Question 25: What suggestions would you make for future on-line courses?

         Online classes doesn't necessarily mean that it is the only class a student is taking. Many times there is much more work for an online class than an actual face-to-face meeting class, and that is unacceptable. This class was not one of these classes in which I speak of, but I have had some in the past.

         More like this course.


         Making the due dates more attainable for each member of the class.

         train instructor to use it.

         Limiting group projects in courses would be helpful. It is challenging to meet the demands when so many are required in one course.

         Have a chat session for class once a week, even if it is just during office hours.

         I would suggest maybe opening all assignments at the beginning of the semester to give students the opportunity to work ahead if they want.


         Delete them.


         I would suggest less group activities and less time required to be online.

         None. Great course.

         Have entirely online classes instead of having schedules on-campus classes alongside them.

         Orientation on how to use - not an online session but face to face


         They are fine how they are.

         i dont know

         Make sure professors have more consistent structure with how they communicate their expectations.

         the only thing is that the online classes are very costly compared to the face to face classes and i think that they should charge the same price for both classes!!

         I would like to have notes and videos in addition to recorded lectures.


         I really feel that some of the projects may had a value beyond the limitations of the class. I would have loved to have been able to network or share a real project between classmates or using the education project as part of your MSN course. I loved the learning experience and wished I had more time to contributet. From research to learning how to use excel to create graphs. The paper was a great experience. I felt that there was a great deal of useful information to share with other ASN nurses. Thanks Again for the opportunity to be part of this program.

         Change platforms.

         I would suggest that on-line sessions be earlier in the evening from 6-7pm--but never past 8:00 pm. Other than that, the course runs very well. Thank you.

         I would like to suggest that they offer more classes on line. Especially during the summer semester.

         Make sure all of the technical problems are dealt with in advance

         More technology assignments, like the digital-movie assignment. It is fun and moderately difficult. I also feel that students should be taught how to use current technology in the classroom, like the Promethan/White Borad. Knowledge for this technology is essential because every classroom has one and most student teachers are clueless as to how to use them. We need to be prepared to use them when we step into the classroom.

         iPhone App

         Have everything that is due appear on the calendar day on the home page of BanWeb

         No suggestions can be made because there was an adequate number of quizzes and tests, available study material and sufficient time to complete the assigned materials.

         I just don't like online courses.



         Take off so much of the work; more work DOES NOT equal better understanding of the material. Equality between on-campus courses and online courses need to improve!

         Make sure the tabs are well organized. Sometimes it's like a maze trying to find something in them!

         for this class reading is a must!!!!!

         None that I can think of

         Make the layout better and have reminders.

         More personal communication.

         Nothing at preset

         Make it easy but challenging.


         none other than a bit of leeway when a deadline is missed or an assignment due to either user or computer inability. computers are moody at best and when there is a technical error and a deadline is missed there was no compromise.

         I do not have any at this time.


         I have no suggestions for future on-line courses.

         Use one main place to post homework assignments.

         Everything was perfect in my opinion.


         More versatility when the course was available for access would be helpful-if a student has to be out of town or has unforeseen emergencies, it would be nice to have been able to work ahead of the duedates in order to have greater flexibility of scheduling

         Teacher training and support before released to students with QA checklist for minimal expectations.

         Offer more of them!

         Make sure you don't forget to do ALL assignments and quizzes.

         more access to prof

         Nothing. Keep up the excellent work. :)


         Better technology.

         Have enough face-to-face that discussions can be effective.

         need more of them for ED.S

         Nothing. It's perfect.

         I really like that teachers are beginning to use youtube videos as part of the instruction. I would say use a video and written instructions when giving information for a project so that we can understand it more easily.

         Increase availability, no one was available when it was time to term an assignment and the blalckcoard would not let me open up my thumb drive

         reduce assignment load


         They should not have different usernames and logins for all the different places such as bandweb, courseden, registration etc.

         More material covered so essay exams could be improved.

         Make more online courses like this one. Mrs ***** did an awesome job posting video tutorials of herself and gave endless help to any and all assignments.


         I'm not sure.

         Nothing. Dr. ***** has organized this online course very well. It really held my attention.

         Nothing, I love on-line courses

         No suggestions at this time

         meet with teacher once

         More help with technical problems

         easy to use homepage was wonderful

         I thought it was great.

         More online courses!


         More classes offered

         have a longer time frame to take the test and not just on friday

         To make available face-to-face office hours for teachers and students instead of all office hours online.



         Online exams if possible but limiting the class to 4 meetings during the semester worked out ok. Grades might have been posted a little more timely, but again the instructors workload may have prevented this. He made suitable accommodations when asked and that was very much appreciated. The week of spring break and an IT upgrade may have thrown off his schedule for the semester. It seems the semester passes faster with an online class.

         Make sure you know when your assignments are due because once you miss them, you get a 0 and it brings down your grade.

         Video chats

         Reliable networks.

         Maybe to go in to a little more details on certain assignments

         More examples that are similar to ones on tests and quizzes.

         I do not have any suggestions at this time.

         Be more like Mrs. *****!

         Just be more organized

         spread out presentations over more days meet a week before due dates for review and help

         Guarantee the safety of the private information.

         Some type of notification for assignments that are about to be due.

         Better communication. Beaware of cheaters

         No time limits on quizes becuase the internet at UWG is not the most reliable.

         Have guidelines about grading, and hold the professor to them. It says in our syllabus that we will have assignment graded `7 - 10 days` after turning them in. I have assignments from as far back as January 14 that have still not been graded.

         Pick better instructors.

         Nothing, perfect course

         I enjoyed this class - I have no further suggestions.

         To make step-by-step procedures on the excel assignments.

         That all classes could be offered online

         Make the teacher respond in a timely manner.

         Bi-weekly wimba seesions.

