Spring 2008 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 15:What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?



        Sending video work as an attachment in Webct was often times slow.

        It is difficult to get to know people on line rather than in person. I think I will get used to it however and it won't be such a big deal later.


        EVERYTHING especially the submission of projects

        I would have liked to have been shown how to use WebCT before class. Orientation should take place in a computer lab. Otherwise, I liked everything.

        Too much work, not enough time to do it all.


        Lack of human contact

        I still like face to face occasionally.

        I didn't like the fact that we started out having virtual classes and then discontinued them. There were times that I felt I could have learned from other student's questions.

        Hard to reach the instructor.



        I struggled a little with the technology and just didn't have time to pursue the issues through UWG. I sought outside help.

        WebCT went down a lot. It took me a little while to adjust to the format, but with this particular course, the students and professor were so interactive that there was always new information to read. I was a little overwhelmed at first.

        great course

        Some of the due dates on the assignments were not updated so I was constantly double checking to see when the assignment was due.

        I don't think I really disliked it. This is my first online course; I think I was just unfamiliar with it.I believe the more classes I take the more I will like it.

        Some of the material was very challenging to grasp the concept while under independent learning (for an on-line course).

        I don't like having student and/or teacher discussions on-line. I prefer face to face meetings.I get much more information in face to face meeting, and they are much more personal and meaningful to me.

        Lack of instruction. It was mostly self-taught and would have loved to listened to presentations given through Virtual Group/Live Meeting, etc.,

        I don't like doing group work sometimes with online courses.

        Not really anything.I wish all of my classes have always been online!

        Sometimes I was not able to connect.

        it does not allow you to post after the deadline

        Group work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Lack of feedback on assignments.

        The only thing I didn't like about the online course was that if you had a question for your teacher you had to email them and wait for an answer instead of being in a classroom face-to-face.

        The narrated power points did not function properly


        Nothing, it was great!

        I think the number of face-to-face meetings should be decreased based on an individual analysis of student understanding.

        no face to face

        The instructor did not seem to be able to impart the necessary instruction in writing. His writing and communication skills need improvement.

        Lack of instruction. All material appeared to be self-taught and would have liked to have an online instruction time in which we log in and listen to a presentation.

        group work

        I thought that it was a little unorganized at first, but then, I felt like it got better from the mid point on.

        I have no complaints.

        There is really nothing that I disliked.

        Files being misplaced, attachments not working properly, delayed feedback, and other problem such as not being able to re-submit work after being instructed to do so.

        The discussion board and email messages were at times difficult to access.

        I disliked that the new technologies we had to utilize for this class were often unexplained by the instructor; if the course had been on campus perhaps these might have been better explained.While WebCT is not difficult to use I experienced technical difficulties often, especially with opening discussion board and email messages.

        Some of the material & assignments covered were not clear until we went over in class but it did come together then just not in a timely manner.

        Information and assignments are sometimes confusing and hard to find. It seems that each instructor puts things in different places. Also sometimes WebCT is very slow and cumbersome.

        Lack of face-to-face contact with people

        Lack of personal connection with peers.

        I disliked when my professor posted assignments in different locations. On two occasions I posted work late because I was unaware that the assignments could be in other locations.I need consistency!!!

        Not working through WebCT.Also, more instructor contact in the beginning would be been helpful.

        it's easy to forget when something is due

        There needs to be more consistency with where instructors post assignments and course materials. They all seem to do it differently. Also the discussion board moves quite slowly.

        Responding to other classmates postings.

        Confusion at times

        If I had questions, sometimes it took several days for the Professor or help center to get back to me. That meant I could not go any further sometimes, until I heard from them. That was aggravating to me. I needed help right then! I started out without any knowledge of WebCT and now I feel I better understand the system and would be able to do another class partly online.

        Nothing of significant value.

        I have dial-up internet and sometimes logging on was difficult. Otherwise, I have no complaints.

        Non consistent webct webpage designs. Each instructor has different layout of webct and makes it difficult to adapt.

        It is a little laborious to download files. Takes a bit of time. Working with person you have never met and then finding out that they are the world greatest procrastinator.

        The projects were grouped close together to me.

        I can not think of anything that I have disliked.

        The inconsistency among professors in the same program

        I do not believe that three face-to-face meetings are required.

        Although there was a deadline to complete assignments, the professor really wants you to complete it sooner. Maybe there should be a due date for turning in the original post and then another date for responding to other students' posts, even if just to help students get assignment turned in ahead of time so they can get a better grade.†† Too demanding of my time as a graduate student with other family and work responsibilities. Weekly, time consuming assignments and a 20 page research paper! I couldn't spend any time working on the end paper due to having to spend so much time focusing on the weekly assignments.†† This format of assignments does not increase my knowledge, only my frustration. Business Education was barely even mentioned. Wish it could have related to it more and to help in my preparations for teaching Bus. Ed.


        I don't like Web Vista CT timing out on me. I don't have confidence that it won't happen during a timed test.

        Nothing, I loved it!

        I have no major complaints.

        forgetting to meet deadlines

        No way to clear unnecessary posts off of the bulletin boards.Too much clutter!!

        Nothing. The instruction responded very promptly to all e-mails, which was VERY helpful.

        Nothing. I will take more online courses.

        The amount of work required to complete this course

        I am very forgetful, and I hate realizing I needed to do something and its already locked, so I canít submit it.

        Nothing! The professor was always available through e-mail!

        The first week, many students were having difficulty posting assignments and working through accessing where to post. We may have spent too much time reviewing. I think there were some problems with the professor implementing her new learning in the on line environment and it got a little difficult to know where to find which information for which assignment.

        When I signed up for the course, I noted the dates where the classes would be on campus but never checked to see if there was an updated syllabus when class started. Because of this, I accidentally missed a class because the on campus class dates differed from when I first signed up to when the syllabus was passed out on the first day. I like that the on campus dates are listed when you first sign up on banweb, but if the days differ, please stress them in class, on webct, etc.

        This class is too technical to be held online.It requires the use of highly developed and pointed software with unfamiliar functions to someone being exposed to if for the first time.Having the software at home requires a massive amount of disc space which is also problematic.I would still offer the online version of the course because it is doable with a cooperative and patient professor. Thankfully, my instructor fits that description.

        Some assignments were difficult without personal explanations.

        I thought some assignments took a really long time and I did not gain very much that I could really use in my classroom.

        Lack of timely response from the course instructor.

        posting sometimes hard


        Web ct sometimes messed up and wouldnít let me take the quizzes the second time.

        I donít like that there was only ten minutes to complete the quiz.

        I did not like the student feed back sessions.

        The assignments were too complicated and without adequate instructions.Grading was not timely, and lacked feedback for improvement.

