Spring 2008 Distance Education Survey (Student Comments)


Question 16:What suggestions would you make for future online courses?



        Better software to improve exchange of multimedia projects.

        None. I enjoyed the course.

        More time in f2f meeting to get to know your partner.

        It is helpful, depending on the course, to have face-to-face meetings.

        Make them NOT online. Make things more flexible like in a REAL classroom.

        Give students a tutorial on WebCT prior to the beginning of classes. And have less face-to-face sessions, those just get in the way.

        I think dead lines need to be spaced out a bit more and maybe one more face-to-face meeting in the middle of the term.


        Keep me consistent throughout the semester.

        great course


        More choices

        Offer more classes

        More tutorials for the technology would be helpful.

        The podcasts were great. I liked the different perspectives from the experts in the field. The discussion forums also provided an opportunity to get feedback and assistance from classmates.

        offer more on line classes

        Be sure the dates and information is up to date.

        This again was my first on-line course so I have no suggestions at this point.

        Keep them coming.


        Promotion of group work or activities.

        Not really anything.

        That the professor utilizes the online calendar feature so as to help us keep track when assignments are due.

        All online

        more features like 24 hour technical assistance

        Less group work!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Canít think of any....just make sure professors are prompt when responding to questions....mine was.

        None, it was a very smooth semester.

        No more than 50% online


        Have the books available at the bookstore sooner.


        In on-line courses, all submissions should be accepted on line.

        less group work

        no suggestions

        Nothing!I loved the course!

        I don't have any.

        no suggestions

        This course was good in the online format.The technical difficulties with WebCT were my only real concern with the online format.

        I would suggest that the instructor for this course explain exactly how to access new technologies we use for this course in the instructions for assignments.Also, anything that might make WebCT function more efficiently would be great (this may be impossiblity, and I know the University System is under contract).I have been exposed to Moodle through a course at another institution and urge whoever makes the decisions regarding online learning to look into it when the contract with Blackboard expires; I know that UCLA is currently using it with all their online courses.

        Be sure students get an orientation to the online program. We did not.

        Speed up the system and provide a more consistent framework.

        My suggestion is to keep the few face-to-face meetings so folks can have some personal connection with classmates.

        My suggestion is to keep the few face-to-face meetings.

        only one face to face meeting is really necessary

        I will complete the Media program this summer; I feel all online professors should allow students to post assignments by 11:59PM.That was my reason for signing up for online classes the flexibility to work on homework at odd hours.For this class I had to post by 5:30 that is not idea for working people with families.

        More instructor interaction with students.

        it fine

        Speed up the discussion board.

        Depending on the course, some face-to-face meetings are helpful.Research is a course that benefits from face-to-face meetings, in my opinion.


        not as many students in one class

        Let the student know that the course is mostly online when they sign up for the course. I had no idea.

        More response from professor.

        more of the class for distance learning on line

        More consistent webct designs. This will make finding and using the material easier.

        A little longer time in the f2f to meet your partners.

        None at this time


        As suggested above,have 2 different due dates if it is the same type of assignment, but really need something different;not as much assigned to do; Colleagues and friends that have completed master's programs elsewhere are shocked at how much is demanded of me. I'm definitely not saying to let me buy the degree, by any means, but easing up a little would be appropriate.


        Don't try to over assign work to compensate for not being in class.

        No suggestions

        Offer more during the year and summer.

        Lessen the amount of required discussion sessions

        Nothing, I think they're great.

        No suggestions

        I do not have any at this time because I did not have any complications.

        Offer more of them!

        Need more of them...Gas is an object...

        have more orientation about it the webct

        I seemed to have difficulty uploading documents from my jump drive. I would like for the uploads to be more direct access.

        Already done.

        More on-line course offerings!

        Just because we are not sitting in classroom professors think we have more time to work on projects and more assignments, but this is not true.Treat it like any other college course(general they only have around 10 assignments over the course of a semester).

        More online instructor focus on the course participants.

        Quicker response from professor on e-mail

        Provide tutorials or how to's

        I would suggest more time to complete he quiz and les reading material

        Make courses available so students can choose not to take on line courses if they prefer not to.

        Make assignment realistic within the timeframe given.

        At the beginning of the semester, possibly instructors should communicate to all the student's personal email addresses (not UWG or online class emails) to let everyone know the exact date they will begin posting and making assignments for the class.At the beginning of this semester, because the class was a Tuesday class and classes began on the Wednesday before, I didn't think there would be an assignment until Tuesday.However, when I and other classmates logged on, we were surprised to find the instructor started posting assignments that were actually due the weekend before we thought the class even started.


        None at this time.