         Consider reducing some of the requirements associated with the discussion topics and the projects. I know I'm not the quickest person at cranking out reports and other assignments, but take into consideration how much time some people might need to invest in a single class along with working full-time, taking other classes, and still trying to still be a part of a family. Sometimes it takes a long time to try and find, and then read, particular articles just to turn around and write a discussion entry. Oh wait, make that three discussion entries. Normally its just one, but in this class nearly every discussion was composed of three discussions followed by having to respond to at least five other posts. I can totally respect trying to promote discussion, but I think the strict requirements for meeting all of the components for this class were a bit much. I feel like much of it could be considered busy work.


         Be very detailed.


         This course would be a great summer course since the professor does not have to be availble the entire time once students felt comfortable with the evolve website. This information is so important and I would rather have the time over the summer to really read the chapters and take the exams every 2 weeks that way the student has time to read and understand the subject and utilize the whole summer to complete this course.

         this was a very good experience for me

         At least two face to face meetings throughout the semester

         Make all deadlines on the quizzes for the last day, only give specific deadlines to the assignments. Allow students to make up a quiz if they miss one, even if it is just for a couple of points.

         Make sure the material needed is stored in one place for easy access.

         Less group work online.

         There are none Professor Rooks has it down to a science.

         The suggestions that I would make for future on-line courses is having better tutoring session because sometimes the work material be hard to understand.

         Release all materials for students to work on at their own pace.

         Make more courses available on-line.

         Try not to cover so much material that you have to keep pushing back dates.


         Let us work individually and share our completed work.

         Don't hire a grad student to lead the course.

         I can't think of any.

         Perhaps hold online discussions separately for each chapter to explain each individual subject studied in that chapter. Other than that, everything was well.

         more teacher oriented. when it comes to something that are new to students, teacher directions bevome more valuable.

         Make sure that the professor who is teaching online are available to students. This professor was excellent.

         Blackboard/WebCT is completely out of date. It needs to be done away with or updated. It's completely ridiculous that it isn't compatible with newer browsers. I have to run Firefox version 3 when version 11 is out now. It doesn't run Google Chrome at all.

         I feel that all on-line courses still need that initiall face-to-face meeting to 1) put a face to your instructor and classmates and 2) to have any questions about the syllabus answered by the instructor

         additional resources- designed for non-science people like me Book not so expensive especially because it is not resell-able!

         I don't have any suggestions.


         Easier methods for turning in assignments, have all the assignments in the same place. It was hard for me to hunt everything down in WebCT Vista.



         I would say to just make sure teachers know that they have to be available just as if the course in held in a classroom.

         I hate the late Friday night early morning maintenance issues.

         All of them be structured well just like this class was

         what i would suggest for future on-line courses is that all exam should be multiple choice form not essay form

         Available and genuinely kind and helpful teachers, like Mrs. *****.

         None at this time.

         Do not have group work that requires meeting in order to complete. Group discussions are fine, but a project is asking too much. It is not fully online if there is a need to meet with classmates in order to complete the course.

         Keep it simple. I'm always afraid of the expansiveness and complexity of online courses. At some point, there are too many locations and distractions as to be effective. In other words, don't change what's working well and let people get used to the system.

         The professor must be readily available for completely on-line courses.

         I would suggest better time management in order to complete online courses.

         There were a few technical problems with documents and internet browsers this semester. I feel that if the instructors had more time for preparation to familiarize with the course den system and software, then these problems could be avoided.

         Never take this class with Dr. *****. The textbook was not worth the tution cost since we taught ourselves and got very little out of the busy work she gave us. SO disappointed.

         I would like to see the due dates to be after the website maintenance rather than before, so that I can still access Courseden to see my progress.

         Managing time.


         More specific instructions

         make the quiz time limit longer

         Have an option to have a this class not online.

         To maybe not put a tim elimit on the quizes becasue I kept getting kick off the internet all the time.

         Nothing really.

         Assignments need to be graded promptly within 7 days of submission so students can get feedback and also see what their grade is in the class. At this point I have not idea what I might get in this course because there are so few assignments graded. Emails should be responded to within 24 hours. Directions should be provided for every assignment in the Drop Box area.

         Live chat with the math class.

         Have an alternative means for submitting assignments when system is down or under maintainence.

         I don't have any suggestions.

         I think a one-hour `ish` explanation of Courseden, WIMBA, etc... would be valuable prior to the beginning of the doctoral cohort (at least it would've been to someone like me who remembers submitting papers from a dot matrix printer without email).

         Keep folders/ organization the same for every class and every professor.

         No Sunday deadlines for quizzes and tests.

         Keep the due days consistant for weekly assignments.

         I would suggest more training prior to work in the course being due.

         iPhone App for CourseDen.

         Please make sure on-line Course Den descriptions match the syllabus.

         Have TA's check the course material that is posted online for accuracy and that it is complete.


         Some classes I have taken felt needed two face-to-face class meetings, but I felt comfortable with their only being one in this course.


         Just because it is online doesn't mean we have extra time for extra work.

         Updated system.


         I would suggest other courses model this course framework. The work load was heavy, but I knew what to expect and the activities were pertinent.

         It may help to have someone to email if we had any questions about the course. It was helpful to have the Q&A portion but sometimes it took a while to get answers, and it might be helpful to have someone that we could email a quick question to about the course work.

         please relate more to the book.

         Making sure I do the work.

         100% online

         A little more flexibility with time allowed for assignments.

         make them more understandable prior to attending the course


         Make sure students are aware that the Daily Boards are graded not only on them answering the questions, but also commenting on other people's. I didn't find out until later and it may or may not affect my final grade.

         Make sure that the supported browsers are updated with the browsers offered.



         they need at least one meeting time face to face

         I do not have any at this time.



         One face to face meeting halfway through the course.

         Better teaching materials. Change the exams to get answer from


         Make the assignments shorter and easier. The assignments should boost our grades not bring them down. We do have other courses in our lives.