        There was really nothing I didn't like about the online course. If I had questions, I was able to send an email and get a quick enough response from the professor.On one occasion, I needed help from him right away and fortunately he was in his office and answered his phone on the first ring.

        If you were stuck, there was no asking for help right away.

        I disliked not having the convenience of the classroom to ask the instructor any question I may have had. I was a little confused as to what the course consisted of and had to mostly figure it out on my own. My orientation class didn't help as much as I think it could have.

        Although the instructor was always very good in keeping in touch when I had a question, I felt disjointed from the whole class room experience.Since the library was something I was already pretty familiar with, it wasn't bad to take this online, however I do like interaction with others and the professor.

        I'm more hands on so I didn't really like having an online course.


        the inability to receive real-time grades for assignments

        The tests were not accurate. The spelling would be incorrect or some words would be missing which made the test very difficult to take online.

        Face to Face contact

        The thing I disliked the most had to be the communication.

        I did not like the fact that I could not get responses when I wanted them. I had to wait until he read the e-mail that I sent him, then wait for him to get me an answer at his earliest applicable time.

        I do not like the new format of WebCT.I took online courses from Fall 04 until Sp 06, and I did not have ANY trouble with the online component of the courses.This time, I could not get into the chats, and it is not as user-friendly as it used to be.

        I dislike the fact that you had to download software on your laptop for my assignments to work.

        Um, no late work EVER. But I get it

        I had issues sometimes with the courses sometimes, and getting the information to load.

        Kind of get lost in areas when you need immediate help.

        Sometimes it is good to have an available instructor.

        It was a lot of work, BUT it was well worth the effort. I found my weakness in the class. (my ability to write well was lacking)

        The grading system was a little tougher than I expected on the writing assignments. I believe that the grading system was a little unrealistic for a beginning Art History class.

        It lacked face to face time with the teacher and other students.

        I did not like the narrated power point. I still would prefer to present in person. Watching all of the power points and commenting on all of them was very time consuming. We could have done all of them in about 3 hours in class.

        Unable to reach instructor or other assistance on Friday's Office was closed and was unable to be advised when problems accrued

        Sometimes it is hard to get clarification about assignments just through email and chat times. I would prefer to attend class in person at times in order to visually see examples and ideas about class assignments.

        Sometimes the videos that we need to watch seem to be a little choppy and had to hear.

        When in class I have instant help. Online sometimes I had to wait to get help.

        I felt overburden. We had to do a lot of work.

        I have NO complaints here.

        Initially, many of us were not aware that this was an online course.Therefore, we were not prepared and we needed somewhat of a tutorial to make certain of how to utilize the online assignment postings.

        I had to learn the material on my own and I had little to no help.

        This class required a lot of work for a two credit hour class.

        So much work in so small amount of time, overwhelming.

        forgetting about quizzes

        I did not dislike anything about this course.

        I didn't dislike anything

        Misunderstanding of certain material.

        Nothing.I thought the entire course was great!

        I disliked nothing. Any questions I had were either discussed or answered with the discussion board, or I could just e-mail my instructor.

        too much discussion ---over 650 discussion entries to read/respond to


        I would have like a course calendar.It was, at times, a little hard to follow due dates (ie. the date on the syllabus would be different than the date on Assignments in WebCT).It would have been easier if everything was all in one place.

        Emailing? and waiting for an answer

        The only problem I have with online learning is real interaction, or lack thereof. It's hard to put feelings behind words over the Internet. I did learn I do not like working in a group in any capacity (optional or forced), but I am going to have to learn how to do that if I am in education, so call me a work in progress. At least my instructor rarely requires it. In fact, one of the group situations I found myself in I opted into myself. The only other thing I can think regarding this class that I struggled with a tad is that I felt on occasion I needed to ask for more information to clarify things before submitting an assignment. My instructor was open and quick to respond, so this wasn't a major issue. I felt the rubrics were specific enough, however. Also, I found myself confused about field experience until she said something and a light bulb went on, and this was when I spoke with her in person, not online.

        I had a hard time posting to the discussion board sometimes from home.I think that it was b/c I have dial up service.


        Sometimes it feels like all teaching and learning is up to me. Participating in in-class lectures and discussions, you have a better understanding about how you will be tested.

        Miss the face to face interaction of taking classes

        Having to load Java script was a hassle.


        Miss face-to-face conversations.

        Those assignments were not available to do ahead of time.

        That some assignments like quizzes were not available until the week they were due.

        There were times where talking with class members and seeing each other face to face would have helped me when I was having some difficulty understanding parts of the course.

        I wish we could have met as a class at least one more time. I felt this type of class needed more face to face meetings due to type of program it was.

        not getting grades until the last week

        The wait-time between emails.

        I am happy with online courses.

        Listening and responding to podcast at first, but the more I did it the better I got at it. I think I am a better student and teacher for having to get out of my comfort zone. New things are sometimes scary or insecure. I am glad and I learning new things that will make me better for it!

        no complaints

        There was way too much work. I was not advised of the work load prior to beginning the course and had I been more knowledgeable in this area, I would have combined it with other courses during a different semester.

        Not having complete face to face meetings that might have benefit me a little better in the understanding of some course work.

        Time constraints for a lot of the projects.Certain things such as virtual groups could only be tackled on certain days versus having more flexibility.

        Some of the projects were extremely large for the grade that was given.

        I had a lot of frustrations that I couldn't share with fellow student teachers.

        Posting information was often difficult - the process should be revised or modified

        I don't like the fact that the system is down on Friday nights.

        Sometimes I needed someone to answer a question that I could not find the answer to

        There was to much reading

        Nothing that I can think of.

        Down on Friday night.

        Technical Difficulties.

        had time to procrastinate

        The online discussions that I needed to respond to for credit were not clear at first. but having an e-mailed progress note with tips for doing better on the bottom was helpful


        Enjoyed every minute of this class will try to gain more experience in order to process information more efficiently.The experience was not a negative one

        Certain Information didn't come up.

        Sometimes it helps to have taught the material to you.

        One on one for immediate help

        How the deadlines didn't give you an alert for the due date.

        I didn't know much about WebCT before starting the class.

        I do not like how it is not completely compatible with Mozilla. I have a mac and I think some work could be done to make it easier for Mac users.

        Little/ late feedback from professor about assignments which were submitted onlineUnclear directions about how specific assignments were to be submitted


        The online group wiki was my least favorite part of the semester. I enjoy face to face interaction and by doing the project online I lost that.

        Slow loading times.



        It was hard to understand at times and because i wasn't in front of a professor i had no one to ask at the moment of my problem.

        There was nothing I disliked. Everything seemed to work out fine.

        The teacherís donít know the students.