        Have more class meetings just in case you miss information online.


        more direct instructor feedback

        Provide more online courses; they are extremely beneficial to graduate students with families and jobs.

        Fix the words in the tests.


        Spend more time answering the questions for the class and also try to get grades back punctually and not two months later.

        That they would tell you it was required to download software when using your personal laptop.

        make sure you know the due date and do not wait till last minute to complete assignments



        I really liked it and can't think of anything you should do differently.Okay, maybe shorten the work load for the summer class I'm taking with you in a few weeks :)


        This course was very good. The book was excellent. The narrated power point was doable, but it was my least favorite think about the class. I prefer the online classes.

        Professor or assistants be readily available anytime other than making appointments. Due to occasional problems submitting assignments at 12 noon, no one was available.

        I would suggest that the uploads that the teacher put online are of a better quality.


        The people who are taking these course should have some form of computer training before they enrolled

        Wimba is not particularly helpful.Online chatrooms are much more helpful--easier to navigate.

        I would like to see more classes on-line

        The online course was great but there should be something more than the D beside the number to signify that this is an online course.We also need an option of whether or not we would like to participate in a tutorial session for better understanding.All students may not get a professor who is as understanding as the instructor was this semester with the posting of assignments and allowing room for learning.

        Easier and quicker instructor contact.

        Less work mid term and final plus 4 worksheets that took a while a term paper and two applications that took several hours. To much I would not recommend this class to anyone.


        I don't see any improvements needed.

        I suggest that all professors be as organized, efficient, thoughtful and caring as the instructor

        More face to face meetings to clear up material that needs more information.

        offer more on line classes


        To put assignments on the calendar for all courses.I know the instructor does this, but it would be nice to make the calendar a more integral part of all of the courses.

        Just have supportive and responsive instructors, which I did.

        Organization is the key. Course calendars really help with online courses.

        An online calendar or all assignments to be posted under the assignment tab.


        I think that past courses should be archived so students can reference them at a later date. I apologize if this is already offered as a feature of WebCT. Being that this is my first semester, I am not fully aware. I do not have any other issues.

        More of them!

        All other professors should be this organized

        none, this is an excellent system for distance learning.

        New students - or returning students who have taken time off between semesters - may not know about the online passwords and email. I learned about my financial aids emails last summer after I called and inquired several times. I was unaware that I was to check the UWG emails for those important pieces of info - as a returning student. Keep people informed and donít assume they know all the details of online use - passwords, student ID#, login names, etc. I didn't know. Yet, it was assumed by most folks I encountered that I should know how to logon to locate the info.


        Make assignments available from day one. So for people who want to do work ahead of time can.

        Make all assignments available from day one, so students who like to get ahead can.

        None, this is a really good set up for distance courses.

        Three face to face meetings instead of two. And maybe dinner and a movie to critique!

        MORE of them!

        Let the instructor teacher other professors how to organize their programs and make their courses the best online courses ever!

        Instructors should consider the fact that students often take more than one course per semester therefore the syllabi they develop should have a reasonable amount of work with doable deadlines.All other components of distance learning were acceptable, in my opinion.There was just too much to do in this particular class.So much so that students did not know their progress because the instructor was very far behind in evaluating/posting grades for assignments.For example, the semester is over and I will not know my progress until the May 6th University imposed deadline because I have submitted multiple assignments that have yet to be graded. That is unacceptable. If the instructor cannot even keep up with grading the work assigned, that alone should suggest a need for restructuring the course assignments while not compromising the integrity of the course and its objectives/desired outcomes.

        Have little more face to face meetings to help work out kinks for misunderstanding.

        Change up the groups during the semester.

        Maybe have one class meeting to go along with each assignment just for us that need it.

        not so much reading

        Make the directions for assignments a little more clearly.


        The course is divided into smaller course. There was too much information to review and understand for the time period provided.

        More orientation/information about how to use WebCT.Students also need more help with advising and registration.

        More orientation on how to use WebCT for first time users.

        longer on campus library hours

        That the face to face class is the first class for the semester with an overview of the assignments and how a student can succeed in an online class (how to post good discussions, how much time to dedicate to an online class, etc.)

        Make it easier for Mac users.

        All courses meet at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end face-to-face.

        Not to make them so time consuming. People do have other classes.

        All faculty teaching online courses need to make themselves available to the students. Answers emails in a timely fashion.

        I think 70-80% of this course could be done online with tutorials.

        Not to make them so time consuming.

        Be more organized and time management.

        The number of online courses should be increased.

        on the week that we are on just put the assignment for that week

        Continue to give precise information about each assignment, because it really helps to better understand what is expected of the assignment given.


        Clearer communication.