         Not sure how to fix this.... Education courses in my mind can not be discussed online. It is all about the interaction of professionals in the field and at the graduate level I feel it is a disservice. It makes me understand why people outside of education make the assumption that we `buy our degree` online. This model tends to end up busy work (read a journal and reflect in writing) versus an informative interaction of peers who will debate an article and open your mind to an idea you may not of thought of before. I do not agree with forcing ONLINE classes to all areas at all.

         Better inform students of when tests are going to be on campus!!!

         Don't make the tests on Fridays

         I think this course was presented well on-line. It was simple and not much except for powerpoints, tests, and assessments were online so it was easy to use.

         Nothing comes to mind at the moment.


         continue to offer more on line courses

         this course would be better taught in person to those with litle technical skills

         Have more communication and easier availability.

         Please make all aspects of CourseDen (or future framework) able to be viewed in new tabs or windows. The frames are AWFUL to navigate.

         Everything was Great!!!!!!


         One assignment and one discussion a week. Not two assignments and extensive discussions each week. It feels overwhelming and a bit discouraging.

         less assignments

         Put more courses online


         Self-pacing is wonderful and the occasional benchmark points keep you from getting too far behind. Grading could be a little faster but it is hard when everyone isn't doing the same thing at the same time.

         Have materials available to students at a fair price.




         more communication from the professors

         I would for those who are self motivated.

         The professor spend more office hours online.



         More explanations about the book rather than verbatim from the chapters.

         To have a professors be more lenient towards their students. A lot of the students taking online classes also have full loads with classes on campus and work to pay for college. My online professor made the work to clustered at specific dates that it made it impossible to finish any work in other classes.


         less lengthy essays

         None as of now

         Maybe one more face to face to interact with your classmates.

         include at least one in person meeting/class session



         reduce work load

         That it becomes more organized.

         I have no suggestions for this class other than making the class a required course for all freshman.

         I think the teacher should grade not the TA's since it is not multiple choice. It takes objectivity to grade these assignments.


         Try to bee a litle understanding when peolpe have to submit these assignments. Everyone is not a computer wiz yet, that is why they are taking the class.


         do not have deadlines for the assignments.

         They need to be more like this..

         It would be helpful to see the graded assignment so that I can know what exactly I need to work on.

         nothing online courses rock!

         I would like to see more variety in the course topics that are offered and would like to see the Research course, MEDT 8484, removed from the required courses.


         make sure the teacher communicate better with students


         If all home pages were well organized as this semesters there may be fewer complaints,

         No suggestions at this time, I wish other classes were offered online.

         All on-line classes need a better way of reminding students when their assignments are due.

         I have no suggestions to make for this on-line course. The teacher was excellent and did a great job whenever I asked for help. Often times she would respond with a video or voice response, rather than just typing an email. This made the class much easier and much more personal.


         some class time

         I would like each class to follow this model.

         group discussions

         Blackboard needs to go or at least upgraded. It's ridiculous that it isn't compatible with newer browsers.

         Offer more online courses because we can take them anywhere.


         At least one face to face meeting would be great!


         Don't take them

         To be more organized with learning modules.

         Allow for art research papers. Students learn more when they are more involved in the process.

         Figure out a way to save the online journals and other materials from the UWG library so that student's using off campus computers can more easily access the materials.


         I think there should be face to face meetings in all courses.

         Make on-line classes like the on campus class. Just because it is on-line doesn't mean it needs to take up all your time for one class because it is 'on-line', and therefore 'easier'. It isn't necessarily easier, it is just more convenient for people with families etc.

         Keep offereing them.

         Make a course either online or on-campus; do not double dip on tuition. That is unfair and a cruel way of making a buck.

         Course calendars be more readable

         NONE! Dr. ***** is great!

         100% online

         There should be at least one face to face meeting

         more reminders for students to do assignments.

         I think there is a great benefit in online courses but I do not believe that they are applicable for every course. Some classes just need to be face-to-face.

         Have one place for posting homework.

         Stick with Courseden.

         Instead of just tossing any and all discussions, journal entries, or assignments into the course, give some order to them. Put all journals associated with Project one together, put all journal entries for project 2 together... Don't mix journal entries for project 2 among the journal entries for project 3. Keep all general discussions required for the class together. Don't mix in the `extra` or the `just for fun` discussions in with the ones that can count against you. All of this makes it difficult to keep track of where items are and what is due next.

         All assignments are available on the WebCT calendar, modules or backpacks that keep all elements of an assignment in one place, more flexibility with scheduling and due dates.


         More extra credit

         Do not take them while you already are taking 15 hours on campus!

         CISM 1 and 2 be combined and knock out some of the pointless assignments through microsoft programs and leave that for an intro class. Every job interview that I go to they ask If I can use SAP or Oracle. Instead of learning the definitions of these systems it would be more valuable to our education to learn things about different business management softwares and be certified to use them.

         Be aware of the students needs

         Maybe create an easier, more effective means for communication among students since we have to do group assignments/projects.

         100% online


         Nothing, everything was perfect!

         Not for this class, but other online classes just processing grades a little faster or at least grading according to the time your syllabus provides.


         nothing class was wonderful!

         respond to emails within 24 hours and actually make notes and powerpoints relevant to chapter material

         Buy appropriate software for showing online statistical demonstrations.

         Maybe have some face-to-face interaction in regard to feedback from instructors.

         The course was excellent. Professor ***** had a well planned class which required research, thought and thinking on your on. It would be nice to add some taped lectures if the system is able to do that. It makes the classes a little more personal.

         more interesting articles

         allow at least 15 minutes for the quizzes instead of 10

         More reminders

         Provide a clear outline of assignments so students who work faster won't have to get set back because others can't complete their work on time and have all of the modules made prior to the beginning of the class so they're not launched late.

         I really think that Professor ***** did an excellent job preparing the online work and notes. I had no problems whatsoever working my way through the course.