        It required a lot of my time and working full-time & 3 other classes were difficult to handle.

        I did not hate anything about the online course.


        looking to see what was for the week


        I didn't like some of the technical problems related to downloading assignments.

        Sometimes I would forget until the day of quizzes on Friday.

        Overall, I actually enjoyed taking this online class

        Sometimes there were glitches.

        The confusion that can sometimes arise when instructions on WebCT may not be as clear as needed.

        no real complaints

        It wasn't exactly the course that I disliked but I am the type of person who needs to be face-to-face with the instructor as a reminder that we have assignments due. I have difficulty keeping up with things.

        Everything was fine.

        How to submit and answer questions on the final was confusing.


        I did not like not receiving feedback on some of the assignment that I turned in. I just felt that I am not a person who should take online courses.

        I did not like the fact that I could not get immediate feedback for assignments as problems arose.

        Trying to work with a group

        the class was not originally an online class

        too many different books, I think there were a total of five which is a bit excessive

        hard to make a website

        I do not like the lack of consideration for technical problems that students may face.

        Sometimes due dates on modules and the calendar and assignment information have not been updated since the last semester.This can be very frustrating when trying to figure out when something is due.

        When a student sends in an assignment it might not be able to be pulled up or lost and the student will not get credit for it.

        I would not change anything about this class.

        How the assignments were difficult.

        on the quizzes I wanted to know which ones were incorrect and I really didnít have the time to go to your office to get the correct answers

        it was hard at times

        I liked everything!

        Having a tutorial for every assignment except for the last one which was the hardest.

        I really didn't dislike anything about the course.

        It was very time consuming.


        The extra fees associated with online courses. Why?

        Not being able to meet and interact with the teachers face to face.Did not know the teacher as much as others, and felt that the teacher did not know as much about me.

        Not being able to meet and interact with the teachers face to face.Did not know the teacher as much as others, and felt that the teacher did not know as much about me.

        Due dates for the assignments and quizzes. Everything sold be due the last day of class and not periodically through the semester

        There seemed to be an excessive amount of tests and the discussions were very in-depth, unlike in-class discussions.

        Nothing really, I enjoyed and liked it very much!

        Well, too many items to download.It would be nice if someone could help my instructor figure out how to fuse some of the videos together.

        Lack of communication between students because we don't attend a class every week.

        Nothing it was very simple to figure out!

        Internets mishaps

        risk of internet crashing mid-job

        I sometimes forgot to do the work.

        I disliked the fact that we only had thirty minutes to take a quiz.I always felt rush so didn't do very well on quite a few of them.

        There are too many people in this course for the professor to timely respond. Also, it is difficult to have chats or discussions because of the number of students.

        The lack of extra credit and point opportunities

        I am a person that has to be in class to remember when things are due.

        Nothing really.

        I did not like that some assignments were lengthy and due back to back.But it was okay I handled it.

        Easy to forget when assignments are due

        Sometimes it was easy to forget about the quizzes.

        It was sometimes hard to access the modules and test, just due to the software you had to download.

        The personable side of seeing the teacher.

        I didn't really dislike anything about this course.


        Nothing everything was great it was very helpful for me.

        Sometimes the challenges of the assignements were more on the difficult side.

        The only adverse is that once you miss the deadline, there is no excuse.Unlike in-class where you would have the opportunity to explain the circumstances to your professor.

        There wasn't much that I disliked about this class.

        sometimes I procrastinated

        difficult assignments

        'Virtual office' was removed so students had no place to post questions except through prof's personal email.We could not benefit from other students questions and the prof's answers.Email replies sometimes were slow to come...

        Confusion about the numerous field experience forms.

        Submitting assignments because if made me nervous.

        that I didn't get notification alerts for comments on assignments

        The discussion board seemed a waste of time.Most people didn't say anything worth while, and if they did, other people just repeated them later.Like I said a waste of time.

        It is not MAC friendly.



        The discussion board was overwhelming.

        No problems to report.

        The discussion boards were overwhelming and hard to keep up with.

        The site for the class is confusing.

        There were too many postings on the discussion board. Students should have been grouped and assign one discussion board per group for all general questions. It annoyed me to read 100 messages per day just because someone forgot to read the online instructions.

        Most actual research was done through reading four books with some online readings which still needed to be printed off probably spent 200.00 printing materials for a non book course

        The lack of enough class room construction discussion is important component missing from online courses

        Some instructions from professor unclear

        The lag time in receiving the grade/comments for the last portion of the handbook that was needed for corrections of that section prior to submitting the final handbook for grading.

        Having to wait for an answer from the professor - although he was very quick in responding the next day.

        The only negative thing was the instructor using UWG email rather webCT account.It was confusing to me that all other contact with my class was displayed this way, but the email was elsewhere.

        When the computers are acting up at my school or West Georgia.

        slow speed at times


        no dislikes


        a lot of work

        Instructor constantly changed the syllabus.Sometime discussions with classmates gave you the information, but reference was a different syllabi.

        I sometimes forgot about the work.

        At times some of the functions would not work and I had to wait until the day to post.

        Very disorganized.

        nothing really

        It was difficult to get in touch with the teachers

        It was not completely on-line, like I was told during advisement.

        problems are aggravating to fix

        I sometimes had unresolved questions and had to call the teacher to ask questions. E-mail response was slow.

        Too many assignments



        I disliked that every discussion post needed to be researched based. Some topics were very difficult to find research on.

        There were so many assignments that, to me, weren't necessary

        I had many questions that I would rather have asked in person instead of through email.

        Inability to interact spontaneously with professor and classmates as in regular classes.

        The uncertainty if an assignment went through.

        Not able to ask questions in person.

        Hard to remember

        missing deadlines sometimes but thatís my own fault

        not having face to face discussions and class work

        Yes, I think I give it another try.


        I disliked that all of the class was not online. There were about 2 class meeting every 2 weeks, not including the tests we had to take in classes versus online.

        It seemed like an awful lot of work! All good, though.


        Many times during the semester I could not run a session for more than 10 minutes at a time.I had to continuously log in.

        difficulty accessing at work due to blocked sites

        Sometimes the deadlines were not put up until the day before, but it changed before the midterm. I am forgetful and I needed that reminder

        listening to the PowerPointís bc theyíre so long

        It is a joke that an on-line instructor does not want e-mails, and he will say to call him instead, but that was a bigger hassle due to the way he talked to the students over the phone

        some assignments seemed like busy work

        Visual Basics. It was so challenging.

        support from instructor

        The instructorís guidelines were vague and not logistically sound.Many of the video/audio clips were difficult to use or did not work at all. Timing out continues to be a problem.