        Keep up with the work!!


        That the teacher could contact the student with at least an email or mark up an assignment to let the student know what was done wrong on assignment.

        To keep other classes in mind and know that the work can be very time consuming.

        no group work

        no group work

        the power point videos are great but i wish you could go back and just view the images alone because it would be quicker than waiting for the video to load for each slide


        Teachers becoming more understandable about technical issues that we have no control over.

        Have the instructor be aware of the amount of emails, announcements, and updates he/she sends out at once.Multiple icons and pop-ups can be confusing, especially to a student who is not completely familiar with webct.

        Make fewer quizzes.

        giving the answers to incorrect answers cause your not going to see them on the next quiz

        be more specific in directions

        More announcements for the class.

        I don't know. I have no complaints.

        Education center needs to have comp labs open longer the UCC lab is to noisy to concentrate

        Don't charge the extra fees.


        Nothing, I love them!!!

        Nothing, I love them!!!

        Due dates for the assignments and quizzes. Everything sold be due the last day of class and not periodically through the semester

        Not so many tests would be great. Also, the discussions should be more realistic.

        Maybe explain the grading on the assignments a little better, if messed something up.

        Have more professors like him.

        less intense assignments

        be thou rough and communicate with students through email frequently

        More reminders

        I suggest that the time allowed to take a quiz should be extended so that students do not feel so rushed.

        Give more chances to get points

        I would say that there are more informational sessions. Because sometimes there was confusion about assignments.


        Better understanding of the grading scale.

        Make sure and stress the downloads and write e-mails in the beginning of the semester, because I missed the first test because I did not understand how to work the modules and the test and had to make it up for 50% of what it is worth.

        open chat sessions with professor and other students


        To offer more on-line courses for people who work as well as go to school it makes it easier on them and allow them to take more classes that will help them graduate sooner/on time.

        I am absolutely satisfied with all the rules and regulation that the professor set and everything went well. I would say to my favor.

        In the future I would post all of the quizzes at one time rather than doing half of them and then making the other half available later.

        Definitely an open question/virtual office with prompt responses!!!

        Open question board is good.

        Right now I can't think of any.I am new at this.

        keep them

        Better textbooks.

        Make them 100% online.It is quite difficult for some students to meet on campus, even for 3 classes.

        Better textbooks and outside reading materials.

        I think that all assignments and their requirements should be opened up at the beginning of the semester to allow for learning at your own pace.

        Face to face meetings should be better planned by the professor. She had two sections meeting on the same day in a small room without enough seats. I take online classes because I want to avoid such problems. I could not pay attention or complete my work. I believe that all work completed during the face to face meetings could have been better completed online in the comfort of my own chair.

        the advantage of distance learning during high gas prices that are faced today is good, the downside is interaction is limited between student and instructor and for proper activities, leasing an apartment near campus is required, classes that could be online are not offered - especially the environmental policy class that is only offered in the summer for a short 4 week period

        more student participation in online discussions rather three or four word sentences, often it appears that not much thought or analysis has gone into the discussion submitted

        We need more of them, and to have them available more frequently and not just certain semesters.

        I need a little more direction before having to use the program. I catch on quick, but at my age I get frustrated if I can't make something work.

        less PDF files


        more course offerings


        cut down the papers and have online chats instead

        It would be helpful if there was something that popped up to remind people in case they forget.

        Please make sure all function work within the program.

        Documentation containing appropriate instructions must be correct in order for smooth class function. I don't like allowing instructor to copy everything from last semester. Our calendar was incorrect the whole semester (had 2007 dates/times) and assignments were tailored for previous class. They weren't updated/modified for current class until several students complain and confusion persists. I actually ended up doing several assignments that weren't assigned to our class. Disappointing and upsetting.

        can't think of any

        Offer more classes and more locations.

        Less assignment

        The on-line course is fine the way it is.

        Remind instructors to check webct mail on a regular basis.

        Not as many assignments

        Prefer mostly on line class where class meets occasionally.Good touch base as a class.

        more meeting times

        Encourage the students to get familiar with the WebCt Help-line ASAP. This will avoid a lot of time and frustration.


        All portions of the class should be online.

        Be sure assignments are not more time consuming than they should be, based on the number of hours for the course.

        I would have liked to have the assignments localized on a calendar for all of my classes that I am taking that would be able to be seen online at webct and to be able to be downloaded onto my I-phone, palm, digital assistant.

        The course was fine, but WebCT can be frustrating at times.

        make it not online

        On-line reminders of due-dates and more specific instruction

        more interaction with instructor


        instructor more involved

        There needs to be better guidelines for posting on line.Allowing for separate and specific times to post, respond and read.