         To make sure that the assigments/work load is equivalent to a face to face class. I feel a lot of time I put a lot more time into an online class than I do a class where I go to face to face.

         None at this time.

         make them cheaper because I think alot of students do not take them because of the price. If they were cheaper more students would take them

         Please consider making this a web-centric course in the future, with perhaps every third week (or whatever you think best depending on the course content) designated as face-to-face.

         100% online

         Get rid of the requirement to respond to online discussion post of classmates. it is fine to ask us to respond to a question. Do not make us respond to other students who are generally off topic of in a rush....It is a fruitless exercise.


         Professor needs to email back within at least 2 days!

         An optional weekly face to face review session with the professor.


         Remove Dr. ***** from teaching online courses. I think he takes pride in hiding directions and assignments from us until the very last moment. I think he takes pride on giving me and several of my colleagues 1 point off on assignments that met all requirements. I think he takes pride in not grading over half of our assignments to make us squirm and have to suffer with whatever grade he gives us at the last minute. If he doesn't grade assignments in a timely manner, we can't keep up or remember what to say when he takes points off. It is April & we still have things not graded from January! At the very least, make him sit with awesome online professors like *****, *****, *****, *****, ***** and learn from them! They understand appropriate quantity and flexibility in completing assignments on our own time. They understand appropriate, difficult assignments instead of obnoxious time wasting assignments that ***** sometimes gets a kick out of giving us so he can take off points.

         A time frame of Midnight - Midnight is more conductive to flexiblity.

         I would not like to see the course go to only online. The personal contact with fellow classmates is a plus.

         Select teachers that are adequately prepared for classes.

         Make deadlines a little more clear.

         Monitor webct downtimes and send out advance emails, or text messages when the site may go down.

         Be more helpful nd caring to students, and instead of teaching us about spell check, use it yourself. (Lots of words were mispelled on quizzes. Unacceptable.)

         None. this was a great course.

         Less writing, and more powerpoint, videos, and other such media material.

         everything is good, wouldn't change anything

         better powerpoints online

         a little leniency with the students

         I reviewed my instructor before taking the class and that was very helpful for me; I feel that I will do this in the future online classes.

         Have a backup for equipment failure.

         More reminders for students about assignments.

         try upgrading courseden because it has a few problems

         Post everything in advance, let students work ahead, and no in person class dates.

         I say I'm a person that likes more face-to-face meeting, yet I didn't even engage in the one offered for this class. I really think the format was set up well and the tutorials and outlines made the modules easy to use. However, one suggestion that I would make would be to incorporate some technology that classrooms actually use--like a simulator of how attendance is taken or grades are entered, and maybe a smartboard tutorial. It was good to learn about the technologies that we did, but the bottom line is a lot of them aren't being used in most schools while this other stuff is.

         use the same book

         No discussion questions during finals week.

         More interaction or communication with fellow students online.

         Need to change everything! Or maybe the professor inputting the info.



         not sure

         You need teachers that are available and that have an actual knowledge of the online class room Tiffany Person was great but took another online course and had horrible results. Its good to get to know people in the class cause you might meet again plus having discussions is good because its a flow of ideas.

         better instruction

         To keep them organized on course den. It was nice to have an on-line professor this course that did.


         More of them. More,more, more. Great for non-traditional students. Accounting major courses need to be online. If their is not enough in UWG for one class, perhaps ecore can be expanded past core classes to include upper level classes.

         Having a better way to keep up with due dates.

         Professors should have a deadline requirement when it comes to communicating back with students and checking/posting their grades or feedback on turned in assignments. If students are held to this standard, professors should be too.

         make sure to follow directions on every assignment

         Make them easier to understand and less involved

         I would rather have midnight due times than 11am


         consistency among sections of the same class.

         Start off with one face to face meeting to review the expectations, or at least a Wimba session so that the students have a better understanding for when the syllabus is not clearly laid out.


         Clearer deadlines.

         I would suggest that video style lecture be implemented.

         None, I completely enjoyed everything.

         better online communication and weekly quizzes

         Assist us better with accessing the material more easily.

         Do not take them

         All the work for the whole semseter needs to be posted.

         West Ga does a great job with their online courses.

         Better wifi or more computers

         Being a little more understanding or lenient.

         That a grant writing proposal portion of the class be developed similar to Kennesaw State which includes certification and the Course be tacked on to this course asa 4 credit lab with certification (course must be eligible for financial aid funding - ie - student loans) KSU GRANT WRITING COMPONENTS -Become equipped with the skills and tools needed to enter the exciting field of grant writing. You will learn to develop your writing and research skills to become a highly successful grant writer. You will also be able to explore the grant proposal process and learn the keys to making them successful. To earn your Grant Writing Certificate, you must take the following courses in order: 1- A to Z Grantwriting 2-Get Grants 3 -Writing Effective Grant Proposals and 4-Grant Proposal Writing Advanced, KSU Classes are 6 weeks long and start monthly.KSU course link is above and should be developed Nonprofits need these kind of skill sets.

         I would not take an online math class again

         For other Professors to emulate Professor Mbaye teaching style.

         Reduce the amount of sections for us to work from, because if information is all over the place it is hard to find out what is expected of us for an assignment.

         Because it is online try to be patient with the students. Online can be difficult at times and it is hard not having your teacher right there all the time for help.

         Offer more classes online if possible.

         I don't know.


         I like the discussions boards...there should be more.

         That future online courses are well explained and understandable to each student and assignments and test are due at a reasonable time.

         To not have maintenance go down on the weekend. its inconvenient

         Make the directions more organized.

         Online Help Chat Box

         DO NOT USE WIKI OR PBWORKS. Use the discussion boards on COURSEDEN. They are much more efficient and your discussions post for everyone to see in one click rather than you having to copy your URL and paste it on a submission page. I was way too overwhelmed by having to keep up with PBWorks. CourseDen was made so we could utilize its discussion boards. There is no sense in having to add another website to our list of websites we must access every semester.

