose that's more my fault.

         Nothing. This class and professor is amazing.

         There was no help with understanding the course material.


         Tests were on fridays

         This course needs better organization. All expectations and work should be clearly spelled out in advance.

         Some of the instructions for the assignments were unclear. It took an email or a discussion post to clarify the assignments. I like meeting with classes face-to-face at least once in order to clarify expectations and answer questions.

         My Professor


         some instructions were a little difficult to understand

         not being able to communicate with my professor face to face and having to constantly write emails to my professor


         Response time of Lead instructor, Dr. *****.



         Some of the technology assignments would have been better understood if taught in a classroom setting.


         Sometimes projects were not relevant to my career enhancement

         nothing leave it the way it is.

         Nothing, I felt it was all great.

         It was more of an independent study. It would have been helpful to have video lectures or handouts of some sort.

         things were due at 11am instead of 5pm

         Sometimes it was hard to keep up with my assignments.

         Not having any face to face class time. There were a lot of things on the syllabus that needed to be covered by the professor directly. There were too many gray areas open to interpretation that resulted in a loss of points on assignments. There was not a lot of contact with the professor or face to face discussions with the other students. There were a lot of assignments. It seems that there is more busy work to justify the time lost in the classroom.

         Everything needs to be posted in advanced.

         Nothing....grading length of time

         It seems the professors triple the workload since it is online. Also- VERY difficulty to understand each teacher's expectations as each sets up the course differently. Group Work is the worst! Very difficult to complete when you don't know anyone, never see them in person, are assigned people who may not work the same as you and have varying levels of technology expertise. PLEASE--- skip group work for online courses. Just a nightmare.


         I thought this class was run perfectly for me.

         I didn't dislike anything. It was hard to be in the chat when I was working but she made is availble to everyone on course den.

         wanting to talk to someone if I had questions

         I dislike the presentation of some of the material, I felt more confused than intrigued by the subject matter.

         When I couldn't access CourseDen, but was still able to access the UWG portion and couldn't get the assistance I needed to get to what I was trying to get to.

         The text material was difficult to understand.

         West Ga email is not friendly. Most of the time I can't get into my Inbox to check emails.

         I think the use of discussions is pointless. Honestly, students are just trying to get their work done. Online discussions cannot reproduce the dynamic discussion that happens in the face-to-face setting. It just makes the course cumbersome.

         The one thing I disliked about the online portion was if you missed the deadline due date, you were not able to submit your work.

         no dislikes. I enjoyed this course very much

         none, except professor did not want to use courseden for communication.

         grading - I never could reach the point that felt I could be successful

         Sometimes it's easy to forget about deadlines. Sometimes following discussion boards is a little clumsy.

         Nothing, it was great.

         see above

         Lack of face to face communication

         I disliked the unprofessionalism of the professor



         The deadlines during busy weeks.

         the deadlines that the assignements had to be turned in

         I had no problems with this clss online.

         The lack of interaction between instructor and students - language barrier is a problem - Needs a linked course for grantwriting like KSU Grant writing course at this URL|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/34047-111/aol-6/en-us/suite.aspx&__utmv=-&__utmk=210736661

         There wasn't anything I didn't like.

         Having less face time with classmates

         Sometimes face-to-face interaction it valuable also.

         No dislikes

         Somtimes when material was harder to understand it was harder to get answers.

         Things were not always posted on time, there is no working ahead so no flexibility, I took an online class so I would not have to waste gas going up to the campus, and I have had to go up to the campus three or four times for this class.

         Strict deadlines.

         It took away from the course as a whole. Face-to-face interaction is something this course needs



         Communication with the teacher.

         It was sometimes difficult to figure out what was due each week.


         I did not like that I didn't have direct contact with classmates, as well as the teacher. I prefer a traditional classroom setting. I did not like how all assignments were given at the beginning of the semester, and had a due date set for fridays at 11 am. For the people who do not do the assignments at the very beginning, 11am can be a hard deadline to meet, especially for those enrolled in difficult classes, or those that work. 11 am is not a good time to have deadlines set in my opinion. it should be midnight on the fridays assignments are due.