        Having to take so many quizzes per week

        Remembering to do the assignments since you are not in a classroom every week. I did not like that some of these assignments were difficult, but getting up to the school on the professorís office hours was a challenge.

        group project; inconvenient; people were not in other courses

        I was not able to see my grade throughout the course for whatever reason.I told my professor and she was slow to fix the problem.


        Assignments were due every week, almost like no break from the class.

        I really enjoyed everything about the course

        difficulty getting questions answered

        Not being in a classroom at all.

        A certain assignment was given an extended due date while others weren't.

        Some of the material was confusing at times

        I do not agree nor do I like the lack of participation and willingness to help from the instructor. My particular instructor and was very rude pretty much through the entire semester.At one point I was told not to email anything else to her concerning the problem that I had.I was told to refer to the syllabus that was provided, and that all the information that I would need would be right there and in plain detail.She refused to communicate with me via e-mail anymore after that.I thought that was completely inappropriate in dealing with students.I do know the professors have rules and guidelines, but delivering that in a rude manner is probably not one of them.I honestly do not ever want to take a class where it is handled by the computer science department.They were all very rude to me. :(

        It was easy to forget about assignments, and I didn't connect at all with other students in the class.

        method of saving information

        Students not knowing what they were supposed to do and smearing the discussion boards with ignorant comments.

        It was hard to get help if we didn't meet for class that week.

        Too many assignments.

        Sometimes it is hard to discipline myself to do the work in a timely manner, but I am improving in this area.

        Nothing really, I enjoyed the course.

        I didn't like how there was not a lot of instruction on how to do the last assignment.

        its hard to get motivated sometimes

        I do not learn well doing online discussions.

        I always forgot to do the assignments, it should send like a e-mail reminder when you have something upcoming due

        Nothing except I wish I would've only taken 3 other classes at school so I could've spent more time on this course.

        I was unaware of parts on the Web CT site and missed several discussions.

        The inability to access professors online


        the time that assignments and quizzes were due

        Awareness of the test

        The day-to-day instructional.

        No overall complaints.

        I don't feel that I should have to pay to have discussions with my peers.I can, and frequently do, talk to them about issues relevant to our studies.I pay for a person who is educated to teach me.

        you cant get feedback right away but, I still liked it


        working in a lot of new programs was a little difficult

        It was hard to understand what we actually had to so.The mid term was nothing like the things we were learning.

        The terrible times.Who has stuff due at 5:00PM on Tuesdays?How utterly random.Why not midnight, at the very least?Further, the first couple of weeks saw /everybody/ has a problem accessing quizzes, to the point that the instructor had to move them to a separate folder.One of those quizzes was the only one I missed the whole semester, and it was a problem for the whole class, and she refused to give me anything but a 0 for it.Lame!

        There are always gaps in learning online and understanding do to the fact that there is not the visual demonstration or teaching.

        It's my first semester at West Georgia and I was not familiar with WebCT so it was a little confusing ..a little stressful to start.

        I have no dislike about the course.


        I have none.

        the no exception or excuses

        Having to take off work to go to campus for orientation........I learned nothing there that couldn't have been included in the course syllabus or requirements

        nothing, except for learning the webct

        The discussion board became confusing when students made posts under the wrong headings.††††† The backpack icons containing the syllabus, examples of assignments, etc. were a little overwhelming due to the number (messy).They need to be arranged more neatly.Is there some way to categorize some of these into smaller groups?

        I really didn't dislike anything.

        When my internet service provider did not like to cooperate with me completing my assignments.

        It would have been nice for more detailed explanation of incorrect answers on quizzes which would be easier during a face to face class than through email.

        No feedback on any work.

        I miss face to face sessions because you can get so much out of live interaction. But I really like having the online classes.

        The instructor didn't seem to understand how to use a live chat. We were required to be present during the normal scheduled class time to do a life chat, but it was via posting that you constantly had to keep going back and refreshing and you couldn't keep up with what response went with what. It was very frustrating. Also, I've always taken online courses where the online portion was flexible. This instructor required you to be present during the regularly scheduled time each time to do the chat, which could easily have been done as a post your response by such and such date and post responses to other people by another date. It was an inefficient way to hold the online portion.

        Not always being able to get an answer from a professor immediately.


        I dislike group projects.

        Not always getting an immediate response from some of the professors. It may take a day or two and that can slow down your progress on projects.

        the threaded discussions

        The main problem with distance learning is the inability to interact with classmates, read their nonverbal cues, and have a warm conversation. Specific to this class, I thought the coursework was easy enough for my ability; however, there was a lot to cover. I could never have handled it in summer session. I had trouble keeping up with readings and discussion topics, but I had no problem turning in assignments on time. I have no major complaints. Some classes take more energy and time than others, that's part of life.

        90% of the time, when I open a word doc, WebCT would kick me out and I'd have to log in again - VERY annoying and time consuming if you're reading classmates submissions and then trying to comment on them. I would prefer no face-to-face meetings; I disliked drive 2 hours to Carrollton and then another 2 hours home.

        The amount of work for this class is tremendous.

        The teacher is unorganized and the dates listed for due projects were not the same as what she stated in class.She also had assignments due on dates that were days that the classes were scheduled.

        you are not able to post after the deadline


        Group work (sometimes this can be very challenging!)

        There was nothing about the course that I disliked.

        When you can't access due to technical problems

        I don't mind working in groups, however, I do have a problem when only two people in the group did the bulk of the work.

        The face-to-face Q&A that comes with traditional class time.

        Face-to-face for discussions of certain assignment areas.

        no instructor participation

        Working in groups.I prefer working in groups face-to-face in class.


        None of the projects were graded as of yet for this class.I have no idea how I am doing because there has been absolutely NO feedback whatsoever. We were promised several times that we would have things graded and they have not been. This is very disappointing to me.This needs to be addressed with the professor.

        Questions that I had about certain topics were not answered very clearly.

        submission format somewhat confusing

        There were some times that the instructor feedback was slow.

        It's very hard to do group work online.

        Felt a little disconnected a times.

        I missed at least meeting my professor & classmates


        The fact that the teacher took far too long to return grades.



        There are no complaints.

        technology problems associated with moving our residence/house

        For me personally, all the papers and discussion questions I had to answer. In the beginning, it was overwhelming and I almost quit. I am now thankful I stuck with it.

        I probably needed a fact-to-face practical tutoring session on using WebCT before classes started, but other than that, I liked everything.

        I liked the online course.

        I liked everything about the course.

        I was only able to access the course content from home due to the instructor using Moodle instead of WebCT

        No real time interaction with fellow classmates.

        Easy to misinterpret something.

        I cannot think of any dislikes.

        Harder to know exactly what is expected of final project.