         Do not take this class with this instructor!

         more time on timed quizes

         be sure that this is what you want to do

         Find books that clearly relate to the topic at hand and make sure the book lines up with your opinion as well as the test being given for the course.

         nothing he does a really good job keeping in touch with the students and making it so everyone can complete the course

         Everything is great

         More organization and detailed expectations

         Have only 1 or 2 group projects in the online class.

         Occasional use of a wimba classroom might be a good idea (professor led) to be sure we are getting the major points, check for understanding, and preview what is coming next.

         The number of assignments was somewhat challenging - fewer would have made things less frantic.

         More teaching.

         Have a better attitude

         More professor involvement.

         Prompt and sufficient feedback from the professor on all assignments.



         For the future I would suggest a mixture of both face-to-face and on-line. I believe the teachers should actually teach.

         More firm due dates for assignments.

         less quizzes

         Make the material more affordable

         Everything went well in this course.

         None it was good

         This professor should not teach online classes, in fact he should not teach period, very rude and do not respond to students concerns in a timely manner. I have only seen him on-line 4 times for the entire semester. He did not respond to issues and concerns in a timely manner.



         make sure you do your assignments on time because he does not take late work

         I think this would be better if the professor was more understanding and willing to talk to you when you need her help.

         I would suggest not having any class in the class room. It was a complete waste of my time to listen to her explain what we are doing on the next test or phase in the term project when it is online and I have already taken the time to read it. Also the professor needs to be faster when replying to messages.


         Option to meet with instructor in face-to-face meeting to discuss grading and progression within course.

         no changes

         I think they are as good as they can be. I would like more of a hybrid.

         be sure that this is what you want to do

         Give consideration to allowing quality time for quality work.

         Nothing it was great

         More video presentation and/or notes to accompany recorded lectures.

         None - it is all being done well.

         Make sure the teachers are well prepared and knowledgable about WebCT. Teachers who don't know their way around a computer should not be teaching online classes.

         meet more in the classroom

         Face to face class meetings periodically throughout the semester would have help stay on track better.

         some required meetings

         no wiki

         Some of the assignments I felt like I was repeating myself. But this could possibly be because i am an SLP major and some of the things were geared towards teachers.

         Keep it simple, do not lead student to 3 different websites (Teacher's). It is confusing.

         I think all previous courses should be available for access in courseden.

         loved the video at the beginning of each module - it helps the student connect with the instructor. Continue these.


         Students should be informed at the time of admission that they will have to pay on-campus fees.

         Easier contact with professor.

         That the instructor either be available or have someone else available to help students that need help.

         Make help more available and if people have emergencies they cant help be there to talk to them about making up the assignment

         Redesign and have a professor who actually likes to teach online.


         None. It was perfect!

         Continue to find instructors such as the one I had.


         it was a great class but the exams were hard the way they were worded

         to make it easier to take the chapter quizs


         Give information out about the course material at least a month prior to the class starting.

         More dependability...


         I'd like to see more classes available totally online.


         Being flexible to student's ability and computer situations was very helpful.

         This one do not take online very hard to follow other online courses where the teacher knows of the programs and how to run an online class room are fine.

         Flexablitiy of due dates is what I would suggest. Having all assignements due at the end of the course allows people to work at there own pace.


         Not to lose my work

         Have the professors be more involved in the course. Instead of having an online tutorting thing or whatever, just have it so I can e-mail the teacher and ask him or her what she wants from the assignment.

         Allow up to 3 times for the quizzes.

         `office hours` where the professor is online for responding to questions immediatly in a personal one-on-one section like Instant messaging rather than email or disscussions.

         More flexibility with due dates, the ability to set your own pace

         make more classes on-line!

         I believe he should leave it like it is.

         nothing... well done

         I would suggest bringing in someone who will respond to their students and not ignor their emails.

         I don't have any suggestions. I enjoyed the class.

         I thought the class was perfect. No issues.

         course calendar should be more clear

         I like taking them, but I don't think that there should be a limit on the number of essays that are due and a limit on the lenght

         utilize the my UWG mail more

         Make the discussion board have its own tab for CS1030

         Maybe give a little bit more time on the exams.

         having working links or better diescriptions so that the student can find the material if the links don't work

         Teach the instructors how to create them.

         My biggest suggestion is that all online courses be consistently designed. I understand the professors who design them want the flexibility and ability to design it creatively, but it is a huge annoyance and complication as a student to have to figure out how each professor uses the components in CourseDen. Professors should be required a minimum amount of interaction, especially if student discussion is required for a grade. Additional time should be spend reviewing the assignments posted to ensure that grammatical errors are not present. The number of errors I have seen in the online classes I have taken is ridiculous, especially when the professors are so adamant about the student's proper usage of the English language.

         Offer more courses online.

         When material is complete pass date remove from listing.

         fewer discussion post

         more teacher involvement

         nothing really aside from clearer deadlines

         I would suggest more flexible deadlines.

         Not applicable

         To check emails on a daily basis and get help when needed from the beginning till the end of the course.

         I suggest that all classes be offered online if at all possible. I know that because of practicums and student teaching that not all classes can be online



         Statistics should NEVER be offered as a 100% online course!


         Less quizes more interaction with classmates. If a video is used for instruction a narration/book to go along with it should also be available.

         having online complaint form

         Post everything in advance and do not make students make the trek to campus. I live over an hour away and it is more than a little ridiculous to go up to campus for less than thirty minutes.

         Make discussions simpler. The quizzes and paper should be what is graded so strictly

         Needs to be developed for all versions of web browsers.

         100% online - no face to face because of the traveling distance

         I really believe that this should be an in class...class

         Try to have more online information sessions for students to keep them informed on happenings in the class.