         The teacher was so unorganized. None of the work was explained, leaving the students to figure it out on their own.

         No one available face to face to help with problems. No professor on campus that knew the software.

         not applicable

         The time for the quizzes were to short. We should at least get 15 minutes.


         The teacher would not always return information and/or assignments and/or emails in a timely manner.


         minimal instructor feedback

         The subjects were a little difficult to understand without a professor explaining them face to face, but the professor did a good job of posting relevant materials to help understanding.


         Sometimes I found it hard to communicate with my group as far as the team project portions went. Since we were not in a classroom every week, it was a bit tough to manage our busy, different, and hectic schedules to create the best possible outcome and work potential.

         I miss the one on one instruction and resource opportunity with the instructor.

         having to check often to see if information was posted and check for grades.

         I didn't like not being able to raise my hand and get help with something immediately. Sometimes it may be a small thing that can really confuse you, and it would take just a minute to set it straight.

         The discussion board has some is difficult to know which message is coming from where when I look at all new messages at once.

         Would like to have had more feedback on my comp exam in order to pass the exam the first time.

         nothing really


         no communication

         There was alot of course work that needed to be completed.

         Confusing at times but very user friendly.


         I learn more in the classroom opposed to learning online. Face to face interaction has always been better for me interacting with my colleagues and respective instructor(s).

         Group discussion.

         No dislikes

         I don't think there's anything I particularly dislike about this course.

         Overlapping deadlines are tougher when the windows close on you.

         Everything. Seriously.

         i liked how my government class had modules that were open since the first day of the semester, i wish that this course would have been set up like this but it still was a great set up.

         It was very hard at times.

         it was a little impersonal; I had a little trouble feeling `engaged` with the class--not electronically, but in a motivational way, I guess.

         Not being able to ask my professor a question face to face.

         Difficulty in the beginning trying to access the evolve website. The professor had to release the information on evolve for the students to see that delayed the beginning of the schedule. But the professor gave the students an extension to complete the first assignment. Also these modules on evolve take about 3-4 hrs to complete plus the textbook chapters are long. I had to skip alot of good information to get these weekly assignments done in a timely manner.

         Inaccuracy of assessment tools/ instant graded quizzes and lack of access to professor.


         the due dates were in the morning the day of... i missed an assignment because i woke up late... that defeats the purpose of it being convenient.

         I did not like communication with student and teacher. While coming to take test in class students are cheating!

         everything was good about this class and interesting

         I did miss not having at least one face to face meeting

         complaniits about teacher

         Statistics should NEVER be offered as a 100% online course!

         I dislike the lack of connection with classmates.

         I disliked very minimal things about the course.

         Everything there was no commuication from professor to students.

         Everything, there was nothing online to help me pass this class. When I needed help from the teacher I could not get help because his office hours were the same days and time as student teaching and when I emailed him he replied 3 days later... unacceptable

         Java gave me a lot of headaches and still is.

         The due dates.

         There was minimal involvment and I don't like that the teacher makes us use courseden but he doesn't use it. He never once sent us anything through courseden which defeats the purpose of having a class through courseden. His `daily notes` made this class inconvenient. This class should be completely through course den the way it states when you are registering for it. Test were also extremely difficult because the amount of material that we needed to study was very broad and took days to properly cover.

         See above 1. Incorrect test answers 2. Not willing to correct mistakes 3. Unavailable and untimely responses 4. Unclear instructions 5. Poor attitude Shall I continue?

         That sometimes the work seems more tedious than lecture classes but i understand this is because this is an online course.


         It was hard to get in touch with the professor. I still have emails that have not been responded to after 3 weeks!

         Our teachers postings were not audible at times. She posted things incorrectly at the wrong times. CourseDen would not be working always, either attachments were not working or it was being updated.

         This class was great I didn't have any problems with anything.

         Sometimes the assignments were harder than I thought they should have been!

         much harder. I had to teach myself all of the info. The professor took his time responding to students.

         group work; didnt like how units were divided; didnt like voice narrated pp;

         I do not like that there was not teach-student face-to-face interaction, but it is just something i not use to.