        Getting problem solutions was inconvenient - had to get to campus versus available on line

        I did miss some of the discussion face to face.There were questions I had about various topics that I was not able to address by having the class completely online.

        It was all good.

        Folio Tek could use better instructions for posting assignments--I never felt sure my assignments went through for evaluation.


        N/a. This is the 1st online course I have ever taken and I was impressed at how detailed it was-good job.

        the instructor

        I never established a sense of connection with my class -- except late in the semester with the blog project.Apparently, our personal profiles were removed from view at some point which gave us a chance to try to establish some sense of connection to the people.The synchronous sessions were very uneven -- and would benefit from clearer sense of purpose of the sessions.Beside the technical hurdles of the LiveClassroom sessions (which were not that significant) besides a q & a for upcoming assignments there was little value.Also, due to scheduling glitches the instructor either missed or was late for the first several sessions which set up an uncertainty for the class of the value of the sessions.It would be nice to have a session that asked us to discuss an article or review a website or two together.

        The assignments. I felt they were too much for a class like this.

        I believe since UWG is still in the transition stage from Word 2003 to 2007 there was a little confusion.However the instructor was able to help with these confusions and make the transition go more smoothly.


        I do not like that they refuse to reply to email questions or requests (which was made clear at the beginning of the course).When you offer an online course you must also offer online support.Also, I have a Mac and have had issues with certain programs for which no concession is made.

        Uncertainty in how I did on projects (no feedback) until grades came back.

        The fact that students 'taught' the class...

        the teacher did not respond to emails or messages posted via WebCT

        1. Not getting to know classmates 2. Course load was demanding and time-consuming compared to on campus graduate courses

        I did not like not having class. This was partially my fault because I scheduled a class around the time this one was going on.

        We never discussed anything. In another online class that I had the teacher asked constructive questions relating to the course, to which we got participation points for answering. The answers to the questions helped me understand a lot about the work. In this class it was too independent, and some online discussions (that we could participate in on our on time) would have helped me absorb the material better. Also, there was no chat feature for this class and that would've helped.

        How the teachers will not help you if your assignment was late because of technical errors.

        The teacher was unwilling to offer help. Even when asked several times.

        My professor was not much of an online communicator and the tutorials were jumbled and difficult to see and understand.

        if you have a question

        turn in times

        webct was confusing sometimes. I found submitting assignments to be a difficult process.

        There was nothing that I disliked

        I didn't like how sometimes when I had questions they weren't answered fast enough.


        That It was easier for me to procrastinate


        Not able to attach an assignment, which ended up giving me a zero for that particular assignment.

        The only thing I did not like about this course was having two professors co teaching.It got a little confusing.

        the hands off, self teaching

        Sometimes I felt as though I was by myself and was anxious that I was missing something important.

        There were a lot of group projects that were sometimes difficult to work on.

        The instructor didn't interact very well with the class.

        Online classes are impersonal in general.

        Nothing.....it was a very positive class environment and the instructor is an excellent instructor for this format!

        I had many??? I would have loved to ask her face to face and the instructor is an excellent teacher in this capacity. She is very patient and takes the time to answer any questions we have.

        There was no interaction.

        Nothing - enjoyed the course

        It lacks that face-to-face interaction that you receive with people.


        I felt like this was a very important class for my career and I donít feel like I attained the material as well as I could have had it been in a classroom.

        Nothing is notable at this time.

        At this time, there were not any portions I didn't like with the courses this semester.

        The face to face meetings.It is extremely hard to drive to Carrollton from Toccoa 6 different times a semester.Gas prices also make it extremely expensive.

        You need spell check capabilities on WebCT and emails. Other than that, I have no dislikes -- I thought this class was well executed.

        I wish the hours were extended. They weren't compatible with my schedule.††† All of the details of several assignments were not clear or had small errors.Unfortunately, I am a commuter, and since e-mail wasn't available for small questions I had to drive to campus during the CS labs hours.I live 45 minutes away and the hours aren't normally convenient for me.


        Extremely hard to find out when things were due.Sometimes due dates were not even posted such as in discussion due dates also I had no clue that these classes sometimes started well before on campus classes did in which it resulted in an F on an assignment.

        Things were sometimes unorganized (dates and assignments hadn't been updated from previous semester)†††


        solutions weren't available on line


        I liked everything

        instructor had too much information in too many places

        Information on WebCt was extremely inaccurate.The due dates on our calendar did not match due dates in the documents.Also, directions given orally in class many times conflicted to the on-line assignment.Finally, documents were missing and sometimes a whole module because the teacher didn't mark them for student view.

        My teacher didn't keep regular office hours.

        Not having a face to face time to ask questions, see examples done other than time of reviewing for the test. While the professor did offer time to help via the internet it was difficult to get actual on-campus assistance face to face.

        not enough space to upload large files (eg. 85 megs)

        Iím a visual learner, as much as a hand on learner. This course was very hands on, but I felt it lacked visual models explaining the actual assignments. CS 1020, (an online course I took previous to this course) gave great examples of exactly what the instructor was looking for in the final product of the assignment to help you better understand the instructions.

        The 10 minutes that we have on quizzes. I think we need 15 min.

        Not enough time on quizzes.

        The last 8 quizzes in this class had some questions that were hard to answer because the answers were not in the notes or PowerPointís.


        Nothing ... I liked it.

        Worrying about the system crashing or not being able to log in.

        I miss the face to face interaction. The in-class lectures help enforce the information to be learned.

        Would like to see more of a practical application of the section material.More questions on the PowerPoint.

        Absolutely Nothing

        No hands-on help

        easy to forget about deadlines

        I cannot find anything to be improved. It was very organized.

        I did miss having discussions that you find in the classroom.This particular course did not implement discussion between students, and I would have liked to see what sort of things other students were saying.

        With any online course, questions take longer to get answered because they have to be sent through email and the student has to wait for a response. This was not a problem for me with this course but I have experienced this with previous online courses that I have taken.

        I liked everything.

        Some minor technical difficulties. Minor system glitches.

        It was difficult to receive email responses from instructor.

        sometimes computers don't always work which can be stressful with an online class

        There was a tone of reading and such little time.I did not realize how demanding this class would be.

        I'm not so fond of all the assignments, I like discussions better.

        It was difficult to receive a response from my instructor.

        I ended up not really learning much since I usually waited to last minute to start.

        I disliked the fact that help with assignments was poor.There were too many aspects posted on the website, and this made it hard to understand.WebCt itself is not hard to understand but the design of the course made it very hard to understand because there was too much 'stuff' on the website.I disliked the fact that the response from the professor to my emails was very poor even when I would meet face to face and request the viewing of these emails.

        That I had to attend an orientation but names were not taken...I could have skipped and not wasted my time!

        potential timeouts

        Easier to forget about

        I could not talk to the professor as soon as I had a problem because I was online and not in a class room.