         Less busy work

         more classes available online

         Offer students face-t0-face opportunities, particularly for the assignments that require them to prevail upon the kindness of - unpaid - school staff members/colleagues.

         I would have liked more informational, direct text. I did not like the interface for our assignments. It was awkward and not easily readable due to the scroll down area being so small.

         Eliminate the face-to-face class requirement.

         I felt the class went very smoothly.

         Make sure grades are up with in a few days the assignment is given.

         distribute the course exactly like this one - almost everything is present on the first day, and one can work at their own pace.

         Post modules one week prior to when they should begin. That way, we can work ahead if our schedule allows. Also, check out links and videos to be sure they are accessible in various formats. Post information on alternative ways to access the material (i.e. the complete citation so we can access articles even if they are not coming up in e-resources.)

         Nothing needs to change



         I took another online course this semester and really enjoyed it. The teacher was very understanding of people's busy schedules and graded fairly. I believe online courses are a great idea when the teacher is willing to put in the extra effort in order to see their students succeed while enjoying the course at the same time.


         Live audio sessions.

         I have no suggestions.

         The down-time on Friday night-Sat morning seemed excessive ... sometimes my job's workload prevented me from studying until the weekend. This meant I lost a day whenever the site was down on Friday evenings - Sat mornings

         Less discussions, more quizzes.

         I will not take another on-line course; therefore, I have no opinion.

         Try to closely match due dates with classes for assignments.

         More classes offered

         to stretch out quizes

         That the professor makes sure the student has enough time to complete a quiz or on-line test, and has everything they need to know to make a good grade.

         provide infrastructure for more interactivity.

         Have video conferencing so questions can be answered in a timely fashion.

         Include times by the videos. Improve organization of content. As a school come to a consensus on how online content is organized and stick to it.

         I am admitting my own weakness, as well as giving a glimmer in the window of the other online class I took this semester when I say I would probably have done better if I had hard deadlines for assignments.


         I would be mindful of the kinds of assignments given especially if more than one student is having trouble grasping exactly what needs to be done to make a decent grade. If all the students are barely passing with a C average, the work load might need to be adjusted.

         Offer classroom first and make online an option for those who want to do so.


         Do all of the work on time.

         To ofter additional help on campus, and for the quizzes to reflect the text material or the lecture notes.

         synchronous learning should be more like Skype.


         Respond to e-mails and become more helpful.


         offering more classes that are completely online.

         All instructors have a Calender posted. I found that this really helped me to stay on top of my work, however some of the instructors only posted due dates in the syllabus and not on the calender.

         Take a closer look at the grades for this class and watch out for cheaters. I saw 5 people in one exam cheating and it was so obvious and yet she did nothing, I feel mainly because the students were all Asian.


         This is not particularly for this class; I loved the way this class was structured. In the future, on test days and other important dates, getting a text on my cell phone on test day would be fantastic.

         Better communication

         The teacher should post math lesson videos

         easier tests

         In my opinion it was a very good class. I can recommend my friends to take this class on line.

         post assignment in weeks advance so they can be worked on or completed if the student has extra time in schedule

         I dislike the layout of CourseDen. If there was a way to link it with my gmail, that would be more ideal.

         video explainations

         My suggestions is to better the help with the on-line courses and having the tutoring etc. help make a better understanding when it comes down to work itself.

         Video mail.


         need more for ED.S

         More classess such as english classes that you can take online.

         please continue offering online courses

         shorter lectures

         Newer slides, and make them easy to download.



         Fix the above problem regarding the quiz alert feature. Other than that, I would want it to be a little more practical to get advice regarding assignments.


         The form that need to be submitted need to be in a word document

         I have no suggestions. The assignments were fairly easy to follow and the syllabus explained the course very well.


         having an online book so we dont have to purchase anything and also, Microsoft 2010 is required for this course and I don't have it and a lot of others do not either and we had to go find a computer that did so that was annoying and a bummer at times.

         I would like to see Videos uploaded on the materials in the assignments.

         I prefer completely online classes to partially online.

         stay caught up with your work

         No sugesstions

         More options to meet face-to-face with instructor.


         I really liked the `scheduled` time for chat. I would encourage all teachers to provide this option.

         None at this time

         Fees should be lowered because several on campus services are not utilized



         no distance learning fee

         check on-line class everyday and turn in assignments on time .


         Don't take them.

         Schedule due dates because they are easy to forget since they are online.


         make it completely online

         In the counseling department, it is really important that we meet face to face at least some times

         Do work well before its due.

         All the other teachers should set there classes up like Best did. He did a great job and learning modules for each week set up and ready to go.

         I suggest that assignments not be a lot of buy work which is often confused with rigor. I also suggest that models of tasks be provided so that the instructor's ideas are not lost in the distance format.

         Better time management.

         If other courses, not this one, would provide the same info and recorded lectures as Dr. ***** did, would be great!


         I was very comfortable with this course being 100% online. I have taken other courses where a second face-to-face meeting would have been helpful.

         No suggestions

         Please make more online classes for my EdS program so that all of the core classes and electives are offered online also.

         That deadlines should be more flexible.

         I have no suggestions.

         That be willing to negotiate with the students about the testing

         Same as dislikes


         Have available Saturday seminars realted to each class.



         100% online

         math classes should NOT be taught strictly online, just my opinion, but this particular class was no problem at all.


         A little more organization in the visual set up of the course in the online software.


         no suggeations

         Professors should take some advise from Dr. ***** about prompt communication and feedback on assessment/performance of students as the course progresses. So many professors are not this involved in the learning of their students. It makes the semester feel like there is a bit of a face-to-face characteristic to this course.

         I would encourage it. It is helpful to both traditional and non-traditional students. It makes education accessable to people in the workforce as well as families raising young children.

         Keep making them for more classes and more available.

         To have another teacher

         If you want your class to be involved in group activities, make sure it's in class, not on-line because half of the group will get credit for group work while the half that didn't actually work will get the same credit.