         Everything! It was terrible.


         This particular professor wasn't very timely in giving feedback and his attempts at communication were very broken and unclear. I have never met him, but I assume he would be more effective in face-to-face courses.

         having to do too much reading that was not easy to relate to or understand.

         I do not like how long it take to recieve a response via email as did other students who complained on discussions about it.


         I had to remember that my instructor is one person so I had to be more patient for a response. However, overall my instructor was very considerate.

         That the dates the discussions were due did not appear on the calendar day at the home page of BanWeb

         I was able to have access to as much explanation as a traditional class setting would allow for.

         a lot of work, but no reason not to do good in this class

         I just found it pretty hard to keep up with all of the deadlines. I've never taken an online course before so it was definitely something new for me. I think for someone that had take one before could adjust well.

         Sometimes it can be difficult to get your message across

         the fact that there is no feed back on the tests, so when you get any score there is no way to find out what you got right or wrong

         CourseDen doesn't like iMacs when it comes to Wimba and utilizing PowerPoints. Whenever they go to change from one slide to another, I frequently get knocked off several times and have to keep re-entering the class. I don't have a problem with Wimba unless we are viewing PowerPoints. I also think that they need to update the certified browsers more often. Firefox is not offering support or security on 3.6 soon and want you to update to 11. However, CourseDen does not support that browser. It's issues like this that are frustrating.

         This was not the first online course I've taken so I thought I had an idea of what to expect, but it took me a little longer to acclimate to the actual set up of this course. That's not to say the setup was bad or difficult, I would have preferred a clear outline of due dates. However, once I in the groove of the course, I found my footing and starting to do pretty good in the class.


         The fact that students write in text speak. Thank goodness Dr. ***** does not accept it!

         Obviously every professor does things differently. However, with there being so many different ways to give assignment and assesments, I wish that things were a little more stream lined and uniform between classes so that a student would have to search around in different places for each classes assignments.

         Everything, I don't like online courses.

         That I had to drive to class.


         I dont like online classes.

         Blackboard IM required virtual `meetings` rather than truly being online.

         I disliked how slow my professor was at communicate with me. I did not like that she would wait until the night before a test would open to send back the last test to see what i made on it, that did not help me at all.

         Nothing really; however, I just prefer face to face.

         The majority of our projects were group assignments which was difficult since most of us don't live near each other or near the campus.

         deadlines of 11am

         It was not personal. The video chat feed was choppy, many times I had to wait to log on when nothing was wrong with the internet connection. It seems the software has a lot of quirks. The use of so many different log ons and passwords (password case requirements for banweb especially) in general with UWG is insane.

         It was difficult to understand, and was not well laid out. Remembering to do the assignments was difficult when taking face to face classes.

         The assignment examples posted could have been a little more comprehensive.

         Everything, class should allow for in person as primary means to teach this material

         I missed fact-to-face time with other students. The teacher did not teach enough. Class discussions are somewhat stilted - there is not the same ability for a free give-and-take as there is with an in person class.


         The amount of reading


         confusion to what we are assigned to do

         Not enough instructor/student interaction.


         No socialization with other students. I don't know them.

         Postings made, unexplained, basically a self teach course of how to write a research paper. No more than an online tutorial service, except I did not feel confident in the answers I recieved when I did persue more depth answers. There were times I used templates from the professors page and turned in the assignment, later to learn at the last minute they were `outdated` templates that the professor had `no idea` they were still on the webpage. The work had to be recreated because of misgivin information. I am not sure if this a university problem or teacher, but very disappointed. In 8 years at UWG I have never felt this way, this course was not as informational nor as directed as I have grown to expect courses at UWG to be.

         I did not like the 5:30-8:00 face to face meeting time. By the end of the day, I am not as focused in class as I would be in an earlier class.

         As students we were required to access too many different sites to participate in the class (i.e., wikik, WebCT, wimba, etc).

         When I need more help, I have to got to the Math lab on campus.

         Seems to lack the human element.

         No human contact.


         No much.

         There were so many places to post things and how to post them. It got very confusing at times.