        I wish she would have had the assignment and quizzes opened earlier, but with the same deadline.

        Sending the projects were a little complicated but became more understanding further into the program.

        I enjoy being in a classroom setting with others. But other than the social part, I really enjoyed this class.

        If something goes wrong and you can't get it in on time, there are no exceptions.

        The assignments sometimes took a while to understand.


        The fact that your questions could not be answered as quickly as in f2f meetings.

        The information provided on WebCT was re-used from a previous class; so much of the information was incorrect or outdated.The professor did not review/check information/assignments/calendar dates before posting for this semester's class.This provided a great deal of confusion for me throughout the semester.I often printed out information from WebCT to be prepared for class, only to find out once I got to class that this information was inaccurate, so I had to go home and re-print everything.

        I would almost forget to take the weekly quizzes.


        The Quizzes were too detailed and did not like the grading system.††† The teacher was very picky about everything that dealt with art.I am not an art major, like most people taking the class, and it seemed like everything she said in my papers was negative.

        The assignments.

        CONSTANTLY something to do. Easy to get behind.

        Sometimes my assignments wouldn't submit properly and my grade suffered because of it. Too many technical difficulties.

        It was hard to get group mates together to work on assignments, and it was easy to forget about the class since I didn't have to go.


        I enjoyed the whole course

        There is really not anything I did not like about this class.

        I wasn't able to get to know my professor as well.

        I miss the one on one interaction and meeting those in my class.

        easy access to my teacher was available

        asking for help was a little harder than with a normal class

        Some parts of the assignments were partially difficult.

        Not knowing the answers to the quizzes at the end

        The questions were hard. There was also too much reading that I couldn't remember what I read when the quiz was given to me.

        It sometimes took awhile for the teacher to post grades, but I'm sure that was due to the large class size.I would have liked the assignments to have been uploaded in advance so that I could work ahead if I wanted.

        I liked it all.

        Too impersonal. I came to college to broaden my cultural and personal understanding, and cannot do that in front of a computer.

        Sometimes webct was down when I needed to submit an assignment at the last minute.

        Somethingís were hard to understand on my own but it was fairly easy getting in contact with the professor to receive assistance.

        The instructor was not very helpful when I had issues.

        The Visual Basic Project and how much the books cost.

        The instructor was very wordy within the quizzes. She would not rescore the quiz for questions with varied answers. Also, the majority of the voice narration came straight from the textbook and about 5 minutes each lecture came from her. The narration was pointless because she was just reading straight from the book.

        I feel that it is very well orchestrated.

        There was nothing that I disliked about this course.

        Having to wait for an answer to a question.

        Waiting on answers to questions.

        There was not much I disliked except the course was taught by two instructors vs. one.It made it difficult to digest some evaluations.

        I did not like having to do the bulk of the work in groups.The purpose of me choosing online programs was to be able to work at my pace.Groups forced me to have to tailor my schedule to others who were not always accessible.

        I didn't get the feedback about my work from my instructor.

        Not getting feedback on time.

        Too much work to do.

        Everything was fine.

        Can't think of anything this time.

        Can't think of anything


        Sometimes the discussion boards became testy and unprofessional. Also, I think it's nice to share experiences with your fellow student teachers face to face and get to know them better.

        cant think of anything

        I didn't have any complaints.



        I did not receive any grades for assignments submitted this semester.

        The course syllabus is confusing to new students, it should be clearer because my friends and I all missed an assignment because it isn't necessarily in good order and TA's should respond to emails better.

        Forgot about classes and assignments.Time lag in communicating with instructors. Impersonal.


        The online dates to turn in assignments were not updated at first, but the teacher quickly fixed any things needed on the website.

        Confusion about Foliotek and the final certification handbook.

        There were problems with Foliotek, but our instructor helped to resolve them.

        The video tutorials were a little difficult to follow along with at times.

        No interaction or immediate help.

        This does not pertain to this course, but to the online courses in general.Distance students should NOT have to pay the HUGE fees every semsester for services we cannot use as we are rarely on campus (and when we are on campus, they aren't open).These fees should be optional to distance students.

        This does not pertain to this course (which was wonderful), but to the online courses in general.Distance students should NOT have to pay the HUGE fees every semester for services we cannot use as we are rarely on campus (and when we are on campus, they aren't open).These fees should be optional to distance students.

        There were occasionally problems with WEBCT and other sites were supposed to use, but the instructor was more than helpful in resolving these issues.

        This course went smoothly.I have no complaints!

        I really enjoy participating in a classroom.However, this semester I had personal issues that kept me away from the classroom.So, I missed the interaction.


        the etuition fee is too high

        Forgot about classes and assignments.This is the first time that I have logged into myuwg all semester, easy to forget about and have not needed it.What is the Distance Learning Helpline? Never heard of it.This is very different than expected.

        Some of the assignments were not easily understood.I think this was due to lack of knowledge in the MEDT field rather than the instructorís intent.

        It did not completely follow the syllabus; the assignments weren't always posted in a timely manner.

        That the professor and or the classmates are not there at the same time, when you have a question.But in the long run.The instructor was always good at answering my questions either through the phone, and/or through the internet.I did not like the live classroom, because for some reason, either my browser was not synchronized, or I would not be able to meet at the time of the class.

        not face to face with others in class

        There was no face to face discussion portion of the class. I like to build off other's ideas and don't do well independently in an online environment.

        A few assignments were somewhat unclear in their directions, and did not make since to myself as a student.

        It was easy to forget about an assignment.


        I like face to face interaction with classmates and instructor.

        Not enough feedback to know if I understood some of the concepts. Some of the information would have been interesting in a class setting if examples could have been given or expounded on.

        I disliked having to rely on others to post, although I didn't have to wait much nor did I let that stop me from posting to my own postings.

        having to still meet with groups to work on group assignments

        That the class was not totally online.

        Sometimes it was frustrating when people in my group posted something other than the place we were supposed to post....we couldn't find it and therefore assumed that person had not posted anything.

        I underestimated the amount of work that was required for this course. It was my own fault. The professor warned us that once you fall behind, it is really hard to catch up.


        WebCT would time out several times if you were on it for a long period of time.††††† I felt like the face-to-face contact once in a while would have been better than all on-line the entire time


        The difficulty of being confined to a dial up connection at home and assignments not loading.

        nothing it was great

        Sometime, all of the details overlapped and got confusing sometimes.



        There was nothing that I disliked.


        All the assignments weren't spread out. They were all due one after another.