         I have no suggestions. They are set up very well.

         The professor is doing an excellent job as is keep up the great work. I really enjoyed from this class and truly have benefited from it I can honestly say.


         less complicated assignments

         Move an occasional discussion topic to Chat, for a more personal form of contact with the rest of the class. It might allow a more direct, short-term way to comment--more spur-of-the-moment, like a real discussion. Some of the discussion answers in the Forum *seemed* very lengthy and `canned`, with too much thought put into them for a `discussion`. I felt compelled to write an essay each time I wanted to contribute something.

         Online classes are very convenient, but it takes away from the actual learning environment. I like the classroom setting better.

         Make the course more challenging and provide more assignments, perhaps provide more indepth assignments.

         Include short video introduction of yourself at the beginning of the module. This increases the personal aspect of a course.

         Its fine the way it is.

         None. This was the best online course I have yet to take (and I have had a lot!).

         keep a video/ text blog for tracking health patterns...maybe...?

         most staff availability

         Grading all assignments in a timely manner.

         More study guides


         No suggestions


         Online courses need to maintain freedom while providing consistent professor/student communication.

         improve how the manual is set up

         Not many. It would be helpful if instructions were available to the online chat logs.

         have it easier to contact professor



         The only suggestion I would make would be the possibility of renewing Course Den. Sometimes Course Den kicks me off randomly.

         Just do one online synchronous class to keep track of everyone's progress.

         Check email and courseDen every day if possible to stay on top of assignments!

         Send log in instructions to email(not university email) prior to class


         No 'packages.'


         I have none.

         Have a chat box where the students can interact with professor at a certain time of day if they need help.

         Do NOT have them!! I learned nothing from this class as like most online classes! There is something to be said for the people you hire to teach at your university...use them!

         Being a mother of an 8 month old online classes are much more convenient. However, I really dislike that the prices are higher then classes on campus. I am doing the same thing as other students so I feel I should be paying the same.

         Extend the due dates!

         to be fair about the amount of work required.

         longer quiz times

         The scoring is demoralizing and not motivating. I lost points mainly because I made some spelling errors, forgot a comma, etc.... even though my web pages were correct. Dr. ***** asks us to do a lot of stuff, I look at it as wated time. All of the Learning Objectives were not achieved. The course needs a strong second look, I did not leanr a lot. I asked for help. but did not get it from Dr. *****. ***** is very nice, but she does not know Dreamweaver and could not help me. Overall Very disappointing.

         make yourself more available to help your students!


         More powerpoint, videos, and other such media material.

         Give bigger gaps in between due dates for assignments. I can't read a whole 30-page chapter and complete the quiz AND written assignment in just the 2 days I was given since the last chapter's assignments were due. Especially since this isn't my only class and so I have other assignments I need to do.

         Not giving as much class work and working with students on due dates

         Offer more classes online.

         None that I can think of.


         I think that we should be able to attend the first class meeting on Wimba. This would be especially helpful for those of us that live over 100 miles from the campus.

         This teacher was very effective on-line so the only suggestion I have is to continue doing what she is doing.

         Voiceover powerpoint would eliminate need for virtual meetings.

         I enjoyed the Wimba sessions - continue those.

         Have better coordination of classes not spread out.

         Keep them like they are

         Simplify platforms used to access what I need. Come on, if Facebook can do it, for free, SURELY your IT vendor can do better.

         keep it the way it is


         Need to leave Flash behind and come to terms with HTML5 and CSS3! Professor needs to go back to school herself on this material so that she can better instruct her students on how to Properly code, configure, and design a website, so that when they go into the real world they will be able to work on a webpage if their employer asks them since it will be on their resume. Other wise the students who take this class in the future will look like idiots in the real world.

         Getting direction from my professor.

         Give more time.

         get assignments sooner.

         Better instructions (for first time users) about Blackboard, Distance Learning, etc.

         no suggestions at this time

         More clear responses

         I would like the instructor to be more involved and to do some instruction. I think managing the pacing, types of content included, and effective grading and feedback is very important and very well done in this class, but I would like to feel more connected with the class--not just as someone who reads assigned readings (print and/or digital) and comment on it. The professor did include a sharing time with small groups, but I did not receive any comments on my postings (I did post on others) But again, I really would like to know from the professor's personal experience, what instructional designs are effective and what problems might be encountered by an instructional designer. Yes, I read this in the book--but I want to be able to discuss the finer points with a real person.

         The instructors should have more of a responsibility to be aware of system maintenance when scheduling assigment/assessment due dates. Attachments should be recommended for submission of assignments until Java issues are resolved. There is no reason any student should be subjected to the added stress of dealing with technical issues that requires the assistance of professionals, especially on a regular basis. Tools, like HTML Creator, should work without interuption. If there is an update that requires a student to update Java, there needs to be an annoucement. This way I am not struggling to submit an assignment. I feel this is a major issue when there are substantial fees associated with online courses, and technical issues should be minimized greatly. Instructors should be sensitive to these issues and be more willing to work with students when these arise - especially when there is a new online instructor.

         At least on face to fact meeting. The last on line class we had an optional meeting. Hearing the professor discuss/describe the syllabus let me know what was really most important and very helpful.


         Relax the due date policy. Assignments should be accepted anytime before the last two weeks of class.



         Understanding of some assignments easier

         great teacher I liked it

         I do not like the direction university education is going toward total online. That puts too much burden on students to keep up with the high cost of computer equipment and ever-changing mainframe/software formats. I'm also concerned about expansiveness of forms, policies, and procedures that have made higher education into a cascade of steps and hurdles to move forward. All I would say is to keep the system simple and be considerate of users having to learn new technology all the time (which is very frustrating). I am glad I am soon graduating, because I would hate to envision going through the program in the future due to the increasing complexity of online learning.

         Everything needs to be posted on day one, people take online classes to be flexible, this was not a very flexible class.