        Make the course curriculum more closely related to things one might use in real life

        Have each assignment equally spread out. When assignments are due on a regular basis, every week or two weeks, it is easier to remember to do them. On-line courses should have examples for every assignment and the professor should have at least two office hours a week.

        I would suggest that you increase the number of available online courses that meet the criteria for cognates for MSN program

        Stay prepared, because they require just as much work as regular classes

        If one assignment is given an extended due date students who have missed prior assignments should be given a few hours to attempt to complete their missed assignment(s).

        Make the material a bit easier to understand

        I think that it would not hurt to be a little more flexible.The issue that I had with this class concerning the professor from the previous questions was related to an assignment that I did, and somehow was not properly published.I received no credit what so ever for the assignment and I did do it.I tried to speak with the professor, and that is when I received the rude emails, but my thing was that all the time the only response I received was that there are computers and people to help on campus.I was told that about 5 times.I understand that, but here is my thing.I am taking an online course because I live about 40 miles from campus and work about 85 miles from campus.It is not always easy for me to come to campus to complete work.THAT IS WHY I AM TAKING AN ONLINE COURSE.It would just be nice if there were a little consideration when something unfortunate happens.I was thinking I was getting a good grade and got a 0. Nothing can be done? That was the final work.

        orientation to webct

        None, class was satisfactory

        Nothing much. I found everything to be very helpful and easy. I enjoyed my online class experience. : )

        This according to my specific professor, assignments and PPT videos needed to be placed up on time, it became very different at the end of the semester because I knew I still have a few things left to do for my online class but they were not posted. Overall the teacher is a good teacher, with an excellent knowledge of Art History.

        add more

        Definitely at the end of the quiz time periods, show the correct answers so that we know what we missed. That really aggravates me.

        Fewer assignments.

        Detailed lectures in print form.

        to send an e-mail to your school e-mail before something is due

        Advise students that online classes take just as much time as any other course.

        Have a meeting sometime during the semester to make sure students understand how everything is working.

        Have more classes available!

        Schedule another class meeting half-way through the semester just to make sure everyone's on the same page.It would make it a lot easier to ask questions and get help from the professor.


        make the quizzes and assignments due a little later than 12 pm


        I have none at this time.


        More of them!

        have tutorial programs online, that way we wont have to travel on campus for help

        Be avail more often for help

        Make better due dates.Pay attention to student concerns more.


        Ensure everyone has used WebCT prior to the class...Knows how to send email...through WebCT and myUWG

        No suggestions, I think the assignments and everything helped me learn more about the library.

        No suggestions

        Have the course material already online.

        allow people to make up assignments

        Offer more courses

        Have more on line courses.

        Provide the professor with a student view of Webct.They need to see if the posted information is well organized.

        I love it when professors use the calendar tool on WebCT!

        I love it when professors use the calendar aspect on WebCT.

        To get more teachers like mine!!!!!

        Keep the online courses the working flexibility combined with the fact that I live over 3 hours away make it possible for me to continue my education in a field that I am very interested in.

        I think WEBCT isn't as user friendly as it could be....moodle would be better.


        Overall I am pleased with on-line courses.Although I do think PowerPoint presentations with sound would be more helpful.

        I would like to have assignments posted ahead of time so that I can work on them as I get time. When the instructor was having personal problems nothing was posted for the month of February and yet all assignments were still required. I felt like I played catch up all semester. Feedback would be good as well. I have 5 points for this class.

        flexibility to work when you need to since we all have careers and families to also balance

        None at this time.

        None at this time.

        I am not sure. I may choose a different text. There wasn't really too much to change with this course. The text certainly contained helpful information, but it had typos and took me a long time to wade through it seemed. I think I would like to have access to the PowerPoint presentations to take with me for future reference, but I have spoken with the instructor about getting those. I am new to this, but if the classes clear out of WebCT, I would recommend students being able to archive past classes so they could reference it some point later on in the program. Like I said, this capability may already be in place, but if not, I'd like to see this for ALL online courses, not just this one.

        I would prefer no face-to-face meetings or one instead of three.I've taken 2 online classes now, and the face-to-face meetings have been mostly unnecessary.I'd also like to see more face-to-face meetings on Saturdays (if we have to have them at all).Working all day, then driving 2 hours, then attending class, then driving 2 hours home in the dark when it's late is rough.The face-to-face meetings would be more valuable to me if they were on Saturdays; I would be fresher and more excited about attending and contributing.

        Divide this class into two classes or do not require so much practice exercises for this class.