        Having 2 class sections of MEDT 6461 combined on the same webct

        the fact that there is over 500 people in the class an if it happens that 2 people send it in the same time frame you get a 0

        the fact that if you accidentally submit something wrong you can not make it up or fix it

        Sometimes foliotek was confusing and no one really knew what was going on or how to help me in foliotek. I understand it is new though.

        I disliked the arbitrary time limitations. 24 hour periods to take quizzes and time lines for responding to discussions don't make sense when there isn't even an in-class component. Time restrictions seemed there only to make the class arbitrarily harder without adding anything to the learning experience. I didn't see any reason why I couldn't learn at my own pace instead of being tied to a weekly schedule that existed for some purpose I have yet to understand.

        It was hard to have questions answered.

        the quizzes were only 10 minutes

        Absolutely nothing. The outline never changed except once and we were giving information about the change.

        When I forgot about it.

        I did not like that the assignments did not show detailed instructions as to how to complete the Visual Basics 2005 assignment.

        The system for submitting assignments is terrible. None of my test results posted (and I am aware that this is far too common a problem), and the burden was placed on ME to provide independent documentation for every completed assignment that failed to post. ALL OF THEM. Additionally, when such documentation is the ONLY method of receiving credit for assignments lost within the system (or whatever the problem is), it destroys the grade that an otherwise 'A' student could/would/should receive. The method of testing was also atrocious. Who decided that shift+click+drag was superior to shift+click? Why am I penalized on a Microsoft Word test for using accessing the Cut function through the drop-down menu instead of through the toolbar button? Why (in the same test) am I penalized for using a toolbar button instead of through a drop-down menu? To use the vernacular: THIS CLASS FAILS

        To much materials to cover

        The fact that sometimes things happen and the computer disconnects or the webct isnít working correctly for whatever reason and the professor accepts nothing late even if you email it on time.

        I wish there was an option to take it in a classroom setting. Online classes only encourage the bare minimum work and I really do not feel like I've gained anything from this class that I did not already know beforehand.

        Felt sometimes like it was a lot of work

        Getting a response from the professor was sometimes difficult.

        I liked it

        It was harder to me not having the teacher's personal assistance like I have in the classroom.I also do not like that we only had ten minutes to do each quiz.

        I did not like how confusing things got and not being able to see a teacher face to face to clear them up.

        The directions were not really clear.


        No one to ask questions.Cannot get immediate answers

        WebCT logging me out.


        It was a little tricky at first.I missed one assignment b/c it was not posted in the same section as the rest of the assignments, and then I realized there were 2 places I had to check for assignments.

        The tests were in essay form because her essays were completely different from the requirements in my English class.

        nothing really

        The only thing I did not like was being able to have one-on-one help in the classroom.

        The fact that the 'tutor' computer lab closed at 5pm.

        nothing, I liked all of it

        My computer often didn't have the material needed. However, I could always go to campus.

        Nothing I can think of.

        harder to understand exactly what the teacher is asking

        Having to understand concepts and the self discipline.

        We had a lot of assignments due.

        If you were confused you had to wait for an answer.

        All assignments need to be in ONE place. While MOST were under the assignment tab, one or two were only on the homepage. This causes confusion.


        I would like more interaction with my professor, particularly more coverage of topics to be learned and availability to help with problems. For example, on-line video tutorials would be great for each section or assignment, even if they are short in length.

        I am the type of student who needs to be taught, so I did not like the whole online course thing.

        The test screen did not allow me maximize the screen. When I attempted to, it took points off my test grade.

        No interaction with other students to get a clearer understand of class requirements

        Very hard to learn. Teacher very boring in lectures

        The overwhelming amount of work to do each week.

        That there was nobody to ask questions to.


        Teacher does not give many comments about my writings. She would just say good job or good work but give me 3 out of 4. If it was good, why did I not get a 4? Never once did I receive a 4 out of 4 but I never understood why because there were never any comments on my writings as to what was wrong with it.

        It was harder to get questions answered.

        It was not very organized.

        it was timed

        Nothing related to WebCT. Sometimes the internet goes in and out and when I am taking a quiz it shuts me down and I have to wait until I am reset.

        The people helping in the TLC were not friendly!!!


        I once had trouble uploading a grade and I thought that I was going to get a bad grade if it was not turned in.


        Sometimes the tutorials were hard to follow because I was using the Word 2007 and sometimes the tutorials were not available in that format. Also when there was more than one project and you had to repeat a step you had done earlier in a previous project the tutorial would not remind you of how to do a certain step. I think there should be reminders of how to do certain things incase you are not familiar so that you do not have to close out the whole program and reopen another one.


        That you had no chance of face to face help when the directions were a little hard to follow. When you get something wrong you have no idea what you did wrong!

        A couple of the instructions were a little hard to understand what was wanted exactly...having to buy something for twenty dollars that I only used two times and will probably never use again...I didnít really like the online chat

        Sometimes the directions were unclear.

        That if I was confused about something I couldn't get help in person like I could have if we were meeting.

        The test.



        Nothing. I thought it was great!

        Learning difficult material on my own.

        Some technical difficulties related to the transmission of instructional videos.



        hard to do group projects


        I did not like that we were required to introduce ourselves to other online students. I ended up getting points off of the assignment because I did not post a photo of myself in my online introduction. I felt uncomfortable doing this because I do not like posting pictures online. I felt that it was more of a fill in type assignment that did not have anything to do with the course material and that it was a waste of time. I think this sort of thing should be offered for extra credit, perhaps, or should be optional.

        Lots of reading and no real sense of what the most important points in each chapter were.

        the last assignment was hard and when I needed help the computer lab was closed and I was unable to complete the assignment

        There were typos, and frequently, the last few letters were cut off of every line of the module which made it difficult to read.This even happened occasionally on a test which resulted in difficulty knowing what the test question was asking.

        Lack of clarity for each task.

        Some of the dates on the syllabus were wrong.

        It seems that on-line courses require quite a bit more busy work.

        I did not like that the Visual Basic assignment did not have an online tutorial.I didn't know how to do it and the online tutorial helps a lot.I also think that 15 minutes should be allowed for the quizzes.

        The difficulty of reaching instructors for help.

        Lack of help. We should have online tutors 24/7.I would even be one for a certain time everyday.


        Students are not allowed to ask ANY questions via the Course Discussion Board, or UWG E-Mail, or by phone - the ONLY way the instructor said that she would even entertain the thought of answering a question is if the student comes to her office - and this is not feasible for those of us who have 5 classes and who live 45 minutes from campus.

        Some of the material was hard to understand without face to face explanations

        Activity experience was very dull. You finished the assignment then forgot about after waiting a week.

        Some of the assignments were confusing. The last couple quizzes fro the visual basic books were too long for only 10 questions with not enough time.


        How we only had 10 minutes to complete the quizzes. Sometimes we should have been given a little bit more time to complete them.