         Maybe some visual WIMBA sessions

         Provide enough time to complete the problems on exam. Some people take longer than others. Add videos. Use a different book and dont use the McGraw hill website for exams.

         None, I love Course Den


         Make sure that you manage your time and check into your classes/email daily for updates and instructions.

         Clear grading policies

         If group work is necessary, it should be done by level, area and certification. Not randomly. It should be an option to work alone or in a group.


         Post modules prior to their start date so we can look at them and know where the course is heading. Keep intro videos. More Wimba class sessions to discuss our readings and overall information.


         Have the entire class online and no face-to-face.


         Courseden seems to be a little `anti-MAC`. That needs to be resolved.

         I like that there is an online portion, with all the clinical time it is best to have an online portion and then be able to touch base in class.

         return assignments and/or emails faster.

         Get rid of this professor and replace him with someone who actually understand what distance education is..

         That they are totally online with no driving to class unless absolutely necessary.

         More on-line courses should be like this where all the work was available from the first day and students can just do it whenever they want as long as they meet the due date.

         More classes offered.

         Urge advisors to accept the fact that online classes will eventually dominate academia. The old crusts think its just a fad.



         Have a video for students who learn and comprehend things better by hearing them then by reading them.

         no group work

         To have more classess that are available. Such as more english classess.

         no suggestions at this time

         no due dates. if its online and at your own pace why is everything not due at the end of the semester. therefor allowing you to do it at your own pace

         Face to face meetings should be scheduled throughout the semester.

         Have all previous courseden courses available to students.

         Offer more course completely online. Webinars would be great!

         No Sunday exam deadlines/


         I would like a calendar of what is due each week.

         No group work!

         I enjoyed the class

         None at this time


         add more face to face meetings


         Continue posting everything on the first day where students can work ahead and NO IN PERSON CLASSES. The whole reason people take online classes is they are flexible, and they cannot be flexible if they have in person times.

         I think a first meeting in person would help with the connection to the professor.

         Open up the content, allow students to move at their own pace, and chose to respond individually or as group members. Allow students some flexibility with creating projects that meet their own needs. In other words, treat graduate students like the adults they are.


         I can't think of any.

         online orientation needs to be a little slower


         For this online class, I suggest letting students be able to express themselves more and stop trying to be so strict. Students are able to learn more when the class lets us be ourselves and express our ideas and address the topics at the same time.

         Professors should be given a timeline for grading/providing feedback about student work.

         Video chats.

         For distance students~ (ie I am 5 hours) it would be nice to be able to get a student ID- little things like that.

         A time to meet in a Wimba classroom regularly every couple of weeks for questions clarifications.


         I have none.

         More communication

         I think it was pretty good so I don't have anything to suggest

         Maybe have clearer instructions.

         none, it was good

         Due on Saturdays always not Fridays.

         Fire this professor, because this is ridiculous

         None that I can think of now

         Try not to assign to much work because when students take online courses it is usually because they have full time jobs, have a family, & are taking a full course load, and they dont need the extra busy work.

         Adjusting the deadlines on the assignments that are due because not all students are able to get things turned into courseden by the time they are due or earlier because some students work full or part time or they have an internship that requires their full attention and the student is not able to get home in time to complete the assignments.

         Video chat


         No suggestions. Online courses are good.


         School Finance should be taught 1/2 on-line and 1/2 face-to-face

         I love this classes format everything has been posted from day one, the instructor interacts and does NOT expect students to make the trek to campus unless they already live on campus.

         none- everything was great!

         Keep due dates on a consistant day of the week for weekly assignments.

         at least check your email once in 24 hours. and proofread proofread proofread!

         Meet in a WIMBA class at least at midterm to see if everyone is on the right track

         For this online course I think that it would be useful if students could revise assignments. A lot of time there would be feedback provided but no opportunity to revise.

         None, I love on-line classes

         Consistent due dates would be helpful.

         More explanation and communication to students. Other than that nothing.

         That after the test is done that you can go back in and review the questions and see what you got right or wrong


         The online aspect of Webct is great when the professor uses the tools provided. Calendar and many other tools provided were never used by the professor.

         assignments need to be broken down more; too much to do in too ltlle time

         Instructor needs to present material in a clear and understandable fashion. There was a lot of things that were confusing to many of the people in the class. Also, instructor needs to make sure that being online is just as much of a priority for them as it is for the students.

         for me everything look fine.

         I suggest that for some lesson hands on activity are required and students need to be told where they can get access to the materials they use to practice on their own.

         No suggestions.



         More examples aside from those provided in the book.


         I prefer the hybrid set-up. 50/50. Everyother week or first half attend, second half online.

         Teacher needs to communicate with students and put a schedule up on the calender to show when Items are going to be posted. Missed a few assignments due to this.

         More of them.

         I think the design has been very well done. I cannot think of anything to change

         reminders to be better,

         I enjoyed this class and really have no suggestions

         The teacher to be much more flexible. Our teacher could make any mistake in the book however when it came to us she was not flexible at all. Teachers need to understand that technology has a mind (or lack there of) of itself which we can not always control.

         If more than 50% of the students in class complain about not understanding the material, there is something wrong.

         Needed moew time for discussin responses

         I would like to have one face-to-face class at the beginning of course to meet and discuss the sylabus

         Offer more courses online please!

         I believe that the way Dr. ***** is conducting her online portion of this course needs no improvement.

         Make sure the work is comparable to a face to face class.

         more face to face class meetings to further enhance communication and relationship with professor.

         To have text material available online.

         For the IT to keep up with when FireFox updates.

         Nothing, I think the course was fully appropriate. All the materials are there. All the content on course den is explained. Assignments are posted well in advance. I don't know what would need improvement.

         make a video explaining the course material for the students that learn better hearing than reading

         more professor interest/response

         stay on top of your work


         Make sure the written information and tabs correlate to course work.