        The instructor needs to be more organized and make sure that the material and information that she has online matches what she tells us in the face to face meetings.The instructor also could be nicer online (bulletin boards) and during class when her students ask her questions.She gets very defensive when questioned.I think this is because she appears to be confused herself but does not want to admit this to the students.


        keep it up

        24 hour technical support or virtual technical support


        Maybe send out a reminder for class starts by e-mail to all of your male students.They tend to forget.

        Continue as you are doing... Maybe send out a notice that classes are about to start for those that register early and tend to forget.(mostly men)

        Have more courses offered strictly online.Fewer hybrid courses.

        Get rid of glitches

        Make sure all the forms and pertinent papers that we need are easy to locate.


        Offer more of them!

        To meet one a month face-to-face.

        I would like to meet face-to-face once a month.

        Give teachers deadlines for grading things for students so they will have some kind of feedback.

        For the Foliotek portion of this course, a sample/example of what is needed by the professor would be helpful.

        Totally on line would be great.

        I like the way assignments are presented at the beginning of the course, and due throughout the semester. Saving everything until the end is too hard.

        More classmate to classmate discussions.

        Meet 1 time face to face


        Well there needs to be more online classes. I am a stay at home mom and I cannot go to class on campus. This factor puts me in a bind, because there are not a lot of online classes to choose from; I got stuck in a class that I really did not need.


        I think that UWG is doing a great job with distance education!!!

        Having only one or two face to face meetings would be fine.Unless there are presentations, the face to face meetings are not really necessary.The same information could be disseminated online.

        students should have an adequate home office set up

        I wouldn't mind if the courses were totally on line.

        Have all assignments due on Sunday or Monday because most of us taking graduate courses work fulltime and the weekend is our time to work on assignments. Many of us have families and obligations during the week and therefore the weekend is the time to do our school work.

        When students are given orientation, do it in a computer lab and talk the new students through WebCT and MyUWG. It would help tech newbieís. The first week of class was spent trying to figure out how to navigate WebCT.

        Schedule time for online discussions.


        I cannot think of any suggestions.

        I think they are done well at UWG - can't think of anything to improve.

        Give a free lap-top computer with online course-I live off campus about 20 miles & I don't have a home computer-the class was great but I didn't have the extra funds to get the home computer I needed.

        The instructor being responsive to student emails in a timely matter. Also being available to meet with student at a more convenient time.

        I am sure there were challenges in an introductory course with students having a wide range of comfort and exposure to technology.But deadlines were not always clear in the syllabus or in the modules.Sometimes deadlines were firm - (say for when DBs closed down) and sometimes they were less firm and remained open after a day or two.This led to confusion for some of us.††††† I also think for an intro class it would be good to engage students in some web-based tools earlier on (even if just interesting polling sites) - say, making the focus of a session being a guided discussion on one of the cool web tools (VisuWords).

        Capping students in when really needed. I'm pregnant and due in the middle of next semester and needed to take an online class and the teacher would not cap me in. So now I'm behind in graduating even more.

        I believe this is the best on-line course I have taken thus far.

        West Georgia needs to offer more courses online


        Have more of them, and have them in arts & science classes as well as education classes!!UWG will loose lots of potential master's degree candidates to programs such as Georgiaonmyline, Walden Univ., etc.

        Teachers presenting material as opposed to students

        LESS WORK it was too much for a two credit class....I had to take six others it was too much.


        Course load needs to comparable to course load of on campus graduate courses

        No likely unless its a course requirement

        Most classes should not have a group work component. It's not practical. This course had an optional group component.

        Chat feature. Online discussions that we could participate in on our on time.

        Help out students more often, offer more technical support...this class was a joke...

        Better tutorials, more professor interaction with students online.

        no suggestions


        To try and make submitting assignments easier.


        I have no suggestions for future on-line courses.

        Try to check you email and email the student versus the discussion board.


        Get the work in on time!!


        Overall, no improvement needed.

        You are doing a great job.I do not feel I need to make any suggestions.


        no suggestions, it was good


        Make them cheaper the teachers do not do AS much

        Information/communication. I am in a leadership cohort and we were not told it was a hybrid course. We had f2f class for the first four weeks and then we had two weeks of online assignments. Then we met again for a week or two and now are posting assignments online. My doctorate is in instructional technology and distance ed so I had no problem; however, I think someone who had never taken a course online would have been lost. We were given no instructions other than the assignments that were to be posted online. Part of the problem might be that this is the first distance ed class our instructor has taught and I think she might have been given it at the last minute.

        Some of the SAM pathways, such as access, were not applicable to me at all. I hated spending so much time learning something that was not of use to me.

        The comfort of the professor is a definite must in success of online courses. This semester was a great experience.

        For the Prof. to interact more.