        I did miss some of the deadlines of the assessments, but thatís my fault...



        I liked everything

        response time of questions to instructors

        response time of instructors to questions

        The Visual Basic was not step by step. It was different in the book. This assessment was very confusing because I have never seen it before. I felt like the quizzes for visual basic was not fair because the chapter was way to long for just ten minutes. Other than that there wasn't any dislikes.

        Nothing at all. Sometimes it was hard not meeting face to face but the professor was very helpful with her tutorials.

        My assignments that I turned in were often graded wrong. I had to contact my instructor 4 times.

        No Problems

        If I didn't understand something it was a little hard to get good help.I would like to of been able to work ahead and get done with the course quicker.

        If you needed help, you had to wait until you had time to go to the professor's office hours instead of getting help right then.

        How it was so shortly timed.


        There needs to be better communication.

        not being able to email the teacher and get a response

        Nothing I loved it!!

        I didn't like how the quizzes were only 10 minutes long.I feel like that wasn't enough time to answer all questions.



        The last couple of PowerPointís were without narration. I like to hear the teacher explain what is going on in the class.

        For some assignments, I was unsure of how to construct my analysis or paper because there was little instruction. However, we were not graded on this basis so it did not actually account for my grade. In the future if I am graded on a particular format, I would want to know prior of the format. Other than that, I have no complaints!

        late getting feedback on writings, sometimes 2-3 weeks

        Not having face-to-face meetings.

        I forgot two quizzes, there isn't a constant reminder. But that was my responsibility.

        Did not have a teacher to answer the questions fast

        I was unsure about a few of the assignments.

        some of the assignments were hard and there was no teacher i could walk up to in class and ask questions

        I didn't meet anyone.

        There was not anything that I really disliked.

        I loved this class.

        I dislike having class face-to-face. I'm just more into class when I'm sitting there in class listening to everyone instead of reading all their comments online.

        There are so many things that can go wrong when things are done online and every time I went to the offices belonging to the computer professors nobody was there.

        I felt no need to write down the power points and didnít and now I have to commit to my memory. I just prefer a classroom

        deadlines, sometimes I missed them

        The tutorials didnít work.

        I could not do it all on my computer because some of the software was only on UWG computers


        Just remembering some due dates.

        I always seem to forget about online portions of class.

        I was would forget to do my work at times

        Miscommunication of which assignments are mandatory or practice.

        Sometimes it is better to have instructions from a teacher in the classroom. Having to keep up with when everything was due.

        The web-site is very confusing and needs a lot of work on it. Information is too scattered around. Some texts are not even legible because it is so fusy. Working with word 2007 and having the word 2003 book and slides to learn from was extremely confusing and frustrating because they are very different. I had to pretty much figure it out on my own.

        Some of the quizzes were too specific.

        No face to face time in classroom.


        Needs a tutorial for an example for each assessment

        Because I could do things on my own time sometimes I forgot about the assignments until last minute.

        Wish we could have met twice a month instead of once. I wasn't told during registration what days the class would meet so I in class when this class meets and cannot go to but one review.

        The only thing that I didn't like was that the instructional videos were very slow.

        It was difficult to remember the assignments were due because there was no class for the teacher to remind you every week.

        assignments due every week

        trying to keep up with the dates things are due

        Hard to find help


        Meeting with the teacher was difficult at times.

        I wish there could be some sort of relief for computer failure.

        I could not ask questions I had on the internet via email. I had to go into an office.


        I missed 4 quizzes and that brought down my grade and it ruined my chances at making an 'A' in the class.

        remembering to do the work

        the directions for the assignments were not the greatest

        Having to wait for class to ask the professor face to face.

        Without face to face lectures, I feel a lot is lost in the course.I believe I would have been more involved in the material if it was in a classroom setting.

        More work than expected!!

        If I had a problem, I had to go to campus.

        There was no type of make up assignments but I didnít really expect there to be since i could do them at my leisure.

        When I did have a question I felt like I couldnít get any help.

        It was exactly what I expected!


        the way deadlines snuck up on me

        My grades were never sent straight to my professor. I always had to 'prove' my grade to her.

        Inability to have convenient real-time discussion and interaction with students and teacher. This interaction is my best way of learning.

        not being able to email the instructors

        I did not experience any negative portion in this course.My instructor was available to assist with any problems i had.She also had how to video which was extremely helpful.

        Forgot about work sometimes.

        There were too many projects. I found this course to be stressful.

        The amount of quizzes. The second portion of quizzes didn't seem to reinforce what was being taught with the different assignments.


        It was harder to ask communicate with the professor about parts of assignments that I did not understand

        Then quizzes were not open until two days before the due date.

        Felt like there was a slight lack of communication.

        I disliked not being able to reach the instructor when needed for questions regarding the assignments. The instructor did not respond back within a timely manner. This class was really an inconvenience in regards to when the assignments are issued and the time in which they are due. The entire purpose of this class was to be on line. I spent more time, time that I did not have, in the library completing the assignments. I experienced too many technical problems when trying to submit the assignments on campus and had several of my grades reduced because they were not turned in by the deadline time due to those problems with the server. If this class is going to be this demanding of the students, then the class should meet in person instead of completing the assignments in this fashion. I live entirely too far to have to drive all the way to campus to spend hours on end completing these on line assignments that have to be done in person in the library. The purpose of on line is just that.




        It is hard to communicate with your classmates because we all do work when it is convenient for us.

        Certain pops ups and that Webct goes down on certain days that I did not know about.

        hard to get a quick response

        Since the class was so large, in the event that you needed help, you had to go seek out the proper people, possibly making an unnecessary trip.

        Not as easy to understand.

        Not having the teacher there if I had questions.

        I forgot about some assignments because there is no reminder.Maybe it's because I'm a senior and have never had an online class.I'm just not used to it.

        I didn't like that we were given assignments, an overview, and then left on our own. I know that I could have gone to him for help, but email was the only truly convenient way for me to communicate with the instructor.

        How easy it is to forget about the assignments.

        Couldnít have that much visuallearning experiences

        Computers can do weird stuff at any time. Doing stuff online for a grade is always an uneasy risk.


        That there were not enough directions on-line about how to complete assignments.

        clarity on some assignments, but the assistants were most helpful

        You didn't have the face to face ability to ask questions and better understand.

        I did not dislike anything about this course.It was an interesting class and I enjoyed taking it online.

        I did not dislike anything.I enjoyed the online class very much and learned a lot.

        The fact that we could only take the quizzes twice and that it didnít show what you got wrong.


        I really enjoyed it.This is the only course that I would take online though.Any other core class or elective would be too difficult for me.

        I have no complaints.

        What did you dislike about the online portion of this course?