        The content of this course would be best presented in a face-to-face format because the content is heavy.Students could get questions answered in a timelier manner if classes were held in person.Files were very large and took forever to download.Smaller files and a better organization of content would be better.

        Less paper writing and more activities?

        I have no suggestions at this time.

        I think it is beneficial to not have the course completely online. For my MEDT course it was online, but then we meet four times out of the semester. It was beneficial to meet those four times because I got to know my professor and some of my classmates.


        more class interaction

        The professors must have a strong sense of organization.The course should be about the content, not about frustration created in trying to locate requirements and due dates.


        Allow for live sessions to keep interactions between the students and instructors active.

        Time limits for tests could be extended to include the entire session of the class as if it were being conducted at the college campus.

        The comfort of the professor is a definite must in success of online courses. The instructor provides excellent feedback and organization in his courses.I have witnessed him becoming a more adapted online professor in my two courses I have had under him.This semester was a great experience.

        No face to face meetings...it kind of defeats the purpose of online classes.

        To add spell-check to WebCt.

        I would like to see the hours extended for the tutoring online. Some of the assignments should be re-written to include missing info, clarify, and correct data.

        allow for a few mistakes without causing your grade to drop dramatically

        Offer more of them!

        Some way clearly showing when things are due.Maybe new tools on the tool bar.Or a list showing when everything that has a due date and when that due date is or a way of having that list that can be updated by the professor so that date can be changed or put in.††† Also discussion areas, topics, and discussion assignments need to be thrown away and instead actually have a class discussion as though you would have in an on campus class.Maybe something like what AOL instant messenger uses or MSN Messenger. Otherwise students will treat these discussions as assignments in which we will write what ever the teacher wants to hear and we then don't really learn anything



        Really I love the idea but it was the implantation of the instructor that was lacking.

        Nothing it went pretty well even with the teacher not keeping regular hours that is ok because it gives students more chance to take classes if the professor isn't from here. More teachers mean more classes.

        I've generally pleased with my most recent experience. The only possible improvements is have 1 day a week the professor makes themselves available to students can ask questions over the on-line information


        have discussions instead of online postings

        More time on quizzes.

        More time on quizzes. 15 minutes instead of 10.

        Have the lab personnel available just a bit longer in the evening for us non traditional students

        no final

        keep it up



        Have more on-line classes.

        More material on PowerPoint.

        It is a pretty solid course. Really enjoyed it.

        maybe integrate some way to alert students when assignments/assessments are close to due

        No suggestions

        more of them

        have more classes available


        I think all professors of online courses should be required to have virtual office hours in which they are on WebCT and available through WebCT chat. This allows students to know exactly when professors are available to answer questions (since the hours would be the same each week and posted on the syllabus.)The professor of this course (Services Marketing) held virtual hours and this was very helpful to me as well as other students.

        make more available

        I think this one went very well.I would like to see more partial on-line courses offered at UWG.Most are completely on-line or completely on campus.I like being introduced to the instructor, to the material, to the instructor's way of testing.Then I like to be able to miss classes if I need to.Just show up to take the exams.

        Maybe chat enable like Instant Messenger.

        give a little bit longer for students to take the quizzes

        I would not take another science class on line.

        Log in everyday if you can and check assignments and due dates for quizzes.

        A professor that is more willing to work with students on how the online course works at the beginning or a better help system.

        The lengthy process of asking/receiving help is unacceptable.The entire CS dept acts as if they are too busy with 'important' things to help students...the limit on the number of questions you can ask in the help labs is unheard of!!!!

        I have no complaints on the current program. The only problem understood how to send in my assignments but it was understandable after the first assignments.


        Maybe sending the grades a little bit sooner. As a student, you are unaware of the grade, so you don't know if the assignment was received.

        Provide more support if something goes wrong and work canít be completed on the assigned time.

        Make the due date on midnight not noon.


        live chats

        Maybe an email to students reminding them that a quiz is due or some kind of reminder.


        Less quizzes.


        I have no suggestions.

        Keep them coming.


        I would like for there to be more on line class offered in the school counseling program.

        Make it very clear in the syllabus that you need windows to take this course. Just having Microsoft office is not good enough. Have it in very bold in the syllabus that you need a windows computer.


        To take advice from the professor

        Make it possible that if you miss a quiz then you can make it up. But only 1 or 2

        Make assignments available at the beginning of the semester so that students can work ahead if they want to.

        Make assignments available ahead of time so that we can work ahead.


        I have no suggestions to make.

        Be a bit more helpful when students have questions and need assistance.

        Cheaper books, extra credit

        I believe all of the quizzes should be open from the beginning and students be allowed to work at their own pace. In addition, the instructor should only use narration to offer additional information that would help.

        That there is more help readily available for those who need it.

        None, it is going well.

        None, it is going good.

        this course was not online

        It seems that online learning is just that, online learning.To require a class meeting is somewhat of a contradiction.If there needs to be a class meeting and I have to say the meetings I attended did prove helpful, a Saturday is the best day for the meeting because many online learners have full-time jobs during the week and must travel a good distance to campus. (I travel 2 hours) The weeknight meeting I had last semester was extremely difficult to attend.This semester the meeting was held on a Saturday which I believe is a much better meeting time.

        It would be great if all deliverables could be in one place.Having to go to WebCT, MyUWG, and Foliotek has been quite confusing.Nonetheless, I will take the confusion any day over having to drive to campus.

        Less group work.Online translates to on your own.


        I don't have any at this time.

        more communication

        none at this time

        None at this time.

        keep up the good work

        keep up the good work

        none, at this time

        keep them flexible

        Keep it flexible.

        Better instructions

        More guidance for first time users.This is very different than expected, especially since I have taken on-line classes at other institutions that seemed to be much easier to understand.


        Majority of the online courses I have taken have been successful for me.


        I hope that all the 'bugs' are out of Foliotek before the next course is offered.

        Waive the fees!We're online- we can't use the health center and we're mostly nontraditional students with careers and families.Why are we paying activity fees?

        Waive the fees!(Health fees, activities fees, etc!)

        I think they still need some revising because there seems to still be occasional problems with websites and other resources used in online courses.

        None at this time.

        None. I like it as is.

        lower the fees

        Better guidance for first time users and what to expect.

        Less face to face time.It is hard to teach all day, drive 2 hours, have class, drive home 2 hours and then teach again the next day.

        I think there should be better communication with the professor.

        Some of the virtual classroom should have some more flexibility, like in the mornings, too.


        More emphasis on the virtual class portion of the course.

        None, great teacher

        offer more



        Offer more online classes in special education

        This is my first class online, I think (hope) it went well so at this time I don't have any suggestions.

        I have no suggestions.

        no group work


        Please offer more on-line courses.

        None at this time.


        Have more of them!

        Nothing really, get the book and do not forget to do the assignments ON TIME!


        make sure you double check your submissions to make sure it is correct and that it was sent

        Too many discussion boards.

        I enjoy taking online classes so I have no suggestions right now other than everyone being knowledgeable in foliotek.

        DO away with the regimented outline of the class and allow quizzes to be taken at any time during a week instead of just during a 24 hour period. Or better yet, have the entire curriculum available from the beginning so students are allowed to learn as quickly as they want.

        allow more time for each quiz

        1. Suggestions for future on-line courses? Make sure they are nothing like this course.2. Do not use the system for submitting test results that this class uses. Find a new one. Any one. I don't care which one and I don't care how it happens. I have never heard of an online course finds so much difficulty in the absolutely vital field of getting grades into the system.3. Find a new system for the actual testing. Again, I don't care how it is accomplished, or what takes the place of the current system. When successful completion of a test is more affected by stray mouse clicks than knowledge of the subject being tested on, there is a dire problem.4. Suggestion? Do NOT let this happen again. The technical elements of this class are appalling. Why are grades not posted? This is a COMPUTER SCIENCE class, and yet every single problem stems from a software or (absolute) system error

        Nothing really

        Make the professor more accessible.

        Give more time on quizzes

        I don't know

        Upgrade to ms 2007.Teaching 03 I have 07...can be very confusing.

        Try to get the kinks worked out of webct.


        To have all the assignments posted in one place!

        To have at least one evening where the 'tutor' computer lab stays open later than 5pm.Also, some of the assignments need a little more explanation in what is expected in 'the data'...Excel mostly.

        I would suggest answering email to certainquestion and not only office visits


        I think this one was really good

        Professor was a great teacher. She took time to work with me on many projects and was very understanding. I will recommend her to other students and already have.

        Please make all courses on-line

        That they are good for many students and the on-line chatroom on Webct with the teacher and students is very beneficiary.

        Reduce the number of assignments

        If you are required to come to campus, offer more courses at the Newnan campus or at least hold meetings there for people who don't live in Carrollton.

        More on-line instructions, especially videos.

        I think it is set up pretty well

        This class was unusual. It should have been a regular class to begin with.

        Have professor speak with enthusiasm. Lectures are horribly boring

        Give a little leeway as to the date required.


        Be a little more clear about the expectations for this course and give more feedback so students can know what they are doing wrong.

        none really

        More video tutorials.I liked that component from my instructor.

        Do not know.

        Make sure there are tutorials for Word 2003 and 2007 for every program.

        Show the students what they do wrong

        donít do the chat with the students because there are too many different schedules you have to work around

        None really!

        Test be a little more easier to understand, or do considering its not face-to-face, class where the teacher can tell you what to mainly focus on what youíre reading.

        Leave it the same!

        None at this time.

        None at this time.

        Offer more course on-line

        better discussion

        better group discussion

        better understanding of group projects

        Chapter summaries by the professor so we know what to focus on.

        Have computer labs open when they're supposed to be.

        Edit the modules for spelling and 'read-ability.'

        Should be a face to face course. Many of us had no Office application experience.

        Don't have things due during spring break.

        Faster feedback on assignments.

        all of the above

        Instructors should make themselves more available to help students.


        Tutors online for those of us who can't do the work when our teacher is online.


        The instructors should be more available for questions and offer more avenues for students to pose their questions.

        I think the course is fine the way it is

        We shall see...

        long time on the quizzes

        check it everyday

        Give more time for the quizzes and more online tutorials. The one I used for the website we had to make helped me out a ton, following it step by step.


        This class is a very helpful class and I do not have any suggestions

        Not to make a physical fitness class into an online class. The department should have chosen another professor to teach this course since Ms. Stewart already had another class schedule at the time of my Walk/jog class

        no clue

        no clue

        A little more time on the quizzes for long sections.


        Instructors should grade the assignments instead of the aides


        Let students work ahead.Meet in the classroom more than once even if it is optional.

        Give more time to take the quizzes.

        Better communication and clearer instructions for assignments.

        email back

        UWG needs to offer more online courses

        I really liked this online course.So the only suggestion I have is to keep up the good work!

        Try to get the test part right.Every time I take a test, the teacher is unable to receive my grades so I have to email them to her.I would like for the receiving of the grades to actually work.


        Nothing really. This is my second online course and I enjoy them very much.

        quicker feedback and grades


        More assignments

        None. The course was informative and interesting.

        None, it was fine.

        I really enjoyed the online discussion we had that one day.Maybe having more of those would be good.

        I don't think I have any suggestions; I will just try to stay away from them as much as possible. The class was set up great, I couldn't have asked for anything better.

        I will not be participating in them anymore.

        More helpful on line tools to help students with assignments.

        Make all the work accessible to a home computer


        Remember all of the due dates.


        Be specific with what assignments are mandatory>

        have more examples of the assignments and more detailed instructions.

        Just have the above flaws fixed.

        Give quizzes a longer time limit.



        Have more classes offered for online

        Meet at least twice a month. Not just twice the day before and the day of the test.

        I think that the instructional videos are a great tool. It is like being in class. However they need to be faster with no delays.



        A 24-hour chat room for the students

        Post videos earlier so if someone wants to get ahead they can.

        A wider variety of time in which I can come and visit during office hours.


        None, I believe it was a good class...

        maybe send email reminders or allow us to set up the calendar to email remind us about things due

        Maybe if the internet kicks you off (not if you choose to exit the screen) the time on the quizzes is paused.

        make clearer directions for the assignments

        its hard to say because every online course I have taken has been different

        More assignments.

        Make the instructors more accessible to the students.

        I think everything has already been covered.

        Keep it simple and easy to understand.

        That the grades should be submitted to the professor.


        Don't have any.

        I think there should not be as many assignments.

        Make some of the work a little more difficult. I thought that the on-line course as a whole was not difficult.


        Make assignments and what is expected clearer.

        Open all quizzes at the start of the semester so students can work ahead


        To do not ever take on line classes. They are too time consuming and you can't get a direct answer from someone in a timely manner. This class should not be mandatory for individuals that are in their senior year because someone forgot to mention that this class should have been complete as a freshman.

        More involvement of the professor and more accessible help for students.



        I would not give the same amount of work.It is very hard to balance a class with so many demands and 5 others.Or, give longer deadlines.


        the online PowerPoint be updated especially with all the new technology such as vista

        That the assignments not be so long

        Be able to send out reminders of things due

        Do not assign so many things all at once. Complete an assignment, and THEN give another.

        Give a slightly longer time for the quiz's

        Nothing, I thought this class was very well done. And I learned a lot concerning my future teaching career.

        Give more time to complete assignments.

        Faster email response

        I thought it was good. The online tutorials were very helpful!

        no suggestions at this time

        no suggestions at this time

        I think the course was excellent just show what the correct answers are after the second try on the quizzes.


        When all assignments are completed (even early) show the final grade of the class.

        I thought that the class went very well and needed no improvements.

        What suggestions would you make for future on-line courses?